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September 16th, 2022

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I wonder if the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) picked this week for their conference to coincide with the Whistler Beer Festival (WBF)? I’d like to think it was strategic on their part to help attract the maximum number of delegates.
Regardless, the conference drew hundreds of civic officials, mayors, and councillors (many of whom are in re-election mode) to discuss and debate myriad resolutions put forward by UBCM members that will help influence the health and welfare of communities around the province.
Aside from participating in a workshop on the BC aviation sector, I had the opportunity to meet with multiple elected officials to discuss the needs of the tourism industry as we continue to rebound from the effects of the pandemic. It was also a chance for me to listen to presentations by several political leaders on their hopes, plans, and goals for the province in the years ahead.
In her annual presentation to delegates, outgoing UBCM President Laurey-Anne Roodenburg of Quesnel said that among the biggest priorities communities need to tackle in the coming years are housing shortages, aging or inadequate infrastructure, and social unrest within society in general.
The Green Party’s Sonia Furstenau talked about expectations every resident has around a better future for their community, appealing to provincial and federal decision-makers for more support for new hospitals, schools, and housing, as well as tackling labour shortages and the drug crisis, among other priorities.
Liberal Party leader Kevin Falcon spoke of similar issues and the need for all parties and communities to collaborate on solutions. Falcon stressed that problems aren’t necessarily solved by how much money government spends, but actual results from the work that’s being done. He stressed his party’s mandate is about keeping people safe and alive, and making it affordable for people to live in BC.
In the final plenary session, outgoing Premier John Horgan spoke of the extraordinary times British Columbians have experienced in recent years citing the pandemic, heat dome, atmospheric river, tainted drug supply, among other unexpected crises. He too emphasized the need for government to continue to provide the services that residents need, and for elected officials of all stripes and levels to work together to solve the ongoing challenges.
None of what delegates heard was necessarily new and there was much more to each speech to be sure. However, what I didn’t anticipate was an underlying tone to many conversations I had personally with delegates or heard during the conference that adds a layer of complexity to the job that politicians have been called to.
Public unrest, civil disobedience, physical or personal attacks, threats, animosity, anger, and constant vitriol through avenues like social media seem to be par for the course in society these days and have led to a very scary and uncomfortable operating environment for many politicians in BC.
Even so, when Municipal Affairs Minister Nathan Cullen asked delegates who planned to run for office again to stand, the majority of the room was on its feet…an encouraging sign that there are still committed and brave folks willing to serve their communities in spite of increasing incidents and concern over their personal safety. Minister Cullen also commended UBCM for its conference theme, Value of One, Power of Many that reinforces the collective strength of those who serve in local government around the province.
As I alluded to earlier, I had an opportunity to speak with several cabinet ministers, as well as Premier Horgan, and to an individual, they were bullish on our sector and keen to work with TIABC and our partners to help the tourism industry rebuild in a more sustainable and impactful way for the benefit of residents and communities throughout British Columbia.
A shout-out to the Resort Municipality of Whistler and to UBCM for hosting and staging an excellent conference. It’s now time for me to shift gears and spend some of my discretionary funds on supporting local businesses…perhaps at the WBF where I’m sure to connect with other fellow delegates throughout the weekend.

Walt Judas,

Note: Click the image below to learn more about CEO Walt Judas at UBCM this week.
Return of Amtrak Rail Service Welcome News to Tourism Sector

In response to the recent announcement by Amtrak that they will be resuming their daily service on September 26th, between Vancouver and Seattle, TIABC CEO Walt Judas reinforced in an interview with The Vancouver Sun that cross-border traffic is extremely important to British Columbia, particularly the Lower Mainland and how the more modes of transportation that we have, the more accessible transportation becomes, the better it is to tourism.

Read the full interview HERE.
High-speed Rail 'Much more Palatable'
for Tourists

Walt Judas, TIABC CEO explained to CBC earlier this week that a high-speed rail system would draw more tourists from south of the border, particularly as an alternative to cars and airplanes, and could be more convenient and quicker, especially for short trips.

Judas also noted the tourism sector welcomes the province's involvement with the Cascadia Ultra-High Speed Ground Transportation group.

Read the full interview HERE and see the story below.
BC Invests in High-Speed Rail Study to
Link Major Pacific Northwest Cities

The Province announced earlier this week they are supporting the feasibility of a high-speed rail service connecting Vancouver, Seattle and Portland with a $300,000 investment in the next phase of the Ultra High Speed Ground Transportation Project.

The next phase of the study, led by the Washington State Department of Transportation in partnership with BC, Oregon and other regional and local agencies, intends to:

  • Address the roles, responsibilities and future funding requirements of the project;
  • Develop a regional public outreach and engagement strategy;
  • Explore opportunities to integrate ultra-high-speed rail into regional transportation and land-use planning; and
  • Develop plans for future environmental review processes, engineering and design requirements.

Results from previous phases of the study show the project presents significant benefits, such as stronger trade ties between BC, Washington and Oregon, economic activity equalling as much as $355 billion within the region and the creation of as many as 200,000 jobs.

In November 2021, a new MOU between BC, Washington and Oregon was executed that committed the parties to continue advancing activities that support the program. High-speed trains travel as fast as 400 kilometres per hour
UBCM Delegates Warned of Changes
Facing BC Airports

Aviation experts and panelists that included TIABC CEO Walt Judas spoke to delegates at the 2022 Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Convention in Whistler this week and painted a picture that shows an industry with multiple developments and airports across the province facing significant challenges.

Transportation consultant Rob Beynon, founder of Operation Economics, said "the aviation industry faces what he called “real big structural changes in the face of several developments."

Beynon said airports and airport-related industries are struggling to fill jobs in the face of rising costs, low wages for individuals working in certain positions, and retirements. The shortage affects not only routine on-ground operations like baggage handling and security, but also higher-end positions, leaving airports short of the necessary expertise to deal with an increasingly complex regulatory environment imposed by Transport Canada.

Other significant challenges that were discussed were geo-political stability and rapid technological changes taking place in the face of climate change.

Presentations during the clinic were delivered by Beynon, BC Aviation Council Executive Director Dave Frank, Walt Judas, and Rose Klukas, economic development manager for the City of Campbell River.

Judas stressed the importance of air travel for provincial tourism while Klukas identified the city’s airport as an important engine of local growth.

Read an editorial summary by the Terrace Standard of the clinic and the presentations HERE.
Air Canada to Acquire 30 ES-30 Electric Regional Aircraft from Heart Aerospace

Yesterday, Air Canada announced a purchase agreement for 30 ES-30 electric-hybrid aircraft under development by Heart Aerospace of Sweden. The revolutionary regional aircraft, expected to enter service in 2028, will generate zero emissions flying on battery power and yield significant operational savings and benefits. Under the agreement, Air Canada has also acquired a US$5 million equity stake in Heart Aerospace.

The ES-30 will allow Air Canada to serve regional and commuter routes more sustainably, providing low-emission connectivity to local communities over the medium-to-long term. It will be capable of carrying 30 passengers seated three across (in a 2X1 configuration), with a galley and lavatory. Air Canada has placed a purchase order for 30 ES-30.

The aircraft will be powered by lithium-ion batteries, and will be quieter, have better operational parameters, be more reliable, and have a smaller environmental footprint than conventional turbo-prop aircraft.

Learn more HERE.
Premier Declares September 19th a Day of Remembrance

Premier John Horgan declared earlier this week that Monday, September 19th will be a holiday this year for civil servants to align with the federal decision to observe Queen Elizabeth II's funeral. 

Public schools, including post-secondary institutions, and most Crown corporations will be closed.

The province says it is encouraging private-sector employers to acknowledge the day and determine what it might look like for their employees and business.
ABLE BC has been working to find solutions for the current labour crisis facing our industry.
With assistance from Western Community College (WCC) and Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society (PICS), they have designed a training program that covers topics and certificates such as: Hospitality Management, accounting basics, WSET, First Aid, Serving it Right, and more.

If the PBLMT application is successful, the training program will be delivered by WCC with both in person and virtual options for participants. Participants will leave the program highly trained and ready to take on supervisor or manager-level positions in both LP and LRS businesses.

ABLE BC is seeking further information from industry to strengthen their application. Your participation in this survey is essential in contextualizing the labour shortage our industry is currently dealing with.
Important Update | LDB Service Resumption

The Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) distribution centres and wholesale customer centres have completed all orders placed before 3:00 pm on August 17th and are now working overtime to ship orders placed after August 31st.
As noted by ABLE BC, "This is good news for industry and a great step toward restocking shelves across the province. But we want to remind you that there is a very high volume of orders to ship and it will still be several weeks before we see a resumption of normal service levels." 
While LDB works to catch up on shipping orders, delivery windows and ETAs remain unavailable. ABLE BC continues to meet with LDB frequently to pass along industry needs and feedback and ensure that orders are shipped efficiently and fairly. 
Call for Applications
ITBC Seeking Qualified Experts

ITBC is inviting experts in various fields to register in their database that will be shared with Indigenous tourism businesses, communities, organizations, and entrepreneurs. ITBC hopes these new connections will inspire work together to enhance and strengthen the Indigenous tourism industry.
ITBC is looking for experts for business support in the following categories:

  • Business plan development and feasibility study
  • Business operations/operational adaptation
  • Digital innovation
  • Experience development
  • Visitor experience

ITBC may contract qualified experts registered in this database to support a new ITBC program to build capacity for Indigenous tourism in BC.

Click HERE for more information and to complete and submit the required form. ITBC will then connect with you to request any further required information.
BC and Alberta Residents Urged to Experience The BC Effect This Fall

On September 14th, Destination BC fully launched The BC Effect: the latest domestic seasonal marketing campaign encouraging BC and Alberta residents to explore our province this fall by highlighting seasonal experiences that are abundant throughout BC.

Running now until November 10th, the campaign is designed to motivate travellers to plan and book a 3+ night fall trip. The BC Effect global brand platform has been reimagined for the current landscape and audiences nearby, tapping into the notion that by exploring more of British Columbia, one can become closer to nature and in turn, closer to one’s true self: happier, healthier, and less stressed.

The campaign highlights key experiences that align with the audience’s fall travel motivators, including Cities in Nature, Fall Nature Experiences, Local Food & Drink, Indigenous Experiences, Arts, Culture & Events and Unique Accommodations in Nature.

To support BC’s tourism industry and help partners align with these marketing efforts, Destination BC is also offering a campaign partner toolkit that includes messaging suggestions and discounted media rates for tourism partners across the province.

Campaign Resources:

Call for Applications - 2023-2025 Term
Destination BC Tourism Marketing Committee

Destination BC is seeking six representatives for its Tourism Marketing Committee (TMC). For three-year terms beginning January 1st, 2023, the TMC requires one representative from the following tourism regions*:

  • Cariboo Chilcotin Coast;
  • Kootenay Rockies;
  • Northern BC;
  • Vancouver, Coast and Mountains; and
  • Two representatives from Vancouver Island

*No new representatives for the Thompson Okanagan (TO) region are required for 2023.

More information about the TMC and its terms of reference can be found HERE. Visit the TMC webpage to learn more about existing members.

Each application must include the completed and signed Application Form including your resumé and any other supporting documents you feel are relevant to the process. Applications are to be submitted in electronic form and must be received no later than 5 pm on Tuesday, October 11th. Please submit your application to: [email protected]
September is Disability Employment Month

This September marks the fourth annual Disability Employment Month in British Columbia and provides an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of people with disabilities in the workforce, and the employers and communities who support their success.

By raising awareness about the skills that people with disabilities can bring to the workplace and encouraging businesses to build inclusive, diverse workforces, people with disabilities have more opportunity to contribute to the economy, earn an income, and better support themselves and their families.

If you want to learn more about how you can become a more inclusive employee, there is a great self-assessment tool that you can use to gauge how you are doing.

Take this 15 minute Disability Inclusive Employer Self-Assessment to gain a deeper understanding of where you’re doing well and where there’s room to improve. One thing we can agree on is that there is always room to improve and by taking the time to learn more.

Learn more about resources for people with disabilities HERE.
The Tourism Industry Association of BC (TIABC) Governance Committee is seeking qualified individuals for the 2022-2024 term that are dedicated to the success of the Association and will support its principles as a member of the Board of Directors. Acceptance of nominations is based on a specific set of skills and experience.

TIABC’s Vision is for the tourism industry to be recognized as one of British Columbia’s leading and sustainable industries. As the primary advocate for BC’s visitor economy, TIABC unites operators, sectors, DMOs, government and residents to support and be passionate about making this province a great place for tourism.

TIABC strives to maintain a balance of skills, industry knowledge and experience, technical skills, governance competencies, education and training and geographic representation on the board.
Eligible candidates must demonstrate specific experience in the following areas:

1. Tourism Industry Knowledge
2. Technical & Business Expertise
3. Governance Competencies
4. Education and Training

The Board of Directors is made up of a maximum of 13 directors consisting of 11 directors elected by the active members. TIABC is seeking a total of six (6) candidates for the 2022-2024 term:

  • From the DMO category two (2) are required for a two-year term. Two board members are seeking re-election.
  • From the Sector Association category sector one (1) is required for a two-year term. One board member is seeking re-election.
  • From the Business Membership category three (3) are required for a two-year term. Three board members are seeking re-election.

We are striving for 50% gender parity and 30% representation of other under-represented groups including Indigenous peoples, racialized persons, people living with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ2 community.

If you are a TIABC member in good standing, have a strong understanding of the tourism industry, significant expertise, and industry knowledge and are currently involved in tourism or destination management, we invite you to apply. As per the bylaws, the Tourism Industry Association of BC requests that all nominations from members be received 45 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Deadline for application submissions is Friday, September 30th at 5:00 pm (PT).

To receive the TIABC Board Nomination Form, or If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Deborah Kulchiski (Manager, Special Projects, TIABC) at [email protected] p. 604.530.9979

Moments of Levity
As an industry that continues to face challenges, every once in awhile it's important to share a laugh, a good story, a beautiful image or an interesting anecdote to provide moments of levity during this most difficult time.
member spotlight banner
On behalf of TIABC and Board of Directors, we are pleased to acknowledge the following new member. We appreciate their support and investment in our advocacy efforts. It's a pleasure to introduce them to our industry network and readership.
Visit Terrace | Kermodei Tourism

Visit Terrace, also referred to as Kermodei Tourism, is the official destination marketing and management organization that promotes year-round visitation to Terrace.

The traditional home of the Kitsumkalum and Kitselas First Nations people, Terrace is located in the heart of Northwest British Columbia.

Learn more about Terrace and the Visit Terrace | Kermodei offerings HERE.
Become A TIABC Member

We strongly encourage you to consider membership or renew your membership with TIABC to support our important advocacy efforts on behalf of the entire visitor economy.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic TIABC identified your concerns, raised your voice, championed your needs, pushing for support and programs while encouraging policy changes.

Your support and engagement is vital to ensuring businesses, DMO's and sectors are united and speaking with one voice on issues that impact BC's tourism industry.
webinar header f
Mental Health & Wellbeing at Work
A (Top) Chef’s Perspective

This year, World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27th. This Day of Recognition celebrated across the globe acknowledges the importance of tourism and hospitality industry. go2HR and the Canadian Mental Health Association – BC Division (CMHA BC) is taking a closer look at our fast-paced sector and sparking dialogue on what strategies can support and celebrate this industry’s ongoing resilience.

“Mental Health & Wellbeing at Work- A (Top) Chef’s perspective” is a free webinar by Top Chef Trevor Bird. Trevor has vast experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. As a Top Chef, he's seen firsthand some of the negative behaviours that can be the result of a stressful workplace and developed tools that you can use to strengthen connections and build resiliency.

Date: September 27th, 10:00 - 11:00 am (PT)

Save your seat and register HERE for the webinar.
Celebrate World Tourism Day 2022 - September 27th

With the theme of ‘Rethinking Tourism’, the International Day of Observance will this year focus on re-imagining the sector’s growth, both in terms of size and relevance. All UNWTO member states, as well as non-members and stakeholders from across the private sector, are being invited to host celebrations as well as to promote the day and its central theme.

The potential of tourism is enormous, and we have a shared responsibility to make sure it is fully realized. World Tourism Day has been held on September 27th each year since 1980.

Read the official announcement and learn more about how you can mark the day HERE.
TRECSA Celebrates
World Tourism Day 2022

After a long hiatus, World Tourism Day is back at Capilano University. The Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Student Association (TRECSA) is welcoming industry members, students and alumni to the Blueshore Theatre.

Date: September 27th at 11am.

Hear from some incredible panelists on the future of tourism, including:

  • Karen Lewis - General Manager of Grayline Westcoast Sightseeing 
  • Sandra Towers - General Manager of Entrée Destinations   
  • Mahmoud Mohamed - Director of Rooms at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver  
  • Dennis Thomas-Whonoak - Councillor of Tsleil-Waututh Nation + Business Development Manager at Takaya Tours
  • Mark Finn Guest Experience Manager at the Vancouver Aquarium

Register HERE for this free event - everyone welcome!
Best Practices for Trails on Private Land

Join the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC for this FREE webinar with outdoor recreation professional Magi Scallion to learn how to identify land owners, legislation associated with private land use, and how to build and maintain good relationships with land owners. Stewart Spooner, with the Kootenay Columbia Trail Society will share some of his experiences in working with private land owners on publicly available trails.

Date: September 28th.

Visit HERE for more information and to register.
‘The Black Experience In Foodservice’

Join Restaurants Canada, Technomic, and The Re-Seasoning Coalition (TRSC), for a deep dive on the Black experience in the foodservice industry. This conversation will look at the findings of recent Restaurants Canada and Technomic surveys profiling operator, employee, and guest experiences with racism and anti-Black discrimination and how guests expect foodservice organizations across the industry to evolve to become more equitable, diverse, and inclusive spaces for the benefit of their bottom line.

Date: October 4th, 11:00am - noon.

The report builds upon operator research conducted by Restaurants Canada to offer perspective into the guest experience at restaurants or with third-party delivery apps.

Click HERE for more information and to register.
save the date banner
See the Future Stars of the NHL

The highly-anticipated 2022 Vancouver Canucks Young Stars Classic returns to the South Okanagan Events Centre (SOEC) in Penticton.

Dates: September 16-19

Catch the top prospects of the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, and Winnipeg Jets in a four-day, six-game tournament ahead of the 2022/23 NHL season.

Great seats are still available. Purchase your tickets in person at the Valley First Box Office at the SOEC or purchase them online here.

Click HERE for more information
North America Meaningful Travel Summit

The Meaningful Travel Summit is an event connecting industry professionals with local change-makers in places around North America. The goal is to learn from one another, infuse more sustainability into our businesses with the knowledge we’ve gained and roll up our sleeves to volunteer in and with the local community.

The North America Meaningful Travel Summit provides:

  • Connections to and volunteering with vetted non-profits and social enterprises
  • Education sessions around universal topics in sustainability and meaningful travel
  • Networking opportunities with other travel and tourism professionals
  • Actionable best practices in destination stewardship

Date: September 28-30, Victoria

Note: Only 20 registrations left!

Visit the website HERE for more information about sponsorship opportunities and registration.
Recruitment Event - Online Speed-Jobing 2022- Recruiter Registration

Our 100% Speed-Jobing event connects BC employers with qualified bilingual immigrants willing to settle permanently in the local job market while keeping the advantages of its unique format. This Speed-jobing focuses on the Tourism, Non-Profit, Insurance and Finance sectors.

Employers can register until September 30th, candidates can register until October 14th.

Date: Thursday, October 20th at 10:00 am (PT).

Click HERE to learn more and to register.
29th Annual TOTA Golf Tournament

The 29th Annual Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) Golf Tournament is back! This year's TOTA Golf Tournament will be hosted at the Black Mountain Golf Club.

Date: Thursday, October 13
Time: from 12 PM with a full day of food, drink, and fun.

Grab your golf clubs and join a team or register your own to meet colleagues, new and familiar, while helping to raise funds for the TOTA Tourism Student Bursary Program for the University of British Columbia Okanagan, Okanagan College, and Thompson Rivers University.

Click HERE to learn more and to register.
Save the Date | COR Internal Auditor Training Program

Are you interested in becoming a health and safety champion at your workplace? Save the date for an upcoming Certificate of Recognition (COR) Internal Auditor Training program coming this Fall. These interactive sessions will help you to learn what it takes to be a COR Employer.

Date: Thursday, October 13 - Virtual Event

Click HERE to learn more and to register.
Registration Open | BCLCA Lodging and Camping Ideas Forum

Registration has opened for the BCLCA Lodging and Camping Ideas Forum. Join fellow operators this fall, learn, network with sponsors, talk with exhibitors, and meet the volunteer board of directors. Together Again is sponsored by WorkSafeBC, Signature Risk, Insider Perks and Modern Campground. There are some quality speakers sprinkled through the agenda talking on several topics affecting the day-to-day operation of your business.

Date: October 18-20
Location: Ramada Hotel & Conference Centre, Kelowna or Online

Click HERE for in-person registration.
Click HERE for virtual registration
2022 Western Canadian Lodging Conference

Registration is now open for the 2022 Western Canadian Lodging Conference.

Dates: October 24-25
Location: Hyatt Regency, Vancouver

Join your fellow colleagues for interactive panel discussions and keynotes designed to educate and inspire. The Hyatt Regency Vancouver has been designated as the official host venue for the 2022 Western Canadian Lodging Conference. Book your room before October 11th and receive a special rate of $279.00 for a King room.

Click HERE to learn more and to register.
Save the Date | NBCTA Annual General Meeting

It's that time of year again. Northern BC Tourism Association (NBCTA) will be holding its Annual General Meeting on October 25th.

Stay tuned for further AGM details, as well as an official Call for Nominations for the Board of Directors.
kootenay rockies
Kootenay Rockies Tourism Association
45th AGM and Industry Conference

Save the Date: November 2-3
Location: Sandman Hotel, Castlegar

More details will follow in the coming months.
Cariboo Chilcotin Coast AGM

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association (CCCTA) will be holding their Annual General Meeting in person.

Date: November 3-4
Location: 100 Mile House

In order to better prepare for the AGM, they are asking for input through a short survey (less than 5 minutes) to give some important suggestions on how to improve this AGM and make it worth your while to attend. Take the survey HERE.

Visit here for more information on the CCCTA AGM.
West Coast Virtual Hiring Fair

Three world-class universities on the west coast of Canada have joined forces to offer a virtual fair unlike any other. Meet students and alumni from the top 3 universities in Western Canada - SFU, UBC & UVic.

Dates: November 2-3, 10:00am - 3:00pm
Location: Virtual

Showcase your organization and promote your opportunities to students and alumni from a wide range of faculties and programs in one single event.This is the recruitment fair that you don't want to miss!

Visit here for more information and to register.
Sport Events Congress | 2022

Sport Tourism Canada and Edmonton Events have announced that Sport Events Congress 2022 will be held November 2-4 in Edmonton.

SEC22 promises to be everything that attendees know and love about Congress – interactive, educational, opportunities for business-to-business networking, evening social events (including an Edmonton Oilers NHL match-up at Rogers Place). View the preliminary schedule here.
SAVE THE DATE | Sunshine Coast Tourism AGM
November 8th and 9th

After several years of virtual-only meetings, we are thrilled to announce that this year's Fall Forum and AGM will be held together, in person, on the Northern Sunshine Coast.

  • Fall Forum - November 8th from 1-4pm at the Outdoor Learning Centre, Powell River
  • Annual General Meeting - November 9th from 4:30-6:30pm at the Rodmay Heritage Hotel's Rainbow Room, Powell River

Please mark your calendars and watch for further details about this year's AGM in our October newsletter. We will also have information about hotel rates and transportation for those travelling from the Southern Sunshine Coast or beyond.
Save the Date | SPARK
BC Hotel & Liquor Conference

The BC Hotel Association (BCHA) and ABLE BC have partnered to bring the first ever BC Hotel & Liquor Conference.

Date: Tuesday, November 15
Location: Granville Island, Waterfront & Nest Theatres, Vancouver.

The event will include targeted industry sessions, the BCHA AGM, a special lunch at Dockside restaurant, networking reception, and much more. All industry members are welcome.

Feedback on Sessions:
Your feedback is critical in our efforts to produce a conference that will be impactful and engaging. Please reach out to BCHA Communications Manager, Kelsey Millman, at [email protected] to share your insights on what topics you'd like addressed.

Stay tuned for Agenda and Registration Details.
Save the Date | IMPACT 2023

IMPACT Sustainable Travel & Tourism, January 23-25 and Day of IMPACT January 22, 2023.

Registration opens in early September, and we have confirmed fees to assist you with budgeting. The biggest change you will see is the option of including Sunday ‘s Day of IMPACT (January 22nd) into your overall registration.

The theme for the event is: O P E N

When we come together with open hearts and open minds, anything is possible. We see connections everywhere. We welcome all ideas, experiences, and ways of life—because this is how we learn, grow, and change.
SAVE THE DATE | 2023 BC Tourism & Hospitality Conference

The Tourism Industry Association of BC (TIABC) and BC Hotel Association (BCHA) are excited to announce the date for next year's annual BC Tourism & Hospitality Conference, taking place in Prince George, March 1-3.

Be sure to save the date and start planning now to connect with industry colleagues, DMO's, communities, and government leaders.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details.
Registration Now Open
2023 International Indigenous Tourism Conference

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is excited to announce registration is now open for the International Indigenous Tourism Conference (IITC).

This conference is designed to unite the global Indigenous tourism industry bringing together tourism operators, international delegates, members of parliament and tourism partners. IITC features collective sharing of best practices and networking as Canadian and global delegates participate in panel discussions, breakout sessions, keynote presentations and local cultural experiences.

Dates: March 8-10, 2023
Location. Treaty 1 Territory and the Homeland of the Metis - Winnipeg

Learn more and register HERE.
TIABC recognizes that our members, stakeholders and staff occupy the ceded, unceded and traditional territories of Indigenous Nations across British Columbia. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to live, work and play on the lands that our Indigenous friends and First Nations ancestors honour and care for.