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Virtual Participation Continues to Grow!
This week the excitement and energy buzz from the exhibitors surrounding the Virtual Show continues to gain momentum.

And the questions keep coming and we are so eager and happy to answer them all!

On Tuesday, we held the orientation webinar with 175 + exhibitors participating. We planned for one-hour but as we expected the questions and discussion kept us all engaged for much more than that! The recorded link is below in the next section for those that missed us live.

There are now over 100 Exhibitors upgraded from a complimentary listing to a Virtual space in the 2021 Show!

We are Ready...for You to Build Your Space!

Read ON...
Build Your Space - Help Video & Link
Time to Build Your Space!

If you have sent in an application you are ready to start to build your space now!

Here is what you need to know:

We suggest you watch the "Build Your Space" video first as it will provide you with a "How To" guide and approach to manage the look and content of your virtual space or exhibitor listing.

Easily add company contact information, logos, links, brochures, product listings, videos and much more!

Next step, click on "Build Your Space." The first time you are in, select your Company Name from the drop down menu. Please designate one person to create an account and start editing your information. Your sign on information may be shared with others in your organization if multiple people will be helping to create your space.
Virtual Platform Orientation Webinar Recorded
The informative orientation webinar was designed to answer exhibitor questions, walk through the virtual platform and explain how it works, what it will look like and highlight the benefits to exhibitors and your customers.

Thank you to the 175+ exhibitors that participated and asked so many great questions!

Based on the amount of questions, feedback, emails and calls which indicate that this was a helpful tool as you make decisions as to what level of virtual participation is right for you and your business.

Not to worry if you missed the webinar, we've got you covered, the session was recorded!
Resources & Tools
As you get ready to design your virtual space and maximize your time in front of your customers, you may find you need some additional resources that you don't have internally.

We have put together a list of skilled people that can help in some of the following ways: video production, marketing & strategic help, hosts, video/camera equipment, 360/3D Tour. We will update this resource periodically.

Free Admission for Attendees Starts Next Week
Free Admission for attendees is sponsored by Yamaha!

Admission will be Free and so easy for attendees to register starting next week!
Call for Seminar Speakers
The virtual show will have a robust education seminar program with relevant topics to suit all levels and types of boaters.

If you are interested in participating or know someone that might be - please contact:
Heather Robertson at 416 892-9700 or heather.s.robertson@gmail.com