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Bits and Pieces

February 28, 2023

Spring’s a poppin’, for sure! In so many ways: for me personally, it has involved days missing at work so that I could get the inside of my house painted. After 20 years. Pulling everything down from vaulted ceilings, seeing all the paint-arounds I did to temporarily fix an area without taking down something from the wall (you know, just paint around it and no one will know until it’s been taken down?!? I’m sure many of you have used this spruce up technique!) Well, eventually, it catches up with us, right? And that time was NOW for me. So while I wasn’t working here at the shop, I was working my patootie off at home cleaning everything in the house. Any idea how nasty things can get over time with items on a 12 foot high shelf for years, collecting dust??? Wow…I was amazed, and my house gets cleaned weekly (!), but not those high-up items. So now, I’m glad to be back at work with my water/cleaning/shriveled fingers that I know you all can relate to. The house feels great, smells fresh, looks fantastic to my eye, and I’m a happy girl.  

For the shop, Spring’s also poppin’ with more new fabrics piling in and stacking up to get entered into the system and on the floor so you can be wowed. It’s a really fun time when fabrics come in and we get to see them all and imagine what kinds of quilts they will go into. And because we need to make shelf room for them up front, we comb the shelves for more to put on the clearance shelves and offer you more to see. Chances to make some quickie items for the holidays coming up, gifts to make, ideas to make your heart pitter-patter! One is coming up Monday, March 6 from 9:30-12:30 with ROPE BOWLS, which you will make and take home. Think Easter Baskets, Easter Eggs from rope, small kitchen bowls , and on and on. Let your mind wander a bit…see what pops up!

Maybe your mind wanders to enhancement areas, ways to just make things better to your eye, or more to your style. Think about Barb Janson’s THREAD PLAY class on Sunday, from noon to 4. Thread play is fun, mistake-proof, as extensive or light as you want it to be. Barb is an award winning Fiber Artist, so she knows how to speak to your mind and draw things out from your mind that maybe you didn’t even know were in there. Come see what it’s all about, bring your machine and do some playing with us.  

Check out the classroom for inspirations in embroidery with Jan’s Tiffany Tulip Tablerunner two-day class March 14 and 15. Choose your own colors and make it your own…also learn how to embroider tiling scenes in your hoop. Fall in love with that machine that you wanted and have been afraid to use. The instructor is Jan, and many of you already know how good she is and how much she loves embroidery, and if embroidery is a new avenue for you, this just may be the best class for you. Instead of “Make and Take”, I think I’d call this one “Make and Learn”. Doesn’t rhyme, but it’s very appropriate! Join us: sign up and sew it and let your springtime table pop! Remember also that Jan is our Embroidery Mastery instructor so she will be an enormous help to you.

Our special of the week will be Panels at 20% off this week when you give us the code 20PANELS. Some of our upcoming classes, like Lexi’s Dimensions Workshop (find it on www.sunvalleyquilts.com site) require two identical patterns (your choice) for the process and class. Also know that panels are becoming focus fabrics for many fabric lines, so be sure to check them out! We offer you lots of inspirational ideas, patterns and books for pattern use, along with the companion fabrics! Easy-peasy in lap quilts, wall hangings, table décor and more. Good online or in shop with the code 20PANELS to check out our abundant panels. They are also good to use in Barb’s Thread Play class on Sunday. Pop a floral fabric or panel for St. Patrick’s Day, spring and Easter! Keep your décor fresh, current and easy! We certainly do hope to see you in shop soon, or in an upcoming class (where you can find a more expansive discussion on our website…www.sunvalleyquilts.com…and even sign and pay online). Want something you don’t see here? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do about it! We aim to please. Having said that, I will point out that this code will also work on our clearance panels, now priced at just $5 per panel, but limited to stock on hand….I might be crazy, but that’s just $4 for quilt shop quality panels!!!  

One last reminder is to get your machines in, all brands, for maintenance so we can keep them working smoothly for you. Our regular turn-around time is 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS, not weeks or months, and we’re very proud of this, so just bring them in when it’s convenient for you. No appointments necessary. See you soon…..

Barbara and the Spring Pop Scene with us at SVQ

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