Some Enhancements for Drive-in Church

Bulletins will be made available. Pam and Larry Elder will be our parking lot attendants - they will be wearing protective gear and will have a net with a pole to hand out bulletins as well as receiving offerings. 

Weather permitting - we will have speakers broadcasting the service to those who are walking by. Please be sure to wear protective gear as a sign of love of neighbor if you are going to participate in the service outdoors. 

The service this week will not be on Zoom ; instead, it will be available to all on our YouTube page ( Youtube Channel ) and on our website [if we can get it to work]. The best way is to subscribe to Dave Marshall's page and you will get an email notifying you of when the service is live. 

Out of an abundance of caution, the office at All Angels will be closed in April. Fr. Dave will be working from home and live streaming the services.
In addition, the office phone has been forwarded to his cell phone. If you need to get a hold of him, either call him on his cell, 941-704-2131, or simply call the office, 941-383-8161; both ways will reach him. 
The office staff and leadership of All Angels worked diligently through the month of March in case this had to happen. We will still be able to process your offerings to the church, pay our vendors, and remain in communication with you. 
Thank you for all that you do to support the ministry of All Angels which is to bring the living Christ to those who are within and outside the church. In this time of uncertainty and fear, our ministry is vital and paramount. Thank you for helping us make an impact in our community and in the lives of our parishioners. 
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Food Bank Barrel

Please bring non-perishable items for the Food Bank. The yellow barrel is next to the angel fountain. 
Leave a Puzzle, Take a Puzzle

During this puzzling time, the Marshalls are working on a variety of puzzles to have a quiet moment away from a busy household. We'd like to share puzzles with you. Near the Food Bank barrel, let's have a leave-a-puzzle/take-a-puzzle for anyone who'd like to try a new puzzle. 

Centering Prayer
 Centering Prayer invites you to pray with them, every day,
at 8 am, wherever you are. When you enter into prayer at 8 am (Eastern), you will know that others are praying at the same time. 
Men's and Women's Discussion Groups
The Men's and Women's Discussion Groups are now
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Prayers for our People
Grant healing, hope, and faith to all who are afflicted pain or sorrow. Especially we lift before you the needs of: Downs IV, Holden, Ruth, Timothy, Lynne, Don, Bill, Dorothy Jo, Valerie, Sue, Elizabeth, Julie, Anthony, Georgia, Kay, Vicki, Jim, Barbara, Ward, Krista, John, Cynthia, Alex, Linda, Alan, Andres, Jonathan, Ginny, Mary Ann, Carling,
Victoria, Sophia and Andrew.
Give gentle hands and patient hearts to those who care for them;
and restore them to fellowship with all who love them.

We ask for your protection and health for all health care workers, food service workers, first responders and other essential personnel.
Sermons from the Reverend Dave Marshall
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Full Service from Easter Sunday, April 12

A High School friend on Facebook posted
this question:

Have you heard about Cobividpolar-19? It’s a new disorder manifested by weeks of pandemic self-isolation.
These symptoms include:
Feelings of anger, fear, hope, judgement and empathy all within a 30-minute span of a national newscast.
Being happy to Zoom with people you miss and also angry that you have to put on a decent shirt.
A slow building dread as each new toilet paper roll is put out.
Hiding the good candy because you’re tired of sharing EVERYTHING ELSE.
Helping your kids with math and when they ask why they have to learn this you say, “Because when you are older you might be stuck at home during a pandemic and have to teach your children.”
And, lying in bed pondering the philosophical question of 2020: To Pants or Not to Pants.

It made me laugh and I wanted to share it with you so that maybe you’d get chuckle too. But, there is nugget of truth in there that stuck out for me – going through a variety of thoughts and emotions; including hope and judgement; while watching a nationally televised news program.

On a good day, I struggle with judging. The news cycle these days doesn’t help at all – I can judge our government on every level and what they have or have not done to help us, how businesses are responding or perhaps making the situation worse, and I watch how others are selflessly helping others and then judge myself for not doing more. None of this is good for myself or for others. I could blame Cobividpolar-19 or I could take a deeper look at the issue.

I can’t control the behavior of others; the car tailgating me on GMD Drive, the person who stands too close to me in line, or the cougher without a mask on aisle 9. They are responsible for their own behavior, and likewise, I am responsible for my behavior toward them. What comes to mind is control. I can’t control the driver nor the shopper. In fact, there is a lot going on around me that I am not in control of. But, my faith says that God knows what’s going on. The tailgater who suddenly turned into the post office and ran up the steps with a package. The cougher who placed bags of groceries in three different cars. The close-stander who smiled at me with kind eyes, thanked me for wearing a mask, and said he hasn’t talked to anyone in a week. After experiencing that, my judging side started slipping away and I found empathy and hope lurking underneath.

We are not rewarded for how well we judge others. What is rewarding, however, is to find hope and empathy loitering around us. The upside of Cobividpolar-19 is the ability to feel empathy and hope; even better is responding to those feelings.

Over the last couple of weeks, All Angels has written checks - $5,000 to Children First, $5,000 to Meals on Wheels-Plus, and another $2,000, that came in on our Good Friday electronic offertory plate, will go out next week to another local charity in need. We had a full barrel of food picked up today for the Manatee Food Bank. I imagine it’ll be full again after Sunday. I am hearing stories of parishioners who are standing up to the feelings of fear and judgement and instead of putting the stimulus money into savings they are putting it directly into the economy by helping others through the church, local food banks, and as cash to people who have been laid-off.

Instead of harshly judging the effects of Cobividpolar-19, when looking at our situation through the lens of empathy and hope, I am starting to think that is a time of resurrection, hope, and new life.

-Fr. Dave