Key Foundation Makes $100,000 Commitment To The Northern NeXus Of Adventure

We are writing to share some good news regarding the Key Foundation's expanding commitment to helping Scouting thrive in the Spirit Of Adventure Council. In October leadership from Spirit Of Adventure attended the TKF Board meeting to request support for the council's capital campaign.  Specifically they requested TKF to raise $50,000 for the Northern NeXus Of Adventure.
The Foundation's board met in November to review the request.  The Key Foundation board voted unanimously to pledge $100,000 over four years, doubling the request made by the Council for its capital campaign. Moreover, the board pledged to raise and contribute at least $10,000 before the end of 2015.
The effort to raise the money is being lead by TKF Founder and Executive Vice President Thomas Markham.  Tom described the effort, "Working with TKF network members and Greater Lowell alumni, I have agreed to chair this effort and recruit a team that both supports this $100,000 campaign and builds sustainability for the Council's outreach for years to come. Helping the new council extend its reach and vision to friends and supporters, past and future, is a centerpiece of our contribution to the larger campaign."
Joshua Ratty, TKF Vice President of Vervaert Camping Programs, will be working with the leadership and committees of the Spirit Of Adventure Council to identify specific projects that will help build and expand the capabilities of the Northern Nexus.
The TKF board also made it clear, that all other TKF programs and services will continue. President & CEO, Brian Lobao said, "The Nexus Project" is an expansion of our mission, not a redirection. Several groups and individuals rely on support from TKF, and we shall remain faithful to our mission.

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