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Sunday, November 8, 2020 -10:00am
Sunday morning drive-in worship service with communion.
A Drive-In Service in November?
Thank you, God, for the beautiful weather!
Rob Reid
Director of Music
Greetings, Everyone!
Yes, it looks like it’s going to be a wonderful weekend of weather, so come on over to the West Parking Lot on Sunday, November 8 at 10:00am and enjoy worshiping together with your TLC Family! Pastor Arthur will preach and share a Time for Children, and the Praise and Worship Team will be leading our hymns and songs, including “Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love,” “Let Us Go Now to the Banquet,” a melodious new hymn during communion and “Go, Ye, Therefore” as we head out on our way. But before you go, plan to greet Pastor Ed after the service. He will be preaching one more time on Sunday, November 22 (his last Sunday at TLC), and we will have a Zoom Farewell for him that day following the Live Stream Service, but this coming Sunday will be your last chance for a Face-to-Face Farewell with him (masks and distancing required, of course). Hope to see you then!
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After 10 years, we are saying thank you and farewell to our beloved Pastor Ed.

November 22 will be Pastor Ed’s final Sunday and there will be a farewell on that day, however… not knowing what the weather will be on November 22, that good-bye may have to be on Zoom. This Sunday, November 8, Pastor Ed will be leading our outdoor drive-in worship service. If you would like to say good-bye and thank Ed in person, this Sunday may be a good time to do so.

Please remember that masks and social distancing are required.
Drive-in service this Sunday, November 8. See below map that details parking positions and circled areas near the front of the west entrance where you can sit in your own lawn chair and watch the service in the fresh, outdoor 70+ degree November weather. Ushers (wearing green vests, masks and gloves) will be at the entrance on Harrison Avenue handing out bulletins and sealed communion packets. Worth noting: there is no access to the building or its restrooms (plan ahead). Please practice social distancing and wear a face mask when outside of your vehicle.
Your 2021 Stewardship pledge card should have arrived in your USPS mailbox. Please complete the card and mail back to the church using the enclosed return envelope. Or, if you wish, you can click here to access our online pledge card and complete it right away.
Actually Voting Today.
Didn't It Feel Good?
Seemed like we'd never reach this day, there was so much difference between the candidates, a lot of wondering how it would all turn out. I hope that people who seem to enjoy going out to demonstrate, especially in lovely weather like this, will think twice before breaking windows or something worse if their candidate does not win....When store owners start boarding up their windows, it's not a good sign.

We always vote in our neighborhood church, the Universalist-Unitarian on Zenith Ave. They are very organized and there was no line for waiting to vote! We complimented those helpers taking names and signatures as we went to get our ballots. I am so glad we did not send our ballots by mail, as it sounds kind of “iffy” if the post office is as slow as it's been lately.
At the age of 92, Louise Dillery shared about her experience as a Jewish teenager in occupied France during World War II at White Bear Lake Area High School in 2017.
As promised, today I will introduce you to my dear friend, Louise Dillery. Louise came into my life when Caryl Minnetti, a long-time friend of hers, introduced the two of us... I'd heard Louise's voice on KFAI's “Bonjour Minnesota” and could tell she would be nice to actually meet in person. We were at Alliance Francais's art show and Caryl said, “Oh there's Louise!” After we met I followed her to the wine and cheese table so she wouldn't get away! We laugh remembering that day.

The following copy of a letter to the editor of the Pioneer Press tells about a time in Paris when there had been terrorist attacks, and the hope for “good will” to prevail:

I was born in Paris. I came to Minnesota shortly after World War II. I was in my early twenties, thinking it was just for a visit. As it turned out, I made my life here, in these beautiful Twin Cities, and now I call myself a proud Minnesotan.
All this being said, I am also proud to call myself a former Parisian girl, and at this time, of course, a grieving Parisian. But the point of this letter is not to express my personal grief. So much has been said, so many beautiful statements have been made by important people.

Through the magic of television I see my sorrowful Parisians at the Place de la Republique, the same place where my closest friend, Ginette and I, delirious with joy, saw our liberators,our gorgeous American GI's on August 25, 1944, the day of the Liberation of Paris,.

Before the Liberation we had endured four years of occupation by Hitler's armies, difficult years for almost everybody, but particularly dangerous for those of us who were Jews. We learned to live in constant fear of becoming another victim of those brutal Nazis. And now, in 2015, here we are having to live with the possibility of becoming a victim of vicious terrorists. We will survive, we will continue to live and love through our tears, absolutely convinced that the Force of Good will always prevail over the Force of evil.

Louise Dillery, Oakdale, MN

I will continue to tell more of Caryl's and my friend's amazing life in the weeks to come.

-Bloomington Bird Lady

By Pete Erickson
Interim TLC Youth Minister
All TLC HS Students (9-12 grade) are invited to take part in “Rake-a-Difference” Day this Sunday at 1:30PM. We will be raking, cleaning, etc. at various TLC homes. Bring gloves, a rake and your mask. Email Pete (perickson@tlcmn.com) if you can attend!
TLC Sunday School (Songs & Stories & 1st-4th Grade Sunday School) is meeting outside this Sunday, November 8th at 9:30AM
Prior to outdoor worship this week, TLC Sunday School (preK-4th Grade) will meet on the lawn for:
  • Inviting God Ritual
  • Scripture Reading
  • Story (Pre-K) or Experiential Activity (1st-4th)
  • Song(s)
  • Active Prayer Ritual
  • Sending Song/Ritual
Hope to see you all there!
Starting November 15th“Songs & Stories” (Pre-K) and 1st-4th Grade Sunday School will meet EVERY WEEK on Zoom. A Zoom link and potential activity materials list will be sent to families each week for their age group.
Here is the link each week starting November 8th
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 832 1747 0428
Passcode: 696867
If you have questions about Sunday School or would like to help provide leadership one time a month, please contact Pete (perickson@tlcmn.com).
TLC celebrates Thanksgiving in a new way this year!
TLC Confirmation student, Breanna Latzke, is putting together a Thanksgiving video, and she needs your help!

Please email Breanna at brean7400@gmail.com a selfie-video of you and/or your loved ones sharing your names and one thing for which you are grateful. Videos should be no longer than 30 seconds. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, Nov. 18. 

Breanna’s final video will be included in TLC’s annual Thanksgiving service November 25, online at 7:00pm.
-a continuing series-
By Pastor Al Dungan
Half Year
In the most recent Living Lutheran, (November 2020) Frank Honeycutt writes a very interesting article entitled Jesus and the Election and I’d like to share a few excerpts from that article.

As you read this, the election probably is behind us but as I write this, the outcome is still in doubt.

Honeycutt writes: “All political candidates are flawed—some more flamboyantly than others. Allegiance to a political party and its candidates cannot be blindly synced with faithfulness to the kingdom of God…our true homeland and primary citizenship are elsewhere.”

He goes on to say: “The word “Lord,” repeatedly assigned to Jesus in the New Testament is unsettling and radically subversive (italics mine). If Jesus is Lord of our lives, all earthly allegiances, including family, flag and fiduciary backup, take a back seat to our devotion to this man…People have told me that how they vote is entirely their own business. I get that, but don’t be surprised if another voice whispers reminders of his advice, as Lord of heaven and earth, to disciples like me and you:

Blessed are the poor (Luke 6:20)
        Love your enemies (Matthew 5:44)
        You cannot serve God and wealth  (Matthew 6:24)
        I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Matthew 25:35)

“Contrary to popular belief”, he writes, “Christians do not enter a voting booth alone.”

And then Honeycutt concludes with this very thought-provoking statement:

If he’s not Lord of all, he may soon be Lord of very little. (boldface mine)
So where does that leave each of us who, hopefully, have done our civic duty by voting?

We often forget to whom our primary allegiance as Christians is to be granted. We, in this country, have blended Christianity with our political party of choice and that can be, and is, very dangerous because it waters down, adulterates if you will, our allegiance to the Lord of all. To do this is to have some mistaken belief that ours is a “Christian nation”. It is not and never has been, contrary to popular belief.

Truly we have been blessed by God in many ways. But the God to whom we supposedly give our allegiance is the God of all people and all nations. God does not look with greater favor at one nation at the expense of all others.

To be a Christian, in any time and any place, is to be subversive because our allegiance is to a much Higher Power than any one political party or government. And that puts us at great risk if we take our “subversive beliefs” seriously.

My question to you dear readers is this: Is Jesus Lord in your life? And if he is, how did that impact on your time in the voting booth?
FREE Meals for ALL of the
Bloomington Community
We're now offering grab and go meals for adults in our community through Dec. 30, thanks to a grant! All adults are welcome, whether or not they have school-age children. Meals can be picked up from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., Monday - Friday at Kennedy High School, Door 5.
Dear supporters,

We could all use some hope right now. Something positive to look forward to. A sense of confidence that a need or desire—for ourselves, a loved one, or even people we don’t know—has the real possibility of being fulfilled.

At VEAP, we believe in the power of hope. We want to be a source of hope for people who find themselves in situations where they just need a little boost to make ends meet this month—perhaps some food or housing support to get through this challenging time in our country’s history.

The good news is that I see hope clearly here at VEAP. Hope is hundreds of volunteers continuing to give their time and energy to provide food to our neighbors who have been hit hard over the past six months. Hope is 3.1 million pounds of food—including 1.5 million pounds of fresh produce—distributed to children, youth, adults and seniors this year through our drive-up food system and home deliveries. Hope is $1.2 million in housing assistance to struggling households keeping more than 750 families safe in their homes through this health and economic crisis.

There are many ways that you can help us bring glimpses of hope to our communities this fall and winter. Participate in our virtual gala on November 13 (RSVP link now live at veap.org/gala2020). Sign up for a weekly or monthly volunteer shift. Make a financial donation to help us winterize our facility and parking lot for six more months of drive-up food distribution. However you choose to get involved, know you’re acting as a small beacon of hope.
As always, thank you for your support!
Joe McDonald
Strong, Nimble and Steadfast are the three words to describe GHM's vision for the footprints they want to leave after navigating through 2020 and the next chapter of Covid-19 in 2021.

Even though our volunteer team is taking a "time out' from in person volunteering, our members and Global Health are still doing ministry all over the world.

  • Beautiful newborn hats and blankets are lovingly knit by our own Marilyn Erickson and Marilyn Rundberg for the newborn kits that are shipped overseas.

  • GHM has provided PPE to protect health workers in 13 countries.

  • GHM is meeting the challenge of Covid with teleconferencing to communicate and educate local health care workers. A big project was setting up hand washing stations in the communities.
  • A hospital in Northern India received a piece of medical equipment that enables them to perform laproscopic surgery.

"Because all people should have access to a healthy life."

Mary Mahre - TLC/GHM coordinator
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