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The Minneapolis Area Synod and Church Anew are providing a worship service for use by congregations on the weekend of Memorial Day. The worship service recognizes the one-year anniversary of the killing of George Floyd at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis. Calvary Lutheran, located just one block away from this site, hosted the participants in this service. Calvary has provided an ongoing place of respite since May 25, the day George Floyd was killed.

Presiding Elder, Stacey Smith, from the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Fourth District, is the preacher. Liturgists include Deanna Kim Bassett, Christine Belfrey Johnson, and David Rojas Martinez. Joseph Davis, Imani Waters, and Traiveon Dunlap offer spoken word poetry. Dance instructor, poet, and theologian Brian Evans offers the children's sermon.

Regina Daniels and Sydney Groven are ASL interpreters for the entire service.
Online-Only Service
Watch Past Services
Drive-in / Walk-up Service
Next Sunday - June 6
Begins at 10:00am
(weather permitting)

We will be celebrating our high school, college and tech school graduates. Plus a baptism and new member's welcome.

Arrive early! Bring lawn chairs! Or, if you wish to remain in your vehicle, tune your radio to 87.9 FM to listen to the service while you watch (note, radio transmission doesn't go too far beyond the TLC property). More details in next week's TLC Weekly.
Sunday, June 6
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Sunday, May 23, 2021
282 viewers of the 10:00am service

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If you are in need of prayer or have the name of someone you would like to add, please ask permission from that person first. Then, contact Marilyn Erickson, Care Ministry at 952-884-2364 ext. 10, or
Dave Merrill
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Joel Wigstadt
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Barb Halverson
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Dunwiddie Family
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Marilyn Erickson
In Memory of Irene Johnson
A celebration of the life of TLC member, Irene Johnson, was held at TLC this past Tuesday, May 25. Irene passed away on May 13 at the age of 83. Please take a moment to visit her page at TLC's Memorial Garden by clicking here. Once there, you may read her obituary, view a memorial photo montage, watch the archive live-stream of the service, read the bulletin and Pastor Arthur's homily, see family photographs, and leave a tribute message if you wish.
May 23rd at TLC
Children, Youth & Family
Imagination Event Report
The first of six Imagination Events took place this past Sunday. Many thanks are due to the 19 TLC community members who explored questions around the past and present of TLC and began to imagine the future through the lens of Children, Youth and Family Ministry (CYF). We had a lot of fun and time flew by! A special thanks to the Holy Spirit for showing up on a busy Pentecost Sunday. Click here to read Pastor Melanie’s and Pete Erickson’s report on the current state of the CYF program.
The TLC CYF Transition Team invites your thoughts and feedback on the past, present and future of Children, Youth and Family Ministry in our community of faith. We would love for you to complete a survey that will help inform our work going forward. Here is a link to that survey. It should only take about 15 minutes to complete! Thanks, in advance, for your partnership with us! Your participation in the survey along with the ideas generated at the Imagination Event will inform both the CYF transition already in process, and the broader Congregational Transition Process.

Please plan to attend at least one of the following:
TLC Imagination Events
All on Sundays from 1-4pm at TLC in Fellowship Hall
May 23 – Completed. Children, Youth and Family (CYF)
June 27 - Property and Building
July 11 – Seniors and Care Ministry
July 18 - Diversity and Neighbor Engagement
August 15 - Mission and Outreach
August 22 - Financial Sustainability
Zoom link is available for all events. Link will be in the TLC Weekly.
Participation in-person is encouraged.
Discover a place where your
children know they are home. • (952) 884-7955
Schedule a virtual or in-person tour.
WHEN YOU TRUST us with your family, you become like our family. At TLC Early Learning Center (ELC), we are committed to providing high quality care, specializing in educating children while nurturing their spiritual growth. TLC-ELC is a nationally-accredited, Christian childcare and preschool program in Bloomington, MN, with college-educated and trained teachers in early childhood education, assuring that your children will be left in very capable hands. If you’re ready to experience a safe, supportive, and fun environment for your child and a partner who cares about your family, we’re ready to meet you!
This Wednesday we finished up Soccer Shots. All groups learned so much. Our youngest groups worked on controlling the ball while our older groups learned basic soccer moves like “pull back” and “shielding.” The kids were given a medal for their hard work and participation on Wednesday.
Who is Watching Whom?
What is it we love about birds? Maybe it's that they can't talk back, or say anything but what God gave them to,say when they were created? 
Pileated Woodpecker
I think they might want to say something more if they could. We have had a pileated (py-lee-a-ted) woodpecker at our suet feeder every day since Easter. What would this large, beautiful bird say if it could talk? "Get outa my way, you guys, I need my suet!" That large Woody Woodpecker-like bird might be thinking he's better than the little woodpeckers that are also wanting some suet. Seems like good manners are more important than we thought, maybe.

We have a pair of chickadees who live in our bird house attached to the back of the garage.
They are so busy going back and forth to feed their babies, and we have no idea how many there may be.  Birdman says they usually have more than six, probably eight.  What happens when this little crowded house is too small? Well, God also gave birds some pretty good intelligence to deal with that problem. When the birds are large enough to fly, the parents take the whole batch off somewhere else, so they aren't there to compete for food when it's the parents' turn to eat. Would that work with our older teenagers who are not finding jobs for summer and just looking at TV or their phones?  Hmm.
Goldfinch changes color with the Minnesota seasons
If you see a goldfinch in summer garb, it's really pretty and the color is beautiful. Think of how they looked in the winter....they were at the feeders, but you would not even think it's the same bird.  Their winter clothes look kind of like mine do...rather blah!   The blue jays are still around, but they are not eating the peanuts like they are supposed to... and some fall to the ground.  I think having a birdbath that will not freeze over if it turns a bit cold is a big deal for birds. The robins can take their baths, and the squirrels can shove everyone out of their way while they put their paws in the water, turning it pretty dirty.  Fun to watch the mourning doves drinking water. Their little throats always go up and down and their pink feet hang on tight to the edge of the birdbath.  That pair...."Mr. and Mrs. Dove" have been with us for a year now.  I never see any little ones learning to fly... it's a puzzle, for sure.   
When the red-winged blackbirds finally went back to where they came from, it felt like something was missing. They looked so pretty as they'd take off in flocks, red wings flapping, and who knows where they went? They would always come back the next day. Now I just see a few once in a while.
One year everyone who feeds birds around the neighborhood got excited about seeing a strange bird that just did not belong. We think it was someone's pet that had gotten out of the cage by accident. You just don't see that kind of bird in Minnesota.
With this being the anniversary of George Floyd's death, there are lettters in the op-ed pages of newspapers about people being so on edge and getting angry at some minor thing. Will it come down to taking people's guns away? Maybe, but the NRA would put up a huge fuss. Each time the news comes on at 10 p.m. there's been another child shot ----no reason at all. Parents pleading for justice. I hope everything settles down and we can enjoy the Fair, go to Twin's games, etc. In the meantime, enjoy what we can all do: watch God's creation and listen for what those birds might be saying.
-Bloomington Bird Lady

Thoughts by Pastor Al Dungan
~ ~ ~
Pastor Al is off this week.
His thought provoking inspirations will return soon.

Transfiguration Lutheran Church
Addiction Awareness

-Our Mission-
This ministry exists to provide a safe environment for those seeking hope and restoration from addiction and codependency.
2020 Brought Increased Addictions

So, we have all made it to Memorial Day 2021! Well, all but the 500,000+ Americans that did not, due to COVID-19. To say 2020 was rough is to put it mildly. We have seen so much discontent and out of control behaviors happening - like family abuse and mental health problems sky rocketing, along with an increased number of suicides. One of the other big items to come out of 2020 was an increase in addictions across the board. The worst part is that people aren’t getting the help they need for both addiction and co-dependency. It is very troubling to see the numbers increase like this without people being able to get help or knowing where to turn for help. But, I am here to tell you that all of us on the Addiction Awareness Team are ready to help all those in need. You can call or email any of us, or if you are not comfortable with that, PLEASE contact one of the Pastors and they will guide you to the one of us that is best able to support you. The worst thing you can do is nothing. You are never alone in your struggles. There is plenty of help for you, all you need to do is ask. We all have different backgrounds and experiences and that is one of our greatest assets of our Team!
I pray you will ask for help if you need it. You do not need to suffer in your addiction or co-dependency alone – that thought is incredibly sad for us. We understand what you are going through and want to help. You can find us on the TLC website here: There, you will also find some great resources and meeting information, along with our general email box (also listed below). Thank you and may God Bless You All.
Dave Dickson, Team member
To learn more about this ministry, or if you or someone you care about is in need of support, please visit our page on TLC's website here or reach out to one of us directly or send a confidential email to:
  • Chris Campo
  • Dave Dickson
  • Al Dungan
  • Mary George
  • Griffin Myslivecek
  • Louise Olson
  • Beth Rahn
  • Rick Zeidler
This is the last call for the June 16-20 BWCA trip. Details are below. There are still a few spots left. Please RSVP to Pastor Arthur for this trip ASAP and no later than June 2. There will be an info session on June 7. See link below. This is our annual TLC guided trip out of Ely. Suggested contribution $200 per paddler. Open to: Youth finished 6th grade and up. Adults. Younger kids with a parent accompanying.

HELP!!! We no longer have access to a few of our donated canoes that help make this first trip such a low cost. If you have a canoe that you are willing to donate or loan to TLC, or if you hear of one, please contact Pastor Arthur ASAP. Boats that float are preferred. Other than that, we are not picky.

Payment due June 2 – Check to TLC; memo BWCA
Transfiguration Lutheran Church 11000 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431

Sunday, June 13
10:00am  Attend worship in-person or online at www.tlcgo.LIVE for blessing of paddlers.

Wednesday, June 16
  • 7:00am    Departure
  • 12:00 noon Arrive Ely – have lunch; Pick up supplies and permits at Canadian Waters Outfitters, 111 E. Sheridan St., Ely, MN 55731.  Phone (218) 365-3202.
  • 3:00pm  Enter BWCA at Lake One.
  • 5:00pm  Camp on Lake One.
Thursday, June 17 – Saturday, June 19
  •  Camp, fish, sleep, swim with optional Day Trip to other lakes.
  •  Saturday evening – closing worship.
Sunday, June 20
  • Exit Boundary Waters very early and return to TLC by late afternoon.
  • Possible lunch en route at Gordy’s High Hat Diner in Cloquet, MN.

Leaders – Pastor Arthur & Dave Dickson

RSVP to Pastor Arthur ASAP and no later than June 2 to save your spot.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • The August High School trip is now confirmed for the dates August 2-7. There are still 2 spots left. Please RSVP to Pete Erickson ASAP as it may fill up quickly. See info session below. Loop trip guided through Wilderness Canoe Base. Suggested contribution $300 per paddler. Open to: Youth finished 8th grade and up. Adults welcome.

  • The final Family Trip August 28-31 is still taking reservations. We have a few families signed up and room for more. Contact Pete Erickson or Pastor Arthur. See Zoom info session below. Family Mission Camp at Wilderness Canoe Base. Approx. cost $100 per person. Open to: All ages and abilities. Cabin accommodations. Meals prepared by camp staff. Opportunities to volunteer and to relax.

Please contact Pete Erickson ( or Pastor Arthur ( for more information or to hold your spot for any of the trips.
There will be a ZOOM information session on Monday, June 7 at 6pm-7pm. The first 30 minutes be info and Q&A for all 3 trips. At 6:30 we will switch to discussing specific logistics for the June trip. Please try to join if you are interested in any of the trips.
Transfiguration Lutheran Church is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: BWCA Info Session
Time: Jun 7, 2021 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 837 8410 2949
Passcode: 645534
One tap mobile
+16465588656,,83784102949# US (New York)
+13017158592,,83784102949# US (Washington DC)
7045 Lyndale Ave So
​Richfield, MN 55423
1st & 3rd Sundays/domingos
5:00 p.m. worship/servicio de alabanza
Tapestry is a bilingual (Español/Inglés) and multicultural community that works to not only build bridges, but to cross them, too. We are working together to reach out and weave together the diversity of people living in our communities into what it means to be una comunidad de fe. We engage in deep listening to build compassion and trust. We intentionally enter into conversations with people different from ourselves. We are transformed through our relationships and through the work of the Holy Spirit.
TLC Memorial Garden
A place of peace and reflection, honoring and remembering those close to our hearts. Please click here to visit our website dedicated to those who have passed on -- from 2012 to the present. Each person -Saint- has a page with their obituary, video photo collage, the funeral service bulletin, homily, photo album, and in more recent years, a video of the entire funeral service that was held at TLC.
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A Reconciling in Christ Congregation
A Culture of Diversity and Inclusion
No contest this week due to the holiday
The stained glass segment "partially" pictured on the left, is found in the TLC Chapel located next to the office entrance and the welcome desk.
Last week our contest featured a section of a stained glass window which can be found in the TLC Chapel.

There were five who correctly identified the photo and where the object could be found. In order of email timestamp:

  1. Sandy Mullen
  2. Diane Lehman
  3. Mary Kelly
  4. Barb Wigstadt
  5. Louise Olson
Visit TLC's website at
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