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TICA's Mid Atlantic Education Cat Show, Dr. Elsey's & CFA join WINN Feline Foundation for UNPRECEDENTED EVENT
June 21-23, 2019 Capital Cat Club hosted the third Education Cat Show, this year it was bigger than ever. The two juggernauts of the feline fancy, TICA & CFA partnered to bring greater awareness to the work of WINN Feline Foundation. The event & show benefited from the tremendous generosity of Dr. Elsey’s
TICA President Vickie Fisher & CFA President Mark Hannon attended .

The evening featured presentations from Katie Lytle, DVM of Wisdom Health, Emily Graff, DVM PhD of Auburn University, Glenn Olah, DVM PhD Past President of WINN Feline Foundation and Steve Dale, CABC of WINN Feline Foundation. WINN Feline Foundation President Drew Weigner, DVM. Mark Hannon , CFA President, and Anthony Hutcherson, TICA & WINN Board of Directors offered remarks to the seventy-eight cat enthusiasts, judges and veterinarians present for the event.
Cat Genetics Fact from
Optimal Selection by Wisdom Health
Wisdom Health R& D Manager Katie Lytle, DVM pictured below
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most common cardiac disease in cats worldwide. It is characterized by the increase in wall thickness of the left ventricle and the intraventricular septum, eventually leading to congestive heart failure.

In the Maine Coon, a point mutation (A31P) in the MYBPC3 gene has been found causative for the disease. The relative risk for developing HCM is around 1.8 in heterozygous cats and 18 in homozygous cats compared to Maine Coons negative for A31P. HCM has also been found in about 5.4% of cats negative for A31P, thus this mutation is not sole cause of HCM in Maine Coons.

In the Ragdoll, a point mutation (R820W) in the MYBPC3 gene has been found as causative for the disease. Most cats heterozygous (1-copy) for this mutation do not develop clinical signs, whereas homozygous (2-copies) are at high risk of developing severe HCM signs early in the life and shorter lifespan.

Multiple previously unknown genetic mutation candidates for HCM in domestic cats, all domestic cats = not breed specific, were presented at the 2019 Canine and Feline Genomics and Genetics Conference in Bern, Switzerland.

The incredible support of Optimal Selection by Wisdom Health in TICA's Mid Atlantic increases the body of knowledge of feline genetics and allows Wisdom Health to support research that may lead to being able to screen for more feline HCM mutations with just a cheek swab.
TICA Mid Atlantic's favorite raw food will be at the MA Regional. See why this is food fit for a champion!
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Esteemed AKC Judge & Author Pat Hastings compares judging cat to dogs with TICA Mid Atlantic Allbreed Judge Brenda Russo
Want to learn breed standards?
Want to be a judge?
Need Judge CEUs?

Mid Atlantic Standard Seminars Friday, August 2, 2019 in the Potomac Room
Baymont Suites 4-8 PM,
$15 for seminars & snack

Have you entered the biggest show of the year in all of TICA?

2019 TICA Annual is fast approaching and features MA Judge,
Brenda Russo.
The MA Region is sponsoring Brenda's ring.

On Safari Bengal Congress on Friday!

Ragdoll Congress on Friday!

14 Allbreed rings on Saturday and Sunday.

The last Las Vegas Annual was the LARGEST show in TICA history !
$3560.00 in MA Treasury , THANK YOU Lisa Dickie , MA Treasurer

Brenda Russo , Cheryl Chamberlin , Gladys Dinunzio, Megan Gallaher & Sandy McAllister
are the outstanding Deputy Regional Directors for TICA MidAtlantic.
475 MA Members! 182 rings!
What a great year for the Region!
Thank you, MA Region.
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Anthony Hutcherson - MA Regional Director
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