A Message from the Acting CEO  

2021 is a critical year for Canada’s tourism economy.

Tourism businesses across Canada are doing their part to prevent the spread of the virus, but with revenue, employment, and business losses—Canada’s tourism economy is in crisis.

Currently, our sector employs 521,300 fewer Canadians than it did this time last year and while some Canadian sectors have experienced a small degree of recovery, Canada’s tourism economy has remained stagnant.

TIAC is working with the Federal government to plan for the survival of the industry and enable Canada’s Tourism economy to recover its competitive position on a global level.

With the ongoing support of our members, our valued partners, and through collaboration, we will indeed reach the other side of this pandemic, more resilient than ever.

Thank you,

Vince Accardi 
Acting CEO and Vice-President, Stakeholder Relations and Business Development
Tourism Industry Association of Canada
Tourism Labour – Continued Decline in Workers
Statistical Analysis provided by Tourism HR Canada

The following Statistics Canada numbers display a major decrease in employment. Both the seasonally adjusted and seasonally unadjusted labour force data show decreases in employment this past December. The adjusted data reports employment in Canada dropped by 63,000, while the unadjusted data shows a much steeper loss of 113,900.

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Debunking a misconception, TIAC is not a government agency
The Tourism Industry Association of Canada was created in 1930 to encourage the development of tourism in Canada.

Since that time, many things have changed, two have not;
  1. TIAC is a not-for-profit organization NOT a government agency
  2. TIAC is responsible for representing tourism interests at the national level

TIAC is an advocacy organization. Our work involves promoting and supporting policies, programs, and activities that benefit the sector's growth and development. Amid the pandemic, we are fighting for the survival of the tourism industry post-Covid-19 and our members are supporting the effort.

We know you and your counterparts across this great nation are suffering and trying to hold on. We are carrying your message forward to federal policymakers. We are here to support you and will do everything within our means to create positive change; this is why TIAC exists.

Over the years, we have received many comments about TIAC as an organization and there has been a long-standing misconception that TIAC is a government agency. The fact is, TIAC is a not-for-profit organization and only able to operate because of our members and partner investments.

Like many not-for-profit associations, we have had to find additional revenue streams to ensure our financial sustainability. While we generate revenue through event management fees and strategic partnerships, members are why we exist.

Thank you, members, for your continued support of our advocacy efforts.

If you are not a member, please consider joining today. Join forces with your peers from coast to coast to coast and strengthen our voice. We are in this together.

Click here to join or contact Jennifer Taylor, Vice-President, Marketing & Member Relations at 902-698-0984 or jtaylor@tiac-aitc.ca.
Hello to New and New-again Members
TIAC would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members, as well as those who renewed their membership since our December 2020 TIAC Talk edition:


Thank you to the members who reaffirmed their support of TIAC by renewing their membership in December. We know these have been challenging times and thank you for your continued investment, confidence in TIAC, and engagement.

For more information on our renewed members and a complete list, click here.
Creating an Impact Plan for 2021 
Contributed by Angela Nagy from GreenStep Solutions

It’s that time of year when many of us make resolutions to do better than we did last year in our lives and businesses. Integrating impact goals and weaving sustainability into the planning process for your tourism business or destination can result in significant results; small to mid-sized organizations with a well-planned sustainability strategy can not only increase their financial performance, they can make the world a better place at the same time.

Only a Handful of Workshops Remain
Four workshops remain – don't miss your chance to participate in our one-day rural tourism summits happening across Canada.

Our free, online workshops are designed to assist small and medium-sized tourism operators and tourism organizations across the country in developing strategies to maintain their businesses. Workshops provide insight on how to develop winter and shoulder season and culinary experiences to attract domestic travelers to destinations outside major urban centres, and to expand marketing to international travelers as soon as it is safe to do so.

Visit our upcoming events page to register for a session near you. 

Don’t forget to follow #ElevatingCanada on social media to see highlights from past sessions and for news on what is coming up.

For additional information on the program, visit Elevating Canadian Experiences.
Get market-ready for LGBT+ travellers   
Prepare your tourism business today to uncover Canada’s $12 billion LGBT+ leisure tourism opportunity tomorrow.  

For a limited time, Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Tourism HR Canada, is offering its inclusivity workshops and market-ready seminars completely free thanks to the Government of Canada. 

It is not just the right thing to do – it is your roadmap to accessing one of the fastest-growing markets in the industry.
Be part of Canada’s comeback. Register for programming to grow your customer base when it needs it the most at cglcc.ca/programs/tourism/.
TIAC & Twenty31 present TIAC Members’ Webinar Series  
Join TIAC and Twenty31 this Tuesday, January 26th at 11 am EST for a candid conversation about how COVID-19 has impacted destinations and tourism operators in Canada, as well as globally, and what they're doing to manage the future of the tourism industry.

Tune in to hear Twenty31's take on high-level findings from the ‘State of Tourism in Canada during COVID-19’ dashboard report, joined by special guests to hear how they addressed some of the challenges and opportunities highlighted in the current report.

This month's panelists include:

Joe Naaman, Executive Vice President, Strategy, Twenty31 Consulting Inc.
Daniel Robert Gooch, President, Canada Airports Council
Scott Beck, President & CEO, Destination Toronto

This webinar is available to all TIAC Members.
Please note the webinar has a maximum capacity of 500 participants, and a recording of the webinar will be available on the TIAC Members' portal Webinars page. The webinar will be presented in English.

You’re Invited to Help Shape the Post-COVID Future of Tourism & Hospitality  
Are you an employer in the Tourism and Hospitality sector? We need your input to help shape the future of our post-pandemic workforce.

As we enter a new year and reflect on the devastating and lasting effect that COVID-19 has had on our industry, it’s now time to look forward to the future resiliency of our workforce. How will the landscape change post-pandemic? How will we attract and retain skilled workers? How will the sector rise above perceived stigma?

Tourism HR Canada, MDB Insights and OTEC invite you to express your interest in participating in a cross-country focus group in February. Feedback will assist in predicting future challenges faced by the sector and recommendations on how to overcome them.

December’s State of Tourism in Canada During COVID-19 Dashboard 2.0
The ‘State of Tourism in Canada during COVID-19’ Dashboard 2.0, compiled by Twenty31 analysts, provides a monthly snapshot of tourism health and economic updates, and insights on the impact of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry’s path to recovery.

December’s edition includes focus case studies on the Alberta International Border Testing Pilot Program, and the WestJet-YVR COVID-19 Testing Study, plus a snapshot of key takeaways including Canadian resident sentiment toward tourism, and traveller behaviours.

Rendez-vous Canada+ 2021
After a year's absence, we are excited to share that Rendez-vous Canada will be returning in 2021.
Taking into account all health, safety, and travel restrictions, we are introducing Rendez-vous Canada+ (RVC+), a new virtual event format. 

RVC+ is a shift in thinking about the potential of RVC. We are embracing a more expansive and inclusive mindset that allows us to take the event to new platforms and new audiences. No matter the changes, RVC+ is still an invitation to share our love for Canada and foster a strong and vibrant visitor economy in Canada.

We look forward to connecting with you May 17 - 20, 2021.
Registration opens February 1st.

TIAC Members Save at RVC+
“By moving forward together, success will take care of itself”

Did you know that being a member of TIAC means big savings and exclusive opportunities at RVC+? As a member you receive:

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  • Complimentary Premium Booth with enhanced booth branding opportunities
  • SAVE 20% on partnership and branding opportunities
  • Have your membership recognized with the TIAC logo in the online directory, seller listing in Virtual Event, and on virtual booth

Plus, new this year, TIAC is offering a savings of $200 on TIAC Membership renewals for all RVC+ sellers. 

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RVC+ 2021 Sponsorship Package
Rendez-vous Canada+ is the most cost-effective means to connect and showcase to a global audience. A sponsorship at RVC+ will create an impact and elevate your brand as an industry leader.

RVC+ delivers a wide range of brand positioning and delegate touchpoints, to elevate your company or destination visibility and profile with the international and domestic audience.

TIAC Members enjoy a 20% saving on Gold, Silver, and Bronze Level Sponsorship options.

Opportunities are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and are only available to registered Sellers. If you would like to express interest, discuss any of what you see here, or pitch an idea of your own please contact Jennifer Taylor.

Jennifer Taylor
Vice President, Marketing and Member Relations
Tourism Industry Association of Canada
902-698-0984 or jtaylor@tiac-aitc.ca