April 29, 2019
Administrator's Corner

Happy Monday, Spartans! 

We hope that you enjoy having today off and that you can rest up and get some work done! We're officially in the final push - there are only FOUR WEEKS left of classes before finals (that's 3 weeks for seniors)! 

Please make sure you're focusing on your attendance and academics as the year comes to a close. Remember to take advantage of extra time and help from your teachers, from tutoring to Office Hours, so that you can finish strong!

¡Feliz lunes, espartanos! 

esperamos que disfrute de tener hoy fuera y que usted puede descansar y conseguir un poco de trabajo hecho! Estamos oficialmente en el empuje final-sólo quedan cuatro semanas de clases antes de finales (eso es 3 semanas para las personas mayores)!

Por favor, asegúrese de que se está enfocando en su asistencia y académicos a medida que el año llega a su fin. ¡ Recuerda aprovechar el tiempo extra y la ayuda de tus profesores, desde la tutoría hasta el horario de oficina, para que puedas terminar fuerte!

Paula Hammel
Assistant Principal
Quick Links
Week at a Glance - Week of 4/29-5/3
  • No school for students
  • Please click here (or see the above "Athletics Schedule" quick link) to see athletic events for the week
  • DSF Almost There Session for Seniors - 9:30 a.m.
Wednesday -
  • Office Hours: 2:14-2:55 p.m.

Kudos Korner


  • How exciting to host TJ alum Kyle Freeland as he retired his jersey! A HUGE thanks goes to Anne Rice, who spearheaded the event and spent lots of time organizing logistics and setting things up so that the event would be smooth and successful! Thanks to Carla Allen and everyone else who helped plan, organize, and execute the event! Thanks to Will Forrester and his students for taking some amazing photos during the event!

Click here to read more.

Photos courtesy of Will Forrester
  • Thank you to staff members who filled in for the Library while Fabian was out!
  • Thanks to all the teachers who came to both of the 8th Grade choice nights!
Classroom Grant Requests - TODAY is the last day to apply!
PTO's mission is to enhance and support the educational experience at TJHS. With that goal in mind, PTO has budgeted $10,000 to distribute as Classroom Grants! Do you know a teacher or staff member who may have a need for grant money? It's time for any staff member to submit a request for a PTO Grant to help their students in whatever class or activity they lead. Last year, grants were used towards classroom supplies, travel to national competitions, local field trips and to enhance the art, theater and music programs.
Submit grant requests using this  Grant Request Form.  All requests are due by the end of the day on  Monday, April 29th.
Questions? Please contact TJ PTO Chairs at  tjhspto@gmail.com.
TJ's Hiring!
TJ will be hiring an Office Support person for the newly designed front area of the building. This job will primarily be a receptionist position. Please click here for more information!
9th Grade Vision & Hearing Screening

Tuesday, April 30th thru Monday, May 6th

9th grade students will be pulled from one of their non-core classes on one of these days to complete vision and hearing screenings.
Consent forms will be mailed home 2 weeks in advance- around mid-April. Please complete this form ONLY if you wish your student(s) to be opted OUT of the screening process.
For questions contact school nurse
Kristine Serrano, RN
(720) 423-7061

Challenge Day Fundraiser: May 6
TJ Talks Presents: The Personal Side to Suicide - May 6th
PTO News
The end of the year has a lot of events and we need your help! Join us for the last meeting of the year as we approve classroom grant requests from staff and finish up plans for teacher appreciation and other community events for the last few weeks of school. We can't be the best community we can be without you!
The next meeting is scheduled for  Tuesday, May 14th  from 6-7pm in Room 111.
Counseling Corner
Jillian Gleason - Students with Last Names A-D
Maggie Kennedy-  Students with Last Names E-L
Erin Thompson - Students with Last Names M-Q and students with IEPs
Jeremy Anderson - Students with Last Names R-Z
Here's what happened in the T.J. School Counseling World in the month of April:
  • ICAP classroom guidance lessons  for 12th graders
  • Choice of Studies nights for incoming freshmen
  • Master Schedule planning
  • Ongoing individual student meetings to support academic and social-emotional concerns
What we have planned for May:
  • ICAP classroom guidance lessons for11th graders
  • Schedule building for next year
    • o   Our goal is to have schedules to students before summer vacation
    • Summer school sign-ups for credit recovery
    • Senior check out and graduation support 
Esto es lo que sucedió en el mundo de los consejeros académicos en el mes de abril:
* Lecciones de los  Planes Individuales Académicos y de Carrera (ICAP)  para alumnos de 12º grado.
* Noches de elección de estudios para estudiantes que van a estar en 9º  grado
* Planificación del horario maestro
* Reuniones individuales con estudiantes para apoyar con las preocupaciones académicas y socioemocionales

Lo que hemos planeado para el mes de mayo:
* Lecciones de los  Planes Individuales Académicos y de Carrera (ICAP)  para alumnos de 11º grado
* Construir los horarios estudiantiles para el próximo año.
o Nuestro objetivo es tener horarios completos para el próximo ano para los estudiantes antes de las vacaciones de verano.
 * Inscripción a la escuela de verano para la recuperación de créditos.
* Apoyar los alumnos de 12º grado con sus próximos pasos después de la graduación
Volunteer opportunity!
Volunteer to Help our Aging Population!
Looking for some last minute hours to fill your volunteer hours?  OR Just want to do some good as a family for your Neighbors by helping them clean up their yards?
A Little Help, a non profit that helps our aging population stay connected in the community. Has their annual Service Saturdays coming up.  
We have one on Saturday, May 11th and we meet at Christ the King in the School Parking Lot at 8 a.m. - Near Rose Medical Center.  SIGN UP HERE!
If you can't make the 11th or want to help again, we have another Service Saturday on May 18th, meeting at South High School at 8am. 
OR contact tanya@alittlehelp.org --- We welcome volunteers from companies, churches, groups, families, and individuals. 
Service Saturday! begins  at  8:00 a.m.   with coffee and pastries, sponsored by  City Donuts and Pablo's Coffee.  Be sure to join us  afterwards for lunch  at  The College Inn  on  May 11th or The Pioneer on May 18th  when you are done, around 11a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Service Saturday! provides an excellent opportunity for A Little Help members to receive assistance with various home maintenance jobs, such as weeding yards and garden beds, helping plant flowers, washing windows, sweeping garages, trimming some bushes, and just overall yard work.
King Soopers Gift Card Program
King Soopers just made FUNDRAISING for TJ even EASIER!
Beginning April 1st, you just need to register your King Soopers loyalty card number or alternate ID (e.g. phone number) to earn money for TJ. After you register for the program,  a percentage of ALL of your King Soopers purchases will go to TJ.
Important: At the point of purchase, you must swipe your loyalty card or type in your alternate ID in order for your purchases to count toward TJ's fundraising.
In order to get benefits from the use of your loyalty card/alt id you MUST:
2. Click on Enroll Now
3. You will then see a page where you can choose your organization
4. Search for Thomas Jefferson High School Partners either by name or UT036 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a rewards card.
That's it! You are now enrolled and can help raise EASY MONEY for TJ's classroom grants, student events and staff appreciation.  Thank you!
Questions? Email TJHSPTO@gmail.com
Hosting an Exchange Student
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to host an exchange student?  Now is your chance!
Two girls with EF High School Exchange are hoping to find host families in Denver for the 2019-2020 school year so they can make their dream to live in the United States come true.   Mariel from Norway is half Thai, half Norwegian.  She loves playing soccer, volleyball, running, snowboarding, painting, and drawing.   Lara from Germany loves playing the guitar, dancing, cooking, and playing sports.  Both girls are outgoing, open-minded and fun-loving. If you're interested in hosting now, or maybe in the future, please contact Sarah Kreider with EF High School Exchange: saramon3@gmail.com or visit www.efexchangeyear.org
Yearbook News
Yearbook Announcements:
  • The yearbook is now $65 and can be purchased online or through the school treasurer. The book will be available until sold out, so act fast!
  • Yearbooks will be distributed at the Backyard Bash.
  • All information about the yearbook can found on the journal under the News & Events tab or by clicking here.
News from the Future Center
  • Seniors - Please be sure to visit the Future Center for deadlines, scholarships, and college visits!
Sophie Vogel
College Advisor, Thomas Jefferson High School 
Denver Scholarship Foundation | a 501(c)(3) Public Charity  
3950 S. Holly Street  |  Denver, CO 80237 
O 720.423.7134   F 720.423.7098
Spartan Spirit Store
Our store inventory has been moved during the recent renovations. Please email  tjhs.store@gmail.com if you would like to purchase something & we would be happy to get the spirit wear for you. We can arrange to have items picked up on Friday afternoon. 

We're hoping to be at some spring sporting events and also new student orientation coming up as well. 

Thanks and thank you for supporting TJ! 

Karla & Carrie 
TJHS Spirit Store Volunteers-
Mental Health and Social/Emotional Tips
Did You Know?
College is an exciting time where so much changes. Classes change, living situations change, exercise changes, studying hours change, sleeping schedules change; so many changes. This can become very overwhelming, but only if you let it. The transition can affect your anxiety in tremendous ways. Here are some tips for how to handle it all.
1. Gratitude Journal. I kept my own gratitude journal which my life coach gave me. The real name of it is the   five-minute journal but you can also do your own. The main idea is to have a place where you write down three things that you are grateful for in the morning. Then at night, write down five things that happened during the day that you are grateful for. This will change your mindset to be more appreciative of the events of each day and focus more on the bright side.

2. If you saw a therapist before going to school, make sure that you find a therapist in your new city. This is important because the transition can at times be tougher than you can handle on your own. It's important to keep talking with a counselor so you can be your best. It is also helpful to have a counselor set up in advance instead of just getting to meet someone once you really need it. When I first went to college, I did not have a counselor already set up and when I really needed one, it took me a couple weeks to get in, which was difficult. Make sure the counselor is a right fit for you and give enough time for you to build a relationship with them.

3. Make an effort to go out and meet new people.  Even if it's only one new person a day, these new people could end up becoming your best friends. I met my best friend at school during recruitment when I was walking from one sorority to another. I just walked up to her and said hello. We ended up getting lunch later that day and as luck would have it, we ended up being in the same sorority as well. Now, we are living together next year. It all happened because I promised myself that I was going to meet at least one new person a day.

4. Stay organized. It is super important when you first get to school to organize your dorm room and your school supplies. This will come in handy when you are stressed about school or trying to study in the first couple weeks. It will reduce your stress around studying if you can find everything you need instead of spending time trying to find blank flash cards or the right number of highlighters. Keeping your room organized can also keep you feeling calmer. It becomes stressful when you are in a rush to get out the door and the floor is covered in clothes or trash that you have to constantly be stepping over.

5. Utilize the Academic Resource Center.  If you have anxieties surrounding school that can impact your performance, make sure you check in with your school's Academic Resource Center to see if they can help you perform to the best of your abilities. You want to be able to do your best work at college and there is no shame in asking for help.

6. Make time for yourself.  Finding a moment of "me time" is crucial. In the first couple months of college, you're running around going to so many different events and classes that you can forget to give yourself a chance to wind down. Whether it's 10 minutes or an hour a day, block it off in your planner and stick to it.

7. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for yourself.  S.M.A.R.T. goals stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based goals. By setting goals for yourself, you can measure how much you are able to get done. Your goals can be anything from organizing your room that week, going to the grocery store and making 3 meals that you can eat in your dorm, or getting an A on an exam. By setting these goals, you can set a plan then be proud of yourself once you have accomplished your goals.

8. Self-care.  During the first year of college, you will end up staying up late and waking up early, not eating as healthy as you used to, or not exercising as often as you might like. You will most likely get the freshman flu if your body is super run down, which is why self-care is important. Self-care can mean anything from having a spa day in your dorm room, to treating yourself to a nice meal, to taking an hour to exercise that day. Remember to take time to treat yourself and make sure that you are not run down.

9. Check-in with people you love.  Your support system is extremely important at all stages in your life. During this time, it might change a bit but that does not make it less important. Remember to check in with your support system back home periodically after you get to college. Even if they are now a little bit farther away, you can still lean on them to get through hard times.

10. Don't be afraid to share your anxieties with your new friends.  You shouldn't be afraid to share the fact that you have anxiety with your new friends. Everyone deals with some level of anxiety when they are in college and it is helpful to voice your feelings to your friends and they can help you when you're struggling. Each one of my close friends at school knows that I struggle with anxiety and whenever I am having a panic attack or going through a hard time, I know I can count on them to help me through it. They have become integral parts of my support system. I have also found that when I open up to them, they also open up to me. Many more people than I would have ever thought struggle with their own anxieties and I have only learned it because I shared my own with them first.
Mental Health and Social Emotional "Did You Know":  Compiled by Samanda Davis, LCSW, MSW and Natalie Koncz, Ed.S., NCSP. Resources: www.angstmovie.com
Facilities Management Jobs Available
Food and Nutrition Resources for Families
  • Click here for Food Resource Hotline information
Class News You Can Use
All Classes 
  • Great news! All Class T-Shirts are now available (as well as other TJ gear)  in the Spartan Store. If you would like to make a purchase, please contact tjhs.store@gmail.com.
Class of 2019 - Seniors
Class of '19 update


Wow, we're so close! The teachers and administration at TJ have dedicated a lot to our students over the years - consider sending a special thank you to those who have been important to your student.

As we approach this important milestone, there are a lot of opportunities for parents to make the last couple of months extra special for our students. 

  • After Prom, April 26th from 11pm-2am @ TJ: This is a fun and FREE event for all Seniors whether or not they attend Prom. This year's theme is "Building Memories: Under Construction" (the TJ lobby will be under construction for the event, so we wanted to have fun with that). If you'd like to help with the event, please visit the sign-up genius here (forward to family and friends who may want to volunteer)!
Don't forget these important dates:
  • April 29:                 No School
  • May 7:                    Senior awards by invitation
  • May 17:                  Senior check out.
  • May 20:                  Mini graduation rehearsal at TJ. Pick up cap and gown.
  • May 29:                  Graduation rehearsal at Magness Arena 12 noon. Graduation at 2 pm.
Local University Application Deadlines:
  • Colorado State University: May 1st
  • University of Northern Colorado: August 1st
  • Metro State University: July 1st
  • Seniors must have a 93% attendance rate to attend Senior Prom and to walk at Graduation. If you're student is not compliant, have them connect with Mr. Skari for assistance.
  • Students must have a 93% attendance rate and a 3.0 GPA to participate in the Mr. TJ Event.
The Class of '19 is raising money for senior year activities including After Prom.

How you can support:
  • Host an event
  • Make a tax deductible financial donation - Find out if your employer will match your donation!
  • Participate in Neighborhood Eats events
  • Buy a Class of '19 T-shirt via tjhs.store@gmail.com
  • For more information contact Anne McCord - armccord06@comcast.net
Class of 2020 - Juniors
As we look ahead to Senior year, we need several parent volunteers to take on the planning and execution of the Senior night camp out before the first day of school for incoming freshman (Aug.19).  This is a great TJ Spartan tradition. We would especially love to have some dads help out with this event.   If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Megan Perkins ( megandperkins@gmail.com ) or Lisa LoJacono ( lisalojacono@gmail.com ).  
Class of 2021 - Sophomores

We're looking for volunteers to host future events for our class parents. If interested, please come to the next PTO meeting, or send an email to thetzel@comcast.net; or colley_moe@comcast.net to find out more.

Class of 2022 - Freshmen
The class of 2022 needs 2-4 additional parents to join parent Julie Rubin in planning fundraising events. The class of 2022 has two faculty sponsors,  Jason Klimczak and Maggie Kennedy, but parents are needed to work with the staff to plan fundraising activities. Parent sponsors also plan community building activities for the parents of the class of 2022.  Each class is expected to raise money needed to host their Prom, After Prom and other activities senior year.  The sooner the fundraiser get started, the more choices there will be for events senior year. The time commitment can be as little or as much you can share.   Your involvement in any capacity is important and appreciated. We are successful because of your behind-the-scenes contributions, large and small. It all adds up to a stronger community. An engaged parent body shows our students that we care about them!
If you need more information, contact tjhspto@gmail.com or Julie directly at rubin_j@comcast.net.