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November 30 , 2016

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Real GDP pct. growth in Venezuela

  Exchange rate
Per US Dollar
Argentine Peso
Belizean Dollar
Brazilian Real
Bolivian Boliviano
Costa Rican Colon
Chilean Peso
Colombian Peso
Cuban Peso
Dominican Peso
Guatemalan Quetzal
Haitian Gourde
Honduran Lempira
Mexican Peso
Nicaraguan Cordoba
Panamanian Balboa
Paraguayan Guarani
Peruvian Sol
Uruguayan Peso
Venezuelan Bolivar

Figures from November 29, 2016  Source:


Hot springs next to water falls in Brazil
The Mabu Thermas Grand Resort is built on one the world's largest hot springs, the Guarani Aquifer, and next to the spectacular IguaƧu Falls, which is comprise of 275 smaller terrace water falls.  All this set on the edge of a tropical rain forest and bird park. Details



Businesses promise to push back 
if  Trump cuts ties with Cuba
JetBlue and American Airlines on Monday landed in Cuba, their first regularly scheduled flights from New York to Havana. The same day, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that Cuba needs to make more concessions for trade to continue. Reuters reports that business leaders are asking Trump to reconsider. "If the U.S. continues to limit trade (with Cuba), and the European Union, China and Russia continue to expand trade, there will be a smaller piece of cake left for U.S. companies," said Jose Maria Vinales Camallonga, director of international operations at Lupicinio, a Spanish law firm representing corporations in their Cuba dealings.   Details


Bolivar drops so much in value that backpacks replace wallets
Officially the Venezuelan bolivar is pegged at 9.95 per dollar. But in the black market a 100 bolivar bill is worth about a U.S. nickel, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The bills no longer fit into wallets, so backpack and handbags are used.    ATMs must be refilled several times each day, and many consumers make all their payments using credit cards, the Australian newspaper reports. Details


Trump's election prompts  Cuervo to postpone its IPO
Tequila giant Jose Cuervo, which in September announced its plan for a public offering, has decided to wait until January to reassess the financial climate in Mexico, Reuters reports. Cuervo had hoped to raise as much as $1 billion from the offering. Trump's surprising victory has caused great uncertainty in the Mexican financial markets. Details

Mexico announces 17 finalists 
for deep-water oil exploration bids 
Reuters reports via Business Insider that Mexico's oil regulator announces a final list of companies eligible to bid on oil exploration in deep water. The auction is Mexico's first and will be held Dec. 5. A dozen countries are represented. There is also an auction for a partner for state-owned Pemex to develop a field. Chevron is partnering with Pemex and Inpex Corp. to bid. Exxon is also among the finalists and will bid individually.  Details

Snake on a plane - for real 
Sometimes life imitates art. Sometimes it imitates a bad movie. We'll let you decide which this falls under. Earlier this month an Aeromexico passengers experienced an unusual sight - a snake descending from the overhead cabin, Business Insider reports. The plane was priority status for landing and the reptile was captured. This being 2016, a video was also captured.




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