October 27, 2016
Administrator's Corner

It is that time of year again where we get our annual rating from the district showing how well we do supporting student's achievement and growth. Our "report card" or School Performance Framework (SPF) shows us where we need to focus in the coming year and what areas we need to improve upon whether academically or in supporting our families. Below you will find more information, but if you would like to come to our community meeting and hear the results of our 2015-2016 SPF and how we will be rated, please come to Thomas Jefferson on October 27 th  at 3pm in room 111. We will be revealing our rating at that time.
To see the strides Thomas Jefferson has made over the years, click here.
To know more about the SPF framework, click here.

Es el tiempo del año otra vez donde obtenemos nuestra calificación anual del distrito que muestra lo bien que apoyamos el logro y el crecimiento del estudiante. Nuestro Marco de Desempeño Escolar o "calificación" (SPF) nos muestra dónde tenemos que enfocarnos en el próximo año y en qué áreas tenemos que mejorar académicamente o en el apoyo de nuestras familias. A continuación encontrará más información, pero si le gustaría venir a nuestra reunión de la comunidad y escuchar los resultados de nuestro 2015-2016 SPF y cómo seremos clasificados, por favor venga a Thomas Jefferson el 27 de octubre a las 3 pm en la habitación 111. Estaremos revelando nuestra calificación en ese momento.
¿Qué es un SPF:  http://spf.dpsk12.org/en /
Para ver las zancadas que Thomas Jefferson ha hecho en los últimos años:  http://spf.dpsk12.org/en/how-is-my-school-performing/high-schools/#1474923173167-fc5594e0-e9cb
Para saber más sobre el marco SPF:  http://spf.dpsk12.org/en/about-school-performance-framework /

Paula Hammel
Assistant Principal
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Kudos Korner
  • Congrats to Coach Jackson and the Softball team! The girls had an incredible season and fought hard in their 7-3 loss to Valor Christian on Friday in the first round of the state playoffs. They were classy athletes and great sports!
Parent Tips for Keeping your Student Safe

  • Suicide Risk Factors: Certain characteristics that are associated with increased suicide risk.
  • Warning Signs: A trait, attribute, or characteristic of the individual that is a 'sign' of suicidal thinking.                 Observable behaviors that signal possible suicidal thinking.
  • Resiliency Factors: Things that help people cope with stress.  The presence of resiliency factors can lessen the potential of risk factors to lead to suicidal ideation and behaviors. 
Denver Public Schools Data from 2011-12 students grades 6 to 12 (HKCS):
  • 25% of students report having feelings of depression in the past year
  • 13% of students seriously considered suicide in the past year
  • 8% attempted suicide in the past year
It is important to remember the signs and risk factors listed are generalities. Not all students who contemplate suicide will exhibit these symptoms and not all students who exhibit these behaviors are suicidal Students from all types of families can become suicidal.  Males are at higher risk of dying by suicide although females attempt more often than males.

The Role of the School in Suicide Prevention
Children spend a substantial part of their day in school under the supervision of school personnel.   Mental Health providers, which may include a school psychologist, social worker, school counselor and/or nurse who are trained to intervene when a student is identified at risk for suicide are available at school. These individuals conduct a suicide risk assessment, warn/inform parents, provide information about community services and, with your request, provide follow up counseling and support at school.

ASK: Talking about suicide does not make a student suicidal. Asking if someone is having suicidal thoughts gives him/her permission to talk about it. Asking sends the message that you are concerned and want to help.

TAKE SIGNS SERIOUSLY: Studies have found that more than 75% of people who die by suicide showed some of the warning signs in the weeks or months prior to their death.

GET HELP: If you have concerns that your child is suicidal, seek immediate help from a mental health provider. Suicidal students need to be evaluated by an expert in assessing risk. Parents can contact school psychologists, social workers, counselors, or nurses for support. Parents may also want to consult with their insurance company to get a list of mental health providers covered by their policy. If there is immediate need for help you may take your child to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

LIMIT ACCESS: To weapons, medication, sharp objects, and materials that could be used for hanging oneself.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD ALONE: Increase adult supervision. It is important that parents surround themselves with a team of supportive friends or family members who can stop in and help as needed.

REASSURE YOUR CHILD THAT LIFE CAN GET BETTER: Many suicidal people have lost all hope that life can improve. They may have difficulty problem solving even simple issues. Remind your child that no matter how bad things are, the problem can be worked out. Offer your help.

LISTEN WITHOUT JUDGEMENT : Avoid making statements such as "I know what it's like" or "I understand." Instead make statements such as "Help me understand what life is like for you right now."

Resiliency Factors:
  • Family support and cohesion, including good communication
  • Peer support and close social networks
  • Being involved in school and community
  • Cultural or religious beliefs that discourage suicide and promote healthy living
  • Adaptive coping and problem-solving skills, including conflict-resolution
  • General life satisfaction, good self-esteem, sense of purpose
  • Easy access to effective medical and mental health resources
Even if your child is not exhibiting any change in affect, emotion or behavior, they may still be impacted by the death of our student. Please encourage them to put the Safe2Tell number (or download the app!) in their phone. It could help save their life or the life of someone they know.
SAT Prep and FREE Practice Test
Study sessions will take place every Thursday  from 3-4 p.m. and will run through March. There will be snacks and gift cards given out. To be able to participate in the study sessions students need to bring proof that they completed a practice exam on Khan Academy (print out or screen shot of score is fine). Please see Corielyn Bromley with any questions!

Please note - we are offering a FREE Practice SAT Saturday, November 12th, at 8 a.m.!
Bookkeeper Position Job Opening
TJ has a Bookkeeper position that is now open. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please click here to read more about the job description.
Students, Do You Want a Job?
  • We will have a table on Monday the 31 st  and November 3 rd  out in the lobby during lunch for students to fill out applications for Chick-Fil-A . They will be responsible for turning it in to the company in person, however.
  • King Soopers is hiring! Students should go to jobs.kingsoopers.com. After applying students can call any store they wish to work at (both students and their parents are invited to apply).  For the students, they would be applying for the courtesy clerks positions starting at $9.00 an hr. For anyone who applies and is over 18 they can apply for any position ( service desk, deli, bakery, grocery, meat, seafood, produce) they start at either $10.00 or $10.50 an hour.
  • TJ kitchen is hiring. We need two student workers to work 1 hour a day during lunch. We pay $10.00 an hour for students. Juniors and seniors only need apply. Positions open until filled.  Go to DPS job board, food service -student worker.
Student and Adult Volunteers Needed!
Feel free to also contact Tracy Bedford with questions: bedfords99@yahoo.com 
Where Do I Get My Spartan Spirit Gear?
The TJ Spartan Spirit Store is a virtual store  which is online. The store also is setup at some school events such as athletic events, concerts, plays and conference nights.

You can see all items for sale and purchase any of the clothing, hats, chairs, blankets  from the online store with a credit card. If you wish to pay in cash or by check, you can contact Laura Whalen via email or phone. Items are not shipped but can be picked up at school, or you can make other arrangements by contacting Laura Whalen  ( lewhalen@gmail.com or  

Visit the online store to see all the fun, cool gear we have available to show your Spartan Spirit!

Grey and White Flex-fit baseball hats with TJ logo
2XL TJ T-shirts and Hoodies
Under Armour Men's Ankle Zip Grey sweatpants
Unified Shirts for Sale
Support your Unified Basketball team at TJ!

$10 for adults 

$8 for students

E-mail Mrs. Lynch to purchase: 


Donations Requested
Activities coordinator Sara Andolsek is reaching out to ask for donations to help with monthly games and activities that will take place throughout the year.  Donations are to acknowledge students and the fun, hard work they put into the school year.  Just a simple donation of gift cards (Starbucks, Chipotle, Burger King, McDonalds etc), individually wrapped candy, or school apparel that you are willing to give away would be much appreciated! Donations can be brought to the main office or directly to Sara in room 107. Please email  sara_andolsek@dpsk12.org with any questions!
TJ's Tardy/Truancy Policy
Thank you for your support in keeping our attendance at its best!
Please gather your gently used books, CDs, DVDs, VHS cassettes, audio cassettes--and yes, even, 8-track tapes--and donate them to TJ! TJ's ArtFest & the Used Book Sale will be held on Saturday, December 10, 2016 from 9 am to 4 pm in the gym and cafeteria, and funds our classroom grant program. 

Have donations? Drop off at any of these locations (pick up is available for 3 or more boxes - see below):
  • TJHS (drop off in Main Office)
  • Home of Carrie Oss (drop off on porch):
    • 3614 S Hudson Street, Denver, CO 80237 (the address is on a rock in the front and yard is xeriscaped - no grass). 
  • Tom The Book Guy
    • 2110 S Ash St, Unit #1, Denver CO 80222 (please call ahead or email for pick up of 3 or more boxes
      :  Cell: 303-522-5214; Office: 303-756-2665; Email: tomyboy51@hotmail.com)
Donations are welcome until the day of the event, December 10th. We will provide a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution, so please tell your friends, family and neighbors that we will be happy to accept their contributions as well! SPREAD THE WORD. Last year we raised over $700 from the book sale alone for programs that support TJ students and teachers. 

Thank you for your consideration and support of your neighborhood high school!
Mental Health and Social/Emotional Tips
~ Being Online ~

Let's talk about being online Connecting online is a way of life, though it comes with certain risks:
  • Inappropriate conduct
  • Inappropriate contact
  • Inappropriate content
You can reduce these risks by talking to your kids and putting some expectations in place. Naturally, teenagers are keen to increase their independence from their parents. However, they need to learn how to exercise judgment about being safe online. Let's see what some of the bigger issues are and how you can support.
Tell Me More...

1. Oversharing à Some issues that arise with online socializing are sharing too much information, or posting pictures, videos, or words that can damage a reputation or hurt someone's feelings. Applying real-world judgment and sense can help minimize those downfalls.
                  - Remind your kid that online actions have consequences. A good question to ask, "Would you do that or say that to someone in-person?"
                  - Only post what you are comfortable with others seeing. A good question to ask, "Are you okay with your parents seeing or reading this?"
                  - Once you post something, you really cannot take it back. Messages, pictures and other text may be saved forever. They may be shared with other people you didn't want.
                  - Help them understand what information should be private. This is a guardian/familial unit decision.
2. Cyberbullying à   This is bullying or harassment that happens online.
                  - Tell your kid they cannot hide behind the words and images they put online. Again, "Would you say or do something like this in-person?"
                  - Teach them to recognize the signs of bullying. It involves mean-spirited comments, intended to shame or hurt someone. Are these just friends joking around or is it more?
                  - Help them stop cyberbullying. There is no reason for this. If they see it, tell the bully to stop, do not engage back and forth, or forward along information, and report it to an adult.
3. Credibility, Manners and Expectations à   Not everything you read online is true!
                  - People online may not be who they say they are. Ask, "Are your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 'friends' really friends?" Friends know each other's last names, parents, where they live.
                  - Remind them these are real people with real feelings. Because they don't see faces, emotions, body language, teens may feel free to say or do things online they wouldn't do offline.
                  - Set expectations. What information is okay to share; time limits for internet use; privacy settings for social media. Determine, and make clear, what will happen if expectations are broken (make sure you have consequences and reinforce them consistently.)
Mental Health and Social Emotional Tip: Compiled by Samanda Davis, LCSW, MSW and Natalie Koncz, Ed.S., NCSP
References: Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( http://www.cdc.gov/ ); National Association of School Psychologists ( http://www.nasponline.org
Off to the Races
DTC Rotary hosts their inaugural Water Toy Races at Chatfield Reservoir to raise money for the DTC Rotary Scholarship Fund.
On Saturday October 1st, students and community members gathered at Chatfield Reservoir to compete in the first annual Water Toy Race hosted by the Rotary Club of Denver Tech Center. Participants arrived in teams of four to be involved in activities such as sitting on top of kayaks, stand up paddleboarding, and obstacle courses. The participants were competing to raise money for the DTC Rotary Scholarship Fund, which aids college-bound students in affording the college of their choice. Each team was required to pay a registration fee of $200, which went towards the fund that has helped, and continues to help, students from TJ and other surrounding high schools attain scholarship money. Read more
Love Your Library!
Don't forget!
The TJHS Library is open every school day from 7:15 until 3:00 p.m. Yes, we are open during lunch.  Yes, we are open during office hours on Wednesday.  Yes, the computers are available during these times.
AND...tutoring is offered in the Library on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3pm until 4pm, with a math and social studies tutors on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. They also offer Science on alternating Tuesdays and Language arts on Thursdays.
Also, find the "hidden-in-plain-sight" trivia question in the library, answer it correctly, and if your name is drawn from the correct answers, get a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks, Chipotle, or other teenage friendly place of conspicous consumption (librarian's choice of gift card).
Class News You Can Use
All Classes 
Class of 2017 - Seniors
SENIOR T-Shirts - Get Yours Now

We still have some of the original Class of 2017 T-Shirts available. Y ou can purchase online and pickup at school OR  see Julie Thibideau in the office  to buy your shirt.  Profits from these shirts support After-Prom Event for 2017.  So please support our Seniors and a safe, fun Prom 2017.

Stay CONNECTED - TeamApp - TJ Class of 2017, Twitter @2017tjhs, facebook TJHS 2017 Spartan Support 

Questions:  TJHS2017@gmail.com
Thanks for helping to make TJ and the Class of 2017 Great!
Class of 2018 - Juniors
  • Please look for more opportunities this school year for parents to socialize, get connected and contribute to the Class of 2018 fundraising efforts. Please email karycramer@msn.com if you're interested in helping out at any point this year. We need you!
Class of 2019 - Sophomores
  • If you would like to host a party or have another idea for fundraising, please contact Debi Kelley at  getaholdofdebi@gmail.com
Class of 2020 - Freshmen
  • Thank-you to Megan Perkins and Lisa LoJacono who have agreed to be parent representatives for the Class of 2020. Please look for important information to come.  If you are interested in getting involved please email Megan at: meganperkins@gmail.com or Lisa at: Lisa_Lojacono@dpsk12.org.
Denver Public Schools Chess Meet

News from the Future Center
Monthly Scholarship Raffle-$50 Gift Card- 10/26/16
· Enter before 10/26.
· Apply to one scholarship= 1 entry
· Received a scholarship (bring proof)= 5 entries
· Entry forms are in the Future Center.
· All TJ students may enter!

College Applications- Deadline 11/28/16
· Naviance has all documents you need to apply to college.
· Before transcripts can be sent, you must complete a college      checklist with Ms. Maez.
· The first 50 students to complete the check list will receive a Chipotle coupon.

College/Scholarship Essay Help- Wednesdays during Office Hours
· Before Wednesday during office hours, email or bring a copy of your essay to the Future Center.
· Include the prompt and who the essay is for.
· First come, first served!
· For seniors applying to college only.

College Visits:
· Sign up in Naviance and put it on your calendar!
· You're responsible for any missed work in your classes.
· Schools with a star next to the name and in bold are application workshops. Be prepared to submit your application with support from the college representative.

University of Colorado at Denver, 10/27/2016, 9:00
For upcoming events, college visits, financial aid workshops, scholarships, and much more, visit the Future Center wikipage !
Rena Maez 
College Advisor, Thomas Jefferson High School 
Denver Scholarship Foundation | a 501(c)(3) Public Charity  
3950 S. Holly Street  |  Denver, CO 80237 
O 720.423.7134   F 720.423.7098
rmaez@denverscholarship.org |   www.denverscholarship.org