TICA Spotlight
Misha the Speedy Sphnyx
Fastest Time Agility winner during AKC Meet the Breeds! (Owner: Blake Gibson, Colorado)
Remember to Mark Your Territory
NEW TICA Logos Updated to Registered Trademarks
The TICA logo and name have been issued a Federal Registration Certificate. This means that on all logos and places where the TICA name and logo appear, the ™ must be replaced with the symbol ®. Please visit  www.tica.org/logo  to see the logo downloads and make the appropriate updates to your regional websites, club websites, breeder sites and promotional materials.
The symbol ® signifies that the trademark (logo, tagline, etc.) is registered and protected, so it cannot be used by another company or organization. As TICA grows around the world, our registered branding and uniform appearance will protect the organization.
Going forward, the TICA logo with the registration mark should be used on all websites and print pieces that promote a TICA show. The logo is authorized in only two colors and must not be altered in color or other tweaks. The dark blue is PMS 288, black or white. Please also note, the 30-year logo is no longer in use.
Please email marketing@tica.org if your supplier of trophies, rosettes, and plaques require official notification and updated logos.

Crashing in at a local
TICA show
A Mercedes drove through Jean Wagner's room at the Red Roof Inn in Monterrey, California this past weekend The entire contents of the room were rearranged - it was a gold Mercedes. Upon backing out - they left their license plate - which the cops loved!

Clarification to our January Newsletter
The article about The Largest Cat Show in the World acknowledged that the winners in this big event also became the Best of the Best winners. Congratulations to Irina Samuolen and Zoya Shulga with their CFA registered cats, Dark Diamond's Mady Me and Dar-Liz Bambi. 

As a result of all the media attention that TICA cats received during the week prior to Meet the Breeds, this "Cat Ferris Wheel" was donated to the Bengal Cat booth by Elizabeth Gujdan of ZiggZiydoo Cat Boutique  of Quebec, Canada.

"Panachebengals Sally" owned by Mary Kimelman

Cats Kick Off Westminster Week 
Only to Steal the Show From Canine Competitors During AKC Meet the Breeds

As Time magazine said in recent story, "It seems that it's no longer just a dog's world at the Westminster Dog Show."

For the first time in the history of the 141-year Westminster Dog Show, cats shared space with dogs on New York City's Piers 92 & 94 as they took part in this year's AKC Meet the Breeds, an informational companion event to Westminster showcasing various dog and cat breeds. Participation in this year's Meet the Breeds marked the return of TICA cats after a three-year hiatus from the event.

"We have heard people's demands for the cats. And they returned," said Brandi Hunter, a spokeswoman for the American Kennel Club.

During Meet The Breeds more, than 15,000 spectators pet and played with 39 different TICA cat breeds and household pets while mingling with enthusiasts to learn more about the history and distinct characteristics of each breed.

"Reprinted with permission. Copyright, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership (February 2017), Washington, DC."
Toyger breed ambassadors prepare to take the public into the jungle for a safari while introducing them to the breed during AKC Meet the Breeds, February 11, 2017 on Piers 92 & 94 in New York City.
Meet the Breeds Attendees got a lesson in history while learning about the distinct characteristics of the Devon Rex from Wendy Garcia.
Meet the Breeds Attendees got a taste of Great Britain when they stopped by the British Longhair/Shorthair booth to learn more about the breed from booth ambassadors Renae & Micah Silver and Monica Dany.
Many learned first-hand about the Donskoy breed and its ties to the Russian city of Rostov from breed booth ambassadors Maritza Valentin, Elizabeth Yu, Irene Carnes and Kathryn Eden.
Cats steal the show from canine competitors during AKC Meet the Breeds.
Even before the cats arrived, the Savannah breed booth was made to look like attendees were stepping into the African Savannah.
Bengal breed ambassadors prepare to take the public into the jungle for a safari while introducing them to the breed.
Many took a double-take when they first set eyes on the American Bobtail. Breed ambassadors, Shana & Connor Rodriquez get ready to teach the public about this breed reminiscent of wild cats.
Many were surprised to see cats with a low-slung body and learn about Minuet breed.

Coloring Book PIJAC TICA Annual
Mews and Nips
Mews and Nips
German Commuter Cat Lands Endorsement Deal

Tabby, the orange tabby who took a ride on a German commuter train from the suburb of Herrenberg to the city Stuttgart, which happens to be my hometown. The adventurous kitty with his own Facebook page became so popular that he is now featured in an ad campaign for the city's transit system. 

The slogan on the ad loosely translates to "Herrenberg - Stuttgart: a cat's jump away." 
(The German word "Katzensprung" - literally "cat's jump" - is an idiomatic expression for "a stone's throw away.")
Christina Duffney-Carey 
Communications Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming Christina Duffney-Carey as TICA's new Communications Coordinator. Over the past two decades Christina has worked for a range of consumer and business-to-business topics ranging from parenting, pets, women's issues and small business for companies including Parents magazine, Family Circle, Woman's Day, and the Direct Marketing Association among others. She built an extensive portfolio that encompasses nearly every facet of public relations, marketing, social media and other promotional strategies.   

Most recently, Christina served as the Director of Public Relations at the American Kennel Club (AKC) for more than five years. She was responsible for marketing and publicizing AKC's first three Meet the Breeds events, creating a list of the Top 125 Dogs in Pop Culture to coincide with AKC's 125th anniversary and created AKC's PRSA award-winning PR campaign to help the public determine the best dog breed for President Obama.
  Tracy Dopko 
Juni or Project Manager

Tracy Dopko has been showing Alters and HHPs with TICA for over 10 years and is also a horse trainer, breeder, appraiser and judge. Tracy has been designing websites for over 18 years, managing a large number of client websites as well as providing social media marketing services. She brings a we alth of information regarding marketing in the animal world as well as smart website management. She lives just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is looking forward to working with TICA. 

Feel free to contact Tracy or chat with her at TICA shows.  She's the one walking around with the goofball black & white Kurilian Bobtail Longhair alter named Tux.
Motel 6
Red Roof Inn CritterZone
Sping ReCATta
Enumclaw, Washington, April 28, 29 & 30th, 2017

SeaCat's is proud to announce that their 2nd annual end-of-season show "Sping ReCATta," being held at the Enumclaw Expo Center in beautiful Enumclaw, Washington, April 28, 29 & 30th, 2017, will be vetted! This is the first vetted show in the United States in decades. 

"The club came to this decision after much deliberation between members and local exhibitors. We feel our obligation as a club is to emphasize what TICA is all about: fun, friendships and above all the well being of our fabulous felines."
Remember when traveling to USE our TICA Discounts

Winn Feline Foundation 
A special Thank You to honored cat club donors: TICA in December to the Amyloidosis (Siamese and related breeds) in Honor of Dr. Elsey Products, Jim Robichaud and TNCC to the Bria Fund in February.

The Future of Cat Health: Winn Feline Foundation will have our 2017 Winn grant review in Las Vegas, NV on March 10th. We have a superb mix of 36 research proposals to evaluate for funding. An exciting time for cat health!

Have A Heart and Spare Some Change Fundraiser: Valentine's Day is almost here. We celebrate with those we love, including our fur kids, who love us unconditionally. It is also a time to remember those loving, wonderful memories of our fur angels taken by FIP. We wish with all our hearts that they were here to celebrate this special holiday with us.

Through your support of the Bria Fund, important FIP research is underway. Every year we gain important knowledge needed to diagnose and treat FIP and to develop an effective vaccine to prevent FIP.

If you are still using real money, do you save coins in a jar? Would you consider collecting change for a month and donating it to the Bria Fund? If you don't collect change, a donation of $10 or more would help so much. You can donate via credit card through Winn's new direct Bria Fund donation page link.

Or you can donate through our main donation page where you select a Specific Purpose or Fund and choose the Bria Fund.

Winn also has a special donation page for direct donations to the Ricky Fund 

Winn and the AAFP are offering two joint scholarships to veterinary students with an interest in feline medicine. Each scholarship is for $2500. If you know of a veterinary student who might qualify, they can view the details here.

The Winn Symposium Registration is Open: Our speaker is one of the foremost experts on FIP, Dr. Niels Pedersen, and the 2 hour symposium on June 29th in Chicago will be dedicated to current information about FIP. We expect a large crowd so it is recommended to register early. Details to register are here.
Breakthrough Drug to Treat Heart Disease in Cats
May Benefit Humans

According to research by a team of veterinarians at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, a new drug intended to treat heart disease in cats may also hold potential in treating humans.
Affecting one in seven cats and one in 500 humans, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ( HCM) is the most common form of feline heart disease. The illness results in thickening of the ventricle walls and can lead to blood clots, congestive heart failure and sudden death. In humans, HCM is a frequent cause of abrupt cardiac death that can even strike seemingly healthy young athletes.

Red Roof Extends Travel Savings To Pet Owners
Through End of March
Red Roof hotels are giving cat owners another reason to celebrate by extending a 15% discount to guests with pets on stays through March 31, 2017. 
Reservations can be booked at more than 360 Red Roof locations across the country with promo code 605442 at redroof.com or by calling 800.RED.ROOF (800.733.7663). For more information, visit  www.redroof.com.
Wherever you are, you're in TICA's World. 
Fabulous felines, fun and friendships.