Message from the President & CEO
March 23, 2022  
As of last week, the Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program subsidies have been reduced by half. TIAC and the Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses, which I co-chair, had been advocating strongly for the extension of the subsidies past the program end date of May 7, 2022; and will now redouble those efforts to push also for their full reinstatement. (...)
TIAC Advocacy Update  
Gearing Up for Tourism Recovery 

One of TIAC’s main priorities continues to be the labour challenge. We will be meeting with officials in the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada this week to discuss potential solutions through immigration streams.  

Our partners at Tourism HR Canada shared the following information: tourism’s workforce issues have been heightened and amplified by the pandemic; a full recovery will require a range of strategies to position tourism as a destination for employment. 
Tourism HR Canada offers several free resources to help employers adapt to new circumstances, including Now Hiring: A Guide to Help Employers Attract and Retain Workers in a Post-Pandemic Environment and the website, which offers more resources. 
Removal of Pre-entry Test Requirement
The Government of Canada has just announced a series of adjustments to current border measures. The new measures take effect April 1 and include:  

- Fully vaccinated travellers do not need to complete a pre-entry test (they may still be selected for random tests on arrival but are not required to quarantine). 

- Non-vaccinated travellers will still need an on-arrival test and a day 8 test and must quarantine for 14 days.   

- ArriveCAN is still needed for entry to Canada by all travellers.

 For cruise ships: 
- All passengers will still need to get an antigen test 24 hours before boarding (but will no longer need to be tested after leaving) the ship.
Hardest Hit Coalition Work Continues
The Coalition of the Hardest Hit Businesses recently launched an awareness campaign calling on the Government of Canada to take immediate action to save the tourism industry in Canada; which was the first hit by the pandemic, the hardest hit, and will be the last to recover. 
Together with its coalition partners, TIAC is urgently calling on the Government to reinstate the full subsidy level and extend the Tourism and Recovery Hospitality Program (THRP) support program, and to help the sector attract the workforce it needs to recover.
Help us help you. Our voices are stronger when we speak together!

Visit the Coalition's website today to take action by sending a letter to your Member of Parliament today.

TIAC Meets with Parliamentary Tourism Caucus

TIAC President & CEO Beth Potter addressed the Parliamentary Tourism Caucus at their inaugural meeting this past Monday. She spoke to the 30 Parliamentarians about the tourism industry's key priorities to rebuild and recover. During the meeting, the new Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs were elected. They are: Senator Karen Sorensen and Member of Parliament Patrick Weiler as Co-Chairs; and Members of Parliament Angelo Iacono, Michelle Ferreri, Julie Vignola, and Richard Cannings as Vice-Chairs.
If you want to secure more financial support, join our fight for it today! Here are three ways tourism businesses can how their support:  

  1. Call your Member of Parliament or send an email. With speculation that the Budget will be announced sooner than anticipated, the next 48 hours are critical. Visit here for key messages and to learn how to reach your MP. 
  2. Create a video and ask your coworkers to do the same. We have added a new “record video” feature to our website to get you started here.
  3. Respond to our survey on the Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program and let us know what your experience has been. This feedback is critical as TIAC continues its advocacy efforts.  

Thank you for your support as we continue to fight for the industry! 
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