Dear Partners and Friends,
According to Acts 1:7 the future prophetic events of God are built into time; so TIME DELIVERS the future coming from God.  The signs of the time do not lie, they are true.
In my lifetime I have witnessed some incredible events of God's prophetic plan coming to pass, like the liberation of Jerusalem in the 6-day war in June 1967, and the destruction of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe in 1989.
God has shown me the coming of two global revivals for our time, and I was blessed to see the first one, the Joy Revival, come to pass.  Soon we will see the second one, the Revival of Fire and Glory.
I have seen the rise of Islam in America from the time I first arrived in this country, and I have watched as God dealt it a fatal blow in the 2016 Election.
I have seen every evil spirit of power trying to conquer America, from immoralities to liberalism and everything in between, but God has preserved us to this hour. I looked on as our political process in Washington deteriorated into a full scale war; instead of being a process where elected officials SERVE THE INTEREST of the American people.
With pain in my heart I had to walk through the last decade and a half and see the great FALLING AWAY  in the church taking place. Recently someone asked me about the great falling away which precedes the great revival.  Do you know how severely the falling away of the church has been recently...especially among Pentecostal people? The falling away has ALREADY taken place! 
What are you going to be part of?
TIME IS READY TO DELIVER OUR DESTINY NOW. Our destiny is in this new visitation of God, the Fire and Glory revival; it holds our spectacular end-time destiny in it's grasp.  God put it in there!  How I wish I had the power of persuasion to show that to every Christian!
This year of 2018, time takes us to the final earmark before the revival, the 70th year celebration of Israel on May 14, 2018. This is a momentous event, BRINGING US to the fulfillment of God's end-time plan. WILL YOU BE READY FOR WHAT GOD BRINGS US IN 2018!
God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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