April 13, 2017
Capitol Update
Representative Jeni Arndt- HD 53
Assistant Caucus Chair; Chair of Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee; 
Member of Business Affairs and Labor Committee
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Wednesday was a great day. Three of my water bills made it out of the Senate and are on their way to the governor. HB17-1008 allows institutions of higher education to conduct graywater research. HB17-1219 extends the deadline to enter a water conservation pilot program and expands the number of alternative water transfer methods a person can utilize. HB17-1233 protects historical consumptive use when participating in a water conservation program.   

(Talking about my bills in the well)
These next few weeks are going to be busy! Here is what I'm working on:

I finally have permission to introduce my Measurable Climate Goals bill. There is no bill number yet, but this bill directs the governor's office to set  specific goals to reduce Colorado's greenhouse gas emission and increase the state's ability to respond to climate change. Right now, there are no actual goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Colorado Climate Action Plan.  I am running this bill again because I believe Colorado needs to be a leader in combating climate change. 
I have submitted my language for my Citizens United resolution.  It aims to restore balance and integrity to our elections by implementing campaign finance reform.   I have heard from constituents on both sides of the aisle that  elections should be free from the influence of  special interests  and fair enough that any citizen can be elected into office.
I am excited to be sponsoring HB17-1321 with Rep. Jim Wilson. This bill gives Colorado Parks and Wildlife financial stability by allowing the Department of Natural Resources the increase the prices of some licenses. This money will be used to maintain our public lands.
 (Last week's Town Hall courtesy of The Coloradoan )
You are all invited to join me, Rep. Joann Ginal, and Sen. John Kefalas for a Community Issues Forum at Old Town Library on Saturday, April 22nd from 10am-11:30am. We will be talking about the future of health care in Colorado. Please join us! 

As always, feel free to call me anytime at 970-231-5090 or email me at jeniarndt53@gmail.com.


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Community Issues Forum
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Saturday,April 22th