Resources for Homeschoolers with Processing Difficulties
May 6, 2020
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You Are Special, Mama 

Hey Mama,

It's almost Mother's Day, and maybe you’ve been wondering what the secret to being a happy Mama is, especially when learning isn't coming easy for your children? I know a secret - the secret to happiness is following formulas. I just LOVE formulas, and I specifically stopped by to share a little something about a FORMULA I found for creating the perfect Mama. And I mean perfection!

Every morning, get up and do the same thing. Never vary. If your child cries, have the same exact response to those cries. If your husband wants something different for breakfast, tell him no because you are FORMULA MAMA. He just needs to get over it already. The happiness is in the formulas.

OK, now wake up from that lame nightmare—cuz that was plain silliness.

Mama, truth is, you’re already doing it right. Your kids trust your judgment because you have learned to discern their needs. Their cries come from a variety of reasons, and you have just as many motherly responses to address them. You love spontaneity with and for your husband, and he DELIGHTS in you because of your uniqueness as a wife.

God made and equipped you for this journey, and we at The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine are here to remind you that you've got this, Mama. And it’s not about a formula; that’s for sure. :-)

And remember, Mama. . .

You wake up some mornings, and you recognize that things are going to take a little pivot—and you have good reasons. Your kids can relax because they’re not some pre-programmed part of a mill, an assembly line of baby-raising. If they finish all their learning that day, that's great. Splendid! But if not, that's OK, too. They will get it some other day. Today, focus on relationships. Focus on the things their hearts need because it’s what they’ll remember twenty years from now. You made it special.

God has made you special, too, Mama, just as He has made your children wonderful and unique. And while there are some absolutes in this life for sure, you have the wisdom to discern what is important, what is frivolous, and what can be abandoned with the joy and confidence you already have because HE has called you to this beautiful thing called MAMA-HOOD—not formula-hood.

Play today, Mama. Relax and take it easy. Your kids are with you, which means they’ll be just fine.

Now there’s a formula for ya: hug them, love them, discipline them, play with them, teach them God’s Word, live by example, smile broadly like a wild-eyed caveman with that crazy hair of yours. It’s working. Your kids trust their Mama. Keep up the great way of life, and Mama, have a truly blessed Mother's Day, sweet daughter of the King! His hand is on your head today.

- gena

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If You Compare…

If you compare, you will despair. And yet, it seems to be human nature to compare ourselves and our children against others—their accomplishments and their success, against our failures and inadequacies. When it comes to schooling our children, we must not compare. 

God created us all so differently with unique gifts and talents. We learn differently and at different rates. That’s the beauty of homeschooling—being able to take our child from where they are in each subject and move them forward at their own rate.

The public school is set up to teach to visual, left brain students. If that’s how God created you, you would do well in public school. But God did not create us all the same. Some are auditory or kinesthetic or verbal. Some are left-brained or right-brained or parts of both! Your job as a parent is to learn and know your children—how they learn, process, and at what rate.

That being said, there are some things that you can do to help your children move towards their next step. Because we don’t want our children to be looked down upon if they are not reading at the level of their peers, there are some great resources of books that are called HI-LO books. These are high interest/low reading level. My boys, who struggled with reading, enjoyed many of these books. Beware: They are not all Christian; so be discerning.

There are many other companies and lists on the internet. Try googling Hi-Lo and whatever grade your child is in for more options.

Science and history can be read aloud. You can read real books instead of going through a textbook, but whichever route you choose, listen to your child read and keep a list of any words he/she stumbles over or doesn’t know the meaning of. Each day we would read through this word list until the child could read the word easily and be able to tell me what it meant. 

We kept a running list through high school. Then we let them use their creativity to present the information that they learned to us through oral reports, written reports, poems, charts, visual projects, or even music. Kids that do a project will remember so much more than one who simply reads a question and answers it.

In the early grades when my children struggled with comprehension, I would have them take a red pencil and underline important information: names, dates, accomplishments, etc. Then they would take each paragraph and write a summary sentence. I didn’t worry about timing their reading. We allowed them to take things at their own pace as long as they were being intentional. In college, a couple of the boys got accommodations and were able to test in a separate room with no time limits. They did very well. 

Make sure your expectations are reasonable for each child. If laziness is the problem, give discipline. If they are struggling with processing, give patience, love, and acceptance.

Dara Halydier is an author, speaker, and mom of five grown boys! She homeschooled for twenty-one wonderful years and is now encouraging other homeschooling families. She is the executive director of Abiding Truth Ministry and the author of the Practical Proverbs series and other books. Dara has learned life’s lessons the hard way—experience! The lessons she shares come from truths that she has learned from dealing with chronic pain, having moved thirty-three times, having four boys with learning disabilities, and having overcome a past of abuse to proclaim God’s grace, forgiveness, and freedom. Find out more at .
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Lee Binz, The HomeScholar
Learning Challenges in High School and Beyond

At some point, you have to pivot. In elementary you focus on basic skills. But at some point, in high school, parents of struggling learners need to consider how to adapt, not teach. Adults have challenges, too. How does an adult adapt in the real world? Your son or daughter will be an adult, functioning in college, on the job, and at home. There are three ways to encourage this changing goal.
The parent can adapt the curriculum used to maximize the effectiveness for the student. You see, in public and private schools, teachers have to use what is prescribed for the class. They choose a curriculum that fits the learning style of the most people. Homeschooling is different. We can choose a curriculum that matches the interests and learning style of one student at a time. We can encourage our students to learn and practice skills needed for life. 

The parent and student can adapt. The parent can read textbooks aloud if necessary. For online books, the computer can read text. The student can begin to use voice recognition software to dictate essays and written work. Once mathematical concepts are understood, students can learn to use a calculator that will help them continue in math studies. Any method an adult might use to adapt to a learning challenge, a student in high school can adapt the same way. 

Homeschool students that have a formal diagnosis can receive accommodation on the SAT, ACT, and other college admission tests. While the process of gaining accommodations is difficult, the rewards can be extremely beneficial to college-bound teens. Students with special needs might be given extra time, or other accommodations, allowing them to score as well as others on those tests. 

Once students have received accommodations for the test, they can easily receive accommodations on other future tests. In fact, it can also help students receive accommodations within their college classes as well. This allows students to continue to thrive in college and beyond as they take that support into their career. 

Homeschooling will allow your teen to continue learning in a safe and secure environment, without bullying or teasing. Homeschoolers can teach each subject separately, so a student has limited exposure to profound difficulty. For those struggling with English, you can teach history though videos and reading aloud, rather than requiring excessive reading or essays. Homeschoolers have the freedom to teach in a way that makes sense to each student. We can separate subject areas from learning challenges, providing more positive feedback on their strengths and abilities. Spend time talking about self-talk, so students learn how to be encouraging to themselves as they deal with their learning challenges. 

Many colleges specialize in students with learning disabilities. They promote their accommodations during college fairs and college visits, explaining various adaptations that students can use. The future is bright for students with learning challenges. Read College for Struggling Learners for 10 tips for handling the college admission process. You can learn How to Put Fabulous Fun on Your Homeschool Transcript and convert natural learning into high school credits.

Lee Binz,  The HomeScholar  is a dynamic speaker and  author   of over 30 books on homeschooling high school. She is an expert on  homeschool transcripts  and getting scholarships. Lee’s mission is to encourage and equip parents to homeschool through high school. You can sign up for her free  monthly homeschool e-newsletter  where you can also get a daily dose of high school help. Check out the  homeschool freebies    on the website. You can also find Lee on Facebook at .
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MoneySmart Family: Making Frugal Fun!
Steve & Annette Economides,
Free College Money: How to Earn A Debt-Free Degree

We homeschooled our five kids. All of them attended college. Some earned 2-year degrees; some earned bachelor's, and one earned a master’s degree. What’s more amazing is that four of them graduated without debt! 

We helped them to find alternative ways to go to college, hidden ways to pay for college and unusual places to find grants and scholarships.

Plus, we know other dear families whose kids earned advanced degrees in the medical field . . . without debt. They employed some unusual tactics, but in the end, they graduated with a positive net worth.

We simply don’t ascribe to the belief that getting a university degree requires getting into debt.

If you read the following articles, our hope is that you will catch the vision and truth that your kids can earn college degrees without becoming a slave to Fannie Mae or other private student loan companies.

These 3 articles can help you find the money you need for college: 

Tons of secrets and one special book that contains thousands of scholarships that don’t have websites.

We used several of these strategies to save on college for our kids.

A reader asked the question and we answered with 7 tips.

Steve & Annette Economides are New York Times Best Selling authors, homeschool parents of five grown children, and family finance experts. They are passionate about living the frugal lifestyle and sharing the fun and freedom they’ve experienced. They have authored three books: America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money; Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half; The MoneySmart Family System—Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age.

Steve & Annette’s enthusiasm about household finances has earned them appearances on Good Morning America, Today Show, Dr. Phil, CNN, Fox News, 20/20, Nightline, Yahoo Finance, People Magazine, and more.

Their message of Financial Hope is reaching millions around the globe. Visit them at .

MoneySmart Family is produced by Economiser Publications, LLC.  This company is not owned by The Old Schoolhouse, LLC (TOS), and TOS is not responsible for the content produced by MoneySmart Family. TOS may not approve of or endorse all content, resources, and other companies promoted by MoneySmart Family in its columns. The views and opinions expressed in this column or newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of TOS on any subject matter. The financial advice and recommendations promoted by MoneySmart Family are not a substitute for expert financial advice. You should consult a qualified financial adviser for financial guidance tailored to your individual needs.
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Contest Corner
for the month of May

The Illustrated Alphabet of STEM Jobs

Eve Heidi Bine-Stock

The Illustrated Alphabet of STEM Jobs introduces kids to twenty-six occupations. Set up as a standard ABC book, your kids will start out learning occupations that start with the letters of the alphabet. There is a wide variety from a drone pilot to a toxicologist, video game designer, geneticist, and a hydrologist to name just a few jobs that may be unknown to them. They also have some jobs that kids already know like a meteorologist or an astronomer.

The book explains the job in a fun rhyme, describing what children would be doing if they did that specific occupation. It is all explained in just a few words. Even though a geneticist might sound like a hard job to explain for younger kids, the short rhyme does an excellent job explaining it concisely.

This would be an amazing book to put together some hands-on activity with a unit study. You could analyze soil samples, fly drones, build a robot, and even learn about the weather. This can be used at home or even in a homeschool co-op class if you want to add some hands-on projects. Even if you are not the hands-on type of person, I think kids would be delighted with it just being read.

This is a shortened review of The Illustrated Alphabet of STEM Jobs . Read the complete review on our site and get more details on how great this would be for your kids to read!

You’ll also want to go to the contest page of our site where you can ENTER TO WIN The Illustrated Alphabet of STEM Jobs book.
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