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The India Group experienced the most successful fundraising year in our history thanks to you, our generous supporters.

On the expenditure side of the ledger, it was also a year of unparalleled pandemic needs in India; our most expensive and challenging one to date. There was an India-wide shut-down, school closures followed by efforts to run schools online and a complete loss of the jobs our families work in to sustain themselves.

Because of you TIG managed to continue educating the children while keeping their families fed and healthy.


FY 20-21 Total Expenditures: $50,474.26

Family Assistance: $27,356.03

This new COVID related line item accounted for 54.2% of our budget. Every three weeks we sent food money to each family allocated at one dollar per day per family member for the entire fiscal year. We also pay rent for one of the families. 

Medical Expenses: $3849.00

Includes doctor visits, medicine, x-rays and transportation to hospitals and clinics. This year’s expenses also included eye exams and glasses for two mothers and two of our female students and an annual supply of bottled water for two children with kidney stones. 

Much like we incentivized family mask wearing at the beginning of the pandemic, we incentivized COVID vaccinations by paying family members to get them and send a photo of their vaccine card. It was the only way we could overcome their fears and the rampant misinformation in India. To date, 28 family members have received their first vaccine shot.

Technology: $860.41

We purchased an additional cellphone for one large Varanasi family so their children could access online classes and tutoring when schools were closed. We also purchased a school required laptop and data for the two oldest students, 11th grade Sakshi and 12th grade Sam.

So far laptops seem to be a requirement in grade 11. Next year Milli will be entering grade 11 and the following year four more students will become 11th graders.

School Supplies: $2654.31

This category covers all classroom supplies needed by the students including required school uniforms. When the students enter high school, this cost increases as they need specialized materials for classes and participate in extra-curricular activities.

As an example, Sam Hanote, our only 12th grader, needed books, solution books, notebooks, pens and pencils, a geometry box, a school bag, lunch box, paper, biology dissection kit, files, hand sanitizer and masks.

Tutoring: $5420.81

TIG employs eight tutors in the four communities where our children attend school. The younger children receive group tutoring. As they enter high school, they often need specialized tutoring in subjects where they struggle. Sakshi, Milli and Sam all have tutors for their upper- level courses and Milli also attends a 6:30AM computer tutoring session. During this past fiscal year, we decided to not pay tuition for students grades 5 and below because we didn’t feel online learning would be effective, but we continued to pay for tutoring.

Additionally, TIG supported a Saturday jobs/mentoring class for our Varanasi students to explore career aptitudes and interests.

Tuition: $7895.84

Our children attend a total of eight schools in the four communities and, as with tutoring and school supply costs, the cost of tuition increases in high school. This year Ajay, who entered the TIG program five years ago as a thirteen year-old elementary school dropout, has progressed enough that he will be able to attend a vocational high school and hopefully fulfill his dream of becoming an electrician.


If you use Amazon for online purchases, Amazon will automatically donate 0.5% of the cost of your purchases to a designated charity of your choice through their Amazon Smile Charity List. All you do is designate The India Group Corporation as your charity in your Amazon account. This past quarter alone $147.38 was donated to the India Group. That was enough to purchase one quarter of tuition for three children. Or a month of tutoring for all the students in Khajuraho. Or three weeks of food money for two small families.


Our annual fall fundraiser went virtual last year. On Saturday, November 6th at 7PM EST, we’ll be fundraising virtually again while honoring India’s early November observance of Diwali. Diwali is a five-day festival of lights coinciding with harvest and a new year. It celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of light over darkness. Given that, this year’s event will highlight our seven high school students: young women and men who, against all odds and with your support, are thriving in high school and on-track to graduate over the next three years. You’ll be able to hear directly from some of them about how their family celebrates Diwali and about their experiences in school the past year.

To register for the fundraiser, please go to the link below on DonorUp. We’re suggesting an optional $50.00 donation to attend. On the morning of November 6th, you’ll receive a Zoom link to the event. Light a candle and sign into the Zoom link to join us in celebrating the triumph of our students over a very difficult year in India.

DonorUp link:

As always, we thank you for your financial generosity. Your donations to TIG provide the following support to our families:

  • Donate $50 (feed a family of 5 for a week)
  • Donate $100 (provide internet connection for a school year)
  • Donate $250 (provide 4 months of tutoring)
  • Donate $500 (provide a family basic medical care for a year)
  • Donate $1,000 (pay high school fees for a year)


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