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February - April 2022 • Adar I - Nissan
Celebrating and sustaining Jewish life in a spiritual and welcoming community in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley
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Happy Purim! • March 16-17, 2022
Passover • April 15-22, 2022
Yom HaShoah • April 27-28, 2022
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Meaningful Connections
A Warm THOI Greeting to our New Members!!
Please join us in welcoming:
Shelah and Adam Greenbaum
Observance and Commemoration of Family Yahrzeits
THOI maintains a Book of Life to commemorate deceased congregants on the Anniversary of their passing. Members in good standing are also welcome to inscribe the names of loved ones (usually parents and grandparents) they wish to remember. It does not matter if your relatives were part of another congregation or have Yahrzeits observed elsewhere.
Loved ones can be honored whatever their faith; there is no requirement that they be Jewish.

Names of those commemorated in the Book of Life whose Yahrzeits occurred in the weeks preceding THOI Shabbat services are read aloud before the Kaddish memorial prayer. They will also be listed in the Quarterly Bulletin.

When inscribing loved ones into the Book of Life it is customary, though not required, to make a contribution for their remembrance. Similarly, to honor relatives’ Yahrzeits on the Anniversary of their passing, it is traditional to give tzedakah (a donation) to recognize their love, good deeds, and inspiration during their lifetimes. Any deceased THOI Member is automatically entered into the Book.

If you would like your loved one’s names inscribed, please provide their names, relationship, and English date of death to Ruth Chodrow, our THOI Secretary, at rchodrow@gmail.com.
Greeting from the THOI Librarian
In his letter to the Congregation, Larry mentioned that the library was taking shape. To date, with the expert help of Gail Davis, we have taken in several generous donations, culled out worn, molding, and dated books that do not have historical or sentimental value, and replaced books on the top shelves with articles of interest so no one has to do any climbing!  

The books being discarded were donated to the Goodwill or brought to the Staunton recycling center, with one exception: Chumashim and similar books were given to the Rabbi. She will decide which of these—if not all—need to be buried as is the Jewish custom.(We are hoping to have a small ceremony at the cemetery. This will take place some time when the weather is much warmer.)

We will also be organizing and labeling the books to make self service much easier and convenient. We will operate on the honor system. If you borrow a book we ask that you let Ellen Werther know. There are no “due dates” but in the off chance someone else wants that very same book we will let you know. You’re welcome to borrow as many books as you want but PLEASE let Ellen know what you are borrowing.

Some books, such as the 120+ year old bible donated by Fanny Farmer will be put on display. Eventually we will get proper coverings for books of this nature. 

This is your library. We want everyone to enjoy and take advantage of it. Please let Ellen know if you have any ideas, questions, or comments, junetenth1935@gmail.com .
The Women's Group at Temple House of Israel has been an integral part of the Jewish community since our first recorded minutes decades ago. We provide opportunities for fun and fellowship, conduct community outreach activities, and hold fundraising events to support temple functions.
As spring will surely come, we anticipate preparing for and celebrating Passover! Looking for something specific or special not currently in the shop? Contact Marsha Pillet at macmeda@newhopetel.net with suggesstions for items that would be a good addition or with special orders.
For the Building Fund:
Jim Osborne
Joseph Siron
Gary Harvey
Max Reinhardt
Beth and Rich Young
Stuart Davidson and Ann Cohen
Courtney Joyner

For the General Fund:
Joseph Siron
Joanne Hirsch
Courtney Joyner
Beth and Rich Young
Benn Legum and Penelope Ferguson
Ellen Werther
For the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund:
Ellen Werther in honor of Gail and Tom Davis

For the Torah Restoration Fund:
Judy Schwarz in memory of Rafael Brand

Brian and Pam Dettelbach "in appreciation of Ruth Chodrow graciously inscribing our beloved parents' Yahrzeits into the THOI Book of Life so their names - and memories of good deeds - will always be remembered."
Donations to THOI may be noted for any fund and made through the online giving page or mailed to P.O. Box 1412, Staunton VA 24402.
Melvin James Berman
Bernard Boden
David Robert Brody
Moshe Cohen
Shirley Dettelbach
Jackie Gerding
Irving Goldberg
David Goldstein
Henrietta Frankfurt Goldstein
Fannie Greenstone
Hyman Greenstone
Rabbi Lynne Landsberg
Oscar Mundell
Minnie Munich
Dorothy Freeman Nagel
Hiah Neuger
Harry Patterson
Betty Robins
Fran Sadler
Leah Schneider
Ina Schwartz
Jerome Seligmann
Becky Shapiro
Beckie Greenberg Shapiro
Regina Barth Strauss
Mae Hare Suskins
Minnie Cohen Switzer
Robert Werther
Albert Williams
Nancy Witt
Rose Zultowski
Helene Berman-Seidenfeld
Goldie Boden
Louis Cohen
Louis Cohen, Jr.
Rose Freiberger
Emanuel Gutnick
Irving Janus
Joseph Kamerman
Leah Kamerman
Irving Kamerman
Annie Klotz
Abraham Kreitzer
David Lebson
Abraham Levin
Paul Lowe
Francine Mandeles
Adrian Neuman
Bertram Peretz
Harry Raskin
Dorothy Riess
David Robbins
Rebecca Rosenthal
Moses Rosenthal
Morris Ruttenberg
Regina Ruttenberg
Ralph Seltzer
Jay Solod
Sophie Strauss
Lea Sutker
Dorothy Ward
Irving Waxman
C. Weinberg
Edward Yalowitz
Samuel Zeldin
Herman Barber
Ella Barth
David Bishop
Hyman Blazer
Sim Brand
Alfred Brettner
Evelyn Brettner
Janet Brody
Isadore Cohen
Walter Cohen
Clara Cohen
Ralph Degen
Samuel Duken
David Gelberg
Thelma Gerding
Nathan Greenspan
Morris Guberman
Louis Harris
Jacob Klotz
Sylvia Kramer
Joseph Masinkoff
Joann Neuman
Arthur Printz
Esna Roth
Philip Schwartz
Harold Shapiro
Maurice Siegel
Irving Singer
Holly Singer
Sophie Switzer
Henry Switzer
Jack Witt
Our congregation is small--some might say tiny--but we are blessed by an overwhelming amount of talent and resources. There are many ways to help--and to get help--from the congregation. These are just a few ideas and options. Have others? Contact Larry Sutker at thoi.pres@gmail.com, another member of the Board of Directors, or Rabbi Nagel at thoirabbi@gmail.com.

  • Become a member of the Board of Directors
  • Donate to a temple fund of your choice
  • Talk to a financial advisor for other means of charitable giving. Larry Sutker notes: Individuals who are 70½ or older may make Qualified Charitable Donations (QCDs) directly from an IRA.
  • Come to a virtual Torah and Haftarah study 
  • Learn Hebrew with Ruth Chodrow rchodrow@gmail.com
  • Participate in the Women's Group or join a committee
  • Attend a service, in person or virtually
  • Bring a friend to a service
  • Come to one of the Rabbi's virtual classes or book club
  • Show your love and appreciation for a friend with a Flamingo Flock. Contact Pam Dettelbach at pam.dettelbach@gmail.com
15 N. Market Street • P.O. Box 1412 • Staunton VA 24402