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Consumers Excited About Virtual TIBS
Strong Monday Turnout!

With Ontario in lockdown...The Virtual Toronto Boat Show has given the public something to lift their spirits and look forward to the summer ahead and the boating lifestyle!

Pre-registration to attend the Virtual Show is now 23,000 +

Preliminary feedback about the platform is very positive, with many comments about how great the show looks and the easy functionality to search and locate products and companies.

Exhibitors are reporting attendees are coming with the intent to look for products, make connections personally, shop and attend seminars.

The average # of attendees on day one in each seminar was over 250. In addition, TIBS Live is receiving rave reviews from consumers - the Exhibitors with content segments have done an outstanding job.

The Buy a Boat & Win program is already off to a great start. On day one there were 21 boats sold at the show with dealers commenting on the retail focus of consumers visiting their spaces. And Day 1 was a Monday!

Opening day experienced a period of challenges for some exhibitors and attendees being unable to sign onto the platform. As well as slow loading while moving from page to page.

This was a result of peak system overload of too many attendees signing on in a short period of time. From 11:00am to 11:45am there were more than 6,000 people accessing the show causing concurrent issues, specifically this combined with a massive amount of data uploaded into the product tiles within exhibitors spaces.

During development and customization the product tool was expanded to provide needs specific to the Toronto Boat Show. The platform gave freedom to Exhibitors within this area of their spaces to individualize their needs. This has never been done to this extent for a Virtual Show with as many Exhibitors and products as TIBS.

The platform staff responded immediately to streamline the data. In addition, the show team and platform staff escalated responding to attendees and exhibitors needs. The log in and slowness issues were temporary and the platform is ready for Day 2.

Thank you for everyone's patience and understanding.

Show Dates and Hours:
Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm (January 18 - 22)
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm (January 23 & 24)
Booth Stats & Lead Retrievals
If you were wondering where you go to get your Booth Analytics, Stats & Leads: 

Login to "My Account"
Click on Exhibitor Control Centre
Booth Stats and Leads are available in real-time under the Booth Stats Tab.
Important for You to Know
Answers to more of your questions...

What is the Virtual Show’s URL?https://virtual.torontoboatshow.com/

Where do I go for HELP?
In the bottom right hand corner of the virtual show there is a black button "live tech support" available for you to ask technical questions.

Alternatively contact us direct:

Linda Waddell, lwaddell@canadianboatshows.com (905) 951-4051
Cynthia Hare, chare@canadianboatshows.com (905) 951-4054
Eric Nicholl, enicholl@canadianboatshows.com (604) 882-8024
Wendy McCarroll, wmccarroll@canadianboatshows.com (905) 951-4052

We strongly suggest that Manufacturers use the virtual space link to their dealers. Attendees come looking to talk to them and don't want to be directed to their company website. Now the site is live it's easy enough to do just copy/paste the link from their virtual space, otherwise they may not have the best results from attendees connecting with exhibitors.

More information on Booth Chat instructions

Where do customers enter the Buy a Boat & Win contest?
if you are a boat dealer there is a button under your social media contacts on the left, enter there to launch to Buy a Boat entry page

Can I log in as an exhibitor and attendee?
  • You must register as an Exhibitor and an Attendee using a separate/unique email address for each. One for ‘being an attendee’ and one for ‘being a staff/booth worker’

After the show closes each day what happens? The site is live 24/7 for 6 months. The live features and exhibitors at their spaces will only be available during show hours. The public can continue to send emails outside of show hours.
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