How the pandemic is reshaping
real estate communications:
Don’t ‘zoom’ over your strategy 
The other day a real estate broker told me he didn’t mind Zoom meetings at all. “You don’t have to stay for the whole meeting,” he explained.

That comment should give us all pause. When the pandemic struck, the knee-jerk reaction was to move meetings, presentations, pitches and all the daily communications of business online. But few have stopped to consider what might be lost in the process.

As McKinsey & Company cautioned in a white paper published in April, “commercial real estate must do more than merely adapt to coronavirus.” Read more here.
THO Mentorship Program
THO Partners with CSUDH to create “Better Change Mentorship Program”

This year has marked the start of a new era. Our communities are suffering from so many challenges – everything from COVID-19 to picketing and demonstrations to looting and rioting. The realization that COVID-19 economic recovery is happening much slower than expected has now settled in. It’s no surprise that the underserved communities have been hit the hardest. When THO discovered that seniors at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) – one of the nation’s most diverse four-year institutions – would not graduate without an internship – many of which had been canceled because of COVID-19 we decided to help.

Our team couldn’t have been more excited. We created the “Better Change Mentorship Program”, which is dedicated to supporting professional development activities for their communications students.

We designed a program that included:
  • Hosting a workshop titled “Maximizing Your Personal Brand.” Over 30 students from CSUDH attended the presentation to learn the ins and outs of building a brand. Participants had the opportunity to get their questions answered during the live Q&A.

  • Offering a paid internship to seniors who needed one to graduate. As a result, we met and hired a phenomenal student who, because of this program, will actually graduate on time.

We continue to offer internships for seniors who need this opportunity to check the final box of requirements and graduate on time.
There is much more work that needs to be done to repair and bring justice to our communities. Now is the time to do something to support our leaders of tomorrow. Let’s be clear, a commitment to diversity and mentorship is light years away from where the world should be. But, if we start by doing just one thing, we will leave the world a better place than we found it.
THO Presents CREW-LA Training Series 
THO was excited to present a three-part training series to over 80 young commercial real estate professionals from CREW-LA (Commercial Real Estate Women - Los Angeles) on developing your brand. The series covered:

Session One: Making the Most of Your Personal Brand 
Identify a specific target audience and build a brand that is attractive to them. To have a strong personal brand, you have to stand for something and communicate those beliefs from your platform. 

Session Two: Building Your Brand Through Social Media
Know the importance of a strong digital presence. All social media platforms are not created equal. Find the platform that will boost your profile and connect you with your target audience.

Session Three: Thought Leadership and Personal Branding 
Thought leaders are experts in their areas who have a clear point of view, credibility, and a supportive following that trusts their leadership. Does your team need presentation training? Call us. We can help.
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THO Awards
THO is proud to announce that we have received a Gold dotCOMM Award for our social media campaign for Waterton's newly reimagined mid-century modern apartment complex, The Flat. THO created and posted original content on The Flat's Instagram page that showcased the newly renovated space and the apartment lifestyle. Through geo-targeting and demographic research, THO's boosted Instagram posts for The Flat received over 1,000 likes each. This campaign increased The Flat's Instagram followers by more than 500%.

O'Dwyer's recently ranked THO as one of the top PR firms in Los Angeles. We are proud to be ranked as one of the leading PR agencies in Los Angeles by O’Dwyer’s, the number one resource for the PR industry. There were more than 130 firms reviewed across 19 industries. In addition to ranking as one of the top firms in Los Angeles, THO ranked as a leading agency in finance and healthcare as well.
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