January 22, 2018
Administrator's Corner

TJ had an amazing week last week especially for our Juniors that had the wonderful opportunity to experience Challenge Day. A big thank you to
Samanda DavisNatalie Koncz , Challenge Denver, all our volunteers, and our students for such a great experience. It was incredibly meaningful for so many, and one of the big reasons why TJ is such a great place. 

Important information for families to know:

There is an Honor Roll Celebration Wednesday the 24th during Office Hours in the auditorium. We will be celebrating our students' academic successes from last semester. Parents are certainly welcome.

Advanced Placement Exams will be here before you know it.  Please double check whether your student earned an "A" or "B" in their first semester AP class(es) to determine how much you will pay for the test(s).  Click here for information about testing and fees

Tutoring is available in the library after school Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Make sure you are taking advantage of this opportunity as well as utilizing Office Hours effectively. 

We are off to a great start TJ, let's keep it going!

TJ tuvo una semana increíble la semana pasada, especialmente para nuestros Juniors que tuvieron la maravillosa oportunidad de experimentar el Día del Desafío. Muchas gracias Samanda Davis, Natalie Koncz, Challenge Denver, todos nuestros voluntarios y nuestros estudiantes por una gran experiencia. Fue increíblemente significativo para muchos, y una de las grandes razones por las que TJ es un lugar tan maravilloso.

Información importante para que las familias lo sepan: 

Hay una Celebración de Lista de Honor el miércoles 24 durante el horario de oficina en el auditorio. Celebraremos los éxitos académicos de nuestros estudiantes del último semestre. Los padres son ciertamente bienvenidos.

Los exámenes de nivel avanzado estarán aquí antes de que te des cuenta. Por favor, verifique si su estudiante obtuvo una "A" o "B" en su clase AP de primer semestre para determinar cuánto pagará por la (s) prueba (s). Haga clic aqui­ para obtener información sobre pruebas y tarifas. 

La tutoría está disponible en la biblioteca después de la escuela los martes, jueves y viernes. Asegúrese de aprovechar esta oportunidad y de utilizar Horas de oficina de manera efectiva. 

Hemos tenido un gran comienzo TJ, ¡sigamos así!

Jon Poole
Administrative Intern
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Week at a Glance - Week of 1/22-1/26
  • Please click here (or see the above "Athletics Schedule" quick link) to see athletic events for the week

  • Office Hours: 2:14-2:55 p.m.
  • Honor Roll Celebration: 2:15 p.m. (for honor roll recipients, parents, and others interested in attending)
Thursday -

Kudos Korner

  • This month we celebrate all National Board Certified Teachers with special focus on this year's 5,470 new and 3,957 renewed NBCTs! Congrats to Nina Barber and Lynne Valencia, TJ's National Board Certified Teachers! 
  • Last semester, senior AP Statistic students finished a unit on probability, with the final unit project having students creating probability games they shared in a 'Probability Game Day' with freshman Math I classes. AP Statistic students created games using two different probability events that included cards, dice, spinners and other materials. AP Statistic students then calculated the theoretical probabilities of a WIN and a LOSS for their group's game. The creativity and fun of all the different games was exceptional!

    On January 14, Math I students were invited to the AP Statistics classes where they then played the games, winning candy prizes and exploring the probability behind the various games. The AP Statistic students collected data on WINS and LOSSES and will use their data in future statistical tasks and calculations. Math was everywhere in the fun, carnival-like atmosphere!  The AP Statistic students really demonstrated how math can be fun and interesting and showed their SPARTAN PRIDE for the freshman students! Great Job AP STATS!!
  • Students from Mrs. Valencia's Ethnics Studies class marched in the MLK Marade last week. Seniors, left to right: Vanessa Flores-Sanchez, Sonia Pacheco-Neri and Maria Jimenez-Guzman.
  • The Colorado Rockies are in the midst of their 2018 Winter Caravan, an eight-day tour across Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming, spanning from January 13th to the 20th. On January 18, Assistant Principal Andrew Skari and Athletic Director Anne Rice were able to be a part of the Coors Field autograph and photo session featuring former Spartan Kyle Freeland (as well as Jon Gray and Pat Valaika). Freeland also visited Holm Elementary School, where he attended and where his mother Susan works in the office. Click here for details!
Chipotle Fundraiser for Girls' Soccer - Tomorrow!
Honor Roll Celebration Jan. 24th
Wednesday the 24th we will have the honor roll celebration from 2:15-2:45pm to honor our Academic Lettermen, our students with GPA's over a 3.0, and students who passed the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) assessment. We are trying something different this year; the celebration will be only for honor roll recipients and parents.
Community Open House Meeting Wednesday, January 24
Final Yearbook Discount

This is the final discounted price for the yearbook! It will be $60 until 2-23-18. After that, the book will be $65 until we are sold out.   To ensure you get a book, buy now!

Anything that you need to know about the yearbook can be found on the yearbook website here!

DPS Online Pay Available 
Chipotle Fundraiser for Native American Student Alliance - January 30th!
New Partnership with American Furniture Warehouse
Great Partnership News!  Have furniture needs? Purchases at American Furniture ANYTIME will support TJ High School. Just mention our School ID: TJHS07 (or our school name) at check-out. All details are included below.
New Spirit Store Hours
The TJ Spartan Spirit Store is a virtual store which is online. The store is also set up at some school events such as athletic events, concerts, plays and conference nights. Click here for more information!
  • Beginning Friday, January 19, TJ spirit store hours will be on Fridays during lunch only. We have two parents who will be alternating shifts to make the store convenient and accessible to students. The store will continue to be open during special events, and Julie Thibodeau will continue to be available at other times for the offhand, urgent purchase. But we feel this regular weekly schedule will be easy to remember, easier to staff, and hopefully maximize use of the store. 
We take Cash and Credit Cards!
New PopSockets are in for $9 each or buy with a friend and save, 2 for $16.

When the store is open we will be in front of the physical store by the auditorium. For games, we will be in front of the gym in the lobby.

Call or email Laura Whalen if you have questions.
Laura Whalen
cell: 303-681-7226
Denver Public Health Recommendation: Letters to Families about the Flu
Winter is here and so are winter colds and other illnesses.We do not want children to miss school. Neither do we want our families sending a sick child to school to expose others to possible illness.
Due to the increase in influenza cases in the school district, Denver Public Health has recommended that school leaders send a letter to all DPS families about the flu. Public health officials have shared there is a significant increase in reported cases this year.
I am providing a letter from DPS Nursing & Student Health Services in  English and  Spanish and request that you distribute this letter to your families. This valuable information will help them navigate through flu season.
PTO News
  • Want to help make your students high school experience the best it can be?  
  • Want to support the staff at TJ? 
  • Want to get to know some parents at TJ?                                    
      Come to a PTO meeting!

We meet monthly and have 1-2 events each month that we support. You can help out as your schedule permits.   Email  tjhspto@gmail.com  with any questions.
2nd Annual TJ Auction
Planning for the 2nd Annual TJ Auction is underway and we NEED YOU! It is time to start reaching out to businesses in the community for end-of-year, tax-deductible donations to TJ's online auction, scheduled for  March 11-15 . Last year we raised $10,000 for our classroom grant program. This year, our goal is to raise $20,000 to have an even greater impact on all our students. 
Do you own a business or provide a valuable service?  Donate an item, goods, or services. We're looking for shopping, dining, entertainment, home/yard/vehicle goods and services, travel and getaways, treats, beauty/spas and health services, professional services and more. Simply go to  https://tjhs.ptapal.com  to enter your donation and follow the instructions!
Do you love to shop, dine and explore the Denver-Metro area?
Collect donations from the places you already frequent. Most businesses are excited to have an opportunity to support public schools and earn new customers. Don't be shy! If they advertise, they want business, and school auctions are a great opportunity to get in front of new people. If they're on Living Social, Travel Zoo or Groupon, they're probably great candidates to donate to TJ.  
Do you enjoy theme parties and social gatherings? 
Gather a couple TJ families to co-host a themed party. Get our your neon 80s wear, old college sweatshirts, or check Pinterest for the craziest new ideas for themed parties. Some we love: tacky party, murder mystery, painting and sipping, yoga n mimosas, mamas and margaritas, 80s prom, dads and drafts, pedal push party... the possibilities are endless, fun, and build the TJ community. We'll consult with you to make it a huge success and market your party on the auction site and all proceeds will go to TJ.  
We NEED YOU and helping is EASY!
1.  Use this form to share with businesses. Email it or share it in person. We're not kidding--it's that simple. It has all the necessary details plus PTO's tax ID number and instructions on how to submit donations. 
2. Collect as many donations as possible while you're out and about. Companies value the opportunity to earn the business of TJ parents and support public education. And the tax write-off is pretty great, too.  
Again, some of the categories of business we need include:
  • stores of all kinds
  • dining
  • entertainment, sports events and recreation (concerts, movie passes, memberships)
  • home & vehicle goods and services (interior design, roofs, painting, fences, landscape design, architecture, auto maintenance or repairs)
  • professional services (taxes, accounting, home organizing, marketing, graphic design, consulting, etc.)
  • travel and getaways 
  • treats of all varieties
  • beauty/spas and health services (hair, nail, body, relaxation, wellness, gyms, yoga, pilates, massage, acupuncture, etc.)
  • student services (tutoring, test prep, college admissions support, voice or music lessons)
  • athletic services (camps, strength and agility training, etc.)
  • parent parties
  • and just about anything else you or your families buy/use!
If you have any questions reach out to Auction Chair Megan Perkins: 
Mental Health and Social/Emotional Tips
Did You Know...?

Being Optimistic Is Good For Your Health: 

More than five decades of research have found that OPTIMISM is a potent health tonic. Optimistic people remain healthier and live longer; they have better cardiovascular health, strong immune function and lower levels of stress and pain!

It is Not Too Late to Change!
Here are a few small ideas that can make a big difference in your everyday life:
  1. Write down three things you are looking forward to, and let these good thoughts sink in for 5 minutes!
  2. Reminisce- scientists have found that people who heard songs from their past or thought about events that made them nostalgic felt more optimistic. Revisiting positive memories can also boost confidence!
  3. Sleep- make sure to get enough zzzzzz's! In one study, people who slept seven to eight hours a night were more optimistic than those who got less than six.
  4. Language- simply changing your language from "I have to" to "I get to or I am lucky enough to" can impact your outlook on events and experiences.
  5. Worry List- when a worry pops in to your head, write it down and set it aside. Clear 10-15 minutes from your calendar to go over the list; when you get around to it, you may not be as concerned.
  6. Change Expectations- Since we cannot control other people's behaviors, only how we respond to them, make a conscious decision to accept the situation or circumstance you are in, and focus on your behaviors instead.  (For example, if someone usually make rude or obnoxious comments to you, do not expect your next interaction with them to be any different. Instead, think about how you could respond differently, perhaps by not reacting or acknowledging the comment at all!)
  7. Experience Your Emotions- it is okay that not all emotions are comfortable! That is part of life. Next time you are in a situation where you are upset, angry or frustrated, acknowledge that feeling, accept it for what it is, and move on! No need to always dwell or hold on to our feelings for extended periods of time.
  8. Get Social- People tend to like optimists more than they like pessimists, and studies confirm that in terms of sheer number, optimists have more friends, stronger relationships with their friends, and fewer occurrences of negative social interactions. 
Mental Health and Social Emotional "Did You Know":  Compiled by Samanda Davis, LCSW, MSW and Natalie Koncz, Ed.S., NCSP. 
Resources: BH&G December 2017 Issue; www.psychologytoday.com .  
Class News You Can Use
All Classes 
  • Great news! All Class T-Shirts are now available (as wells as other TJ gear) in the Spartan Store!

  • Supporting our TJ students, classrooms and teacher is as simple as a click of a button. Visit the online store to donate to TJ PTO today: Online Spartan Spirit Store for TJ Gear
Class of 2018 - Seniors
Calling all Senior Parents!
Our time is limited and these last few months will be filled with significant milestones and fun celebrations.  Now is the time to get involved and make Spring semester of Senior year memorable and meaningful for your Class of 2018 student. 

*We have a choreographer for Mr. TJ (thank-you Tyler Cobb) and now we need parents willing to supervise rehearsals and provide lunches/snacks.  All parents, regardless of if you have a son or daughter, are welcome to help.  Please contact  springhericks@gmail.com to get involved with this fun TJ tradition.  

*Fundraising efforts have been successful and now comes the celebration.  Want to get involved with After-Prom?  All parents are welcome and needed with planning, implementing, and supervising this special event.  Please contact  karycramer@msn.com to indicate your interest in helping.  

Together we can make incredible memories for the Class of 2018. 
Class of 2019 - Juniors
The Class of '19 is raising money for senior year activities including After Prom.

How you can support:
Class of 2020 - Sophomores
  • Thank you to Megan Perkins and Lisa LoJacono, the parent representatives for the Class of 2020. Please look for important information to come.  If you are interested in getting involved please email Megan at:   megandperkins@gmail.com  or Lisa at:   lisalojacono@gmail.com .
Class of 2021 - Freshmen
  • New Graduation Requirements! DPS has adopted new, evidence-based graduation requirements that will go into effect this year for the graduating class of 2021. Click here
    to read more!
News from the Future Center
Meetings with Ms. MaezSeniors are encouraged to stop by the Future Center to set up a time to discuss their plans for next year.  A calendar of her availability is posted on the door.
Rena Maez 
College Advisor, Thomas Jefferson High School 
Denver Scholarship Foundation | a 501(c)(3) Public Charity  
3950 S. Holly Street  |  Denver, CO 80237 
O 720.423.7134   F 720.423.7098
rmaez@denverscholarship.org |   www.denverscholarship.org