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September 9th, 2022

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Many years ago, my extended family planned a party for my wife and I upon return from our honeymoon. Because our scheduled flight out of London got postponed by a day, we missed the bash entirely. Apparently, guests still had a great time.

On another occasion, we were no-shows to a pre-wedding dinner with the bridal party after our flight from Lisbon to Paris was delayed by eight hours.

It’s safe to say nearly everyone has a similar story of a cancelled or delayed flight that has spoiled personal or business obligations, particularly in recent months. Airlines often cite mechanical issues or crew member shortages as good reasons for a disruption in service. Sometimes it’s a function of bad weather, air traffic control limitations, or lack of airport security personnel to process large volumes of passengers that throws a wrench into travelling by air.

Suffice it to say, delays are either the airline’s fault or beyond their control. Regardless, new rules introduced this week (more details below) obligate companies such as Air Canada and WestJet to reimburse (as opposed to providing credits or vouchers) passengers for cancelled flights even if the cancellation is beyond their control. In such cases, compensation is a regulatory obligation. The rules also dictate that airlines must rebook passengers of cancelled flights on another plane within 48 hours, or if they can’t, reimburse them within 30 days, as well as provide additional compensation upon passenger request.

Yet advocates say the revised regulations don’t go far enough and are essentially useless if for example, a traveller encounters a cancelled flight (inside of 14 days’ notice) that was to depart on a Friday and is subsequently rebooked within the 48 hour window for the day they’re scheduled to return from a weekend getaway. Technically, no compensation is required on the part of the airline. Obviously, the rules don’t cover every single situation or nuance, but for most other situations apply even if the airlines are not at fault.

One part of the discussion that seems to be muted is what it will cost the airlines and ultimately passengers vis-a-vis cancelled flights in particular. As I referenced, airlines must now provide supplementary compensation for instances beyond their control, which in the long run will result in higher ticket prices for travellers to help offset the increased cost to the carrier.

To be clear…airlines need to take responsibility and be held accountable for situations within their sphere of influence, and do everything possible to avoid delays or cancellations. But so do airports and the federal government, which are currently absolved of any financial obligations even if they’re the culprits for the service disruptions. Moreover, compensation for cancellations beyond the purview of the carriers (e.g. severe weather) should not be borne by the airlines alone, or by extension you and me.

At face value, the new refund and compensation rules appear to be a step in the right direction and could adequately compensate customers for missing an important meeting or event. But, as I alluded to earlier, there are other factors to consider in this equation that may be worth further review and changes to policy.

I foresee a time where all transportation providers could face similar obligations vis-a-vis penalties for cancellations or delays…which many consumers would seemingly welcome unless the financial burden is also placed on the passengers themselves via higher ticketing costs...as is likely to be the case with air travel.

Conversely, I also think we need to face the fact that issues such as widespread staff shortages, climate-change related weather events, pandemics, or other factors will continue to impact how, when and where we travel no matter what time of year or mode of transportation. Combined with increasing prices, it makes me wonder how the tourism industry will be affected given that we rely on the efficient and affordable movement of people, not to mention international visitors to help sustain our visitor economy.

My most recent travel delay happened to be in a car rather than an airplane. I missed a gathering with friends on Labour Day after a massive traffic jam on the Coquihalla due to highway construction extended my return trip from Kelowna by a few hours. Next time I won’t attempt to drive home on the unofficial last day of summer vacation and instead take a calculated risk of a delay or cancellation and fly instead.

Walt Judas,
New Protections for Air Travellers in Effect

Effective yesterday, the Air Passenger Protection Regulations will require airlines to provide passengers with either a refund or rebooking, at the passenger's choice, when there is a flight cancellation, or a lengthy delay, due to a situation outside the airline’s control that prevents it from ensuring that passengers complete their itinerary within a reasonable time.

The new regulatory requirements:

  • Require airlines to provide a passenger affected by a cancellation or a lengthy delay due to a situation outside the airline’s control with a confirmed reservation on the next available flight that is operated by them or a partner airline, leaving within 48 hours of the departure time indicated on the passenger's original ticket. If the airline cannot provide a confirmed reservation within this 48-hour period, it will be required to provide, at the passenger's choice, a refund or rebooking;
  • Identify what costs must be refunded
  • Identify the method to be used for refunds
  • Require airlines to provide a refund within 30 days.

Learn more HERE.
Books of Condolence for Queen Elizabeth II Open for Signing

People are invited to sign a book of condolence in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II.

An online book has been set up by the Government of Canada and can be accessed in the link below. This is the easiest and most convenient way for British Columbians to add their messages.

A condolence book is available in the Hall of Honour at the Parliament Buildings from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. for people to pay tribute to the Queen. Another book is available at Government House at 1401 Rockland Ave. from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily. In Vancouver, a condolence book is available at the Great Hall in the Vancouver Law Courts building during regular working hours.

The books will remain available for signing until the day after the Queen’s funeral.

Messages will be collected and bound into a book. All books of condolence will be kept within national and provincial archives in perpetuity.
Latest Report Sees Tourism Employment Numbers Decline Over Summer

The August 2022 Labour Force Survey data released today reveals that tourism sector employment and labour force levels declined as Canada's summer season - a peak period of tourism activity across all five industry groups - comes to a close.

Overall, the tourism sector saw a month-over-month employment change of -35,200 workers or -1.7% as employment levels decreased from 2,034,400 in July to 1,999,200 for August.

In-line with pre-pandemic seasonal trends, the sector's total labour force also slightly declined this month, to 2,089,700 (-0.9%) compared to July 2022.

The tourism unemployment rate for August (4.3%) was slightly higher than the previous month of 3.5%

With the exception of the accommodations and food and beverage services industries, all tourism industry groups have reported lower unemployment rates than the same month last year.
safer spaces
TIABC Board & Staff | Safer Spaces Certification

TIABC is pleased to acknowledge the dedication and commitment from its Board of Directors and staff in recent months who have completed the go2HR Safer Spaces course: Creating Sexual Harassment-Free Workplaces in BC's Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

As part of our ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Reconciliation, we foster a working environment where we value and develop employees, directors, volunteers, members, advisors, contractors and partners of all backgrounds and experiences. This course effectively addresses one of today's concerning topics and supports employers and supervisors in creating workplaces that are free from sexual harassment.

We encourage everyone to complete the training and certification and are pleased to announce the following directors and staff have received certification:
J.J. Belanger, Chair
Jennifer Burton
Jamie Cox
Barrett Fisher, Vice-Chair
Dennis Innes
Chris Lewis
Ian MacPhee
Sandra Oldfield
Mike Retasket
Sandra van Steijn
Walt Judas, CEO
Deborah Kulchiski, Project Manager
Destination BC 2023/24 Open Pool
Co-op Marketing Program Is Live

Destination BC excited to announce that the Open Pool Co-op Marketing Program guidelines and application form for the 2023/24 fiscal have been published and are available to view on the Co-op webpage.

Highlights from the 2023/24 Guidelines include:

  • All applicants (new and returning) must submit an application. Completed applications are due November 30th by 4:30pm PST. Early submissions are strongly encouraged. Late applications will not be accepted. Draft applications may be sent to coop@destinationbc.ca for brief feedback and guidance.
  • The matching funding requirement has returned to the program; applications must propose how matching funds will provided by applicant(s) if funding is provided by Destination BC. 
  • Funding requests must be for a minimum of $20,000, to a maximum of $250,000, per year. 
  • Applications will be collectively reviewed and evaluated based on merit. Detailed evaluation criteria will be listed in the Program Guidelines.
  • Expanded eligible activities including inclusive marketing, expanded digital audits, vertical stories for participation in Destination BC’s BC Story Network, and more.
ArriveCAN and Other Challenges
Continue to Undermine Tourism
An Update From Blake Richards, MP - Banff-Airdrie

ArriveCAN, random testing requirements and massive airport delays are making many would-be tourists wonder if travel to Canada is worth the hassle.
Nightmare stories about app-glitches, random orders to quarantine for 14 days, and the risk of being subject to random COVID tests even if fully-vaccinated have circulated far-and-wide, causing potential tourists to steer-clear of Canada.
Tourists who have taken the risk and travelled to Canada anyway often leave frustrated as a result, with a potentially tarnished opinion of Canada as a tourism destination.
In July alone, 10,200 travellers were automatically ordered to quarantine thanks to an ArriveCAN glitch. The effects of these programs have been particularly hard on businesses and communities near the US-Canada border. Duty-free shops alone are reporting a 45% decrease in sales compared to this season, pre-COVID.
Yet, despite this, the Minister of Transportation recently doubled-down, stating that: “There is no evidence whatsoever that ArriveCAN is causing any problems.”
Canada's Conservatives have said it before, we are saying it again, and we will continue to say it:
Canada's tourism industry cannot be beholden to a regime of outdated pandemic-era rules that fail even by their own metrics. ArriveCAN and random testing requirements for fully-vaccinated travellers need to end immediately.

The Conservative Caucus wants to hear from you.
Industry stakeholders are being asked to come forward and share their experiences with these programs. Take a moment to share your experiences and those of your guests regarding ArriveCAN and random testing in the link below.
Rocky Mountaineer Reroutes Around Jasper Wildfire

Yesterday, Rocky Mountaineer issued a travel update outlining changes it has been forced to make as a wildfire in Jasper National Park continues to spread.

The fire is reportedly affecting an area estimated at 5,500 hectares, and local officials are warning about disruptions to tourism.

The situation impacts upcoming Rocky Mountaineer ‘Journey through the Clouds’ and ‘Rainforest to Gold Rush’ departures.

  • Journey through the Clouds (Sept. 11-12) will depart Banff instead of Jasper.
  • Rocky Mountaineer’s team is currently working through details for Rainforest to Gold Rush (Sept. 10 and Sept.13 departures).

Visit HERE for the latest travel updates and changes on Rocky Mountaineer.
Luxury Tax Registration Process
A Message from Boating BC

Boating BC has consulted with CRA regarding confirmation of luxury tax account registration and has received the following responses;

How the CRA is confirming accounts:

If registration has been processed by the CRA, their luxury tax confirmation letter should be available to view in the mail section of their My Business Account.

If they did not provide the CRA their email address, they will receive a copy of the registration confirmation letter in the mail.

If a business used their Business Number to apply:

If they have an existing 9-digit business number that they used to apply for the luxury tax program, they can also check the online registry available here.

They can also call 1‑877‑432‑5472 to request an update on their application.
WTA Launches New Website

The Wilderness Tourism Association (WTA), is excited to introduce its new website which has just been launched to the public.

This informative site introduces audiences to information about the organization, their members, their ongoing efforts that include recent projects such as the historical coastal clean-up and the #BellyUp Campaign to Save Wild Pacific Salmon, as well as how to become more involved.

View the new website HERE.
Wine Growers BC | Follow on Instagram

Wine Growers British Columbia is introducing everyone to its new Instagram account @WinesofBC since having to deactivate their previous account.

Back on track, they are once again sharing posts and stories from their new handle. You are encouraged to re-join Wines of BC, follow their journey and help to rebuild their online presence.

"We look forward to sharing our Wines of BC stories with you, from our awe-inspiring landscapes to our down-to-earth winemakers and terroir-driven wines." - Wines of BC.
GreenStep Solutions Welcomes
New Team Member | Afzal Minhas

GreenStep has recently announced an addition to its team. Joining as the Director of Sustainability & Climate Action is Afzal Minhas.

Afzal brings more than 17 years of diversified leadership experience in strategic planning, environment, sustainability, energy management, quality, occupational health & safety and continuous improvement. Afzal has lived and worked in Pakistan, the United Kingdom and the State of Qatar before moving to Canada. He has worked across diversified sectors ranging from polyester, automotive, university, oil & gas logistics, building materials, construction and facilities management.

TIABC extends congratulations to Afzal and is pleased to continue our support for GreenStep's work in sustainability and climate action.
REMINDER | Canadian Tourism Awards

The Canadian Tourism Awards are presented annually by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) to recognize success, leadership, and innovation in Canada's tourism industry. Any Canadian tourism-related product, business, association, initiative, or service that occurred from July 31, 2021 to September 1, 2022 is eligible.

This year the Canadian Tourism Awards will be presented in 9 categories. Nomination Deadline is September 19th.

  • Air Canada Business of the Yer Award
  • ITAC Indigenous Tourism Award
  • Canada Sustainability Tourism Award
  • Tourism HR Canada Employee of the Year Award
  • Business Event Award
  • Tourism HR Canada Employer of the Year Award
  • Small or Medium-sized Business of the Year Award
  • The Innovator of the Year Award
  • Travel Media Award

Click HERE to learn more and to submit a nomination.
Kootenay Rockies Tourism Association Accepting Nominations to Board of Directors

The Kootenay Rockies Tourism Association is seeking tourism stakeholders that are dedicated to the success of the Association and will support its principles.

The Board of Directors is made up of a maximum of nine (9) individuals. For this election, four (4) seats under Director at Large category are available for two-year terms. The Board will elect an Executive Committee following the Annual General Meeting.

If you are currently employed in or own a business in the tourism sector, have a strong understanding of the tourism industry, significant expertise, knowledge of the region and are currently involved in tourism or destination management, we invite you to apply. Deadline for application submissions is Friday, September 30th at 5:00 pm (PT).

Click HERE for the KRT Board of Director's Nomination Form. Complete the form with signatures and email or fax to: Reception@KootenayRockies.com; 250-427-3344
Seeking Donations | BC Hospitality Foundation "Hotels to Help" Online Lottery

The BC Hospitality Foundation delivers necessary financial aid for individuals in the hospitality sector currently experiencing financial crisis; and after a couple of years "on pause", the Hotels to Help online lottery will be back in October! The last 3 lotteries raised $94,000+ thanks to the amazing prizes donated by hoteliers in our community.

The BCHF is currently gathering this year's prizes and looking for donations in kind. We ask that BCHA members consider donating a stay at your property to support. Get started by filling out the form in the link below.
SAVE THE DATE | 2023 BC Tourism & Hospitality Conference

The Tourism Industry Association of BC (TIABC) and BC Hotel Association (BCHA) are excited to announce the date for next year's annual BC Tourism & Hospitality Conference, taking place in Prince George, March 1-3.

Be sure to save the date and start planning now to connect with industry colleagues, DMO's, communities, and government leaders.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details.

Next month, residents of communities across the province go to the polls to elect local politicians, school board trustees, and/or park board commissioners.

Decisions made by civic leaders are extremely important to our visitor economy and it is incumbent on the tourism industry to pay attention and get involved. TIABC's Municipal Election Toolkit will help you play a vital role in shaping the conversation and outcome of these elections, which take place on Saturday, October 15th.

TIABC's THREE-STEP kit is designed to prime you with the right data, messages, and questions that will elevate the importance of tourism in BC and your role in it.

Read TIABC's full Municipal Elections Toolkit HERE.

Moments of Levity
As an industry that continues to face challenges, every once in awhile it's important to share a laugh, a good story, a beautiful image or an interesting anecdote to provide moments of levity during this most difficult time.
Half Corked Marathon Welcomes over 1,000 Runners to Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country

From humble beginnings to Canada’s Event of the Year, the Half Corked Marathon returns on Saturday September 10th offering participants a unique, outdoor wine tasting adventure that’s bigger, better and longer than ever before.

Throughout the day, Half Corked Marathon participants will cross the finish line at the Oliver Community Park after completing a 20km route that weaves runners through Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country’s vineyards, along two of Canada’s most iconic wine growing benches, the Golden Mile and the Black Sage Road.

Everyone is welcome at the Party at the Finish Line to watch participants complete the run in elaborate and creative costumes. Join the celebration, enjoy live music from Revel Luv, food trucks and wine tasting (commemorative glass and tasting tokens available for purchase). Prizes will be awarded on stage for the best individual costume, best team and best skit.

If you plan to attend, please contact: Marisa Cuglietta - 778.987.3707
Taste of Abby Celebrates Fall Harvest
September 9th - 18th

Tourism Abbotsford is excited about Taste of Abby and are thrilled seeing community partners enthusiastically jump on board! The Taste of Abby Fall Food Festival, a new food event is launching today and runs until September 18th. This week-long celebration of food and culture and unique culinary experiences comes at the peak of the Fraser Valley harvest season.

The goal of Taste of Abby is to showcase the great things dedicated farmers and makers are doing and continue to build Abbotsford up as a food tourism destination.

One of the initiatives includes video features throughout the week on food security challenges. It will be delivered via 5 interviews with researchers. You can check out the one on food system vulnerabilities in the Fraser Valley HERE.

Learn More about the Taste of Abby events HERE.
member spotlight banner
On behalf of TIABC and Board of Directors, we are pleased to acknowledge the following new member. We appreciate their support and investment in our advocacy efforts. It's a pleasure to introduce them to our industry network and readership.
Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism

Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism is the official Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for the communities of Parksville and Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island.

Through the organization's year-round destination marketing, visitors and potential guests learn more about the unique communities and relaxed lifestyle and are connected with local service providers and resources. If you’re considering moving to the area, Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism offers helpful relocation and real estate information, more about Vancouver Island, the local economy, and the power of tourism that positively impacts their communities.

Learn more about Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism HERE.
Become A TIABC Member

We strongly encourage you to consider membership or renew your membership with TIABC to support our important advocacy efforts on behalf of the entire visitor economy.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic TIABC identified your concerns, raised your voice, championed your needs, pushing for support and programs while encouraging policy changes.

Your support and engagement is vital to ensuring businesses, DMO's and sectors are united and speaking with one voice on issues that impact BC's tourism industry.
webinar header f
HAC & CBRE | 2023 Canadian
Hotel Outlook

The Hotel Association of Canada and CBRE Hotels will be hosting the first presentation of CBRE's 2023 outlook, covering major markets from coast to coast to coast.

The webinar will also include an update on 2022 year-to-date performance, an updated long-term forecast, and a look at the economic and industry trends impacting the sector over the next year.

Date: Monday, September 12th at 11:00 am

Click HERE to register.
Celebrate Disability Employment Month with
go2HR and WorkBC

If you are a tourism and hospitality employer that would like to increase your awareness about how to become more diverse and inclusive in your hiring practice, please join go2HR and WorkBC for an informative information session.

Date: Wednesday September 14th
Time: 10 am-11 am.

Over the course of our webinar, we will share success stories and explore the available funded resources with you. Tap into this candidate pool and grow your business. You will receive an email with your ticket once you're registered.

Click HERE to register.
save the date banner
Camping Appreciation Weekend

Camping Appreciation Weekend will soon be here and it's a time when many Canadian campgrounds coast-to-coast say thank you to campers for their patronage.

Dates: September 9-11

The weekend is organized and sponsored by the Canadian Camping and RV Council and supported by the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association to:

  • Say thanks to those that enjoy the camping and RVing lifestyle.
  • And, to raise funds for Care Camps to send children with cancer to camp.

There are many BC campgrounds participating - advance reservations are recommended.

Visit HERE to view the map of participating campsites.
Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium
"Partnering for Success"

The MTB Tourism Symposium is a gathering of creative minds with a vested interest in advancing the future of mountain bike tourism and recreation in British Columbia. The schedule has come together to ensure an exciting event.

Date: September 14-16
Location: Silver Star Resort

Click here to learn more and to register.
Celebrate World Tourism Day 2022 - September 27th

With the theme of ‘Rethinking Tourism’, the International Day of Observance will this year focus on re-imagining the sector’s growth, both in terms of size and relevance. All UNWTO member states, as well as non-members and stakeholders from across the private sector, are being invited to host celebrations as well as to promote the day and its central theme.

The potential of tourism is enormous, and we have a shared responsibility to make sure it is fully realized. World Tourism Day has been held on September 27th each year since 1980.

Read the official announcement and learn more about how you can mark the day HERE.
North America Meaningful Travel Summit

The Meaningful Travel Summit is an event connecting industry professionals with local change-makers in places around North America. The goal is to learn from one another, infuse more sustainability into our businesses with the knowledge we’ve gained and roll up our sleeves to volunteer in and with the local community.

The North America Meaningful Travel Summit provides:

  • Connections to and volunteering with vetted non-profits and social enterprises
  • Education sessions around universal topics in sustainability and meaningful travel
  • Networking opportunities with other travel and tourism professionals
  • Actionable best practices in destination stewardship

Date: September 28-30, Victoria

Note: Only 20 registrations left!

Visit the website HERE for more information about sponsorship opportunities and registration.
29th Annual TOTA Golf Tournament

The 29th Annual Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) Golf Tournament is back! This year's TOTA Golf Tournament will be hosted at the Black Mountain Golf Club.

Date: Thursday, October 13
Time: from 12 PM with a full day of food, drink, and fun.

Grab your golf clubs and join a team or register your own to meet colleagues, new and familiar, while helping to raise funds for the TOTA Tourism Student Bursary Program for the University of British Columbia Okanagan, Okanagan College, and Thompson Rivers University.

Click HERE to learn more and to register.
Save the Date | COR Internal Auditor Training Program

Are you interested in becoming a health and safety champion at your workplace? Save the date for an upcoming Certificate of Recognition (COR) Internal Auditor Training program coming this Fall. These interactive sessions will help you to learn what it takes to be a COR Employer.

Date: Thursday, October 13 - Virtual Event

Click HERE to learn more and to register.
Registration Open | BCLCA Lodging and Camping Ideas Forum

Registration has opened for the BCLCA Lodging and Camping Ideas Forum. Join fellow operators this fall, learn, network with sponsors, talk with exhibitors, and meet the volunteer board of directors. Together Again is sponsored by WorkSafeBC, Signature Risk, Insider Perks and Modern Campground. There are some quality speakers sprinkled through the agenda talking on several topics affecting the day-to-day operation of your business.

Date: October 18-20, 2022
Location: Ramada Hotel & Conference Centre, Kelowna or Online

Click HERE for in-person registration.
Click HERE for virtual registration
2022 Western Canadian Lodging Conference

Registration is now open for the 2022 Western Canadian Lodging Conference.

Dates: October 24-25
Location: Hyatt Regency, Vancouver

Join your fellow colleagues for interactive panel discussions and keynotes designed to educate and inspire. The Hyatt Regency Vancouver has been designated as the official host venue for the 2022 Western Canadian Lodging Conference. Book your room before October 11th, 2022 and receive a special rate of $279.00 for a King room.

Click HERE to learn more and to register.
Save the Date | NBCTA Annual General Meeting

It's that time of year again. Northern BC Tourism Association (NBCTA) will be holding its Annual General Meeting on October 25th.

Stay tuned for further AGM details, as well as an official Call for Nominations for the Board of Directors.
kootenay rockies
Kootenay Rockies Tourism Association
45th AGM and Industry Conference

Save the Date: November 2nd (pm) and November 3rd
Location: Sandman Hotel, Castlegar

More details will follow in the coming months.
Cariboo Chilcotin Coast AGM

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association (CCCTA) will be holding their Annual General Meeting in person.

Date: November 3-4
Location: 100 Mile House

In order to better prepare for the AGM, they are asking for input through a short survey (less than 5 minutes) to give some important suggestions on how to improve this AGM and make it worth your while to attend! Take the survey HERE.

Visit here for more information on the CCCTA AGM.
West Coast Virtual Hiring Fair

Three world-class universities on the west coast of Canada have joined forces to offer a virtual fair unlike any other. Meet students and alumni from the top 3 universities in Western Canada - SFU, UBC & UVic.

Dates: November 2-3, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: Virtual

Showcase your organization and promote your opportunities to students and alumni from a wide range of faculties and programs in one single event.This is the recruitment fair that you don't want to miss!

Visit here for more information and to register.
Sport Events Congress | 2022

Sport Tourism Canada and Edmonton Events have announced that Sport Events Congress 2022 will be held November 2-4 in Edmonton.

SEC22 promises to be everything that attendees know and love about Congress – interactive, educational, opportunities for business-to-business networking, evening social events (including an Edmonton Oilers NHL match-up at Rogers Place). View the preliminary schedule here.
Save the Date | SPARK
BC Hotel & Liquor Conference

The BC Hotel Association (BCHA) and ABLE BC have partnered to bring the first ever BC Hotel & Liquor Conference.

Date: Tuesday, November 15
Location: Granville Island, Waterfront & Nest Theatres, Vancouver.

The event will include targeted industry sessions, the BCHA AGM, a special lunch at Dockside restaurant, networking reception, and much more. All industry members are welcome.

Feedback on Sessions:
Your feedback is critical in our efforts to produce a conference that will be impactful and engaging. Please reach out to BCHA Communications Manager, Kelsey Millman, at kelsey@bcha.com to share your insights on what topics you'd like addressed.

Stay tuned for Agenda and Registration Details.
Save the Date | IMPACT 2023

Save the DATE! IMPACT Sustainable Travel & Tourism, January 23-25 and Day of IMPACT January 22, 2023.
Registration opens in early September, and we have confirmed fees to assist you with budgeting. The biggest change you will see is the option of including Sunday ‘s Day of IMPACT (January 22nd) into your overall registration.

The theme for the event is: O P E N
When we come together with open hearts and open minds, anything is possible. We see connections everywhere. We welcome all ideas, experiences, and ways of life—because this is how we learn, grow, and change.
Registration Now Open
2023 International Indigenous Tourism Conference

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is excited to announce registration is now open for the International Indigenous Tourism Conference (IITC).

This conference is designed to unite the global Indigenous tourism industry bringing together tourism operators, international delegates, members of parliament and tourism partners. IITC features collective sharing of best practices and networking as Canadian and global delegates participate in panel discussions, breakout sessions, keynote presentations and local cultural experiences.

Dates: March 8-10, 2023
Location. Treaty 1 Territory and the Homeland of the Metis - Winnipeg

Learn more and register HERE.
TIABC recognizes that our members, stakeholders and staff occupy the ceded, unceded and traditional territories of Indigenous Nations across British Columbia. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to live, work and play on the lands that our Indigenous friends and First Nations ancestors honour and care for.