A Message from the Acting CEO  

Keeping Canadian’s safe is a shared commitment between our sector and the Government. As Tourism businesses across Canada continue to do their part to prevent the spread of the virus, we know 2021 will be a critical year for the restart of Canada’s visitor economy.
TIAC continues to advocate on behalf of our members for sector support and there is much work to be done to secure effective, sector-specific relief and recovery measures.
TIAC’s recovery committee has released our 2021 Tourism Recovery Plan and is engaging MP’s across all parties to support the measures outlined in this plan. The full report has been shared with Members of Parliament and is available for download at tourismcounts.ca.
While at tourismcounts.ca please remember to use our interactive tool to send a letter to your Member of Parliament asking them to support Tourism recovery.

Thank you,

Vince Accardi 
Acting CEO and Vice-President, Stakeholder Relations and Business Development
Tourism Industry Association of Canada
Let Us Help You Plan for 2021
The ‘State of Tourism in Canada during COVID-19’ Dashboard 2.0, compiled by Twenty31 analysts, provides a monthly snapshot of tourism health and economic updates, and insights on the impact of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry’s path to recovery.

This month’s dashboard is different from previous monthly dashboards in that it also focuses on the numerous “trends” reports that have been published by major travel, tourism, and other sector sources at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021 to help destinations, operators, and travellers plan for 2021.

2021 Tourism Recovery Plan  
A dedicated committee of tourism industry leaders, led by TIAC, and representing all sectors of the Tourism Economy across Canada have developed a 2021 Tourism Recovery Plan. This new plan builds on the learnings and experiences from the last 11 months.

In this plan, recommendations are outlined under the following three themes:

  • Supporting Business Solvency
  • Championing Safety 
  • Keeping Canada Globally Competitive

Recommendations are also based on the following phases:

  1. Response – Government support for business solvency is vital and ongoing
  2. Recovery – Government investments are required to stimulate business recovery, to encourage Canadians to explore Canada, and to keep Canada competitive on the global stage
  3. Resilience – Government investments and commitments support tourism growth, sustainability, and resilience

With government support, we can plan for the survival of the industry and recover our competitive position at the global level.

The full report has been shared with Members of Parliament and is available for download at tourismcounts.ca.

Please show your support by sending a letter to your Member of Parliament advocating for the sector specific supports outlined in our recovery plan.

Simply enter your postal code and a letter will automatically populate for your local Member of Parliament.

It is the powerful collective voice and support of our members that will strengthen our advocacy initiatives.

Thank you.
HASCAP Update + HASCAP Survey + Webinar Recording
HASCAP is a government-guaranteed, low-interest loan for amounts between $25,000 and $1 million per legal entity, up to a maximum of $6.25 million for related entities, to cover operational cash flow needs.

HASCAP applications opened February 1 through your primary lender and will be available until June 30, 2021. These loans are intended for small and medium-sized businesses that have seen their revenues decrease by 50% or more as a result of COVID-19.

January 2021 Tourism Labour Force Data
Statistical Analysis provided by Tourism HR Canada

Statistics Canada numbers released for the tourism sector show a further decrease in employment last month. The adjusted data reports employment in Canada dropped by 213,000, while unadjusted data shows a loss of almost half a million.

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Why Join TIAC?
As you can imagine, we address this question a lot. The simple answer is by joining TIAC, you are strengthening our voice.

First and foremost, as an advocacy organization, we need to demonstrate that we are speaking for the industry. This is where you come in, by being a member, you increase our credibility with those policies and decision-makers we are trying to influence. Secondly, with your investment, we can be where we need to be to raise the alarms and fight the fight.

The bigger question is what does “joining TIAC” mean for you and your business.

Hello to New and New-again Members
TIAC would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members, as well as those who renewed their membership since our January 2021 TIAC Talk edition:


Thank you to the members who reaffirmed their support of TIAC by renewing their membership in January. We know these have been challenging times and we thank you for your continued investment, confidence in TIAC, and engagement.

For more information on our renewed members and a complete list, click here.
You’re Greener Than You Think: Five Steps to Finding and Sharing Your Unique Sustainability Story
Contributed by Angela Nagy from GreenStep Solutions

Deloitte was right. In their special feature publication Hospitality 2015: Game Changers or Spectators, Deloitte’s team of economic professionals spent a year researching, analyzing and interviewing tourism industry leaders about the future of tourism. One of their key findings was that “Sustainability will become a defining issue for the industry in 2015 and beyond…. sustainability will need to be embedded within all facets of the hospitality industry.”

Workshops Completed!
In early 2020, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) announced our plans to launch a pan-Canadian Tourism capacity-building workshops series for winter and shoulder season tourism and culinary experiences. These workshops were designed in mind to assist small and medium tourism industry operators and other tourism organizations across the country - even during the time of COVID-19.

Elevating Canadian Experiences Resources Hub   
As a conclusion to our national program, we will provide the tourism industry with a digital resources hub from all our learnings from the past year. Here is the list of tools that will be made available on our website:

Online self-guided webinar/training modules:
With just a click of your mouse, you will be able to learn from the comfort of your home and at the time of your choosing what all those who participated in the workshop series this past year learned.

This will include the 5 culinary tourism-themed modules: Growing agritourism, Attracting culinary tourists, Multisensory experience development, Partnering for success, and Exceeding expectations. As well as a module on how to enhance shoulder and winter season tourism.
Tourism HR Labour Market Forum – March 15-18
Registration is open!

Tourism HR Canada’s annual Labour Market Forum is a key part of creating a more resilient and inclusive labour market. Delegates representing tourism businesses, associations, governments, and the education sector work together to define ways to improve workforce strategies, resources, and the capacity to implement them.

This year’s free interactive event centres on four pillars: Skills, Supply, Sentiment, and Strategy. These reflect the devastating impact of the COVID pandemic on the tourism sector as well as the need for innovative approaches to restart tourism in the face of dramatic labour losses.

Delegates will have the option to participate in any or all of three unique sessions on each of the event dates. To accommodate various time zones, these sessions will take place between 11 AM and 3 PM Eastern Time.

To learn more please visit tourismhr.ca.
Rendez-vous Canada+ 2021
After a year's absence, we are excited to share that Rendez-vous Canada will be returning in 2021.
Taking into account all health, safety, and travel restrictions, we are introducing Rendez-vous Canada+ (RVC+), a new virtual event format.

RVC+ is a shift in thinking about the potential of RVC. We are embracing a more expansive and inclusive mindset that allows us to take the event to new platforms and new audiences. No matter the changes, RVC+ is still an invitation to share our love for Canada and foster a strong and vibrant visitor economy in Canada.

We look forward to connecting with you May 17 - 20, 2021.

TIAC Members Save at RVC+
As a registered Seller for RVC+2021 from May 17 - 20, you receive a $200 savings on your TIAC Membership and enjoy the TIAC Members Advantage which includes:

  • Appointment booking benefits
  • Opportunity to submit up to 150 appointment requests
  • Early access to RVC+ attendee list and appointment requests
  • Priority appointment scheduling of mutual matches with Buyers
  • Top positioning and complimentary branding opportunities
  • Top positioning in seller listings and in buyer search results
  • Highlighted placement in RVC+ online directory
  • Corporate logo displayed in RVC+ online directory
  • Corporate logo on seller listing in Virtual Event
  • Complimentary Premium Booth with enhanced booth branding opportunities
  • SAVE 20% on partnership and branding opportunities
  • Have your membership recognized with the TIAC logo in the online directory, seller listing in Virtual Event, and on virtual booth

To learn more about TIAC and how membership can benefit your organization, please visit our website
RVC+ 2021 Sponsorship Package
RVC+ 2021 will take place virtually from May 17 – 20 and we have developed strategic sponsorship and branding opportunities that offer impact, leave a lasting impression with delegates and deliver the greatest return on investment. Opportunities are only available until March 15. Don’t delay, secure an option today.