Lest We Forget: The Importance of History
September 9, 2020
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Five Years from Today

Hey Mama,

In five years, life will be very different. You may have another child (or even a grandchild). People you know may have passed away. You might live in a different house or in a different state. You might have a completely different job. You might have no job at all. Life is uncertain, but one thing that is certain is that the Lord knows exactly what will happen in your life five years from today. And His hand will be on your head then, just as it is today. Faithful Mama, follow Him always.

The trials and stresses you are facing today will likely be a faded memory, perhaps even something you chuckle over. Either way, you will have grown from it. You will be wiser and more easily able to share with others what you went through during this crazy 2020 year, how you dealt with it, the way your great God and Savior held your hand all the way through, and that life does go on. Nothing is too difficult for your God. In fact, it’s all connected to His very plan for you. Take comfort in that, Mama. That is special.

It's the beauty of history . . . we get to look in retrospect at all that has occurred and IF we are growing in Christ and following His Word, we are much wiser from it. We have a “knowing” and can counsel others in the Lord, later in life.

Now, in the future, we can see God's divine hand of Providence in the acts of the past, even the unpredictable and nutty year of 2020. None of it surprised Him. So we remember, lest we forget, and we must never forget, Mama. He is still on the throne, now and forever.

Let these encouraging articles from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine reinforce the importance of history in your homeschool this year.

History is Really His Story by Michelle Howard Miller

And picture this, Mama. . .

Your children, the little popcorn-crackerjack monkeys before you now, five years from today. They will be bigger. Stronger. More easily able to use logic and reason. What will life be like?

Be encouraged, Mama; just as God has met every need and taken care of every issue you currently have, He will continue to then as well. The best day of your LIFE may happen within these next five years. You have much to look forward to. He will never leave you or forsake you, and He gave you these sweet children (some not so sweet right now) for a divine PURPOSE. Do not forget that. There is reason. There is hope.

Pray. Wait. Read His Word. Obey and apply. Pray more.

Wait on Him. You are in His perfect will; you love Him with all your heart, mind, and soul; and He sees your soft heart for your family and for doing what’s right. You are in this world but not of this world nor do you attach yourself to the things the Lord despises. You teach your children to do the same. Walk confidently in that. Move about joyfully, realizing that you serve the God Who loves your children, Who has good plans, Who with intentional purpose has written your story (part of His story—yes, you are part of the Kingdom!). His heart is good and can be trusted.

Never forget, Mama. He has always, always taken care of you.

And He will not go away from you now.

As for today, our wonderful and consistent God is awake, aware, deeply connected to your situation and has His hand on your head, even now. But you knew that. You know Who your great God and Savior is. Rest in that today.

- gena
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Historical events ultimately lay a path for us journeying forward—preparing us for future decisions and uniting us as a people. Knowing prior successes, failures, battles, and victories of a culture or nation will chart a better course for future generations—especially when we look at historical truth from original documents, artifacts, letters, and correspondences from the past. It is only then that we can begin to honestly understand those struggles and concerns of our ancestors and learn from their mistakes as well as their triumphs.

This is true for every aspect of our great American experiment beginning in 1620 with the Pilgrims, whose story was well documented by Mayflower Pilgrim, William Bradford. We learn of their passion seeking religious freedom, their perseverance to begin the journey across the vast sea, their heroic survival in the midst of great obstacles on the voyage, and then building their settlement at Plymouth. Through Bradford’s writings, we learn that prior to the Pilgrims departing the ship, they wrote a document of self-governance called the Mayflower Compact, echoing the “rule of law,” extending their understanding of previous covenants.

Fast forwarding to the late 1700s, it was James Madison’s serious look at past civilizations that gave him a wealth of background knowledge to help create a blueprint for self-government—the Virginia Plan and then the U.S. Constitution. Madison’s writings entitled, “Notes on Ancient and Modern Confederacies” and “Vices of the Political System of the United States” show his understanding of those who came before them. Additionally, Madison’s copious notes during the 1787 Constitutional Convention record the fervent debates as delegates sought to form a “more perfect union.” His notes provide us a lens to see Founding genius in forming the document that still protects our God-given freedoms, signed 233 years ago, September 17, 1787.


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Remembering Our Past

An old song starts, “Don’t know much about history.” It sure seems true when we see people pulling down statues of people like Frederick Douglass. Are all heroes so tainted they aren’t worth studying? Is history something we don’t need anymore? That’s not what the Word of God tells us.

God values remembering history. Much of the Bible is historical narrative, and God established holidays, traditions, and monuments to remind His people of their past. And He instructed parents to teach the history to their children and told children to ask their parents about it! (Exodus 13:14-15, Deuteronomy 32:7)

Knowing history helps us see God’s hand guiding people and events. Benjamin Franklin said, “I have lived a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth—that God governs in the affairs of men.” Franklin wasn’t a conventional believer, but he knew history and saw the pattern of Providence across the years.

Understanding history helps us learn from previous generations. Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 talks about the frustration that results from forgetting the past; humans have a way of repeating dumb mistakes when we don’t consider history.

Understanding history honestly allows us to admire but not worship and criticize without canceling. Old biographies of heroic men portrayed them as spotless paragons; the new culture tears down the memory of anyone found imperfect. The Bible, though, is truthful enough to show Moses’ bad temper, David’s adultery, and Peter’s fearfulness; and acknowledge that the best of us can stumble in otherwise faithful lives (Numbers 20; 2 Samuel 11; Matthew 26).

Likewise, the Bible shows that sometimes evil men speak profound truth—Nebuchadnezzar and the false prophet Balaam accurately praised the God of Heaven (Daniel 4, Numbers 24). An honest reading of history and biography will show the same balance. 

True history takes more time and discussion than a simple good-guy, bad-guy cartoon. We should admit, like the Bible does, that great men and women had failings and blind spots, while we admire the good they accomplished. The same is true of nations and ideas. Help your kids realize that all truth is God’s truth, and all of us are sinners in need of grace! History proves it.

We love history, and that’s why we recorded Theodore Roosevelt’s Hero Tales from American History. Roosevelt wrote it to teach character to kids. We loved it so much, we added sound effects because history’s a lot more fun with cannon-fire!

Your friends, 
Hal & Melanie
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Lee Binz, The HomeScholar
How to Homeschool History Classes

In everything we do as homeschoolers, our overall goal is to raise responsible adults. This is even more important with history and social studies in high school. The education we provide in ninth through twelfth grade may have long-term results of seventy years or more. We are training them not just in history, but in citizenship; so they become adults who obey laws and work for the good of their country and mankind. Learn to inspire your students with the Highlight on History White Paper.

The Purpose of Social Studies...

There are four ways to know you have been successful after graduation. Success means your young adult will do these four things for decades into the future. 
1. Vote responsibly. 
2. Pay taxes reliably.
3. Discuss the news knowledgeably.
4. Serve the country admirably.

To achieve this goal, you need to cover history each year of high school. They need to have that framework to understand the world and our place in God’s long-term plan. They will need the framework to understand their worldview so they can vote for candidates that best reflect their views. They need to understand economics, including when taxes are due and how to complete tax forms. 

The Requirements of High School History. . . 

There are four classes that are often required or suggested in high school by most high schools, states, and universities. 
1. American History (1 year)
2. World History (1 year)
3. Economics (1 semester or 1 year)
4. Government (1 semester or 1 year)

Within those categories, you have a lot of freedom to teach using the curriculum, resources, and techniques that work best for your child. Whether they learn through classical education, historical literature, documentary movies, or living history museums, you have the freedom to use a mix of materials. You are not required to cover specific time periods, people, places, or dates so you can modify your curriculum to meet the interest of your child and the values of your family.

Check your state homeschool law to see if state history, civics, or geography is required. Check the admission requirements for the colleges your students may want to attend to find out if they need subject tests. Demonstrate in your parenting the importance of paying taxes and voting. The Highlight on History White Paper will help you to identify course options, match curriculum with learning styles, and find fast and easy options for reluctant learners. 

When your children graduate high school, they should register to vote, vote in every election, and understand how to choose candidates and issues that best reflect their views. And that’s why we teach history! With that background information, they can understand, make determinations, and then act responsibly. 

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, is a speaker and author of more than 30 books about homeschooling high school. An expert on homeschool transcripts and getting scholarships, Lee’s mission is to encourage and equip parents to homeschool through high school. Grab some of the complimentary homeschool resources from Lee and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.
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MoneySmart Family: Making Frugal Fun!
Steve & Annette Economides, https://MoneySmartFamily.com
Saving on Groceries and Organics

For many families balancing their grocery budget with their desire to eat healthier is a real struggle. We’ve found many ways to get great deals on groceries while still eating healthy.

The Value of a Freezer

One of the best investments is a freezer. We’ve calculated that a stand-alone freezer could save you up to $2,000 in a single year (read more to learn which foods freeze well). 

It allows you to stock up on sale priced food (meat, frozen veggies, nuts, milk, and so much more). Once your freezer is stocked, you can plan a weekly menu based on what you have in the freezer rather than what is on sale that week.

Inventorying Your Freezer and Pantry

We know this sounds “un-exciting.” But keeping track of, and using up, what you have already purchased is a huge way to save money. Our kids were involved in helping us inventory our food supply. It’s a great way to involve them in caring for the family and give them some life skills.

We have a very unique way to store food in our freezer: watch the video on this page to learn more.

Organic Food

Organic food is becoming more mainstream these days. Today organics constitute 5.8% of all food sales and have been growing by more than 5% for each of the last 4 years.

There are plenty of ways to buy Organic Food on a Budget, and we outline them in this article.

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Steve & Annette Economides are New York Times Best Selling authors, homeschool parents of five grown children, and family finance experts. They are passionate about living the frugal lifestyle and sharing the fun and freedom they’ve experienced. They have authored three books: America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money; Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half; The MoneySmart Family System—Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age.

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Their message of Financial Hope is reaching millions around the globe. Visit them at https://MoneySmartFamily.com.

MoneySmart Family is produced by Economiser Publications, LLC.  This company is not owned by The Old Schoolhouse, LLC (TOS), and TOS is not responsible for the content produced by MoneySmart Family. TOS may not approve of or endorse all content, resources, and other companies promoted by MoneySmart Family in its columns. The views and opinions expressed in this column or newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of TOS on any subject matter. The financial advice and recommendations promoted by MoneySmart Family are not a substitute for expert financial advice. You should consult a qualified financial adviser for financial guidance tailored to your individual needs.
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Contest Corner
for the month of September

The Hidden Message of the Great Seal

Michael Kanis

The Hidden Message of the Great Seal is a well-researched historical book about the United States’ great seal. The author, Michael Kanis, goes through each image and word within the seal and explains the meaning behind it all. Through the author’s explanations, he seeks to show how significant the great seal is and the implications it has today.

This soft-covered book is just over 250 pages. It contains numerous images of historical documents, paintings, and drawings. Various charts and graphs scattered throughout the book help organize information nicely.

Here's part of a review of The Secret Life of Homeschoolers from a Review Crew member.

As you read The Hidden Message of the Great Seal: How Foundational Truth from the Dawn of Liberty May Rescue a Republic in Peril, you will see there is a trust every one of us has inherited as a keeper of this great republic. What a journey we can go on, with our children, as we explore different places, uncover the meaning behind historical symbols, and find the message hidden within.

See how Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin not only designed these symbols for a seal but also used allegory to place a hidden message within them. As each page is turned, find clues to piece this puzzle together and find a powerful truth. 

The message of freedom expands as we go back to see how it relates to the covenant God established with Abraham. Learn about the roots of democracy and how they draw us ever nearer to the love of God. 


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