April, 2021
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LightWave and API Strategy Webinar
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Join our upcoming webinar!

When: Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Time: 2:00pm ET.
After our very successful TIC User Forum in February, we have received requests from a few users expressing interest to learn more about the LightWave product. So, we want to follow up with this webinar to do a deeper dive on the LightWave ServerTM and ClientTM to explore:

  • What are the LightWave architecture and components?
  • How does the LightWave achieve its high performance?
  • How easy it to develop applications using LightWave?
  • How would you get started with REST and LightWave?

We will also explore the NuWave samples available on Github. We hope you will join us!
Event Recap
TIC NonStop Modernization Forum – “Think Outside the Box”
Our latest Virtual Event has come and gone, to read a recap and to watch some of the presentations, just follow the link below.
We are also offering the opportunity for specialized demos, if you're interested send us an email for more information
TIC Software Implementation Services
AutoSYNC and AutoTMF
AutoSYNC provides automatic replication, distribution, and synchronization of your applications environment and non-database files.
AutoTMF adds TMF protection to your application without reprogramming.
TIC Software - Modernization: One Small Step for NonStop-Kind

Contrary to popular myth, modernization doesn’t have to be revolutionary or super technical. Modernization, instead looks at how to improve things to make them practical for the future. This includes reviewing old programs and solutions that have been running on the NonStop for a long time, and then asking questions like...
NuWave - The Top 5 Trends in REST Services

Here at NuWave Technologies, we’re always working with forward-thinking HPE NonStop server users looking to modernize or simplify access to their valuable NonStop applications and data. We’re also tracking trends outside the NonStop space, in an effort to ensure our LightWave solutions stay current with industry requirements and trends.
Special TIC News
Matt with C. intermedia var. amethystina 'Emma's Delight' AM-AOS
Matt with Ctna. Jamaica Joy 'Goldilocks' AM-AOS
If you're an avid TICTALK reader, you will know that one of our TIC colleagues, Matt Riesz, is an orchid enthusiast.

Recently, Nature Coast Orchid Society in Spring Hill, FL held its annual show and two of Matt's orchids won very prestigious awards
The first plant, a species Cattleya orchid named Cattleya intermedia var. amethystina won a trophy for Best in Show, and also won the coveted Award of Merit from the American Orchid Society. This award allows Matt to add a varietal name to the plant which follows the plant and any divisions or clones of it that are made in the future.

The full plant name, ‘Emma’s Delight’ is the name Matt gave it, and the designation AM/AOS represents the award.

The other plant that received a trophy for Best Cattleya Alliance and also won an AM/AOS award is named Cattleytonia Jamaica Joy ‘Goldilocks’ AM/AOS.

To see more of Matt's beautiful orchids, click the link below
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