The TIP Mission:  Our citizen volunteers will provide emotional first aid to survivors of tragedy in order to ease their immediate suffering and facilitate their healing and long-term recovery.
A message from the Executive Director: 

As we close another year, I look back with great pride and admiration to our board, staff and talented volunteer corps for their many accomplishments during the past year.  

Most of you are aware of the early years of TIP.  There were many occasions when TIP National Founder, Wayne Fortin, wondered if this endeavor was ever going to truly get off the ground.  Thankfully, through Wayne Fortin's efforts, his partnership with Oceanside Police and a small team of dedicated volunteers, TIP continues to grow and provide immediate support to those affected by a tragedy.  We are thankful to our continuing partner agencies, for without them, we would not be able to provide services to citizens in crisis.  We have recently expanded to provide services to Coronado Police and Fire.  
View our full list of partnering agencies.

Our current Board of Directors (Meet the Board) brings a diverse background and a wealth of knowledge to our organization.  TIP San Diego will be better and more effective than ever as we continue to add talent at all levels and Board Members with vast experience in a variety of areas.

We have been fortunate enough to grow our staffing team in the past few years.  Our most recent staffing additions include Outreach Coordinators.  The purpose of this role is to provide continuing education to our partner agencies as well as be more of a public presence.  Additionally, the Outreach Coordinators are busy speaking at various community events to recruit and build on to our current volunteer group.  
Click here to see our current staffing team.

We have resumed planning for our updated fundraiser, formerly known as Heroes on Scene.  Stay tuned for details on our Compassion in Action awards fundraiser. Learn more about our Adopt a Volunteer fundraiser and see profiles of adoptable volunteers.

In efforts to ensure we are continually thinking about how to be a strong organization and one that supports volunteers, we applied to the Points of Light Service Enterprise Program last year. I am excited to announce that we were officially accepted into this program, and were provided a scholarship that covers 100% of the program cost! This is an intense program that will really evaluate TIP on a multitude of levels, primarily how we utilize, engage, and support volunteers, as well as long term sustainability and structure (funding diversity, succession planning for staff and volunteers, etc). For more information, click here.

All of the successes, accomplishments and lives positively changed from TIP services would not be possible without our volunteers.  We have a large group of dedicated, compassionate, and highly trained individuals, who respond 24/7/365 to be with citizens that are experiencing the worst day of their lives.  Annually, each volunteer provides over 500 hours of service to TIP, and many do much more than that?

It is my hope that each of you, the dedicated TIP volunteers and supporters, stay safe as you continue to make an unforgettable difference in the lives of those we serve.  Thank you for your continued support!

Shay Gebler Bence
Executive Director

First Responder Feedback 

"I have been a police officer for 20 years and have utilized TIP hundreds of times.  This group is professional, courteous and compassionate.  They do so much with our organization and community.  They are irreplaceable."   Sgt. Jeff Novak, Oceanside Police Dept.
"I am thankful for the support the TIP program provides to us.  I have said this many times, but the TIP program is truly composed of angels.  Once they arrive, our job becomes so much easier.  I look forward to working with TIP more in the future."   Sgt. Jeff Brandt, Oceanside Police Dept.
"TIP helps to put the normal back into situations that have gone sideways for the victims and their family members.  Many people are uncomfortable talking to or interacting with the police.  TIP helps to alleviate that by being a non-police entity that family members can interact with during what is for them a very personal and tragic set of circumstances."   Officer Tyrus Moulder, Oceanside Police Dept.
"I value that TIP provides the initial human touch, followed by the hand holding through processes that nobody is prepared for and the help they extend to the members of our community in their time of need.  TIP truly sets them on a great path for recovering from tragic events."   Chief Mike Davis, Carlsbad Fire Department
"I very much appreciate what TIP has done and is doing in our city and I'm pleased to have this program available for our residents." Mayor Jim Wood, City of Oceanside

Citizens Assisted by TIP Feedback

Pam was calm in a chaotic situation. She seemed caring and helpful but didn't "push". Thank you for being there and allowing me to lean on you. I am amazed and grateful for folks like you to volunteer your time and yourself in such a heart-wrenching situation. - Citizen Assisted by TIP
I cannot thank you enough for being there for my family during their time of need. My stepmother's death was certainly unexpected and it hit all of us very hard and so fast. You helped give my father strength until my sister could arrive. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness and love for your fellow man. - Citizen Assisted by TIP
The most helpful thing Linda did was being patient and soft-spoken when I needed some calmness while loosing my son.  Linda knew exactly when we needed something and how to get answers to our questions.  I still hug our teddy bear when I am having a tough day. Linda gave me guidance when I needed it.  Thank you with all of my heart. 
- Citizen Assisted by TIP
The most helpful thing Robert did was just being there. I appreciated having someone there to listen and just be there. Thank you. When my husband died, your team made it easier by having someone with me. - Citizen Assisted by TIP
Having a calming presence of a TIP volunteer was so very much appreciated! Shawn made sure I ate, gave me a hug and let me know I had someone there that cared. Thank you x3! I am so glad you were here with me during my critical time of need. - Citizen Assisted by TIP

Grant and Award Contributions
Carlsbad Charitable Foundation
Toyota Carlsbad Foundation
Silicon Valley Foundation
Ramona Community Foundation

Grossmont Healthcare District
Fallbrook Healthcare District

Donors and Sponsors 
Alisa Stevens
Amazon Smile Foundation
Amy Chauvin
Anthony Serratore
April Penera
Aracely Yu
Belle Roche inc.
Bio-One San Diego
BJ's Restaurant
Carol Battaglia
Carole Young
Catherine Ancona
Catholic Widows & Widowers
Charles Revlett
Dale Stewart
Danell Gavares
Danena Badillo
Danhua Chen
Diane Serns
Doug Johnston
Eleanor McDowell
Elizabeth Porter
Gordon Bell
Indira Caunin
Janet Marie Roslie
Janice Hart
Jean Smith
Jeffrey Arnett
Jeffrey Concepcion
Jeffrey Platt
Jennifer Isaacs
Jewish Community Foundation
Jim Neeleman
John Roberts
Joy Kolender
Karen Evans
Karen Heckendorf
Kelly Rodgers
Kenneth Discenza
Keri Katz
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Linda Loehr
Linda Thornton
Lori Bertolucci
Magdalena Stewart
Malcolm L. Mitchell
Marie Jo Atkins
Marilyn Kolender
Mary Jill Johnson
Mary Louise Middleton
Melissa Bovet
Michael Peters
Monica Lynn Savoie 
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Myrna Trust
Nancy Gneiting
Nancy Rogers
Natalie Monet
Nathan Plett
Oliver-Forbes LLC
Pam Hass
Patricia Eardensohn
Peggy McArthur
Peter Frederiksen
Ramon Roslie
Richel Thaler
Rita Lee
Robert Zaino
Rose Pini
Rotary Club of Esconsido
Russell Jones
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