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Mid-Show Update
Good Evening Exhibitors!

We are through Day 4 of the 7-day Virtual Show, and wanted to provide a mid-show update.

Thank you for your continued feedback & input over the past few days. It is genuinely appreciated as we have been focused on managing and providing help to thousands of people, (who are all learning a new process and virtual platform).

An extra Thank You to all the Exhibitors for sharing content from the Toronto Boat Show's marketing efforts and social media channels.

And Thank You to the Exhibitors who are creating their own content to promote their participation in the Virtual Show - Excellent!

As of tonight at show closing, 29,560 attendees have Registered so far to attend the Virtual Show! 18,813 have attended in the first 4-days.

The show's advertising and public relations campaign will continue until the end of the show. We expect registration and attendance #'s will continue to increase each day as the show heads into the weekend.
We are receiving inquiries from consumers & exhibitors regarding the Buy a Boat & Win Contest! Most are asking for clarification to ensure they qualify before entering.

Sales are happening as a result of connecting with attendees virtually, and we want to ensure that anyone who wants to enter to win $10,000 knows how.

Anyone who purchases a boat during this year's show is eligible to enter. No matter the size, ANY Boat, New or Used, big or small, paddle board, kayak, fishing boat, sailboat, cruiser...ANY BOAT!

If the boat purchase is less than $10,000 the balance of the winnings can be spent at the show on products and accessories for the new boat.

Attendees can easily enter the draw online in the Virtual Show.

Exhibitors can enter on behalf of their buyer if they prefer.

We do verify entries are legitimate before confirming a winner. Once a winner is chosen, we will contact the dealer who sold the boat to confirm. As well, we request a Bill of Sale to verify.

The winner of the $10,000 receives their prize on the day of the boat delivery.

Winner will be randomly selected after the final day of the show. To be eligible for the draw, entries must be received by 6pm on Monday, January 25.

So far 108 Boat Buyers have entered!

If you need to connect with us for anything, we are here to help!

Linda Waddell, lwaddell@canadianboatshows.com (905) 951-4051
Cynthia Hare, chare@canadianboatshows.com (905) 951-4054
Eric Nicholl, enicholl@canadianboatshows.com (604) 882-8024
Wendy McCarroll, wmccarroll@canadianboatshows.com (905) 951-4052
Seeking Exhibitor Phots
We are Looking for Pictures from Exhibitors!

Attendees LOVE Behind the Scenes Photos from the Toronto Boat Show!

This weekend our social media posts will include 2 categories of content that we'd like some exhibitor help with!
Photos of You/Your Staff Virtually
Show us you or your staff, where you are, what your set-up is, or your view!!

We will be sharing photos and promoting exhibitors on our social media

Jay Poole, Buckeye Marine,
"best little virtual booth buddy"
Post on Facebook
Photos of Virtual Sales Success!
Any cool pictures showing virtual sales success - please send to us.

We know this is a new, different way to connect & sell to customers.

We are pleased to hear positive results and show our social followers that retail sales are happening.

Don Hyde Marine's post on Instagram

Please send photos to Cynthia Hare, chare@canadianboatshows.com
Booth Stats & Lead Retrievals
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Booth Stats and Leads are available in real-time under the Booth Stats Tab.
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