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Passion has led people to unbelievable experiences beyond basic utilitarian needs, and France has it in spades. As a nation deeply rooted in fashion, art, and cuisine, passion can most certainly not be overlooked. Something as simple as bread or wine, or even the fabric we cover ourselves with, takes passion to make it highly desirable beyond being rudimentary. Grapes, especially in the Bordeaux region, receive incredible amounts of passion to be crafted into world renowned wine. French artisanship is a lifestyle founded on the principle of producing an exquisite experience. We've partnered with TIME Bikes to bring that experience to Wisconsin.

TIME has been crafting carbon frames since 1993 when they introduced their unique woven carbon and Resin Transfer Molding (RTM). Unlike most bicycle manufacturers who use prepreg carbon sheets, TIME weaves their own carbon braids from individual ribbons. From their factory in France, carbon ribbons enter and fully painted superbikes exit.

The Skylon is TIME's aero focused bike. Performance is phenomenal, as expected from something categorized as premium, but that's not the story here. TIME has complete control of the manufacturing process. Free of constraints from suppliers, a true passion for bicycle construction burns deep from the heart of this French company.

You won't find Bordeaux wine everywhere, and that's the point. Likewise, you simply won't find TIME bicycles sold at any shop that wants to sell them. Bicycle Doctor is the only shop in Wisconsin authenticated as a TIME dealer. French artisans build the frame. We fit and build the bike. It's a lifestyle through and through; passion paired with passion. You can't come close to the experience of the finished product any other way.

We may not all have an opportunity to experience a rare French Bordeaux, nor can we always justify such an experience. You can almost say the same for TIME, however, if you seek an experience of pure riding bliss and exquisite manufacturing detail, it may be TIME for TIME.


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