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Bits and Pieces

November 21, 2023

We are now closer to Thanksgiving: tonight is Tuesday and Thanksgiving is Thursday!! That’s just 2 days away!!! Time is no longer marching:  it seems to be hurtling forward at breakneck speed, like Murfee on the run to chase down a bird-in-flight. Or catch the gecko before it darts under a pot. I mean, WOW, in two days we’ll be eating turkey and dressing, watching parades and football on tv, or doing whatever family celebrations we grew up with. And of course, preparing for Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sales, especially those at SVQ!!! Or so my dreams tell me! But I do invite you over to see what a HUGE SALE we’re preparing for you. We hope to be able to meet most of your needs and desires with really fabulous prices, and we will be fully staffed to make your shopping easier and stress-free. We might still have a tryptophan hangover…you know, that feel-good, lay back and have a good nap nutrient that is found in turkey… so we don’t want anything to spoil that good feeling over the weekend or a rush In the blood pressure due to parking, crowds, limited stock, on and on. We can kick back, shop small, save more, have more fun, go home with the stuff of our dreams, kick off our shoes at home, knowing that our work is done. Sigh…..

We will close 11-22-23 at 1 pm, so we can all get home and begin our Thanksgiving, too. And we’ll look forward to seeing you Friday morning at 9:00! Heck, help your family shop for that perfect gift you want for yourself by bringing them with you. Bring your list of needs, your desires and your budget and we will help mesh them together for you into the perfect purchase. Santa’s work will thus be done and everyone will be merry. This will be our final sale of the year, so there’s no reason to wait for a better, lower price. That won’t happen! We will still have time to place orders ahead of that last minute holiday rush, too. Let the tryptophan keep flowing…it’s a good thing

You will get an email from us via the newsletter listing (kinda like Santa’s list!) that will specify the sales for you, so print it and bring it to stay on your shopping track! If you haven’t signed up for Bits and Pieces, please do so on our website at www.sunvalleyquilts.com, and click on the sign-up tab, fill it out, and do it before Wednesday 11-22-23 so you get the savings news early. I think you’ll really like the selections and the savings!

While you’re here, please sign up for your choice of the morning or afternoon session of our big and fun Martelli Event we’ve planned for you before Christmas (so you can choose from all the Martelli items the things that suit you best and put that wish-bug into Santa’s ear!). Their products are ergonomically designed to give you the most comfortable quilting setup, at special prices from Martelli. There will be a T-Shirt and bonus gift for everyone who attends, plus free giveaways and a lot of fun---the Martelli crew is currently traveling around the country, presenting their “Sew Crazy Road Trip”, and we were lucky enough to snag them for Dec. 2, just in time for the holidays! So please join us, pick your time, sit back, learn a few things, and laugh with us during their crazy road trip!!! Hope you can make it….you won’t be bored or sorry!

I’ll be in touch with you again tomorrow after closing for the sale info., on Thursday for a Thanksgiving wish, and again on Friday through Monday for our sale extravaganza, the last of the year!

Barbara and the thankful crew, thankful for your friendship and participation with us at SVQ

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