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Sunday, December 13, 2020
9:55am Online
Altar Flowers
this Sunday

Altar Flowers this Sunday have been provided by Michelle Reber in anticipation....
Sunday Morning, December 13
The Third Sunday in Advent (Already?)
Youth Singers!
Praise and Worship!
Wandering Nativity
and More!
Rob Reid
Director of Music
Well, even though as I write it FEELS like we could have a Drive-In Service this weekend, by Sunday it won’t be warm enough for our musicians to play outside, so, please join our on-line worship at 9:55am to hear the Gathering Music from our Praise and Worship Team, who will also be leading our hymns and songs throughout the service.

Due to COVID numbers being so high, we weren’t able to gather with the full group to record their music, so many of the pieces for this service will feature excellent recordings of the group from December 2019, including their Advent Medley of Carols that always lifts our spirits!

We will also hear a newly-recorded Call to Worship from The Socially-Distanced Handbell Quintet: Jill Reid, Mary Kelly, Mary Anne Lofstrom, Rob Reid and Ryan Hanish with Karen Daniels, pianist; and a few songs from Jill Reid and the Oasis Music Team: Kayla Boehne, Annabel Lindman, Mallory Herron, Makien Wenge, singers, Phetsamone Ekholm, piano, and Noah Ekholm, percussion.

Pastor Melanie will guide us along another portion of “The Wandering Nativity” during the Time for Children. Pete Erickson will share the Prayers of the People, and Pastor Arthur will preach and preside over communion.
Come worship and feel the Peace, Hope, and Joy that our Advent Season brings us!
Together, We Wait…
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Wednesday, December 9, 2020
HOLDEN Evening Prayer Service
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Conversation on the 50/40/10 Anniversary's
This Sunday, December 13, 2020 - 11:00am CST
Click above to watch a 5-minute story of nine women ordained by the ELCA.
In 2020, the ELCA is celebrating the 50th anniversary of U.S. Lutheran churches' decision to ordain women, and continuing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ordination of the first women of color and the 10th anniversary of the ELCA's decision to officially ordain people in same-gender committed relationships.
Throughout Advent, we will welcome a number of women’s voices into the TLC pulpit both on Sundays and Wednesdays. On Sunday, December 13 at 11:00am following worship, we will join together on Zoom to hear from a number of women, including a number of our TLC guest preachers, on how the ELCA decision has impacted their lives and calling. A panel discussion will be followed by time for Q&A. Please join us. The Zoom link is here:

Topic: 50th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women Conversation
Time: Dec 13, 2020 11:00am Central Time (US and Canada)

Speakers for the Anniversary Celebration this Sunday:
  • Rev. Janice Gonoe
  • Rev. Laura Thelander
  • Rev. Melanie Heuiser Hill
  • Elizabeth Zeidler Woll
  • Diane Nettifee
  • Irene Amon
  • Jordan Zahrte
  • Pete Erickson
  • Rev. Arthur Murray

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 898 5493 2716
Passcode: 771341
Wednesday Evenings
During Advent
Online Wednesdays, 6:25pm

Watch and listen online to this beautiful service of meditation and music with a new message each week.
Wednesdays, 6:25pm
Service of Remembrance and Healing
Online this Thursday evening
December 17, 7:00pm
You and your family are invited to Transfiguration’s Advent Service of Remembrance and Healing

Visit TLCGo.live to watch the service on Thursday, December 17 at 7:00pm.
There will be music, readings, scripture, and a time to light a candle in remembrance of a loved one.
It will also be a time of healing. This past year has been difficult for many and hearts are heavy. Come away for a short time to hear the message that God is with us, to comfort us and give us hope for better days. Please have one or more candles ready. There will be three opportunities to light candles during the service.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
John 1:5
November 2020
Council Meeting Minutes & Financial Report
Click on the pictures below to access.
Editor's Note: Every time these reports become available there is an abundance of clicks by our "TLC Weekly" readers accessing the documents, yet that seems to be all that takes place. How many of you have thoughts and discussions with family and friends regarding our council meetings? Do you accept the resolve of topics? Do you disagree? Are you satisfied? This has been a year of many changes inside and outside our church. And 2021 promises additional transformations. Please, become an involved member. It's vital to the continued life of Transfiguration Lutheran Church.

This is your church... Let your church council know because they represent you. They listen to and appreciate your involvement and care. tlcmn.com/church-council
Thank you for the strong congregational response to our fall Stewardship Campaign! As a community, TLC has shown exceptional faith and hope in God’s provision for the coming year even in the midst of these uncertain times.

To date we have received 157 pledges totaling $421,177 which puts us at 84% of our budgeted goal of $504,165 for 2021.

The Stewardship Team continues to follow up with members via phone calls and email. Please do let us know your intent for financial support of TLC in 2021 and save the team a phone call.

You can pledge by returning the physical card that you received in the mail or by entering your pledge online at tlcmn.com/pledge

Every pledge, no matter how large or small, makes a difference. Thank you!
Hope Lives!
A TLC Addiction & Awareness
Team Update:
Mission: “This ministry exists to provide a safe environment for those seeking hope and restoration from addiction and codependency.”

Several members of the Addiction Awareness Team have recently completed more than 12 hours of training with Faith Partners, a non-profit organization that develops congregational team ministries to address codependency, substance abuse and other addictions. Addiction has a spiritual remedy. The faith community is one of the principal healers for addiction and we are here to offer hope and healing to you and your family.

To learn more about this ministry, or if you or someone you care about is in need of support this holiday season, please reach out to one of us.

Chris Campo         
631-988-0938  campo@q.com

Dave Dickson         
612-221-6082  dadickson11@gmail.com

Al Dungan       
952-237-6037  aldungan@comcast.net

Mary George       
952-297-2767  george340011@gmail.com

Griffin Myslivecek       
612-481-1578  griffmysliv1@gmail.com

Louise Olson          
952-831-1145  glolro@comcast.net

Beth Rahn       
952-393-9817  brahnfamily@comcast.net
Dear Beloved Church,
This is the latest update from the Church Council and COVID-19 Response Team for December 2020.

The TLC Church Council, at the recommendation of the TLC COVID Response Team, and after consulting the recommendations and established guidelines by the State of Minnesota, Center for Disease Control and Bloomington Public Health, have decided to continue to keep the church building closed (except the ELC) and continue online programming for worship and program ministries through the end of December. We will continue to monitor the case numbers and revisit our approach to worship and programming in January. In the meantime, we encourage you to participate in the online worship, resources, and programming that Transfiguration Lutheran Church is providing during the Advent Season.

For your reference, the COVID Response Team put together an at-a-glance resource that will guide our decisions about worship, programming and building use based on established guidelines and data. Here’s a quick look at the worship and program implications based on cases/10,000 people:
  • Worship: Will resume in-person 8:30AM with restrictions when cases are 20-29/10,000 people.
  • Confirmation/Sunday School: Will resume in-person (w/online option) with restrictions when cases are 11-19/10,000 people.
  • Youth Ministry: Will resume in-person (w/online option) with restrictions when cases are 11-19/10,000 people.
  • Small Groups: Will resume with restriction when cases are 11-19/10,000 people.
  • Events/Building Use: Will resume with restriction when cases are 11-19/10,000 people.
[Editor’s note: A point of reference… as of November 30, 2020, Hennepin County had 114/10,000 people. 
To view the full resource and the most updated information about the status of programming and building use, please visit the home page of our website and click on “COVID19” or call the church office. We pray that you stay safe and well.
TLC COVID Response Team

  • Brown, Jeanine
  • Erickson, Pete
  • Jorschumb, Steve
  • Millford, Janice
  • Murray, Arthur
  • Olson, Louise
  • Reber, Michelle
  • Reid, Rob
  • Wenge, Karen
An odd combination earlier this week ..It was the “Day of Infamy” when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, on December 7th in 1941. Also, we are in the third week of Advent.

Birdman and I can remember that day in 1941... We were in third grade when our country suddenly went to war! At the time, our family was living with my mom's parents as our house was having an addition put on... two bedrooms and bathroom. I can remember the radio was on with the news, and everyone listening suddenly got so quiet. I was too little to take it all in, but when adults just looked at each other with puzzling expressions, I knew something was terribly wrong.

My older brother would graduate in 1943 and was anxious to get into the Merchant Marines. I'm not sure why he picked that area of service, but he was too young, and had to have my parents sign for him to join anything. As he was very good at teasing me all the time, I was kind of glad he was going to be
gone---but actually missing his teasing after he'd write from some far-off place like Djibouti, which none of us had heard of. Hauling war materials in a ship was quite dangerous, of course, but after the war he came home safely.

I can remember a lot about those war years. Even if we'd never heard of Pearl Harbor or ever dreamed we'd even be able to visit there some day, we took part in what the school kids could do at their age. We had a contest collecting scrap iron and had our pictures taken sitting on the ugly pile of metal we'd collected. In those days the yards were not kept as cleaned up as they are now, so there was plenty of junk to find! The various teachers had their classes write letters to servicemen and women which was a good idea. I chose a nice guy to write to who had worked in my dad's grocery store. I wonder what he thought getting letters from me....At my age I had not even written many letters yet.

We also were asked to hunt for milkweed pod fuzz to use when life jackets were made, as it made them floatable. My dad was asked to be an air raid warden and periodically there would be “black-outs” for practice if we were ever attacked some day. Thankfully that never happened, but it was exciting for us kids to see all of this first hand. What we did understand best was that a few things had to have special stamps to buy them as they were rationed.... Sugar and meat were the two that we noticed, and also butter was scarce. The oleo-margarine that was the substitute had a capsule of a colorant that you could knead into the oleo and make it look yellow like butter.

We were urged to buy war bond stamps in school also, and there was a special stamp day each week. Birdman can recall those actually fighting the war, and how when someone's son was killed in action the family would have a gold star in their window. In the park of his home town of Black Earth, WI, a special board was put up with all names of the young men who had died. One day he said three names went up. So often those names belonged to sons of his school teachers.

Our lives today are so different; still some complain about wearing masks and social distancing. When you look back at when we were kids and didn't worry about viruses or staying home instead of congregating anywhere, and then think of what was going on in our little lives, it helps to put it all in perspective. Let's be happy each day that our country is at peace.

-Bloomington Bird Lady
Time Off
Editor's Note:
Al Dungan is taking some well-deserved time off from his TLC Weekly column. He is expected to return with a new series of articles this January 2021.
TLC Early Learning Center
SCRIP Fundraiser 2020
One Stop Christmas Shopping!
Scrip is an ongoing fundraiser for the Early Learning Center (ELC) at Transfiguration Lutheran Church. Purchase gift cards to dozens of local retailers and support the ELC. Purchase a gift card, you get the full value of the gift card, and TLC-ELC earns money from that retailer.
Fill out a form, email it back to fundraising@elc.tlcmn.com or drop it off at the ELC entrance on the east side (France Ave side) of the church building, using the doorway next to the playground. When dropping off your orders, please wear a mask when entering the building. Ring the bell located inside the entrance. Staff will meet you at there. Payment will be collected at pick up. Orders will be placed on December 14th and 16th. Orders placed on these dates will arrive within one week. We will also offer a "last minute shopping event" on Tuesday, December 22nd from 1-5pm. Purchase gift cards that are "left over"/on hand only on this date. 
Contact Renee Gilmore at (952-884-7955) or email fundraising@elc.tlcmn.com with questions.

Thank you for your support. 
Advent Storytime! 6:00pm on Wednesdays on TLC’s Facebook Page

Hey kids! Wednesday evenings we have something just for you! LIVE on TLC’s Facebook page there will be Advent Storytime with Pastor Melanie. Join us and hear stories of the season. Pastor Melanie has a substantial collection of holiday picturebooks and she’s excited to share them with you!

Last two Wednesdays, December 16th, 23rd.

We start at 6:00pm and we’re done before 6:30pm. Hope to see you there!
By Pete Erickson
Interim TLC Youth Minister
December 24th at 2:00pm
We would love to include your family in the “Family Nativity”  video which will be the ONLINE Christmas Eve Service at 2:00PM.
Families can take part on the following ways:
  • Dress up and narrate a scene from the script – Record this on your phone (horizontally)

  • Offer to sing/play/lead one of the songs that is included in the script – Record this on your phone (horizontally)

  • Both narrate a scene and sing/play/lead the song from that scene – Record this on your phone (horizontally)
Once your family decides on the scene you’d like to record, you can stop by church and pick up the props/costumes for that specific scene – props can be picked up at TLC. Please call ahead (952-884-2364).

If you’d like to sign up here is the link to the “Family Nativity”. If you have trouble with the link, feel free to reach out to me and indicate which role you’d like to fill. We are looking forward to the many gifts that will be shared by you! If you have questions about any of this, please reach out to me: perickson@tlcmn.com
Don’t miss Songs & Stories this Sunday. We’re all about ANGELS this week.
We’ll have last week’s story that couldn’t air due to technical difficulties (thank you for your patience and good spirits when things go wonky!) and this week’s story about the angel visiting Joseph. We’ll look at some angels in art, and we’ll get a start at making our own angels, too. And we’ll sing!
Please bring your art medium of choice—paper and crayons/pencils/markers, chalk and chalkboard, playdough/clay, paints etc.
It’s a come-as-you-are sort of time—PJs and breakfast eating is fine.

Here is the Zoom link to join the fun.

Other Announcements:
FAMILY NATIVITY: Pete emailed you last week about the Family Nativity for Christmas Eve. He’s got the costumes ready and there are still parts available—let him know how you and yours will participate ASAP!
ADVENT STORYTIME: Wednesdays at 6:00pm on the TLC’s Facebook Page—Facebook LIVE—favorite holiday books off of my bookshelf. Also my silly skiddamarink storytime song….
WANDERING NATIVITY: At the beginning of worship each Sunday we look for the characters on their way to Bethlehem. Last week we found Mary & Joseph. Who will we find this week…?
Love seeing your smiling faces on Zoom! See you Sunday….
Pastor Melanie

Celebrate the holidays with us at our
Holiday Lights Drive-thru Event!

Join us for a festive display of lights this season at Martin Luther Campus that is FREE and open to all!
Daily; 5:00pm to 10:00pm
1401 East 100th Street
Bloomington, MN 55425
Join us for Merry Mondays on December 14 & 21 between 6 pm - 7 pm to pick up a special treat!
Make a donation to our community partner:
Make your donation at:
to support Meals on Wheels this holiday season!
Matching Grant from TLC Households
As part of our farewell and blessing to Pastor Ed in his new ministry, two TLC households have combined to offer a $5,000 matching grant to The Center of Addiction and Faith as start-up funds. The invitation and challenge to TLC members is to match that $5,000 by year end. Gifts can be made out to TLC and designated to Addiction and Faith. If we succeed in matching the funds, the total gift will be $10,000 (or $1,000 for each of Pastor Ed’s 10 years of ministry at TLC).
During Advent, TLC will partner with:
1. VEAP - The electronic security door on the west side of TLC will be open from 10:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Thursday next week, December 14 thru December 17. Please bring your items and place them in the bins just inside the doors. Monetary gifts can also be received. At VEAP, support means so much more than a bag of groceries or a rent check. It means HOPE. Watch for more information.

2. Meals on Wheels - 8400 France Ave., Bloomington 55431

3. Feed My Starving Children - 401 93rd Avenue NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433

4. World Hunger - Bread for the World Institute, 425 3rd Street SW, Suite 1200, Washington DC 20024 or P.O. Box 96416, Washington, DC 20090-6416
You can send a donation by clicking on their respective link, by check to the above organizations or to TLC with the organization listed on the check.
Over 50 locations for children and families to access meals
We at Every Meal (formerly The Sheridan Story) have launched our Winter Meal Program, providing Minnesota children and families easier ways to get the food they need. Over 50 locations throughout the Twin Cities now have our meal bags available for free with no qualification requirements. Locations include local libraries, YMCAs, fire stations, faith communities, schools, businesses, and recreation centers.

  • What: Free shelf–stable meal bags
  • When: Available December through January (while supplies last)
  • Where: Use this map to find the locations
  • How: Simply go to the front desk and ask for a bag of food
  • Hours: Hours vary by location.
Our efforts to add new locations forged through strong partnerships with organizations across the metro area – specifically new locations such as libraries and fire stations – will make it easier for kids and their families to get the nutritious and delicious food they need to learn and grow.
Please join us in providing 50,000 meals per week to Minnesota kids this winter. For every $100 donated, we can serve 25 children with multiple meals. To contribute, please visit www.everymeal.org/donate.
Thank you for your support as we continue towards our vision of Every Child. Every Meal.
Rob Williams
Founder and Executive Director
Every Meal
Together We Wait
TLC invites you to come together as we wait and anticipate during this Advent season – looking to Jesus, born into the world to bring light and love to all creation – the pioneer and perfector of our faith. This season we will focus on three community priorities:
  • Worship: On Sundays online during Advent, we will light candles and sing hymns and songs of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love as we welcome "Emmanuel - God with Us." Then on Wednesdays at 6:30pm, we will gather online for Holden Evening Prayer, with leadership provided by young people at TLC.

  • Faith Practices: Living our faith in the world is the very essence of our baptismal promise. In Advent, TLC will provide families with opportunities to grow faith practices at home, engage in rituals during worship, and connect with each other in community. Families with young children are invited to gather Sunday mornings at 9:30 (via Zoom) for a time of stories, songs and learning about Advent and its practices. Look for the weekly email with easy ideas to make living out our faith more tangible during this season of hope and expectation.

  • Show love to our Neighbor: This pandemic has placed an undue burden on those who are already food and clothing insecure, struggling with housing, and looking to local outreach for help. Our mission partners are desperate for churches like TLC to join their effort to fill food shelves and serve those in need. In Advent, TLC will partner with VEAP, Meals on Wheels, Feed My Starving Children, World Hunger. See Mission of the Month for more information.
Since 2012, loved ones who had their funeral or memorial service at TLC now have a place and a webpage on our TLC Memorial Garden website. Please visit these saints, honor and remember them; read their obituary, the bulletin and homily, watch the live-stream archive of their service, browse their personal photo album, and, if so inclined, leave a personal message on their page.
Visit soon: www.tlcmemorial.com
Dear Faith Community Leaders,

This has been the most unique year I’ve ever experienced, both personally as well as professionally. And in that uniqueness, I have seen and experienced some amazingly positive things at VEAP-- thanks in part to all of your support.

The hard work and commitment of our partners, donors, staff and volunteers have helped us meet the significant increase in need in our neighborhoods and communities in 2020...

VEAP has provided healthy and nourishing food, as well as rental and utilities payments to more than 7,500 families in Bloomington, Richfield, Edina and Minneapolis… That’s more than 23,000 children, teens, adults and seniors receiving the assistance they desperately need right now. I'm happy to say we're on pace to distribute 5 million pounds of food for the year, with 50% of that being fresh produce, our biggest year yet. Remarkably, our social services team has issued $2.5 million in rental assistance grants in response to the great need that has arisen from the pandemic.

None of this work would happen without the incredible support of our many faith communities, our Mission Partners. Congregations like those at Normandale Lutheran Church whose Confirmation youth just organized a huge toilet paper and diaper drive for us (pictured below during last year's drive).
A great big thank you to Transfiguration Lutheran Church for donating several sets of knitted children's hat's and scarves to VEAP. They will be given to girls and boys in birthday bags that VEAP puts together for client families.

A lot of time, effort and love passed along to those kids.
These wonderful stories of connection and community provide me with hope for the future. I cannot thank you all enough.

My blessings for a peaceful holiday season,
Joe McDonald
In order to expand access to free, "no barrier" COVID-19 testing, the Minnesota Department of Health has opened a new saliva testing site in Bloomington.

The Bloomington location is Ridgeview Elementary School, 9400 Nesbitt Avenue South (see map below). Pre-registration is advised to avoid long lines and wait times.

[Click Here] to pre-register. People who walk in without an appointment might have to come back later or on another day.
COVID Testing at Ridgeview Elementary School
~ ~ ~
Health authorities have made the COVID-19 vaccine front and center in media outlets. There is some positive news regarding this topic. If you would like to know 8 things about the vaccine planning, please [Click Here].
Minnesota Seniors is a FREE resource service for seniors as well as family caregivers who have questions and need answers:
Visit the website, MinnesotaSeniors.com, and find a comprehensive Business Directory, Senior Housing Directory, Aging In Place and Health Care Directories, plus Community Events, Getaways, Book Picks, Senior News, Employment, Volunteer Opportunities and so much more. Find most everything you need and even things you don't need.
Now through December 30
FREE Meals for ALL of the
Bloomington Community
We're now offering grab and go meals for adults in our community through Dec. 30, thanks to a grant! All adults are welcome, whether or not they have school-age children. Meals can be picked up from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., Monday - Friday at Kennedy High School, Door 5.
A great gift Pastor Grace shared with TLC was her “Hope for the Day” devotional. I for one found it very enlightening and healing during this Pandemic. I found myself looking forward to receiving and reading it daily. I so enjoyed the different writings penned by different TLC family members!
I have been asked by Pastor Arthur to keep a form of this devotional going. We have agreed to make it a weekly [e-mailed] publication called “Hope for the Week”.  If you would be willing to share an inspired devotional(s) going forward with your TLC family, please contact me at weeyin57@aol.com. I’d love to hear from you!
Norma R. Macdonald-Ockwig
Hello fellow TLC members! Allow me to introduce “Pathways to Justice,” a new weekly short article e-mailed every Thursday morning. Pastor Arthur has asked me to take the lead with members from the Racial Justice and RIC teams assisting with writing. We will tackle and explore -in small chunks- ideas that may be new to some of us. In doing so, we will be allowed opportunities to ask ourselves and each other how we really actively can, as Micah 6:8 states, “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.” Please feel free to let me know if there are any topics that you would like addressed and please do consider contributing your own thoughts on what it means to be on a Pathway to Justice. I look forward to hearing from you!

Shelley Smith
The Church office is staffed with Marilyn Erickson and Michelle Reber available Monday through Thursday, 9:00am - 4:00pm. You need to call ahead for an appointment, wear masks, use hand sanitizer (available at the entrance to the office) and practice social distancing during your visit.
Please call: (952) 884-2364
Committees - Ministries - Small Groups
Thanks to the Faith, Fact and Fiction Book Club, the K3P3 group, Stephen Ministry, Welcome Diversity Team, Global Health Ministry, Coffee and Conversation, and the Nutty Knotters (TLC Quilters) for submitting photos and stories to the TLC Weekly.
Other committees, groups and ministries, we want to hear from you! Share your stories with the TLC community.

Are you meeting?
How have you adapted your meetings to keep everyone safe?
What projects are you working on?
Send a story and some photos to tlcmedia@tlcmn.com and we will share your news in the TLC Weekly. Be sure to provide names of people in your photos.
Do you ever need an extra prayer for yourself, a loved one, a world situation or a dear friend? TLC has a prayer team that is waiting to pray with and for you. Your prayer needs are sent on to the Prayer Team and kept confidential – just between you, the pray-ers, and God. If you have a prayer request, or if you would like to join the prayer team, please contact Marilyn Erickson at merickson@tlcmn.com or on the TLC website here.
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