January 16, 2017
Administrator's Corner

We will be holding our Honor Roll assembly on the 19th from 2-2:45pm in the auditorium. We will be recognizing students for the 1st Semester who have made the Platinum (4.5-5.0 GPA), Gold (4.0-4.4 GPA), Silver (3.5-3.9 GPA), and Bronze (3.0-3.4 GPA) honor rolls. We also recognize students who are Academic Lettermen which means they have held a 3.5 GPA for the last 3 consecutive semesters at TJ. This is a long standing tradition that we are proud to uphold and it is so important to celebrate the success of these students. Please come and support your student as we acknowledge all of the hard work our Spartans are putting in towards their college goals.

Tendremos nuestra Asamblea Lista de Honor el día 19 de 2-2: 45pm en el auditorio. Estaremos reconociendo a los estudiantes del Primer Semestre que han hecho la lista de honor Platinum (4.5-5.0 GPA), Gold (4.0-4.4 GPA), Silver (3.5-3.9 GPA) y Bronze (3.0-3.4 GPA). También reconoceremos a los estudiantes que son "Lettermen" académicos que significa que han sostenido un GPA 3.5 los últimos 3 semestres consecutivos en TJ. Esta es una larga tradición que nos sentimos orgullosos de sostener y es  muy importante celebrar el éxito de estos estudiantes. Por favor venga y apoye a su estudiante mientras reconocemos todo el trabajo duro que nuestros Spartans están poniendo hacia sus metas de la universidad.

Paula Hammel
Assistant Principal
Quick Links
TJ's Tardy/Truancy Policy
Thank you for your su pport in keeping our attendance at its best!
Save the Date -Testing
9 th  graders will be doing CMAS testing on March 23 rd-24th . Please make spring break plans accordingly so that students are here to test.
Kudos Korner
  • Thanks to Leadership's generosity, the Spartan community now has a filtered water bottle filling station in the main hallway by the office! Kudos to senior Faith Whitfield, teacher Jon Poole and counselor Erin Thompson for spearheading this exciting project with the leadership class. Special thanks to Facilities Manager Tom Conroy for logistical help to make this a reality. Please encourage your students to bring a water bottle daily to stay hydrated with fresh water! 
Week at a Glance - Week of 1/16-1/20
  • No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Please click here (or see the above "Athletics Schedule" quick link) to see athletic events for the week

  • Office Hours/early release
  • SAT/ACT Test Taking Timing and Strategies - 6:00 p.m.
  • Honor Roll and Academic Awards, 2:00 p.m.
  •  SAT Prep, 3-4 p.m.
New! TJ College Futures Program
There's a lot to understand about preparing your student for success in college, and it begins long before your student graduates from high school. Our new College Futures program is designed to begin to inform parents sooner about the many variables and strategies leading up to Senior year that impact the college process. Join us Wednesday, January 18  in Room 111 to learn more about SAT and ACT test taking timing and strategies. Open to all families. 

SAT/ACT Test Taking Timing & Strategies
with Emalee Smith
Room 111
6:00 pm
Challenge Day is Coming!
Challenge Day is a full day event over the course of January 24th and 25th. The junior class will be invited. Juniors with last names starting with A-L will participate in challenge day on Tuesday January 24th Juniors with last names starting M-Z will participate in challenge day on Wednesday January 25th. The event will be held in the gym. Check-in is in the cafeteria at 7:30 am. Lunch will be provided.

Challenge Day is a transformational day of fun, leadership and power that can change the way people view one another forever. The goal of Challenge Day is to help stop the teasing, violence and alienation that is so deeply a part of the school experience for millions of young people every day. Through a variety of games, trust-building activities and presentations, they will be given a unique opportunity to see themselves and the people around them through a new set of eyes. 
Since 1987, the nationwide Challenge Day programs have helped to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of teenagers just like you. Challenge Day has not only received numerous awards, but has also been featured in the best-selling book, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul and the Emmy Award-winning documentary, Teen Files: Surviving High School, Oprah and MTV.
For more information check out Challenge Day's website at  www.challengeday.org .

We have a few volunteer slots available so if you wish to volunteer please contact Samanda Davis at 720-423-7072 or at
Are You Looking to Get Fit in 2017?
Do you want to train in a group setting on the beautiful High Line Canal? Join us  every Sunday beginning January 8th  to train for one of the 7 races offered during the 2017 Colfax Marathon weekend!

  • Created in partnership with Denver City Councilwoman Kendra Black and Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR)
  • Club is open to all ages and abilities
  • Meet Sundays @ 9am (snow or shine) on the High Line Canal behind Eisenhower Rec Center for a group run/walk with coaches provided by DPR
  • Club membership: $5 registration fee
Contact  Liz.Zukowski@denvergov.org to sign up for the club, visit  runcolfax.org for more information on the 2017 Colfax Marathon races, and don't forget to like   Councilwoman Kendra Black's Facebook page to stay up to date on what's happening in the community!
Transition Planning and Legal Status - January 19th
AP Money
We will start collecting money for students who are taking AP tests this month. Every test is $93. Please know that if your student cannot make the test date, it will be $45 more to change the test date per College Board.
Where in the World Would You Like to Go?
Calling all Spartans wanting to travel during Summer 2018! 
We are in the process of picking our next trip! Several students have perused the catalogs and have provided four choices for Summer 2018. We are trying to figure out which exciting adventure to take ... Right now we are in the voting process... ! You (students) can either drop by room 217 at TJ to cast your vote in person, or email me Jennifer_sonheim@dpsk12.org to cast your vote for an epic adventure!

Our choices:
· Peru: Machu Picchu
· Greece/Italy
· Scotland/Ireland
· Spain/Morocco

Voting will end January 20th, 2017! If you want to travel, be part of the choice!
Time to Plan Ahead for Yearbook Ads!
Don't put it off - recognitions ads are due soon!
Yearbook recognition ads are a great way for parents, families and friends to commemorate student achievements and important milestones. In addition, revenues from recognition ads help our school to create a better yearbook. Jostens is managing your school's yearbook ad sales so please do not contact or send materials to the school.

Please take into account our school's ad content guidelines on the bottom of this form during the creation of your ad online.  Because these recognition ads can take some time to design and create, we wanted to give families plenty of notice.

All ad orders must be placed online by 2/16/2017.

Buy Groceries and Benefit TJ!
Buy King Sooper Cards that you can load and use and then a percentage (5%) goes to TJ PTO.
We can make ALOT of money from these when people just do their normal grocery shopping or gasoline purchase. 

Right now we only have 7 people using the cards but we made $2500.00 + ......i magine if at least 1/3 of the school used these cards!

lf 150 families at our school committed to spending $250 with their card each month, our school would earn $22,500 in one year! Anyway...details below and here is one image you can use.

  • Did you know you can earn 5% of every dollar loaded to your re-loadable gift card at King Soopers? 
  • Use your reloadable King Soopers gift card to purchase groceries, gas, and prescriptions!
  • You can get a card from the online store - mkt.com/TJSPartanStore 
...or by sending an email to Kevin Whalen, kevinjwhalen@yahoo.com, or stopping in to see Julie Thibodeau in the main office.

Cards are $5 and can be re-loaded anytime you are in King Soopers and can be used for any purchases including gas!

Thanks in advance for your support with this awesome fundraiser!
Cold Weather Care Guide and Sheltering Options for Families
As cold weather approaches, many families need extra assistance and sheltering options. Please click here to see the comprehensive guide. 
Communications Protocol for District Weather Closures and Delays
As we prepare for winter weather conditions, the Communications and Transportation Services teams want to ensure we're aligned with how we're sharing news about districtwide closures, dismissals and delays:
  • When districtwide school closures or early dismissals occur, information will be provided by Communications to students, families and educators.Additionally, messaging will be shared through area radio, television and print media, as well as through district websites and social media tools. We also encourage you to share this information on your school websites and social media tools.
  • Communications will use Infinite Campus to send out districtwide school closure or early dismissals messages.
  • Please note that the Transportation Services team will share information with students, families and educators about any delayed openings using its notification system called Bus Bulletin.
NEW Spirit Store Items
The TJ Spartan Spirit Store is a virtual store  which is online. The store also is setup at some school events such as athletic events, concerts, plays and conference nights.

NEW Spirit Store Items!

Check out the new American Apparel soft 100% cotton v-neck t-shirts in dark gray or white with gold TJ on the front and Spartan on the back. Also, get a new gray fleece blanket with gold TJ embroidered in the corner to keep you warm while cheering on the Spartans this winter.

New XXL and XL sizes in men's Under Armour ankle zip sweatpants and new inventory in the Under Armour 1/4 zip long sleeve pull overs in graphite grey stripe with embroidered TJ. XXL hoodies and T-shirts now available.

Order online and pickup at school: mkt.com/TJSpartanStore or contact Laura Whalen to pay by cash or check.
Look for the Spirit Store at all TJ Spartan athletic events this year.
Mental Health and Social/Emotional Tips

Challenge Day promotes change makers. Their mantra is to "Be The Change in the World You Wish to See" however, we often find that is hard to know where to start. Here are a few ideas where you can model 'giving back' to your children or a platform to create some family volunteer opportunities. 

7 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Own Community 
There are dozens of reason why getting involved in your community is important but we'll sum it up to this: it's good for you and it's really good for those around you. And since most people agree but have no idea where to start, here's a jump start and 7 great ideas on how to get involved (and make a difference!) in your community.  

1. Tutor A Kid 
Even though school is officially out, lots of kids will be suffering through summer school or homework assist programs. Do them (and yourself) a favor and help them out. It's amazing what an impact you can make in just a few hours! Call your local school to find out when and how you can get involved. 

2. Attend Community Meetings 
While the idea of attending a community meeting might sound about as entertaining as a dentist appointment, they can actually be really great. You meet people who live around you, which comes in handy if you're one of the many people who complain that your friends live too far away to hang out on a regular basis. Moreover, you really become familiar with what's happening in your neighborhood and more than likely, you'll gain a real sense of ownership of where you live. The more this happens, the better! 

3. Clean Up 
Picking up trash might not sound too appealing, but there are hundreds of parks and playgrounds around that could use some TLC. Often times starting or joining a clean-up project can really transform a neighborhood, especially if you're creating a place for kids to play or people to gather. If you have a place in mind, make sure you reach out to the administrator before you make any changes. If you want some ideas, call your local parks department for locations that could use your help.  

4. Get Disaster Relief Certified 
Whether it's hurricanes, tornadoes or a tragic plane accident, it seems like there's no shortages of disasters nowadays. And the American Red Cross needs your help! Their disaster relief team responds to nearly 70,000 disasters every year, and 90% of those workers are volunteers. Being a part of the team doesn't necessarily mean suiting up and putting yourself at risk. Volunteers do everything from managing other volunteers to giving presentations on how to be prepared if an unfortunate event does occur. You can visit http://www.redcross.org/support/volunteer/opportunities#step1 to see what's needed in your area. 

5. Serve at a Food Bank 
Chances are, there is a local food bank within 20 minutes of where you live, and chances are even higher that they could use your help. Local food banks are some of the most important charities around town and usually most dependent upon volunteers and donations. Volunteering could come in many forms. You could help cook, serve the food, wash dishes or maybe just visit with some of the patrons.  

6. Start A Club or Team 
If you're complaining that there's "not a ______ in my area," take the initiative and start one yourself. There are probably at least a few others thinking the same thing. Whether it's a sports team or interest group (like a book club or crafting night), your neighbors will appreciate someone stepping up and taking leadership of the group. Spent some time perusing Facebook to see if there are any local pages/groups and see if anything similar exists. If not, go for it! 

7. Serve the Elderly 
Elderly people are the backbone of the community but unfortunately, often the ones most looked over. It's hard to imagine men and women in their 80's and 90's being in a nursing home with no family or friends to visit, but it happens. Contact some nursing homes or assisted living facilities in the area and see if there is someone there who could use a little of your time and attention. It's amazing how much a short conversation or a game of checkers could make in their day! Getting involved in your community isn't hard and with a little time, you can make a big difference. And the best part? Volunteering is addicting and contagious, so once you start, you will probably want to keep doing it...and so will those around you! 
Mental Health and Social Emotional Tip: Compiled by Samanda Davis, LCSW, MSW and Natalie Koncz, Ed.S., NCSP
Resources: Information compiled from: Volunteer Energy
Class News You Can Use
All Classes 
Class of 2017 - Seniors

SENIOR T-Shirts - Get Yours Now
We still have some of the original Class of 2017 T-Shirts available. Y ou can purchase online and pickup at school OR  see Julie Thibodeau in the office  to buy your shirt.  Profits from these shirts support After-Prom Event for 2017.  So please support our Seniors and a safe, fun Prom 2017.

Stay CONNECTED - TeamApp - TJ Class of 2017, Twitter @2017tjhs, facebook TJHS 2017 Spartan Support 

Questions:  TJHS2017@gmail.com
Thanks for helping to make TJ and the Class of 2017 Great!
Class of 2018 - Juniors
FUNdraising Party to Support TJ Class of 2018 Prom

Sign up to play Left, Center, Right, an easy to learn dice game of chance (you don't have to know how to play before you arrive). 
Cost :   $30 per person (collected at the door), includes food, beer, wine; money to play 3 rounds of the game; a chance to win up to $180; satisfaction of helping to create great memories for the Class of 2018; and most of all, a super fun time with a great community.
Where:  Bartels Home, 1865 South Newport St., Denver
When:    January 28, 2017 at 6 pm
Who:      Adults only. Do not need to have a student in the TJ Class of 2018.
Maximum number of participants is 60, so sign up soon via the SignUp Genius link !
If you are unable to attend and would like to make a donation to the Class of 2018 prom, please contact karycramer@msn.com.
  • Please look for more opportunities this school year for parents to socialize, get connected and contribute to the Class of 2018 fundraising efforts. Please email karycramer@msn.com if you're interested in helping out at any point this year. We need you!
Class of 2019 - Sophomores
  • If you have an idea for fundraising, community building event or volunteer opportunity, please contact Jane Bulger:  janeebulger@gmail.com
Class of 2020 - Freshmen
  • Thank-you to Megan Perkins and Lisa LoJacono who have agreed to be parent representatives for the Class of 2020. Please look for important information to come.  If you are interested in getting involved please email Megan at:  megandperkins@gmail.com or Lisa at:  lisalojacono@gmail.com.
News from the Future Center
Nearly 42% of TJ's senior class has completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  If you would like help completing FAFSA, please contact Ms. Maez to schedule an appointment.
We are starting to hear back from colleges!  Approximately 63% of the senior class has applied to college and 41% have been accepted.  TJ seniors have raised $569,480 in scholarship dollars.  If you have been accepted to a college or have received a scholarship, make sure to bring/email Ms. Maez a copy of your acceptance letter.  For questions, contact Ms. Maez at rmaez@denverscholarship.org or at 720-423-7134.
For upcoming events, college visits, financial aid workshops, scholarships, and much more, visit the Future Center wikipage !
Rena Maez 
College Advisor, Thomas Jefferson High School 
Denver Scholarship Foundation | a 501(c)(3) Public Charity  
3950 S. Holly Street  |  Denver, CO 80237 
O 720.423.7134   F 720.423.7098
rmaez@denverscholarship.org |   www.denverscholarship.org