Altar Flowers
TLC's altar flowers for Sunday were given by Marilyn Erickson
in thankfulness for the many friends who have been here
for her during this pandemic time.
Holy Week
Our Journey with Jesus
Rob Reid
Director of Music
We are about to begin our most important week in the church year, as we join the Procession on Palm Sunday and then walk alongside Jesus on his way to the Cross, our pathway to Salvation and Freedom from Sin. Join your church family in Virtual Worship throughout the week, to fully feel, and to understand in perhaps a new way, all that Jesus means to each of us. 
On Sunday, March 28 you can join the Palm Procession in your home if you'd like to come by the church and pick one up near the West Entrance any time after 10:00am on Saturday, March 27. After we shout and sing our "Hosanna's" to Jesus our King, the Palm Sunday service takes a turn toward Passion Week, as we sing the Psalm in a minor key this week, and two hymns that invite us to Journey with Jesus through his challenging week. 
On Wednesday, March 31 at 7:00pm you can join others on a Facebook Live Event, to bake bread which you can eat at Jesus' Last Supper - during Communion at our Maundy Thursday service at 7:00pm on April 1st. As you partake, you will hear a newly-recorded version of the heartfelt anthem "In Remembrance" by Buryl Red. 
At 7:00pm on Good Friday, light seven candles as we hear the Seven Last Words of Jesus, and sing hymns to amplify the emotional moments of his crucifixion. You are also invited to bring paper and pen for our Journey to the Cross, during which we write down those sins and struggles that get in the way of our relationship with God and one another. You may wish to bring those papers to our Easter Service in the West Parking Lot, where they will be burned in a refining fire that reminds us of God's Amazing Grace, and Jesus' glorious gift! And then we can once again shout and sing "Alleluia!" and "Hallelujah!" Amen! 
Peace, Love, Hope and Joy! 
Palm Sunday Procession
Even during the pandemic limitations, TLC doesn't let Palm Sunday go without a Palm Procession. In the online stream of this Palm Sunday's service, we will experience the procession by Pastor Arthur, Chancel Choir members, staff and several volunteers prerecorded outdoors earlier in the week.

All Glory, Laud and Honor, performed in the sanctuary by the Socially Distanced Quartet, Carmen Englert on organ, Hope Englert on timpani's, and Laura Thelander & Pastor Arthur on trumpet, will accompany the outdoor excitement of Jesus entering Jerusalem.
Make Your Own Jesus Bread
Bread Baking with Pastor Melanie: Wednesday of Holy Week, March 31, 7:00pm on Facebook LIVE.
On Wednesday of Holy Week this year, we are gathering together, albeit virtually, to bake bread for the Maundy Thursday service (April 1,  7:00pm) Join Pastor Melanie on Facebook Live—she will lead you through the recipe, and also read a wonderful picture book about bread and loving our neighbor while our bread bakes. This is an activity for all ages. 
The recipe makes four round flat loaves of bread. We invite you to share a loaf or two with another TLC household or family/friends/neighbors with an invitation to join us for the Maundy Thursday service.
So you can have ingredients and tools ready, the recipe is listed below. If you can’t join us on Facebook Live (found on TLC’s Facebook page), bake on your own!
Baking tools needed: measuring cups and spoons, sifter or small colander to sift, cookie sheet and spray/parchment paper, rubber spatula, table knife.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Sift together dry ingredients.
· 2 cups of whole wheat flour
· 1 cup of white flour
· 1 ¼ tsp. baking powder
· 1 ¼ tsp. salt
Mix wet ingredients
· A scant cup of very hot water
· 3 T. honey
· 3 T. Molasses (some prefer all honey (6 T.) and no molasses—baker’s choice!)
· 4 tsp. olive oil
Mix wet and dry ingredients. (You can use a mixer, bread machine, a spoon/spatula, or your hands.)
Dough should be a bit sticky.
Divide the dough into four equal balls and using flour so that it doesn’t stick to your surface and rolling pin, roll out four circles.
Mark with a cross.
Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Check and see if done and bake a couple more minutes as needed. Bread is done when golden brown and no longer squishy.
COVID Response Team Update
March 24, 2021
Revert to Phase 3 due to uptick in case/10,000
Current Case Count/10,000 people: 21.8 (was 18.5)
-Expanding in-person worship in April and May. Here are the dates:

-April 4th – 10AM Easter Service (TLC Parking Lot)
-April 18th – 8:30AM and 10:00AM limited in-person worship (Sanctuary)
-May 2nd – 10AM TLC Parking Lot Worship with Rite of Confirmation
-May 16th- 8:30AM and 10:00AM limited in-person worship (Sanctuary)

-Opening for in-person Confirmation Ministry starting after Easter
-Starting the process of opening the church building for small groups after Easter

Note: On-line participation for all of the above will continue to be available at Sunday School with Pastor Melanie will continue to be offered via Zoom at 9:30am

Current cases/10,000 people in Hennepin County is at 21.8 which puts TLC in Phase 3 of its re-entry plan. To see the full plan click here .

[Editor’s note: You may view the daily case count at the following: Hennepin County COVID data dashboard
(it takes several seconds to display all the data)
ELCA Bishop Eaton gets her first COVID vaccination on St. Patrick's Day.
Click the image above to watch.
If you are in need of prayer or have the name of someone you would like to add, please ask permission from that person first. Then, contact Marilyn Erickson, Care Ministry at 952-884-2364 ext. 10, or
Dave Merrill
Jane Kinyon
Joel Wigstadt
Larry Granger
Barb Halverson
Irene Johnson
Kevin Erickson
Jerry Hanson
Jean Nyberg
Walt Thomsen
Irene Amon
Dunwiddie Family
Don Jacobson
Carol Robbins
Judy Hanson
Laurel Riippa
Kirsi Ebli
Ron Schultz
Becky Hokenson
Prayers of Sympathy to:
  • Ben and Meghan Gardner on the death of Ben's mother, Martha.
  • John Larson & family, and TLC friends on the death of John's mother, Alice Larson.
Live-Stream Viewer Data
Last Sunday, March 21, 2021
282+ viewers of the 10:00am worship service.

Percent watching on specified device:
  • Computer 45.2%
  • Smart TV 21.4%
  • Tablet 19.1%
  • Mobile phone 14.3%

A Mini-Prayer Shawl Thank You
Long-time TLC member, Saki Tsuchiya, sends a note of thanks to Care Minister, Marilyn Erickson.
~ ~ ~
Dear Marilyn,

I am writing this note to you while I wait for my breakfast to be delivered. The dining room is closed on Sundays so all our meals are delivered to us.
I was pleasantly surprised to receive such a beautiful mini-prayer shawl which was enclosed in such a lovely card. It’s so nice to be remembered in this way.
I happened to be watching the Holden Evening Prayer service when you and Pastor Melanie were discussing the K3P3 ministry at TLC, when lo and behold, I saw myself as one of the knitters. It must have been a pretty old photo since my hair was jet black!
I will carry the mini-prayer shawl in my pocket since I find no reason to be carrying a purse while I’m in the building. What a wonderful reminder of God’s love for me.
In appreciation,
Saki Tsuchiya

~ ~ ~
A little tag was included with each prayer shawl. It read:

A Mini-Prayer Shawl in your pocket or purse to comfort you all day with a reminder of God's Love.
~ ~ ~
If you would like to have your own mini-prayer shawl, please contact Marilyn Erickson @ 952-884-2364 or
Saki Tsuchiya is reminded of God's Love.
Scene with Marilyn Erickson (left) and Pastor Melanie from the K3P3 story shown during the online stream of Holden Evening Prayer.
Saki, far right, claims the above was an old photo because her hair is jet black!
The Mini-Prayer Shawls were brought to young families and those who are homebound or in care centers as "Pathways to Prayer," the TLC theme for this Lenten/Easter season.
How much can we raise?
Now Enrolling
Looking for educational hands-on and fun care for your child? TLC Early Learning Center (ELC) is now enrolling for our Aardvark and Ducktail classrooms (ages 3 and 4). Contact Barb at 952-884-7955 to hear more about our wonderful classrooms. Or visit our newly redesigned website at
For over 25 years, TLC-ELC has organized a Spring Flower sale, with the beautiful, healthy flowers and plants provided by Pahl's Market in Apple Valley.
This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and all proceeds for the sale will go toward the upgrading of our playground.
1) Print the form and drop it off at the check-in desk at the northeast entrance to the daycare at TLC-ELC, 11000 France Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55431

2) Complete the fillable pdf and attach it to an email and send to:

3)Type your order into the body of an email and send to

Order forms are available at the TLC Church Office, Mon-Thu, 9am to 3pm.  

Orders are due April 5 and flower pick-up will be on May 12. Payment (cash or check) is due at pick-up.

Thank you for your thoughtful support of the Early Learning Center

Now I Know it's Spring!
What could be missing? Yesterday it was 60 degrees outside, the snow is all gone, there is a forecast of rain for today and maybe a few more days... hmmm.
Well, now I know what has been missing...We finally saw our first robin--a big one, in our bird bath! I wish he'd stay and build a nest; raise a family or two. In all our years here we have never had a family of robins, probably because there are too many dogs and the new neighbors in back have three large cats, one of which I found sleeping on our deck.
Birds are smarter than we realize. Now, as I said last spring, "Don't put your boots and shovels away just yet, as if you do, there will be more snow for sure. Happens every year."

With Palm Sunday coming up, I surely wish we could be in our sanctuary waving our palm branches. The choir would go up and down the aisles, and I always liked to "mistakenly" wave my palm frond too close to someone's nose, just to make them smile. After not seeing so many people for so long, it would be even more fun this year. After everyone gets their vaccinations, it won't be long before we can safely move back into the church building we all love. Things are looking better!

Such sad news of more mass killings lately.  First the eight Asian women, and now some grocery shoppers were killed, just buying groceries at a supermarket because of a predicted storm coming. Birdman and I talked about his father's brother, who was shot and killed as a teenager when playing with a loaded gun. It happens so easily when someone has a gun for "protecting" their home, and when someone comes in unannounced, the intruder gets shot, and everyone is horrified to see it's a relative just dropping by to visit. We are the only country with way too many guns, and coming from a Scandinavian heritage, I am not used to having guns around at all. We never did any hunting either, being animal lovers. With background checks being an important part of being able to own an assault rifle, and then the divided ideas on even having any check at all, I don't see an easy answer.

Did you get your vaccination yet? It was not as easy as I'd thought, because for a while the vaccine was hard to come by. We had planned to go to Cub Pharmacy, as they'd given us forms to fill out, and we were eligible, being old. We'd ask at the store, they wouldn't know when the vaccine would be delivered, and so I finally decided to use Allina Care's vaccination place in Burnsville.  Birdman got his shot at Cub finally, so now we wait to get the second dose. The Burnsville location was so busy... but I had an appointment, and they were very organized with lots of helpers guiding the patients, and everyone wearing a mask, standing on six-feet apart circles in line, and following the arrows on the carpet after that.

God bless us as we celebrate Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Jesus' promise to always be with us, even when it meant dying on the cross and then three days later coming back for us all.

-Bloomington Bird Lady

We hope to add new members of all abilities to our eight team rosters. Starting date of playing at Dwan Golf Course will be Wednesday, May 12 and will continue on Wednesdays until Aug. 18. There will be four players participating on each night for each of the eight teams. Tee time is 5:00pm to 6:00pm. There is a $15 registration fee, payable to TLC Men’s Golf League. For more information, please call Keith Swanson at 612-741-7182.
Why was the Bible Written?

A continuing series by Pastor Al Dungan
(Part 3)
It is so hard to wait for something in the future when we don’t even know when that will be.

Remember when you were young and you were waiting for Christmas to come? It just couldn’t happen fast enough. And sometimes you got creative and looked and looked for your presents. If you found them it was so hard not to unwrap just one. And if you did then the surprise was gone.

That’s the situation that Abram and Sarai were facing. God had made a promise to them of a child, but as time went on and on and on, it didn’t happen. And, so, to try to “help God out,” they came up with a great idea.

In their culture, if one’s wife could not have a child, it was acceptable for the wife to “give a gift” to her husband of one of her maids with whom he would have a child and that would then be “their” child.

The problem was that life didn’t go smoothly for them after that. The maid, Hagar, began to “have airs” around Sarai and to make her life miserable. The child, Ishmael, became the center of contention. And twice Sarai forced Abram to make Hagar and Ishmael leave and twice they almost died of thirst in the desert. However, God was kind to Hagar and Ishmael, saving their lives both times and giving a promise that Ishmael would also found a nation; which happened.

Later God reminded Abram that when God makes a promise, God keeps the promise—not just in the time frame that Abram would have liked it to happen.

And then, even some time later, in spite of their old age, when the time of conception was long past for Sarai, God made it happen (some might call it a miracle) and their son, Isaac, was born. It seems when God wants something great to happen in the world, a child is born.

This is just one of several stories about how the Hebrew came to be.

Next time: The Battling Twins.

Addiction Awareness Team
Mission: “This ministry exists to provide a safe environment for those seeking hope and restoration from addiction and codependency.”
As you all may know, writing is not really in my wheelhouse of things I do well. But I asked for a few topics to write about and received three really great ones.

Last week, Pastor Al talked about tears and it was spot on, so I hope I can do the same. The three topics I was told about were Patience, Exercise, Making Time for Ourselves and the need for Love & Support. WOW right? This last year has tested us in all of these areas, especially if we are trying to work on our own problems and manage any form of addiction. I know for a fact that the last year has taken my patience to a whole new level and I am sure I am not alone in this. My sister and I have been sober for a long time, and one day as we talked, we joked that we should have been able to drink during the pandemic and that it would just not count. Of course, we did not drink, but for someone with less experience of beating their demons, this year was challenging. Not getting the help we hoped we could get and being isolated hurt. I pray you all found something to help you through this time. My wife and I took up walking almost every day, and that little bit of exercise is just what we both needed. We even walked on the really cold days, maybe not as long as usual, but we did. Just getting out of the house for 15 to 45 minutes was simply great. It also made the winter not feel so bad.

My wife works from home, and with me being retired, this means we have really been homebodies. Reaching out to family and friends by phone was also something that helped. Just letting others know we were alright and that we were praying they were as well. Nothing can replace being there in person, but a phone call or text or letter helps to keep us connected. Zoom was a word that I did not know of until this year, but it also helped keep us connected with teams we are on, so it did not seem like everything just came to a halt. One such phone call came early on after the shut-down, talking to a past work friend. He told me he was on the morning staff meeting and one of the guys in the meeting said he had never seen anything like this. My friend said, “You are 23 years old, there are people in their 90’s that have never seen this!” It really made my day. I pray that we will be back to a new normal soon… whatever that will look like… but until then, we are all just a phone call away and our team is ready to help you! You are never alone.

-Dave Dickson

~ ~ ~
To learn more about this ministry, or if you or someone you care about is in need of support, please visit our page on TLC's website here or reach out to one of us directly or send a confidential email to us at
  • Chris Campo
  • Dave Dickson
  • Al Dungan
  • Mary George
  • Griffin Myslivecek
  • Louise Olson
  • Beth Rahn
  • Rick Zeidler
The March in-gathering of food, paper products
and personal care items, has not ended. 
To date, 340 pounds of TLC donations have been taken to VEAP.
Let’s try to make that 500 pounds by the end of next week. 
TLC west side doors are still open 9:00am to 3:00pm,
Monday-Thursday. Collection bins are just inside the doorway.
Most needed items:

  • Baking essentials, flour, sugar, cake mixes, cooking oil, frostings
  • Laundry detergent
  • Personal care items, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, shaving cream
  • Paper products, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins
  • Gluten free products, whole grains, brown rice, wild rice and rice crackers (check labels for gluten free)
  • Whole grain/bran cereals, shredded wheat, Kashi, Chex
  • Paper bags are needed-not plastic
  • $10 donated equals food for 30 meals.
Note that financial contributions allow VEAP to respond more flexibly to changing needs. Every $30 donated allows VEAP to feed an individual for an entire month (90 meals!).
Join us for one or both of the below events to help you get started. You’ll be glad you took this first important step.

Decluttering: How to get started & get organized
THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2021 • 11:00am - 12:00pm
Virtual information session: By ZOOM or telephone

About our presenter: Su-Yoon Ko, is a professional organizer and owner of Decluttering Key. She has a passion for decluttering, and specializes in bereavement organizing: helping people honor their loved one, while letting go of the things that do not enhance their own lives.
Please RSVP to Kate Blessing at or 952-888-7751
A link/phone number will be sent to you in advance of the presentation

Paper Shredding Drive-Up
THURSDAY, MAY 6, 2021 • 11:00am - 1:00pm
Bring personal papers to Martin Luther Campus
Complimentary community shredding event (up to 4 grocery bags). A shredding truck will be in our parking lot for immediate paper destruction.
TLC Memorial Garden
A place of peace and reflection, honoring and remembering those close to our hearts. Please click here to visit our website dedicated to those who have passed on -- from 2012 to the present. Each person -Saint- has a page with their obituary, video photo collage, the funeral service bulletin, homily, photo album, and in more recent years, a video of the entire funeral service that was held at TLC.
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A Reconciling in Christ Congregation
A Culture of Diversity and Inclusion
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