Your Grad: College or Trade?
May 20, 2020
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Your Someday Will Come

Hey Mama,

Children are a blessing. God's Word says so, but it's already impressed upon a mother's heart when that child is born. They come to us helpless, needing their Mama, so needy and lovely, such a blessing of the Lord.

And then, years later, some of them veer off the course. They “go rogue.” In their rightful, natural pursuit of growing up, they widely overstep and abandon truth and the things that are correct and right, those truths their parents taught them in love.

And then, other children come back, or never go astray in the first place, or even know from when they were five years old they needed a Savior and wept as they clung to Him for the first time. For each of these, God has had a clear and ordained purpose, and someday, Lord willing on this side of Heaven, it will be clear to us, too.

But, until your someday comes, The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine is here to encourage you and your children in the way they should go, which is why we talk so much about God’s Word and His incredible sacrifice of His Son. We urge folks to seek Him while He can still be found because a time will come when this life is finished. Without Christ, our eternal state is set. He will not be found if we did not bend our knee to Him in this life. We pray you know Him, and that you introduce your children to the only Savior Who can save.

The Old Schoolhouse® also desires to help you as a parent shape your child’s future careers or upcoming areas of service, whether that be college, a trade, being a stay-at-home Mama, pursuing an apprenticeship or doing something else, entirely. We want to help you to help them succeed! Here are a few articles within the pages of TOS that may help:

And remember, Mama . . .

God has to draw them. Their salvation and their future is between them and God alone. But you sure do have an influence on those decisions while they’re still young. Set the standard (the bar) right at God’s Word. Do not drop the bar! Keep it high, even if tempted to abandon it because your child’s affections mean more to you. God’s Word is the standard. Obey Him and let Him do His work. . .

They may forget that love, that genuine care, that safe place their parents were for them. They may go through a period where they are ungrateful, illogical, and self-centered to the point they can't see straight. They are front and center in their world. And it blinds them for a time. Like all of us, they have a sinful nature. The heart is deceitfully wicked.

To a Mama, it all crashes down during that season. We look backwards to a time when there was peace and a calm. Such joy in that fat, happy baby we would give our very life for. And we’d still give our life for them, but they don’t care. It defies all logic . . . feels like a wasteland.

But it's at a time like this that we have to remember, God's got them. Stay in your lane, Mama! Let Him do His work in His timing. It isn't easy to step out of the way and let God continue shaping our child, but we must. He will draw them to Himself, according to His will, as we uplift them in prayer and remain, as always, their faithful and steadfast Mama. Faithful to the Lord, come what may. Holding that bar high, never abandoning ship. Truth matters; truth matters; truth matters. Don’t drop that bar.

Someday, they will understand what happened and why (and so will we). Someday doesn't have to be today. Because today, Godly Mama, His hand is on your head. And He’s working all of this out; so keep walking, rest in His Word, and pray. It’s all Him.


“Seek the LORD while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near.” - Isaiah 55:6
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Laboring for the Future

We’ve taught our children that “ in all labor there is profit ” (Proverbs 14:23) and whether they are headed to college, a trade, or business, our goal has been to give them as much preparation as God has equipped them to receive. We increasingly live in a credential-based society, and that will likely include some kind of training after high school.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that two out of three adults have taken college classes, and almost half have an associates degree or higher. There are a lot of good jobs that don’t require college to do the job— but the trick may be getting in the door without it. As more people enter the college track, more employers are going to expect that experience. That’s why even our young entrepreneurs have gone to college.

But maybe you’re just worried about how to make it happen, whether it’s college or trade school. Here’s what we’ve seen with our five grads: 

They don’t have to go into debt. We’ve coached our kids, “Don’t give your heart to a college until you get the financial aid offer!” They knew they’d need to work hard in high school and apply at a bunch of schools. But, all five of our graduates have been able to attend on a mix of federal grants, scholarships, financial aid at the college, and some work-study—without taking a penny in student loans! 

Your students grow a lot in high school—especially your sons. Don’t look at your 12- or 13-year-old and think, “Definitely not college material!” We’ve seen remarkable progress in the teen years as our kids came to understand school is life preparation—and as their brains matured out of the middle school swamp. 

It’s okay if you’re not 100% sure yet. Hal had a classmate who felt absolutely called to be an engineer from the age of 11. Hal didn’t make that choice until his senior year. Both of them finished the same degree and went on to successful careers afterward. The first few semesters will be the same no matter your major! 

There’s more to the college experience than just job training. The transitional time in college or trade school, when they are mostly on their own but there’s still a “backstop” at home, encourages them to take responsibility for their education, their spiritual health, their time use, and friendships. And during this time, they often have some eye-opening moments as they meet other students from different family and cultural backgrounds

We homeschoolers know that when you teach your kids, you’re also teaching your grandchildren. Even if their careers don’t demand the degree, having some training beyond high school might give our sons and daughters more confidence to teach their own children one day. That’s important, too. 

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Your friends,
Hal & Melanie
GIVE YOUR STUDENT the tools needed to guide them into their future, utilizing their God-given skills, personality strengths, and spiritual gifts! 
Dr. Jay L. Wile
Properly Investing in Your Child's Future

Many people think that students should go to college after they graduate high school. After all, college provides you with all sorts of possibilities; so it should be the “next step” for most high-school graduates. As a college professor, let me assure you that most students should not go to college after graduating high school. I have encountered far too many students who are in college but shouldn’t be. Not only is it bad for them, it is bad for the students who should be there!

There are only two reasons to go to college. The first is you just love to learn. People like that are scholars, and they benefit from the challenge and diversity of college. The second reason is you want to pursue a career that requires a college degree. If you really want to be a lawyer, for example, you need to go to college. If a student isn’t in college for one of those two reasons, he is wasting his time and his parents’ money. Worse, he is probably a distraction for the students who should be there.

But how will my child make a good living without a college degree? The answer is easy—train for a position in skilled labor. Being trained for a skilled trade is much less expensive than going to college, and it generally takes a lot less time. So you spend less money getting ready to work, and you can start working more quickly. As a result, someone who becomes trained in a skilled trade has the potential to make more money than someone who goes to college without a specific career path in mind.

So if your student isn’t a scholar and doesn’t have a strong desire for a career path that requires a college degree, he shouldn’t go to college . . . at least, not right away. He should train for a trade or look for a job. After a while, your grad might develop a strong desire to learn or find a career that he is excited about and requires a college degree. At that point, he can go to college. The most important thing to remember is this: college is a huge financial expense and takes a lot of time. It is silly to invest in it unless it has a good chance of paying off!

Dr. Jay L. Wile holds an earned Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry and is the author of award-winning K-12 science curricula designed for the home. You can see his homeschooling materials at .
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MoneySmart Family: Making Frugal Fun!
Steve & Annette Economides,
How to Save When Buying Food

These are strange times we are living in. Toilet paper hoarding? Limiting the number of people in a store? Scarcity of some common staples—like eggs? What strategies should we be using?

More people are cooking at home and eating out less. They’re “hungry” for shortcuts and deals.

With five kids at home, we were able to spend about sixty-five percent less than the average family. We cooked from scratch, planned a menu, and stocked our freezer when we found great deals.

It wasn’t just one thing that allowed us to save so much. It was the combination of lots of little things and the attitude that we COULD triumph at the grocery game and feed our family for less.

The articles below should help you develop the tools and skills you need to save on groceries even during these challenging times.

  1. Tips for Freezing and Cooking Meat
  2. Soup from Leftovers - a Frugal FAIL (a true story)
  3. 30 Creative Crockpot Cooking Recipes, Tips and Odd Usages
  4. Grocery Money-Saving Tips Page

Get dozens of recipes and hundreds of money-saving tips on all categories of things at the grocery store.

If you really want a Grocery Money-Saving Resource, check out our #2 Amazon Best Selling Book Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. It has so many different strategies you won’t even need to use coupons to save a boodle!

Steve & Annette Economides are New York Times Best Selling authors, homeschool parents of five grown children, and family finance experts. They are passionate about living the frugal lifestyle and sharing the fun and freedom they’ve experienced. They have authored three books: America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money; Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half; The MoneySmart Family System—Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age.

Steve & Annette’s enthusiasm about household finances has earned them appearances on Good Morning America, Today Show, Dr. Phil, CNN, Fox News, 20/20, Nightline, Yahoo Finance, People Magazine, and more.

Their message of Financial Hope is reaching millions around the globe. Visit them at .

MoneySmart Family is produced by Economiser Publications, LLC.  This company is not owned by The Old Schoolhouse, LLC (TOS), and TOS is not responsible for the content produced by MoneySmart Family. TOS may not approve of or endorse all content, resources, and other companies promoted by MoneySmart Family in its columns. The views and opinions expressed in this column or newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of TOS on any subject matter. The financial advice and recommendations promoted by MoneySmart Family are not a substitute for expert financial advice. You should consult a qualified financial adviser for financial guidance tailored to your individual needs.
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The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.
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Contest Corner
for the month of May

The Illustrated Alphabet of STEM Jobs

Eve Heidi Bine-Stock

The Illustrated Alphabet of STEM Jobs introduces kids to twenty-six occupations. Set up as a standard ABC book, your kids will start out learning occupations that start with the letters of the alphabet. There is a wide variety from a drone pilot to a toxicologist, video game designer, geneticist, and a hydrologist to name just a few jobs that may be unknown to them. They also have some jobs that kids already know like a meteorologist or an astronomer.

The book explains the job in a fun rhyme, describing what children would be doing if they did that specific occupation. It is all explained in just a few words. Even though a geneticist might sound like a hard job to explain for younger kids, the short rhyme does an excellent job explaining it concisely.

This would be an amazing book to put together some hands-on activity with a unit study. You could analyze soil samples, fly drones, build a robot, and even learn about the weather. This can be used at home or even in a homeschool co-op class if you want to add some hands-on projects. Even if you are not the hands-on type of person, I think kids would be delighted with it just being read.

This is a shortened review of The Illustrated Alphabet of STEM Jobs . Read the complete review on our site and get more details on how great this would be for your kids to read!

You’ll also want to go to the contest page of our site where you can ENTER TO WIN The Illustrated Alphabet of STEM Jobs book.
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