Gathering in Grace • Growing in Faith • Going Forth to Serve
June 7, 2020
Worship at 10:00am ~ Live-Stream Only
This Sunday We Observe & Celebrate
The Socially Distanced Singers this Sunday are L-R: Jill Reid, Rob Reid, Scott Knight and daughter Julia, along with Karen Daniels on organ.
-By Rob Reid, Director of Music

This coming Sunday has traditionally been a service of celebration and send-off for our Graduating Seniors and our College Graduates. And even though we won’t be able to see our graduates process into the church in their graduation gowns, we will hear from several of them, coordinated by Interim Youth and Family Minister Pete Erickson. We’re also grateful to Augustana University Graduate Julia Knight, who sings “Blessings” by Laura Story during the offering, as well as hymns that lift up Trinity Sunday with her father Scott, and Jill and Rob Reid. We will also hear music from Jake Pernsteiner and Solveig Orngard (who regularly lead our Wednesday Oasis Services), Youth Mentor Evan Collins, and both of our organists, Karen Daniels and Carmen Englert.

During the service we will also honor the memory of George Floyd with images and a recorded musical tribute, Antonin Dvorak’s “Going Home,” sung in 1958 by African American Bass-Baritone Paul Robeson (1898-1976). Robeson was not only famous for his cultural accomplishments, but also for his political activism, which included the Civil Rights Movement and other social justice campaigns. His criticism of the US government and its foreign policies caused him to be blacklisted during the McCarthy era.
Remember... Coffee Hour
after the Sunday Service
We have been having a fun and meaningful time connecting on Sundays via Zoom immediately following the 10:00am live-stream. Please join us this Sunday here:
If you have not used Zoom before, you will need to download the free app when prompted. Bring a coffee and snack and join the fellowship!
2020 Graduates
Alex Bailey, Jefferson High School
Nathan Boehne, Prior Lake High School
Andrew Heilman, Jefferson High School
Grayson Hight, Jefferson High School
Jennifer Krey, Armstrong High School
Timothy Lindell, Richfield High School
Peter Linden, Jefferson High School
Olivia Lofstrom, Eden Prairie High School
Kendall Loken, Jefferson High School
Shannon Loughrey, Jefferson High School
Karen Muff, Jefferson High School
Martin Olson, Jefferson High School
Michael Ovasak, Jefferson High School
Joseph Smits, Jefferson High School
John "Jack" Smits, Jefferson High School
Sam Stevens, Jefferson High School
Isabella Swanson, Jefferson High School
Kipling Weichselbaum, Academy of Holy Angels

Zach Diedrich, Gustavus Adolphus, St. Peter
Julia Knight, Augustana University, Sioux Falls
Megan Kreiger, Eau Claire School of Nursing
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Come in your car and listen on FM radio.
Service will be in the west parking lot at
10 a.m. on Sunday, June 14.
Pastor Ed will be presiding at the outdoor altar.
Rob Reid and the TLC "Sidewalk Musicians" will be performing.

What to know:

  • Please arrive early, parking lot "ushers" will guide you to a parking space (vehicles will be facing towards the church west entrance).
  • Enter parking lot thru the Harrison Avenue entrance.
  • Tune your FM radio to: 87.9
  • Bring your own juice and bread (crackers work) for Communion. We will not provide Communion.
  • Bulletins will be available as you drive in by a gloved and masked usher. If you are not comfortable with this you can download and print your own bulletin in next week's TLC Weekly or view it on a device.
  • You are asked to remain in your car for the service. You may sit outside next to your car in a chair you bring, but if you do so please wear a mask and maintain a safe six foot distance from others.
  • If you live close enough to walk, bring a lawn chair and sit a safe distance from others and wear a mask. Bring your own juice/wine, bread or crackers.
  • IMPORTANT—restrooms will not be available and the office is not open.

The Drive-In Service
will be Live-streamed
Heads up: If you watch the live-stream from your media device while attending the service, there is a 10-second delay from real-time.
Church Opening Update
Despite recent permissions for places of worship to partially re-open, TLC remains closed to all indoor gatherings for the immediate future due to the high number of vulnerable members of our community.
Please stay tuned for ongoing updates.
~ ~ ~
Church Office Remains Closed
Please remember that the church office remains closed to the public until further notice. Even if there is an event or matter within the church requiring your attendance, for health and safety reasons, we ask that you refrain from "visiting" the church office without prior approval or appointment. In addition, face masks are required to be worn for any activity within the church. Thank you for understanding.

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Watch the Live-Stream starting at 9:55am Sunday Morning
Visit or click above at the time of broadcast to watch the
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Emotional Mayhem
As I sit here on this beautiful day, waiting in vain for a hummingbird to at least stop by, I have been watching TV and the brothers of George Floyd arriving at the site where he was allowed to die at the hands of police. The large crowd that gathered was very respectful and there were speeches by Terrance Floyd and also Martin Luther King III.

There was also chanting by the crowd: "Peace on the right, Justice on the left." and "Black Lives Matter." Applause followed, as obviously all agreed with what had been said. The situation was quite emotional, as everyone hoped for a better day with no more violence, police being more humane, and that the other three officers who stood by and watched as George Floyd died, should be incarcerated too, not just the one with the knee on his neck. [Editor's note: They have since been charged and jailed] . The family asked for the violence and the looting and burning to stop, and for peace to take over. They said they are a peaceful family and all the trouble the protesters are causing is not what George Floyd would have wanted.

It was calming to see that group, all on their knees as the brothers of George Floyd prayed. When the TV also showed what our leadership thought needed to happen, and that the state of Minnesota is becoming a laughing-stock, plus the governors of the other states across the country should be more forceful, it was the exact opposite of what the Floyd family wanted.

I have watched the mayhem for about a week now. Will the virus take over as people don't practice social distancing or wearing masks, or even washing their hands?

What should we do? This past Sunday as we celebrated Pentecost, we were told that the Holy Spirit is within us all: the lovely truth from that long-ago Pentecost. May we continue to believe each day that we are given the Holy Spirit to help others, speak kindly, and do what we can to make things better. Let's pray that we never forget this...It is our only hope.    

-Bird Lady
June 1, 2020
VEAP Responds to George Floyd's Murder
From VEAP’s CEO, Joe McDonald:

VEAP is heartbroken over the murder of George Floyd, and by the racism that exists in our cities, our state, and our country. Our vision is to ensure that we build thriving communities, where all are free to pursue their dreams. It is clear this is not a reality for so many of our neighbors.

Racism is in direct opposition to the justice and freedom necessary for all people to be able to realize their hopes and dreams. We condemn the senseless murder of George Floyd. We condemn racism in any form and stand with black men and women, indigenous peoples, and all people of color, in the pursuit of racial justice and equality. VEAP is deeply committed to the ongoing work of identifying racism and inequities within our own organization and creating spaces for conversations that will lead to actions and solutions to help create a more equitable and inclusive environment for everyone.

Our team is focused on joining together with city officials, community leaders, businesses, schools, faith communities and residents of Bloomington, Richfield, Edina and South Minneapolis to support each other and build pathways to stability—especially during times of crisis. If you live in the Minneapolis neighborhoods affected by the events following Mr. Floyd’s murder and need food, please reach out to us by calling 952.888.9616. We’ll get you set up with an appointment to receive food as soon as possible.

Now, perhaps more than ever, we must rally together as a united and strong community—and demand, as well as participate in—the justice and equity we so urgently need.
Reflections on the
Apostle's Creed,
Third Article - Part 3
-a continuing series-
By Pastor Al Dungan
I believe in…the communion of saints…

What this part of the 3 rd article claims is that we believe in a community that includes all members of the Church, past, present and future. It is a world-wide community that is gathered and scattered all over the world.

The presence of COVID-19 isn’t the first time that the “communion of saints” has been scattered with little or no opportunity to worship together in a body, in a specific place.

All we have to do is focus on those parts of our world where it is currently hazardous to worship together in a large group and so it must be done covertly in “house churches” and similar kinds of gatherings. And this has also been true throughout the history of the Church.

But, COVID-19 has given a whole new meaning to the scattering of our communities and there are some who are really “chaffing at the bit” because of this. They want to get back together so that they can sing, pray, hear Scripture read and listen to sermons in a specific place. The problem with that thinking is that they put themselves and others at great risk of contracting and spreading the disease.

Fortunately, our ELCA Presiding Bishop and our Synodical Bishop have made strong statements against this idea. They understand that the “communion of saints” can exist wherever 2 or 3 are gathered together in the name of Jesus. And, if you are by yourself, you can gather online if you are computer savvy, or pick up your phone and call someone with whom you can take time to share what it means to be part of that communion.

The “communion of saints” goes far beyond and beneath the physical gathering of a group in a specific place. It is recognizing and acknowledging that we are part of “the holy catholic church” and that we are never apart from the communion of saints no matter where we are and what the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Scattered or together, we all are “the communion of saints”.

5 Keys to Retiring Fearlessly
Tuesday, June 23, 12 noon
~ ~ ~
 Building Your Retirement Foundation
Sunday, June 28, 2 pm

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Building Your Retirement Foundation-
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Helen Wittich
TLC member, Helen Wittich, celebrates her 100th birthday on June 14. Let's shower her with good wishes by sending a birthday card to her home:
Helen Wittich
10030 Newton Ave S
Apt 360
Bloomington, MN 55431
Do you ever need an extra prayer for yourself, a loved one, or a dear friend? TLC has a prayer team that prays often for members, their families and friends of the congregation. Send your prayer requests to or on the TLC website here. Your prayer needs are sent on to the Prayer Team and kept confidential – just between you, the pray-ers, and God. If you would like to be a member of the prayer team, please sign up on the yellow Life@TLC bulletin insert.
"Open A Can" Hotdish
Serves 8 to 12
By Mrs. Dennis Benson
What You'll Need:
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 small can carnation milk
  • 1 cup diced celery, partially cooked
  • 1 can mushrooms (drained)
  • 1 can pimento, cut fine
  • 2 cans tuna or chicken
  • 1/2 green pepper, chopped

Mix together and just before baking, fold in one can chowmein noodles. Cashew nuts optional.
Bake at 350 for 35 minutes.
Can be mixed day before and refrigerated, except noodles.
By Pete Erickson
Interim TLC Youth Minister

NOTE: This is the Wednesday, June 3 copy of the afternoon newsletter "Pete's Post."
TLC Youth Hang Out (Taking a breather for June 3)
With this being the last week of school, we are hoping that we all can collectively catch our breath. SO we will NOT be holding TLC Youth Hang Out on Wednesday, June 3. We will gather back together on June 10 to talk about possibilities for the summer for both online gathering opportunities and safe, socially-distant, outdoor program opportunities this summer. 
PLEASE give yourselves the same care and grace that you show the others in your life. Know that I and all TLC staff are willing to connect with you personally as you need. Please reach out. 
Be safe, well - knowing God is in the midst of us - ALL of us
Graduate Sunday Reminder (June 7th at 10AM):
On Sunday, June 7 th , at the 10:00 a.m. live-stream service , Transfiguration Lutheran will celebrate a milestone in the life of this congregation and in your lives. This is a moment in time when we close one door, open another while we honor our graduates and families – blessing your next chapter of life. Traditionally, we would be together, as a great cloud of witnesses, celebrating this stepping stone with you but these are not “normal” times where tradition wins the day. BUT we will celebrate. We will bless. We will honor. We will be the church. 
NEW! Prayer of Examen - Thursdays at 5:30PM on Zoom
The Prayer of Examen is a regular practice that has 5 steps: prayers for God to open us up to examine the grace in our day, prayers of thanks as we examine the day, looking back on the day and naming where we saw God, looking back on the day and naming where we fell short in our relationships with the world, our vocation and family, examining the day to coming - what are our hopes for tomorrow. This will be a 20 minute exercise each week and all you need is a journal or note pad. THE WHOLE CONGREGATION IS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PRAYER OF EXAMEN. 
Here is a link to join the weekly event (this is recurring, so this link can be used every week).
June 2020
Congratulations to Bloomington Meals on Wheels for 50 years of service to the community!

1968-1969: The Seed of Volunteerism is Planted

Volunteer home delivery of hot meals began on a small scale in Hennepin County when two Bloomington churches, Oak Grove Presbyterian and St. Luke’s Lutheran, provided meals prepared in a local restaurant. Soon, St. Stephen’s Lutheran and St. Edward’s Catholic churches joined in a task force which laid the groundwork for a structured home-delivered meals program. Their work led directly to the creation of the Bloomington Meals on Wheels program and the seed was planted for community-based, non-profit, volunteer MOW programs throughout the metro area. 

1970-1971: The Seedling Takes Root and Meals on Wheels Emerges

The first formal Meals on Wheels program structured as the all-volunteer, community based effort we know today began March 19, 1970 when the Bloomington Meals on Wheels program started delivering meals two days a week to seven clients. Transfiguration started supporting MOW with volunteers and funding in 1971. We can be proud of TLC’s contributions of drivers and funding over the years. What a great legacy!

If interested in becoming a volunteer driver, contact:
   Ingrid Swanson 952-944-5696
   Nancy Dahlof 952-831-1961
   Jo Benson 952-884–9881

Monetary gifts are much appreciated as TLC had to remove Meals on Wheels from the 2020 budget. Make checks payable to TLC, write Meals on Wheels memo line and mail to TLC, 11000 France Ave. S. 55431 or ( click here for online giving and select Gifts/Memorials once there). Thank You!

Learn more: Phone: 952-835-1665
Bloomington—Eden Prairie Website:
Resumes Wednesday nights with Pastor Grace.
Continues each week at 7:00pm
Join Intern Pastor Grace as she re-Zooms Wednesday night Bible Study. Bring your own bibles and let's learn about the interesting and often overlooked characters in our book of faith. 
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 960 1654 7916
Password: 891335
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Please help?

The Coronavirus has clearly upset life in Minnesota and around the world. As you know, even TLC is feeling the impact. Our church services and meetings are all on hold for now and only staff is left in the building, but our mission continues. Without the ability to gather for worship, we have no offering baskets being circulated to collect weekly offerings. In the mean time, bills still have to be paid and we need the continued financial support of our members. 
If you normally submit your offering in the offering baskets during service, we ask you to mail your offering to TLC at your normal interval while services are suspended. 
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We realize that some of you may have suffered loss of your job or income during his crisis and are unable to fulfill our offering pledge at this time. If this is the case with you, please let us know and we will keep your in our prayers. 
Like other crisis’ before it, the Corona virus will eventually pass and our lives will return to near normal. It’s times like these that can really test our faith. Take care of each other and yourself. We will get through this together. And, please don’t forget to support TLC in the mean time.
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