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August 19th, 2022

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Because I’ve never been one to be overly fussy about the brand or type of property I stay at (as long as it’s clean, quiet, convenient, safe), I gladly cede all of the accommodation arrangements to my cousin for various trips we take together. In Europe prior to the pandemic, I simply showed up to all of the hotels and two private apartments he booked for the duration of our trip.

Fortunately, the hotels we stayed at in Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest, Venice, and Florence met my needs. Regrettably, not so for the STVRs. In Prague, noise from the nightclub below our apartment kept me awake until 5 am, right about the time I usually roll out of bed. Similarly, in Lisbon the serene courtyard my bedroom faced transformed into a rave every night…which was problematic given that our unit had no air conditioning and opening the window was essential to breathing and surviving.

From those experiences, I’ve now become more particular about what I want and need while on the road. Aside from the aforementioned attributes of clean, convenient, etc., I prefer traditional accommodation (e.g. hotel, bed and breakfast, RV park) with food service, convenient parking, fair cancellation policies, a pool, and other amenities that make my stay that much more predictable and comfortable.

At the same time, I’ve learned what accommodation I’d rather avoid and for the most part, that includes pup tents and STVRs. To be clear, I’m not against private vacation rentals such as homes and recreational properties and recognize that many people use them exclusively. That said, I do take issue when companies take advantage of slack local regulations and annually lease a slew of residential apartments (sometimes in the same building) only to repackage them as STVRs to the detriment of neighbourhoods, hotels, and even entire communities. I suspect that was the scenario in Portugal that partly soured my experience.

I’ve explained in this space before how STVRs have affected the tourism sector, both positively (e.g. more supply and visitor capacity) and negatively (lack of affordable housing for workers/residents, tax leakage). Yet to this day, very little has been done provincially or within most BC communities to address some of the core problems STVRs generate.

Thankfully, it appears that’s about to change. The province is considering options to regulate short-term vacation rentals. After extensive consultation with communities, sector associations and others, the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) submitted a report some months ago that offered several good recommendations, although not all of them we agree with.

Because TIABC has also been a strong voice in advocating for broader regulation that allows STVRs to exist legally while contributing to communities and the tourism sector in the same way traditional accommodation does, we too have dusted off our policy, augmented it with a few new recommendations, and submitted it to the province for consideration.

While we’ll share the full policy in the coming weeks with members, our primary recommendations include, but are not limited to:

  • All STVRs should be collecting and paying the Municipal & Regional District Tax (MRDT), either individually or via OAPs (Note – the province recently imposed this regulation on OAPs)
  • All operators of STVRs should be licensed and registered within each community
  • Local communities should implement a platform accountability measure that requires OAPs to enforce local regulations by monitoring and removing illegal listings
  • Communities should consider restricting the number of STVRs, perhaps as a percentage of the overall rental pool

As you know, short-term vacation rentals have become a staple in the travel and tourism industry around the world, including here in British Columbia. Given they’re here to stay, we need a stronger provincial regulatory environment to ensure STVRs comply with local bylaws and are operating as a legal business for the protection of visitors, residents, and communities. It goes without saying that we also need to reclaim some inventory to house local residents.

While some in our industry may not want to admit it, I’ll bet most of us have used STVRs during our travels…even hard-core hoteliers. Although I’ve never booked one myself through an online accommodation platform (OAP), I’ve stayed in a STVR and will likely again where few other options exist and under the proviso that it’s legal and regulated.

My cousin and I are planning more trips together to tick off bucket list items. Because he knows my expectations, especially when it comes to safety, I still let him book our accommodation, which includes a room no higher than the second floor for any suite with a balcony. Admittedly, I’m afraid of heights and fear sleeping walking over the railing. At least from the second floor, I might have a chance of waking up.

Walt Judas
UPDATE | Liquor Purchases Being Limited at Government's BC Liquor Stores

Effective immediately and until further notice, all government-owned BC Liquor Stores will limit the quantity of alcohol products that customers—including pubs, bars, restaurants, and the public—may purchase in a single transaction.

BC Liquor Stores will limit customers to purchasing no more than three of any individual items (i.e. SKU) per day. Restrictions will apply to all products—except import and domestic beer—and will remain in place until the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) distribution centres resume operations. These restrictions include refreshment beverage products that come in 4-packs, 6-packs, and other formats.

This extraordinary step is intended to curtail panic buying and ensure all BC Liquor Stores customers have access to dwindling inventory of popular products. BC Liquor Stores are rationing quantities is because of the BCGEU strike, which is shutting down BC’s vital liquor distribution warehouses.
BC Wine Industry | Economic Impact

Wine Growers British Columbia released new data this week, highlighting the momentum of the BC wine and grape economy pre-pandemic, contributing a significant $3.75 billion to the provincial economy in 2019, an 86.7% increase from 2011.

This impressive growth, presented in the Canadian wine and grape industry research report ‘Canada’s Wine Economy – Growth and Innovation Through Global Challenges’, is a testament to the dedicated efforts of BC wine industry professionals and stakeholders who have put BC on the map as an internationally recognized destination for premium wine and wine tourism. Yet, these numbers stand in contrast to the 2020 data indicating a substantial decrease in tourism impact, which could result in widespread economic consequences.

While the 2020 reduction in numbers represents a snapshot in time with COVID restricting domestic and international tourism, the loosening of those restrictions has not resulted in immediate returns to pre-pandemic numbers.

Wine Growers British Columbia will pursue a BC Wine Tourism Strategy that sets the path for wine tourism for the next five years (2023-2027), working with industry and stakeholders to grow back stronger in the face of global and domestic challenges.

Learn more HERE.
Destination Vancouver Named
'Marketer of the Year' for 2022

TIABC congratulates Destination Vancouver as the winner of the coveted 'Marketer of the Year' award, presented by the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA).

Now in its 50th year, the BCAMA’s prestigious honour is presented annually to an organization for the most outstanding integrated marketing strategy in the province.

The BCAMA will host and present the award to Destination Vancouver at the 50th annual Marketer of the Year Gala at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on Thursday, November 24th. For event details and ticket information, please visit HERE.
Business in Vancouver's Top 500
of 2022 Released
TIABC CEO Among Those Recognized

Business in Vancouver has just released its BC 500 for 2022 featuring business leaders who have had a notable impact on BC communities, industries, and economy in 2022.

As noted by BIV, "They are visionaries, innovators and trailblazers. They embody the values of modern leadership: engagement, trust, corporate citizenship, inclusion and innovation. Some of them are household names; some of them are well known within their industries. All of them influence life and business in British Columbia."

Along with Walt Judas, there are many other leaders recognized in the Tourism and Hospitality sector, including several TIABC members and partners:

  • Paula Amos - Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Indigenous Tourism BC
  • Geoff Buchheister - COO, Whistler/Blackcomb
  • Ken Cretney - President & CEO, BC Pavilion Corporation
  • Ingrid Jarrett - President & CEO, BC Hotel Association
  • Maya Lange - V.P. Global Marketing, Destination BC
  • David McKenna - President & CEO, Rocky Mountaineer
  • Bryan Pilbeam - V.P. & G.M., Delta Hotels by Marriott, Kamloops

TIABC's Board of Directors wishes to congratulate all the recipients of this year's BIV BC Top 500.
Tourism Kelowna Renews
MRDT Funding Agreement

Working in partnership with the City of Kelowna, Tourism Kelowna is pleased to announce the renewal of Kelowna’s Municipal and Regional District Tax (MRDT) 5-year agreement with the province, providing key destination marketing funding to 2027.

The funding renewal coincides with the renewal of the city’s long-term service agreement with Tourism Kelowna to implement and leverage these funds to market the destination and deliver economic and quality-of-life benefits to the community.

In addition to industry support, a 2021 resident sentiment survey showed that 94% of decided respondents agreed that tourism is an important industry in Kelowna and the Central Okanagan. Additionally, 82.5% recognized the value of the work done by Tourism Kelowna and its positive impact on residents. This recognition and trust further support the ongoing investment of MRDT funds to ensure the sustainability of the region’s $2.1 billion tourism economy.

TIABC wishes to congratulate Tourism Kelowna on this important work and looks forward to continuing its strong relationship and engagement with the organization on advocacy efforts.

Read more on Tourism Kelowna and their MRDT renewal process HERE.
Tourism Revelstoke | 'Thanksgiving Back' Campaign

After the success and positive feedback in 2021, the ‘Thanksgiving Back’ campaign returns to
Revelstoke. Surveys and visitor data proved that travellers are increasingly looking to connect
with and support the places they visit. In the fall of 2022, Tourism Revelstoke is inviting visitors
to come to Revelstoke and volunteer for various community projects in exchange for $500
towards their accommodation. The campaign will take place in the two weekends leading up to
Thanksgiving, thus “Thanksgiving Back”.

This campaign comes in a series of campaigns from Tourism Revelstoke that blend community
support and altruism with traditional marketing. Over the weekends of September 24-25 and October 1-2, a number of local non-profits are organizing volunteer projects:

● A vegetation restoration project for the Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society,
● A trail project for the Revelstoke Cycling Association,
● Assistance with the LUNA Art Festival for Arts Revelstoke,
● Assisting the Local Food Initiative with their food festival,
● A project for the Revelstoke Railway Museum, and
● Getting the Revelstoke Visual Art Centre clean and organized for future exhibitions.

In order to participate, prospective volunteers need to head to the website and indicate their
interest in a particular project. From there, Tourism Revelstoke will confirm their project
registration and let them know they can book accommodation directly with their accommodator.

The goal of this campaign is to create a connection between visitors and community, to
support their local non-profits, and to bring visitors to Revelstoke during the shoulder season.
For more information on the Thanksgiving Back campaign, contact Robyn Goldsmith
Province Announces Funding for Tourism Projects
Province Announces $1.5 million in Tourism Upgrades for Agassiz-Harrison

The province will provide the Agassiz-Harrison area with $1.5 million in rural development grants as part of the StrongerBC Economic Plan. The funding will go towards an upgrade of the Sts’ailes Lhawathet Lalem meeting and retreat centre, expansion of the Syéxw Chó:leqw Adventure Park, and expansion of the Kilby Historic Site and campground.
Indigenous and Rural Communities to Receive Economic Boost

Eight projects in communities throughout BC will receive funding to support tourism, community revitalization, and infrastructure upgrades. The total funding will be $5 million and will focus on Indigenous organizations and communities impacted by COVID-19, fire, floods, and extreme weather.

The Kanaka Bar Indian Band will receive $1 million for their Upper Kanaka Community Resiliency Project which provides funding for community infrastructure and agricultural development, while the Lytton First Nation, which was affected when the village of Lytton burnt down last summer, will receive $500,000 for the YeKm Food Hub which supports local farmers and Lytton residents.
Letter of Assurance from Air Canada
an Excerpt from Michael Rousseau, President & CEO

Earlier this summer, I wrote to you about how conditions in the global airline industry were impacting you as a valued Air Canada customer and to recognize any inconvenience you may have experienced. In my letter, I also outlined the many initiatives we had undertaken to address these issues. Today, I am writing to update you on the progress we have made to date to return our airline to its pre‑pandemic standards of customer service. 

First, however, thank you for your continued loyalty to our company. Virtually every week this summer, our traffic volumes have increased and are now nearing 80% of the number of customers we carried in 2019, our last summer before the pandemic. It is evident people are keen to travel and all of us at Air Canada are proud that you are entrusting to us your very important travel arrangements. Let me assure you we understand our responsibility to meet your expectations. 

However, welcome as the recovery is, the summer increase in traffic has also prolonged the pandemic’s disruption of our entire industry. Airlines, airports, governments, and the other third‑party suppliers are labouring like everyone else to return to normal. We have been working closely with our industry partners to remedy the situation and, while we still have much work to do, the results are trending positively, and customers are already experiencing the benefits directly when they travel. 

As an intensely data driven organization, we can clearly see those areas that require more operational focus, as well as those that are showing improvement. In the spirit of transparency, I would like to share some metrics related to the areas that most immediately affect our customers. For the period June 27 to August 14, during which we carried approximately 6.4 million customers, the Air Canada family (including Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express), recorded the following operational improvements: 

Flight Delays – Comparing the week of June 27 to the week of August 8, there was a 48% reduction or 1,160 fewer flights that took a delay longer than one hour. In addition, flight delays overall are getting shorter. For flights that experienced any delay, the average arrival delay during the week of June 27 was 28 minutes longer than the same week in 2019. As of the week of August 8, this had improved to 12 minutes.

Flight Cancellations - There has been a substantial reduction in the volume of flight cancellations. During the week of August 8, there was a 77% reduction in the number of cancelled flights as compared to the week of June 27. This translates into 960 fewer flights cancelled. Furthermore, flight completion, which is the percentage of all scheduled flights that are not cancelled, reached 96.7% during the week of August 8, which was less than one percentage point lower than the same week in 2019. The vast majority of customers experiencing cancellations, often due to weather or other unexpected factors, were able to travel within 24 hours.

Baggage Handling - The strongest area of improvement over this period can be seen in baggage handling, where the airline handles over 650,000 bags per week. During the week of June 27, mishandling rates per 1,000 customers were approximately 2.5 times the same number in 2019. As of the week of August 8, this rate fully recovered to 2019 levels with a baggage handling success rate of 98%.

While these numbers are encouraging, our recovery remains very much a work in progress with a significant distance yet to be covered. Even with our success to date, we are committed to further improvement in those areas that we directly control and also by supporting our third‑party partners, upon which we rely, as they too strive to return to pre-pandemic normalcy. 

Finally, I would also like to take this opportunity to say that if you travelled recently, yet still encountered a disruption, we at Air Canada apologize for this. With an industry as complex as ours, and dependent as it is on the coordinated performance of so many entities, recovering from an event without precedent like a global pandemic presents many challenges. For this reason, we appreciate your continued patience and understanding. 

Thank you again for your loyalty to our company. Please be assured that all of us at Air Canada are preparing and eager to welcome you aboard and to transport you safely in the very near future. 

Michael Rousseau 
President and Chief Executive Officer 
Air Canada
Sector Gets Ready to Celebrate World Tourism Day 2022

The countdown to World Tourism Day 2022 is now underway, with every part of the sector invited to be an active part of the annual celebrations.

With the theme of ‘Rethinking Tourism’, the International Day of Observance will this year focus on re-imagining the sector’s growth, both in terms of size and relevance. All UNWTO member states, as well as non-members and stakeholders from across the private sector, are being invited to host celebrations as well as to promote the day and its central theme.

The potential of tourism is enormous, and we have a shared responsibility to make sure it is fully realized. World Tourism Day has been held on September 27th each year since 1980.

Read the official announcement and learn more about how you can mark the day HERE.
Tourism Digital Academy 2022
Registration Now Open

The Tourism Digital Academy is a free, digital marketing program for BC tourism businesses who are interested in building their knowledge and skills in digital marketing to an intermediate level.

Designed for business owners or their marketing team members, this comprehensive program is focused on providing practical, actionable guidance to complete your digital marketing plan. From setting your goals, to building a better understanding of SEO, website usability, content, email marketing, analytics and more.

There are two fall intakes, each running for 8 weeks, beginning the week of:

October 4th – currently accepting applications
October 11th – currently accepting applications

Learn more and apply HERE.
Expression of Interest
Technical Committees on Employment Accessibility and Accessible Service Delivery

The Accessibility Directorate at the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction is recruiting members for two new technical committees to provide expertise in developing two new accessibility standards: 1) for Employment Accessibility and 2) Accessible Service Delivery.

Over a period of 12 months the Technical Committees will develop initial recommendations to present to the Provincial Accessibility Committee. The Directorate is seeking approximately 13-15 members for each Technical Committee with a wide range of experience including:

  • Experience in the development or implementation of accessibility standards
  • Knowledge of government, public sector organizations, business, and/or non-profit environment
  • Knowledge of current and emerging issues related to disability and accessibility
  • Knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the communities and organizations impacted by the Accessible British Columbia Act.

To apply please review HERE. You will be invited to complete a questionnaire by 11:59 (PT) on September 16th. Applicants will be notified on the outcome of their application at the end of the selection process.

If you have a question or require assistance to apply or an alternate means of completing the application, please contact at: engageaccessibility@gov.bc.ca.
Share Your Thoughts | Workplace Safety

go2HR wants to hear from BC's Tourism and Hospitality industry (employers, managers, supervisors and workers) on workplace safety. go2HR will use your input to help us improve our programs.

Complete the 3 to 5-minute survey for a chance to enter to win one of two $100 visa gift cards (at the end of the survey). If you have any questions, please get in touch at info@go2HR.ca
Province Seeks Nominees for Medal of Good Citizenship

British Columbians are encouraged to nominate their fellow citizens who have made outstanding contributions through exceptional service to their communities for this year's Medal of Good Citizenship.

Nominations for this year’s Medal of Good Citizenship are being accepted until September 6th. Nominations received after that date will be considered for the 2023 cycle. British Columbians can nominate individuals, organizations, or youth in their communities.

BC’s Medal of Good Citizenship was launched in 2015. It recognizes people for extraordinary generosity, service, acts of selflessness, and contributions to their community. These contributions are outside of people's paid employment or beyond the parameters of their job, and are made without expectation of remuneration or reward.

This year’s recipients will be announced in early December to coincide with International Volunteer Day.

For more information about the Medal of Good Citizenship, including how to nominate people, visit HERE.
BC Hospitality Foundation Provides Support to BC's Hospitality Community

The BCHF is the hospitality industry’s charity, supporting and inspiring those who serve you every day. We help those who most need it, often in their most difficult hour.

As they cope with stressful medical situations and the extraordinary costs arising from them, we come alongside to support them and their families. Their stories of struggle and triumph inspire us to work together to help our own within the hospitality community.

The BCHF provides financial support beyond conventional medical plans, EI, or other insurance or benefit plans. We are often the first glimmer of hope for these members of the hospitality community.

Quick Facts
  • Over $1.4 million to beneficiaries since 2008
  • 271 Beneficiaries $1,062,000
  • 320 Scholarships $390,750

Learn more about the BC Hospitality Foundation, and how they support BC's hospitality industry HERE.
ICYMI - Executive Search | Director of Marketing

It’s time to flex your marketing muscles as the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Marketing Association (CCCTMA) has a unique opportunity for you.

You’ve led or built successful campaigns and now it’s time for you to take the next step and show what you can do. This incredible opportunity exists in the Land Without Limits, the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Region. An amazing place of adventure to live and work.

You’ll be reporting to the CEO and working within the tourism industry with regional stakeholders to promote the development of the tourism industry to targeted markets.

The ideal candidate will have a sense of adventure that matches the region they’ll be marketing. If you’re interested in learning more, please click HERE. Concord is managing the search on behalf of the CCCTMA.
In Memoriam | Bud Powell

TIABC is saddened to learn of the passing of longtime, Northern BC tourism champion, Bud Powell on July 2nd.

During his 12 years as Councillor for the City of Dawson Creek, Bud’s advocacy for tourism was instrumental in establishing the Destination Management Organization (DMO) Tourism Dawson Creek, the Alaska Highway House, the Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts, and the Multi-Plex and Event Centre.

Representing the City of Dawson Creek, Bud joined the Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association board in 2000 and served as chair for many years. Believing in the tourism potential of the Alaska Highway and Peace Region, he built relationships regionally, provincially, in Yukon, and Alaska. He was also passionate about engaging First Nations in tourism.

He shared his tourism perspective at the Northern BC Tourism Board table, was awarded the Queen Elizabeth 11 Diamond Jubilee medal for his work on Council and was particularly proud when presented with the Walter Smith Visionary Award at the 2010 Northern BC Tourism Summit.

Bud had high hopes for tourism in the region and while observing from the sidelines over the past few years, appreciated the passion and determination of those who continued to pursue tourism projects that make a difference.
REMINDER | Stay Prepared for Wildfires and Heat Warnings

Destination BC has updated the Emergency Preparedness webpage and is available with key messaging guidance and resources to help BC's tourism industry prepare for emergencies such as wildfires.

Additional Resources:

Moments of Levity

As an industry that continues to face enormous challenges during COVID-19, every once in awhile it's important to share a laugh, a good story, a beautiful image or an interesting anecdote to provide moments of levity during this most difficult time.
Tourism Richmond Info Kiosk Goes Solar

Tourism Richmond faced a unique challenge this summer with their seasonal visitor info kiosk in Steveston. The kiosk is open six days a week in the summer, where Experience Representatives provide visitor services face-to-face, via email, on the phone, and on live chat.

The challenge? The kiosk is not wired for electricity, making it challenging to keep the devices (laptops, tablets, phones) needed to provide information powered up.

The solution? The team at Tourism Richmond is now harnessing the power of the sun!

Last month they installed solar panels at the kiosk, which charge a portable power bank, which in turn charges the devices needed to provide visitor services digitally and have information at their fingertips from online sources.

A great and sustainable concept coming to fruition - congratulations Tourism Richmond!
member spotlight banner
On behalf of TIABC and Board of Directors, we are pleased to acknowledge the following new member. We appreciate their support and investment in our advocacy efforts. It's a pleasure to introduce them to our industry network and readership.
Ainsworth Hot Springs

The Hot Springs were first visited by the Ktunaxa First Nations peoples who experienced the waters as a welcome respite after a long day of hunting, fishing, and gathering roots and berries in what is now known as the Kootenay region. The Ktunaxa First Nations peoples embraced the nupika wu’u, or hot mineral waters, for their healing and rejuvenating powers and Ainsworth Hot Springs has been welcoming guests since the 1930s.

Today the property is owned by Yaqan Nukiy, the Lower Kootenay Band of Creston, returning the Ktunaxa peoples to this significant land so that they may share their appreciation with others. The Hot Springs are nestled in the Kootenay region, overlooking majestic Kootenay Lake.

Learn more about Ainsworth Hot Springs HERE.
Become A TIABC Member

We strongly encourage you to consider membership or renew your membership with TIABC to support our important advocacy efforts on behalf of the entire visitor economy. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic TIABC identified your concerns, raised your voice, championed your needs, pushing for support and programs while encouraging policy changes.

Member Benefits Include:
  • Coordinated advocacy on behalf of individual businesses, sectors, communities or the industry at-large.
  • National advocacy support through our relationship with TIAC and all provincial/territorial tourism associations from across the country.
  • Briefings on proposed policy, regulatory or legislative changes.
  • Exclusive resources and policy information on the members-only section of tiabc.ca.
  • Organizational or sponsorship opportunities via TIABC's communication channels.
  • Weekly bulletins on important industry developments and TIABC activities.
  • Presentations to your board, various committees or organizations by TIABC representatives.
  • Savings on the annual BC Tourism & Hospitality Conference and other TIABC hosted events.
  • Access to valuable tools such as the Value of Tourism videos for presentations or meetings with key stakeholders.
webinar header f
Managing Remote & Hybrid Workforces
An Introduction for BC Tourism & Hospitality Employers

Join go2HR's Manager, Industry HR for a practical and informative webinar that details the important HR, mental health, health & safety and legal responsibilities of remote and hybrid work that employers need to know. Don't miss this useful advice geared for today's employers.

Date: August 23rd
Time: 1:30 - 2:30 pm (PT)

Click HERE to learn more and to register.
HAC & CBRE | 2023 Canadian
Hotel Outlook

The Hotel Association of Canada and CBRE Hotels will be hosting the first presentation of CBRE's 2023 outlook, covering major markets from coast to coast to coast.

The webinar will also include an update on 2022 year-to-date performance, an updated long-term forecast, and a look at the economic and industry trends impacting the sector over the next year.

Date: Monday, September 12th at 11:00 am (PST)

Click HERE to register.
Summer Weekends at Malahat Skywalk

The Malahat Skywalk has just introduced new extended hours on weekends through to Labour Day.

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from August 11th to September 4th they are open until 8pm. In addition to the extended hours, a 25% discount will apply to tickets starting at 5pm - with live music on Saturdays.

Learn more about the Malahat Skywalk Summer Weekends program HERE.
safer spaces
REMINDER | Safer Spaces Course

TIABC would like to remind industry of the Safer Spaces course: Creating Sexual Harassment-Free Workplaces in BC's Tourism and Hospitality Industry. This free online course has been extremely well-received by industry as it addresses one of today's concerning topics and supports employers and supervisors in creating workplaces that are free from sexual harassment.

We encourage everyone to join the TIABC Board and staff in completing the training and certification.
save the date banner
BC Hospitality Foundation Victoria Golf Tournament

Sign up for BCHF’s Victoria golf tournament! Players partake in bites and beverages at many holes, there are tee prizes and putting contests, and lunch and dinner are included.

This event is a great way to connect with old friends or to expand your network, as it brings together many members of the local hospitality community. It’s been two long years: let’s get our industry together to swing together!

Date: August 23rd
Time: Noon to 9:00 pm
Location: Olympic View Golf Course, Victoria

Click HERE to register.
2022 Canada 55+ Games

The 2022 Canada 55+ Games are coming to Kamloops August 23–26.

The Canada 55+ Games is a large multi-sport event with over 2500 participants competing in 26 different events.
The Games focus on the social, physical and psychological well being of the participants through participation in a multi-day event. The Games are held over four days and participants must qualify through their provincial 55+ games competitions.

The Games offer opportunities for enrichment, fulfillment and improved quality of life provided by participation in a broad variety of athletic, recreational and social events. Although the very nature of the Games is to declare a winner or winners, the aspect of winning is secondary to the social side related to reuniting with friends from Games past.
Save the Date | Wine Growers of BC | AGM

The culmination of WGBC activities, including marketing, communications, advocacy and more over the Fiscal Year 2022 will be reported on in the Annual Report released at the Annual General Meeting. As quorum is critical for this meeting to proceed, please add this date to your calendar.

Date: Wednesday, September 7th - 10am-noon
Virtual Event: Add to calendar HERE
Community Coffee Talk
with Ian Robertson, CEO

Join the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) for the next community coffee talk hosted by CEO Ian Robertson. Questions and points of discussion are welcomed as it helps to know what they are doing well and where they can improve your enjoyment of GVHA’s public harbour spaces.

Date: Wednesday, September 7th
Time: 3 -4 pm
Location: Shoal Point Coffee House
Camping Appreciation Weekend

Camping Appreciation Weekend will soon be here and it's a time when many Canadian campgrounds coast-to-coast say thank you to campers for their patronage.

Dates: September 9th - 11th

The weekend is organized and sponsored by the Canadian Camping and RV Council and supported by the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association to:

  • Say thanks to those that enjoy the camping and RVing lifestyle.
  • And, to raise funds for Care Camps to send children with cancer to camp.

There are many BC campgrounds participating - advance reservations are recommended.

Visit HERE to view the map of participating campsites.
Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium
"Partnering for Success"

The MTB Tourism Symposium is a gathering of creative minds with a vested interest in advancing the future of mountain bike tourism and recreation in British Columbia.

Date: September 14th-16th
Location: Silver Star Resort

Click here to learn more and to register.
North America Meaningful Travel Summit

The Meaningful Travel Summit is an event connecting industry professionals with local change-makers in places around North America. The goal is to learn from one another, infuse more sustainability into our businesses with the knowledge we’ve gained and roll up our sleeves to volunteer in and with the local community.

The North America Meaningful Travel Summit provides:

  • Connections to and volunteering with vetted non-profits and social enterprises
  • Education sessions around universal topics in sustainability and meaningful travel
  • Networking opportunities with other travel and tourism professionals
  • Actionable best practices in destination stewardship

Date: September 28th-30th, Victoria

Click here to learn more and to register.
Save the Date | COR Internal Auditor Training Program

Are you interested in becoming a health and safety champion at your workplace? Save the date for an upcoming Certificate of Recognition (COR) Internal Auditor Training program coming this Fall. These interactive sessions will help you to learn what it takes to be a COR Employer.

Date: Thursday, October 13th - Virtual Event

Click HERE to learn more and to register.
2022 Western Canadian Lodging Conference

Registration is now open for the 2022 Western Canadian Lodging Conference.

Dates: October 24th - 25th, 2022.
Location: Hyatt Regency, Vancouver

Join your fellow colleagues for interactive panel discussions and keynotes designed to educate and inspire. The Hyatt Regency Vancouver has been designated as the official host venue for the 2022 Western Canadian Lodging Conference. Book your room before October 11th, 2022 and receive a special rate of $279.00 for a King room.

Click HERE to learn more and to register.
Save the Date | NBCTA Annual General Meeting

It's that time of year again. Northern BC Tourism Association (NBCTA) will be holding its Annual General Meeting on October 25th.

Stay tuned for further AGM details, as well as an official Call for Nominations for the Board of Directors.
kootenay rockies
Kootenay Rockies Tourism Association
45th AGM and Industry Conference

Save the Date: November 2nd (pm) and November 3rd
Location: Sandman Hotel, Castlegar

More details will follow in the coming months.
Cariboo Chilcotin Coast AGM

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association (CCCTA) will be holding their Annual General Meeting in person.

Date: November 3rd and 4th
Location: 100 Mile House

In order to better prepare for the AGM, they are asking for input through a short survey (less than 5 minutes) to give some important suggestions on how to improve this AGM and make it worth your while to attend! Take the survey HERE.

Visit here for more information on the CCCTA AGM.
West Coast Virtual Hiring Fair

Three world-class universities on the west coast of Canada have joined forces to offer a virtual fair unlike any other. Meet students and alumni from the top 3 universities in Western Canada - SFU, UBC & UVic.

Dates: November 2nd & 3rd, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: Virtual

Showcase your organization and promote your opportunities to students and alumni from a wide range of faculties and programs in one single event.This is the recruitment fair that you don't want to miss!

Visit here for more information and to register.
Sport Events Congress | 2022

Sport Tourism Canada and Edmonton Events have announced that Sport Events Congress 2022 will be held November 2nd -4th in Edmonton.

SEC22 promises to be everything that attendees know and love about Congress – interactive, educational, opportunities for business-to-business networking, evening social events (including an Edmonton Oilers NHL match-up at Rogers Place). View the preliminary schedule here.
Save the Date | IMPACT 2023

Save the DATE! IMPACT Sustainable Travel & Tourism, January 23-25 and Day of IMPACT January 22, 2023.
Registration opens in early September, and we have confirmed fees to assist you with budgeting. The biggest change you will see is the option of including Sunday ‘s Day of IMPACT (January 22nd) into your overall registration.

The theme for the event is: O P E N
When we come together with open hearts and open minds, anything is possible. We see connections everywhere. We welcome all ideas, experiences, and ways of life—because this is how we learn, grow, and change.
Registration Now Open
2023 International Indigenous Tourism Conference

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is excited to announce registration is now open for the International Indigenous Tourism Conference (IITC).

This conference is designed to unite the global Indigenous tourism industry bringing together tourism operators, international delegates, members of parliament and tourism partners. IITC features collective sharing of best practices and networking as Canadian and global delegates participate in panel discussions, breakout sessions, keynote presentations and local cultural experiences.

Dates: March 8th - 10th, 2023
Location. Treaty 1 Territory and the Homeland of the Metis - Winnipeg

Learn more and register HERE.
TIABC recognizes that our members, stakeholders and staff occupy the ceded, unceded and traditional territories of Indigenous Nations across British Columbia. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to live, work and play on the lands that our Indigenous friends and First Nations ancestors honour and care for.