January 21, 2019
Administrator's Corner

Spartan families, 

Please know that we are aware of the current strike possibilities with Denver teachers. We are in close contact with the district and are planning accordingly should this become a reality. Click here for more information.

Regardless of the outcome, rest assured that TJ will always be a safe place for students. 

Familias espartanas, 

por favor, sepan que somos conscientes de las posibilidades actuales de huelga con los maestros de Denver. Estamos en estrecho contacto con el distrito y estamos planeando en consecuencia si esto se convierte en una realidad. Haga clic aquí para obtener más información.

Independientemente del resultado, tenga la seguridad de que TJ siempre será un lugar seguro para los estudiantes.

Mike Christoff
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Week at a Glance - Week of 1/21-1/25
  • No school - MLK Holiday
  • Please click here (or see the above "Athletics Schedule" quick link) to see athletic events for the week

Wednesday -
  • Office Hours: 2:14-2:55 p.m.

Kudos Korner
  • Congratulations to the Unified Basketball Team! They won 6th place in their recent tournament. Way to go, Spartans!
Denver Public Safety, Listen and Learn Public Community Meeting - Jan. 29
Challenge Day 
Hello TJ parents,
TJ is getting geared up for challenge day on January 30th and  31st. It is a one day event specifically for the Junior class. There has been a change to the schedule for Challenge Day. Juniors with the last name starting with
K-Z will be attending Wednesday, January 30th, and students with the last name starting with 
A-J will be attending Thursday, January 31.

It is an all-day event, starting at 7:30 a.m. and ending at 2:45 pm and takes place in TJHS's gym.  Lunch will be provided. 
Click here for an OPT out form (only to be completed if you wish your child not to participate). Opt Out forms are due January 18th. 
If you wish to contribute financially to providing this program to the school, please click on this link.  Average cost per student to participate is around $20.   
Thomas Jefferson High School and our students have been fortunate to be able to provide Challenge Day to our students.  Challenge Day is a 20 year national program that has been proven to positively change the culture of a school in just one day.  It creates lasting and strong relationships among students and between adults and students.  These relationships often translate into greater student success.
What is Challenge Day?
  • It is a one day (seven hour), action-packed, interactive program held in the gym at TJ where students, teachers, administrators, parents and other adult volunteers participate together and connect on a very personal level in a safe environment.
  • Students, teachers, and parents own up to past behavior, apologize to each other, and make a pledge to "change their behavior. 
  • Students and adults participate equally and connect on a very personal level.
  • Through these personal connections, students are engaged and empowered, and are inspired to be successful.
  • Students' personal power and self esteem are elevated.
  • Dangerous peer pressure is transformed into positive peer support.
  • Teasing, violence and all forms of oppression are recognized and eliminated.
  • The aftermath of the school climate is remarkably noticeable. 
Challenge Day has been featured on OPRAH, MTV and on other national news programs.   The news stories show high school students "crossing the line" to show their experiences and share their differences.  You can see the story on oprah.com or on YouTube.  You can also check out this link and watch the video clip  http://www.challengeday.org/our_program/videos.html  or ask me for a DVD as I have them at my disposal.  Many other schools in Denver have participated in Challenge Day with great success.  Your child may have already experienced it in middle school or high school. 
PTO News
Our next meeting will be February 12, 2019 at 6 pm in Room 111.
Opportunity for Transitional Students and Parents
Project Independence provides  free  workshops to help  Denver  parents who have children with disabilities learn about options for their children once they leave high school.  The project also trains youth from ages 14-21 about their options after high school.  

A disability should not hamper a person to live their life to the fullest.  We share with participants how to obtain employment in the communityassist in applying for college and vocational school, as well as support with life skills.  Statistics shows that people with disabilities earn about two-thirds of the median earnings of people without disabilities.  They are less likely to attend higher learning, and more likely to live below the poverty line.  Project Independence wants to change that.

There will be 2 strands of workshops: One for parents and one for youth.  It will be for 5 Thursdays starting February 21st and ending March 21st.  There will also be a college tour one Saturday during that time. The time of the workshops will be 6:00 - 6:30 for dinner, and 6:30 - 8:30 for training.  Click here to learn more about the project
Click here to register online. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Families can contact us with any questions at 303-632-6840.
Yearbook News
Yearbook Announcements:
  • Please check to see if we received your senior quote and photo. There's a poster hanging on the office windows, or you can check the yearbook website to make sure.
  • PriceGet your book at the price of $60 until 2-22-19. The price will eventually increase to $65, so act fast!
All information about the yearbook can found on the journal under the News & Events tab or by clicking here.
Mini Cheer Clinic 

Click here for the registration form. Please contact tjspartancheer@gmail.com if you have any questions!
News from the Future Center
College Admissions Representative Visit:
Adams State University visit on Wednesday, January 23rd during 4th period from 10:03-11:00.
12th graders - please sign up in Naviance!

Thank you!

Sophie Vogel
College Advisor, Thomas Jefferson High School 
Denver Scholarship Foundation | a 501(c)(3) Public Charity  
3950 S. Holly Street  |  Denver, CO 80237 
O 720.423.7134   F 720.423.7098
Spartan Spirit Store
The TJHS Spirit Store is stocked and ready to sell!  Show your TJ pride in style and comfort with hoodies, joggers, t-shirts, hats, blankets and stadium chairs. The Spirit Store is open every Friday at lunch time.  Great news: the SALE prices are extended through January, possibly longer!  2019 retro-Joe Spartan t-shirts are $5, all other short-sleeved t-shirts are $10, long-sleeved shirts are $20, and hoodies are $25. Also, the striped Under Armor quarter-zip shirts are now $35.  We also have beanies with pom poms for $20 and beanies without for $15, dry-fit long sleeved shirts for $20, and TJ joggers for $35.  We accept cash, credit cards and checks.

The store will be open during events like certain athletic games and other community events.  Or, make an appointment to shop with Carrie ( TJHS.Store@gmail.com ).   Julie Thibodeau in the front office can also help if you need the store at times other than Friday at lunch.  You can view several items  here , but we are not currently accepting online orders .

If you have any questions please email them to  tjhs.store@gmail.com.
Mental Health and Social/Emotional Tips
Did You Know?

You don't have to wait until you have a solid chunk of time to get some exercise in your day ...

Sweat for Seven - 
6:00 AM
Do each move for 45 seconds, resting for 10:
-Jumping Jacks
-High Knees (jog in place)
-Squats and heel lifts
-Then repeat

Brush and Lift - 
7:00 AM
While brushing your teeth, improve your posture and balance with leg lifts!  While standing with abs engaged, lift one leg out to the side; hold for 10 seconds. Repeat, alternating legs.

Sit Strong - 
10:00 AM
While you are sitting, build strength by doing some isometric holds - you clench a muscle and then let it go. Contract abs for 3 seconds; relax. Repeat five times. Do the same with your glutes!  Repeat as desired.

Go For a Walk - 
12:00 PM
Wherever you are, work or home, make sure to get up and out at lunchtime. No need for it to be long- walk briskly around the block! Or if you are running errands, park a little further away to get those legs moving for a little longer.

Take a Stand - 
2:00 PM
On a conference call, phone call with a friend, or just sitting at your desk? Stand and engage the core. Lift your right knee to waist height, and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat with left knee.  Alternate legs until you move on to your next task.

Cook and Plié -  6:00 PM
While you are waiting for water to boil, do some pli és! Rest one hand on the counter, stand with heels together, toes out, Keep your torso upright and bend your knees. Need more, do some push-ups with hands on the edge of the counters!

Stretch for Sleep -  10:00 PM
Lying on your back in bed, bring the right knee to your chest. Switch to the left knee. After that, try child's pose- sit on heels, bring chest down to rest on thighs, forehead touching bed, arms by your side.
Enjoy a well-earned night's rest!
Mental Health and Social Emotional "Did You Know":  Compiled by Samanda Davis, LCSW, MSW and Natalie Koncz, Ed.S., NCSP. Resources: www.BHG.com, article from June 2018 issue- "Sneak Exercise into Your Day."
Facilities Management Jobs Available
Denver Mayor's Youth Commission is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 term!
The Mayor's Youth Commission provides youth the opportunity to develop leadership skills and advise the Mayor and the director of the Office of Children's Affairs on issues impacting youth living in the City and County of Denver. Youth commissioners work together with adult commissioners to make recommendations in the areas of:
  • Developing procedures and processes
  • Accessing and participating in citywide programs
  • Ensuring equal rights and opportunities through legislation or administrative action
  • Establishing goals and action plans
Applications for the 2019 - 2020 school year are open Jan. 1 - Mar. 8, 2019!
Selected commissioners can serve up to a three-year term limit.
Meetings are scheduled during the evening, the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, during the school year.
Youth Apply Here: Must be a Denver resident or attending Denver Public Schools (high school) in 2019 - 2020.
Adults Apply Here: Must be employed with a youth-serving organization or the City and County of Denver.
How can YOU be the change? Click here for more information. 
Food and Nutrition Resources for Families
  • Click here for Food Resource Hotline information
Class News You Can Use
All Classes 
  • Great news! All Class T-Shirts are now available (as well as other TJ gear)  in the Spartan Store. If you would like to make a purchase, please contact tjhs.store@gmail.com.
Class of 2019 - Seniors
Attention Class of '19 Parents:

Join us for an informational meeting on January 15th at 6pm in room 111.  We'll cover important updates and have administration available to answer questions as we prepare for Graduation.  Contact Anne McCord if you have questions (armccord06@comcast.net). 

Cheers!  Class of '19 Parent Committee
The Class of '19 is raising money for senior year activities including After Prom.

How you can support:
  • Host an event
  • Make a tax deductible financial donation - Find out if your employer will match your donation!
  • Participate in Neighborhood Eats events
  • Buy a Class of '19 T-shirt via tjhs.store@gmail.com
  • For more information contact Anne McCord - armccord06@comcast.net
TJ AVID is selling Do it yourself Senior Shirts! 

Join the new TJ tradition!

Tie Dye, paint and decorate to your Style!

Senior DIY Shirts $15 

Class of 2020 - Juniors
The Class of 2020 will raise money throughout the year for senior year activities including After Prom.

How you can support:
  • Host an event and donate the proceeds to the class of 2020!
  • Make a tax deductible financial donation by clicking here.  Be sure to find out if your employer will match our donation!
Please contact Megan Perkins (megandperkins@gmail.com) or Lisa LoJacono (lisalojacono@gmail.com to get involved in fundraising and other activities!

Class of 2021 - Sophomores
  • We're also looking for volunteers to host future events for our class parents. If interested, please come to the next PTO meeting, or send an email to thetzel@comcast.net; or colley_moe@comcast.net to find out more.
Class of 2022 - Freshmen
  • If you have any questions or interest in joining a team of parents to help coordinate fundraising efforts and community building, please email tjhspto@gmail.com for more information.