November 2, 2020
Administrator's Corner

Last week DPS announced that because of the rising case numbers in Denver we are going to stay remote for the rest of the semester. We will continue to communicate information to you as we receive it.
Specifically for TJ, we will continue with our current schedule (below). Let's finish this semester strong. Students should attend and participate in every class every day. Encourage your student to communicate with their teachers if they have questions or need extra support. 

Important Reminder: Advisement is a required class. Students will meet their ICAP graduation requirement through Advisement and should attend every week.

La semana pasada DPS anunció que debido al aumento de los casos en Denver vamos a permanecer alejados por el resto del semestre. Continuaremos comunicando información a usted a medida que la recibamos.

Específicamente para TJ, continuaremos con nuestro calendario actual (abajo). Terminemos este semestre con fuerza. Los estudiantes deben asistir y participar en cada clase todos los días. ANIME a su estudiante a comunicarse con sus maestros si tienen preguntas o necesitan apoyo adicional.

Recordatorio importante: El asesoramiento es una clase obligatoria. Los estudiantes cumplirán con su requisito de graduación de ICAP a través de Asesoramiento y deben asistir cada semana.

Anne Rice
Athletic Director
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  • Office Hours schedule
Kudos Korner
  • A big thank you to Julie Thibodeau for all of her efforts toward the PSAT/SAT testing last week!
  • Please join us in congratulating one of our wonderful World Language teachers! Laura Prow's Spanish 3 video is being used as an exemplar in upcoming district LEAP trainings as an outstanding example of LE.2, LE.4, I.4 and I.5. Way to go, Laura!
  • Congratulations to the winners of the conflict resolution art contest!
1st place - Roxanne Wilkerson
2nd place - Sherry Wang
3rd place - Roselyn Benally
Honorable mention - Anna Blanchard
1st place - Roxanne Wilkerson
2nd Place - Sherry Wang.                                         3rd Place - Roselyn Benally
Honorable Mention - Anna Blanchard
Election Supports for Students
Virtual Tardy Policy for Remote Learning
To excuse a student's absence or tardy please call the TJHS automated attendance line at 720-423-7040 or email

Tardies are required to be excused within 24 hours of occurrence.

Absences are required to be excused within 48 hours of occurrence.
FREE Tutoring Available!

For now, tutoring is being done remotely, but we will revisit and revise when we have been cleared for in-person instruction.  Please let your students and their families know! As always, tutoring is a free service for our students!

Please reach out to with any questions you might have.

Click on the links below to view the full size flyers!


TJ Food Drive and Distribution Program
Thank you to everyone for the support of the TJ Food Bank!  The response has been overwhelming and we have been able to provide a lot of families with food.  Our last distribution depleted our bank, so we are looking to restock it and need your help!  As a reminder we are continuously collecting  non-perishable food items and those can be delivered "TJ Food Bank" boxes at any of the following locations: 
·       7996 E. Jefferson Place, Denver, 80237  
·       7500 E. Dartmouth Avenue #25, Denver, 80231
·       2750 E. Bates Avenue, Denver, 80210  
·       3732 S. Sebring Court, Denver, 80237  
·       6895 Eastmoor Drive, Denver, 80237
·       7925 E. Mexico Avenue, Denver, 80231
·       2805 S. Gilpin Street, Denver, 80210  
·       3614 S. Hudson Street, Denver, 80237
·       3004 S. Milwaukee Circle, Denver, 80210
·       3734 S. Oneida Way, Denver, 80237  
·       3771 S. Rosemary Way, Denver, 80237  
If you are interested in helping with the Food Bank please reach out to Megan Perkins ( or Suzy Stone (
Thanksgiving Food Drive - SkillsUSA
Thank you to everyone who participated in the online sale. All of you should have received an email with details about picking up your items. Reach out to TJHS.STORE@GMAIL.COM  if you have not heard from anyone.

On Saturday, November 14 from 10am-12pm we will have a sale in the parking lot at TJ. We will be slashing prices on remaining inventory (the old TJ gear) and we will also be selling yard signs, blankets, stickers, magnets, and pop-sockets. Come by to shop! Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

We will be working on a new collection of items for a winter/holiday online sale. Please watch the newsletter and School Deets for information.
Cheerleading Fundraiser - Spartan Gear
The cheerleading team is currently running a TJ gear/swag fundraiser online now till November 6th. There are many options that TJ fans can pick from, shirts, jackets, hats, masks, etc. Click here for the infoall items are shipped directly to the buyer's house, and you can customize the gear if you wish!
Chromebook and Materials Distribution - By Appointment Only
Dear Spartan Families, 

TJHS will continue to offer pick up opportunities for Chromebooks and class materials distribution by appointment only. 

  • To make a request please fill out the form here
  • We will contact you using the email address provided in the form to arrange a time for pickup.
  • If you are returning damaged technology please make sure the power cord is returned with the unit
  • We are out of Wifi Hotspots and we don't know when additional units will be made available.
PTO News
If you want to be a part of the PTO, there are no dues but we do need to know who you are. Please visit the PTO page and click Join Today to let us know how you want to be involved. We can't be Spartan Strong without you!

Please mark your calendar for the next PTO meeting: Tuesday, November 10th. Stay tuned for details!
Questions? Want to get involved? Email:
Grief Support
Express Yourselves!
DECA Judges Needed!

Who wants to be a "Virtual DECA Judge?" Click here to learn more and sign up! We need between 75-100 qualified business experts to help us judge student submissions for the DECA District 3 Conference in November. Email Matt Nicolo with any questions and thank you for supporting our students.

Yearbook News
Are you interested in starting your own business or expanding an existing business?
Check out the Commons 101: Intro to the Commons session happening this Wednesday. See more information below! Questions? Contact Mr. Mason at
Wed Nov 04, 2020 * 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Commons 101 sessions are open to anyone interested in The Commons and the local entrepreneurship scene. Come learn about all of the resources available to early stage entrepreneurs!
Come learn about Denver's entrepreneurial offerings- programming, physical space, and mentorship with experts! The Commons on Champa and Denver Economic Development and Opportunity will walk you through everything available for entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors and community organizers!
Please attend whether you are in the idea stage or have a running business, everyone is welcome!
DPS Custodians and Bus Drivers Needed!
During this time of COVID our schools need more than ever to stay clean and safe for our kiddos and staff!

The reason for this email is to ask a favor - We have a dire need for Custodians and Bus Drivers!

We currently have 70 custodian vacancies.

Custodian Job Description:

The Custodian works under the direction of the Facility Manager and/or Assistant Facility Manager, cleaning the facility and performing grounds work in accordance with DPS guidelines. They may perform minor maintenance activities on facilities and equipment.

· Must be at least 17 years of age
· They must pass a reading test (8th grade reading level), Interview, Criminal Background Check and Fingerprints.
· High school diploma or equivalent required for FT
· All full time shifts are 8 hours a day - based on location, 8 hours between 12:30pm and 11:00pm, usually Monday - Friday
· All part time shirts are 4 hours a day - between 5:00pm-11:00pm
· $14.77/an hour! These positions are eligible for medical, vision benefits as well as sick, personal and vacation time

Bus Driver Job Description:

The Bus Driver is responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of elementary, middle, and high school students, including students with special needs, on regular routes, excursions and athletic trips.

· Must be at least 21 years of age.
· Must have the ability to obtain and maintain a valid Colorado commercial driver's license (CDL) - Class B with P2S endorsements if this license is not currently held.
· $20.34/an hour!
· Benefit eligible with minimum hours
· High school diploma or equivalent required

If interested they can text DPSFIELD to 97211 to speak to a Recruiter
Career Opportunity for Students: The Youth Apprentice Program
Are you interested in earning money now and starting your career into a modern, in-demand career? The DPS Youth Apprenticeship Program is an opportunity for current 10th-12th grade students to begin to gain hands-on experience as an employee of a company, earn $40,000 in the course of 3-years, and more. Learn more about the program here.

Students and parents can also check out the CareerWise Hiring Hub to learn more about current apprenticeship openings and start the process. Attached to this email is also a  'How To Apply' Guide that will help students create an account, search for companies, and more.  

Questions? Please reach out to Mr. Mason at or fill out the following link to get further support.
GT Corner
In an effort to provide GT students and their families with the resources and supports needed to begin/complete their Advanced Learning Plan (ALP), the TJHS GT Site Team has created a Google Classroom for each GT grade level.  The title and code for each grade level is listed below:
TJHS Gifted and Talented 2024 Cohort - doyqstu
TJHS Gifted and Talented 2023 Cohort - b7vpvfn
TJHS Gifted and Talented 2022 Cohort - orzg7to
TJHS Gifted and Talented 2021 Cohort - by7mjwi
The TJHS GT Site Team, working alongside our District GT Partners, has included resources, websites and documents to help you complete your ALP goals.  Keep in mind that there are affective as well as academic goals.  At this time, students should only focus on the Goals / Advanced Learning Plan section and not worry about the badges right now.  We don't want you to get in there and feel overwhelmed.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Tate, our Dean Instruction and GT Point of Contact at

Our District GT Partner is Brian Beard,, and you may receive GT newsletters from his office with internship and university opportunities. 
Mental Health and Social/Emotional Tips
Did You Know...?

Parent's behavior has an effect on their children's mental health,
now and possibly forever

Kids, from very early on, look to their parents for modeling and reinforcement of behaviors, as well as how to respond and react in certain situations.  This happens with social emotional functioning as well.  "Children look to parents to understand their reality and to understand the world. It starts in infancy" says Dr. Lebowitz, the director of the Yale Child Study Center's Program for Anxiety Disorders. He pointed to a study in which infants respond to their parent's facial cues when deciding whether or not to crawl over a see-through floor. The babies of parents who looked scared stopped crawling. Those whose parents looked calm kept crawling.  
"This is a major way we learn about what is safe and dangerous and happy and sad," he added. Our children pick up on our verbal and nonverbal emotional cues, and tend to be more perceptive than we often give them credit for.
Emotional suffering is inevitable, right? Yup. So knowing this... how, as adults and parents, can we model appropriate and expected behaviors for our children?
  • When we feel anxious, upset, frustrated, overwhelmed, disappointed, etc... we should acknowledge it head-on with our children in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Take care of yourself, and talk about how and why it is important. For example→ you can say, "I am feeling frustrated, so I am going to take 15 minutes to myself and go walk outside (or read a book/listen to some music/exercise/play with our pets, etc. because it helps me calm down, it gives me time to think, it gives me an opportunity to take a break and come back to it with a fresh mind later, etc."
  • In addition to finding ways to help themselves, parents should also talk to their kids about what's going on. It can be really scary for a kid who sees their parents struggling and doesn't understand why- just make sure to use words they will understand and keep it age appropriate (for example, for younger kids, use words like "sad" or "scared" instead of "anxious" or "depressed"). 


Why have the conversation?


1. It normalizes feelings and shows children that it's OK to acknowledge and express them.
2. Communication ensures children know a parent's stress and anxiety aren't the kids' fault. 
3. When parents talk about what they are doing to deal with these feelings, they are showing their children how to deal with hard feelings of their own.
  • Make sure you respect, but not necessarily indulge in their concerns. (For example, if a child is scared of going to a park because she worries she might get the coronavirus there, don't say: "I understand you are scared and we won't go." Instead, say: "I understand you are scared, but we know this is safe, and I know you can do it.")


Last thoughts:
"Parents are like the mirror children look into to learn about themselves," says Dr. Lebowitz. 
The mirror goes both ways. Knowing our children are watching our reactions to stress and sadness inspires us to deal with it in healthier ways than, say, hiding under a blanket and scrolling through Twitter for hours. 
Life problems are not likely to go away- but our ability to cope and move forward will get stronger the more we practice these skills. 
Mental Health and Social Emotional "Did You Know":Compiled by Samanda Davis, LCSW, MSW and Natalie Koncz, Ed.S., NCSP. Resources:Article by Elissa Strauss, CNN-;
School Based Health Centers are OPEN! or call us at (303) 602-8958

Thomas Jefferson School Based Clinic: 720-423-7190

Consent for Thomas Jefferson School Based Clinic:


Help Wanted at TJ!
We are in need of two paraprofessionals for our Special Education students. If you are interested, please contact Paula Hammel at
News from the Future Center
Hi Spartans and Parents, 
Be sure to log in to your TJ Future Center Schoology course a few times a week! 
You'll see Weekly Scholarship Highlights, assignments to keep you on track, the calendar of Virtual College Rep Visits, and upcoming deadlines! 
Daniels Scholarship Program Application is due November 15th. 
Check out the Fall Timeline together to stay on track and follow the Steps to Complete Apps document to ensure your supporting documents are sent to your schools. 

Emily Webster
College Advisor | Thomas Jefferson High School
Denver Scholarship Foundation | a 501(c)(3) Public Charity
789 Sherman Street, Suite 610  |  Denver, CO 80203

Food and Nutrition Resources for Families
Class News You Can Use
All Classes 
  • Remember - TJ gear is available in the Spartan Store. If you would like to make a purchase, please contact
Class of 2021 - Seniors
 If you have ideas or want to help, contact any one of us:

Karla Henke karladhenke@gmail.comJen Abram, Lisa Allen, Colley Moe, Teri Hertzel, John Trujillo  
Class of 2022 - Juniors
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Julie Rubin ( or Marlene Talavera ( 

The class of 2022 has two faculty sponsors, Jillian Gleason and Maggie Kennedy, but parents are needed to work with the staff to plan fundraising activities. Parent sponsors also plan community building activities for the parents of the class of 2022.  Each class is expected to raise money needed to host their Prom, After Prom and other activities senior year.  The sooner the fundraiser get started, the more choices there will be for events senior year. The time commitment can be as little or as much you can share.  Your involvement in any capacity is important and appreciated. We are successful because of your behind-the-scenes contributions, large and small. It all adds up to a stronger community. An engaged parent body shows our students that we care about them!
If you need more information, contact, Julie at or Marlene at (
Class of 2023 - Sophomores
Class of 2023 Fundraisers

Body Bark

FINAL WEEK!  Click-n-Shop with Body Bark! Body Bark clothing is donating a portion of the proceeds we order back to Class of 2023!  Go to and use discount code TJ2023 until Friday, November 6th! You will receive 10% off your order and The Class of 2023 will receive 15% of our total orders.  Body Bark offers premium basics which make for perfect layering essentials or stand-alone tees. Experience the luxury of these soft tees. Available for men and women.

Click-n-Shop here:   questions to: 
$23 for '23!
23 TJ families have donated to our $23 for '23 Campaign and we've already made $1,140! Thank you everyone who has donated!   If you haven't had a chance, please just click on the PTO Square link below and support the Class of 2023! WHATEVER amount you can give - $23    $230   $50   $100 - any amount is so helpful! (Please scroll down to CLASS OF 2023 and hit the custom button or amount of your choice and follow the online payment instructions from there!)  
We always need more help and input!! If you have any ideas or comments and would like to get more involved, please contact Catherine Poirier or Christy Jordan
Class of 2024 - Freshmen
The class of 2024 is in need of parent sponsors! If you are interested please reach out to PTO at