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We are...Now Open!
Show Open at 11:00am Today!
Time to Connect with our Customers!

We are in this new virtual experience together with you and your customers.

We hope the next 7-days are positive for you as you connect with your customers as they plan to get out on the water next summer.

We remind you again, that this is not going to be a show without a few waves along the way.

We appreciate your patience as "Live tech support" or the Boat Show team answers your questions as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Show Dates and Hours:
Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm (January 18 - 22)
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm (January 23 & 24) 
Important for You to Know
Answers to more of your questions...

What is the Virtual Show’s URL?https://virtual.torontoboatshow.com/

Where do I go for HELP?
In the bottom right hand corner of the virtual show there is a black button "live tech support" available for you to ask technical questions.

Alternatively contact us direct:
Linda Waddell, lwaddell@canadianboatshows.com (905) 951-4051
Cynthia Hare, chare@canadianboatshows.com (905) 951-4054
Eric Nicholl, enicholl@canadianboatshows.com (604) 882-8024
Wendy McCarroll, wmccarroll@canadianboatshows.com (905) 951-4052

We strongly suggest that Manufacturers use the virtual space link to their dealers. Attendees come looking to talk to them and don't want to be directed to their company website. Now the site is live it's easy enough to do just copy/paste the link from their virtual space, otherwise they may not have the best results from attendees connecting with exhibitors.

More information on Booth Chat instructions

Where do I get my Lead Retrieval information?
This is under My Account, My Chats.  
Available in real time.

Where do customers enter the Buy a Boat & Win contest?
if you are a boat dealer there is a button under your social media contacts on the left, enter there to launch to Buy a Boat entry page

Can I log in as an exhibitor and attendee?
  • You must register as an Exhibitor and an Attendee using a separate/unique email address for each. One for ‘being an attendee’ and one for ‘being a staff/booth worker’

After the show closes each day what happens? The site is live 24/7 for 6 months. The live features and exhibitors at their spaces will only be available during show hours. The public can continue to send emails outside of show hours.
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