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Justice for Derrick Jones!
Justice for Oscar Grant!

Stop Racist Police Killings and Jail All Killer Cops
Jail the Police Who Killed Derrick Jones

Protest and March Thursday, Nov. 11th
3:00PM: Rally in front of Derrick Jones' Barber Shop
(5815 Bancroft Way, near 58th Ave., Oakland)
4:00PM: March to Fruitvale BART Station

On Monday night, November 8, 2010, Derrick Jones was shot and killed by Oakland police near the barber shop that Mr. Jones owned on Bancroft and 58th Ave. Mr. Jones was unarmed. He was a known figure in the community, an artist who grew up in East Oakland who went on to own his own business. Mr. Jones' barber shop was a place where people of all ages knew they could find support.

Jones' family were already known by the police because they stood up and won against Oakland police brutality. When the police assaulted and brutalized members of his family several years ago, they sued against the police and won, getting two police officers fired. If the police get away with killing Derrick Jones, any family that stands up against police brutality in the future will be afraid that their lives will be endangered. We cannot let that happen.

In the coming hours and days the cover-up for the cops will go into overdrive. More slanders and rumors and disinformation will be spread as the campaign to exonerate the cops increases its efforts. We need to ignore all of those lies. The only thing that matters is that Derrick Jones was an unarmed man who was shot in an alley because of racism.

Join friends, family, and supporters on Thursday, Nov. 11 at 3:00 pm in front of Mr. Jones' barber shop on Bancroft near 58th Ave. to demand justice for Derrick Jones and to stop racist police killing. Jail the police who killed Derrick Jones! A BADGE IS NOT A LICENSE TO KILL.