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April 24-May 1, 2021
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in God's love to share the joy of Jesus Christ.
Hispanic Community Voices
Pt 2 Moving Forward
The 301 Faith Partners Joint Social & Eco Justice Team invites you to attend Moving Forward Part 2 on Thursday, April 22 at 7 pm via Zoom as we continue our discernment of what actions to take in our community. We watched the documentary “Hispanic Community Voices: Impact of Covid-19” to watch click HERE. We met on April 8 with board members and staff from ISAAC (Interfaith Solidarity and Accompaniment Coalition) and have generated a list of ideas. Now we are ready to discuss and prioritize the potential projects.

Thursday April 22
7 pm
Virtually on Zoom click HERE
Meeting ID: 350 899 592 | Passcode: 028929

If you would like to get involved, but are unable to attend our meetings - please contact Deacon Katie Kline from Trinity or Pastor Felicia Smith Graybeal from St. Paul’s.
New in this e-News
  • May Tidings
  • Offering Envelopes
  • Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Application
  • FFH Updates
  • LuMin April Newsletter
  • Mattress Pads for Sky Ranch
May Tidings
To read the May Tidings click HERE.
Offering Envelopes
Are your offering envelopes useful to you? If you currently give electronically, through your financial institution, or employer, and don't feel you need your offering envelopes, feel free to email Debbie HERE and have them discontinued. You can always start them back up again.
Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Application
Do you know someone who may benefit from Homeownership? Pass this information along to them!! Habitat for Humanity's Homeownership 2021 application process is OPEN now through May 17. All application information, including supporting documents and downloads, can be found HERE. If you have additional questions, please contact Theresa at 970-488-2605.

About Habitat for Humanity's Homeownership: Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity is an affordable homeownership program. Their goal is to help households living on modest incomes realize the full financial and social benefits of owning their own home. Additionally, each Habitat Homeowner has the satisfaction of knowing that their monthly mortgage payments contribute to building even more homes for future Habitat Homeowners.
FFH Updates
If you left any dishes at Foothills when making a meal, please pick them up in the kitchen before May 20, when they will be donated. Pick up time would be evenings from 5 - 8 pm.

The Donation Task Force needs tables/chairs and dressers. Our Day Center needs preemie diapers, 1 small bookshelf, and a small desk. If you have any of these items you would like to donate, please contact Jodi at (970)371-5345.

They are updating the overnight program back-up list. If you are interested, let Jodi know 970-371-5345.

Before our next rotation in September we need everyone to take a training to get back into the swing of things. Trainings are 2x a month. Training will be held online.
April 25, 1-2:30 pm
April 26, 7-8:30 pm
May 2, 1-2:30 pm
May 3, 7-8:30 pm
June 13, 1-2:30 pm
June 14, 7-8:30pm
July 11, 1-2:30 pm
July 12, 7-8:30 pm
August 1, 1-2:30 pm
August 2, 7-8:30 pm
HERE is the link for the training.
LuMin April Newsletter
To read the latest LuMin newsletter click HERE.
Gathering Together
Dear Trinity,

We are excited to gather together once again in person! We are working on an updated building policy that reflects state and county guidelines, for indoor and outdoor gatherings. Though many churches are coming back together, please know that every context is different. Here are some of the extenuating circumstances that make Trinity unique.

  • We have three congregations using the same space, meaning 50 person capacity, back to back to back in the sanctuary creates an unsafe environment and we want to be aware for all the folks using the space.
  • We want to be hospitable with one another – with a 50 person capacity, who is left out? The first person to the computer to sign up is not showing hospitality.
  • We still need to record worship for those not able to meet in person. We need to do this well without doubling the work for our staff.
  • Vaccines aren’t required, but we do not want to create a have/have not division. You may be vaccinated, but not everyone is. Even our preachers are not fully vaccinated yet!
  • Vaccines aren’t required, but what about kids? Do we leave kids out of worship because they are not eligible for the vaccine yet?
  • Singing, peace, communion, offering will look a lot different. Remember, it will not be the experience you are used to.

Lastly, there is new information everyday with Covid, vaccines, and variants, and we still need to be diligent and vigilant in coming together. I know we have reached our limits, and we need community again. Still, we are not going to move faster than what is safe and in love for one another. Please stick with us and remain patient.
Sky Ranch
Tree Planting at Sky Ranch!
You are invited to be part of a special project at Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp on Saturday, May 22. Due to the devastating Cameron Peak Fire last year, there is a need to plant new seedlings around the camp. We will be planting 300 evergreen seedlings and also assembling protective cages. This work will be directed by Sky Ranch staff and includes meals and tools. Transportation will be arranged with the participants once we know the size of our group. Our plan is to be up there by around 8 am and registrations are requested by May 14. Please contact Ally Mertz for the Volunteer Sign Up Form and either email it to or send via USPS to 805 S. Shields St. , Ft. Collins, CO 80521. You may also call her at (970) 493-5258 or Wally Jacobson at (970) 223-2276 with any questions. Please join us for what promises to be a very meaningful and fun experience!
Summer Positions at Sky Ranch
Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp is looking for a few more positions to join their 2021 summer staff! Share with everyone!

  1. Summer Registrar-Based out of our Fort Collins office, this position is 30-40 hours per week. Summer Registrar manages registrations, camper/guest paperwork, and cabin assignments in coordination with Office Manager and Program Directors.
  2. Weekend Cook-Must be experienced in menu planning and food preparation for groups. Responsible for planning and preparing meals each weekend for up to 150 guests, allergy conscious and vegetarian menu items, and working with program staff on special meals. Must follow state and county safety and sanitation codes. Must be at least 18 years of age. Previous kitchen experience preferred. Schedule is Friday dinner through Sunday Lunch.
  3. Male Counselors-Ability to work with youth of all ages and be out of high school at least one year. Counselors will be trained for and weekly rotated between onsite residential programs, offsite service-learning trips, traveling day camp, and support staff positions. Responsibilities include leading daily worship and small group Bible study, day hikes, games, arts activities, service learning, and providing for the care and safety of campers.
  4. Offsite Guide-Safely implement offsite programs, including backpacking, day hikes, service-learning, and more. Offsite Guides are competent leaders with great decision-making skills who are passionate about environmental stewardship, outdoor leadership, and providing safe experiences for youth. This position requires teamwork, independence, and maturity. Due to federal regulations, Offsite guides must be at least 21 years of age. When not guiding a trip, guides work as counselors.

Those individuals interested in either position should contact Ally Mertz at 970-493-5258 or
Spring Work Weekends at Sky Ranch
Join Sky Ranch this spring as they prepare camp for the 2021 summer season! Their is a lot of work ahead and they can use your help! Projects range from planting new trees, cleaning all buildings, rebuilding platform tent bases, general maintenance & upkeep and much more! Each weekend will be limited to the number of volunteers allowed so please be sure to register online.
To register for any of the weekends click HERE.

​April 30-May 2
To see this weekends work schedule click HERE!
May 7-9
To see this weekends work schedule click HERE!
May 28-31 (Memorial Weekend)
To see this weekends work schedule click HERE!

To REGISTER for any of the weekends click HERE.
Awe, Ethics, & River Conservation
You are invited to join in the conversation as a philosopher and a stream ecologist discuss the experience of awe and its relationship to environmental ethics. Join the Zoom presentation on Sunday, April 25 from 1:30-3:30 pm. You must register for this event, to do that, please go HERE and then scroll down and you will see "Click Here to Register". *This event sponsored by the 301 Faith Partners Social & Ecological Team*
3rd Annual Heroes for Homeless Families
We are delighted to gather together on Friday, April 30 to enjoy a spring evening honoring some local heroes who support Family Housing Network as we strive to make homelessness short lived and non-recurrent for our local families in our community. While continuing to stay safe in the open air and in our cars, we will have dinner provided by CHeBA Hut Toasted Subs, popcorn and candy, an online silent auction and watch the movie, Above the CloudsTo register click HERE!
For more information click HERE!
Stewardship (Pledge Card & Letter)
Look for this LETTER and this PLEDGE CARD in the mail!
How can you return your 2021 commitment?
  • Mail!
  • E-mail to Deb Schwartz! (Scan or take a picture)
  • Phone in (970-482-1226)
  • Bring to the office!
3 Crosses in the Sanctuary
301 Faith Partners
Look for the 3 crosses in the Sanctuary
While our identity will always remain “Trinity Lutheran,” we also add a new piece to our identity as 301 Faith Partners. One way we can share space better is by seeing the sanctuary space not as ‘mine’ or ‘theirs’ but ‘OURS’ together. In this effort, we will have the processional cross from each of our communities sharing space in the sanctuary as we remember where God is leading us into the future. May God remind us always who and whose we are.
Book Group
TLC Book Group will next meet via Zoom at 9:30 am on Monday, May 3, to discuss the historical novel Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier. Set in England, the author weaves historical figures and actual events into an engaging account of 19th century amateur scientists and fossil hunters. Questions? Call Nadine Hunt at 970-825-3730.
2021 Ministry Funds Plan Weekly Numbers
Weekly Prayer List
If you have a prayer request and want it to be on this list please contact Amanda, or Pastor Rick,

Janet Morton
Barb Klaman
Howard Smith
Vicky Splittgerber
Lea Seim
Heidi LoRash-Neuenschwander
Marilyn Hartig
Lyndsay Vecchio
Carol Hemken
Eileen Ackerson
Helen Berneking
Oren Anderson
Mary Ann Armstrong
Madyson Hopkins

Friends & Family
Mourning for Peggy Lou Norma Fosse, mother of Jon Fosse
Cindi & Jim Rudick, friends of Dan Merz
Roxy Bush, Granddaughter of Barbara Baggs
Lee, brother-in law of Sharon Johnson
Noma Bryant, mother of Jodie Burgoon
Ron Souders, brother of Susie Stark
Mother of Donna Palmer's niece
Liz Gibb, friend of Cheryl Backsen
Pam Burley, friend of Cheryl Backsen
Ann Caraway Wideman, sister of Linn Zink
Deborah Johnson, daughter of Esther Johnson
Don Armstrong, brother of Mary Ann Armstrong
Stephanie & John Lee, friend of Jim & Georgia Lee Laird
Katelyn Miller, friend of the congregation
Melanie Eber, family friend of Lois & Howard Smith
Lilah Newton, family of Cheryl Backsen
Sunday School
Join us for shared Sunday School with St. Paul's. There is a lesson from Jacki and then a craft or activity led by Tiffany. If you have any questions or cannot open the link, please let Tiffany or Katie know.
Sunday School
10-10:30 am
Virtually on zoom click HERE
Meeting ID: 869 2085 5078
Passcode: 926423

Items needed: 1 or 2 sheets of white paper, tape, scissors, and coloring utensils.
Adult Forum
On Sunday, April 25, The program today is about the battle to combat hunger focusing on Larimer County. Speakers are Morgan Villnave, Community Engagement Manager at the Food Bank for Larimer County and Ann Randall, CEO and Co-founder McBackpack, Inc.

Sundays Adult Forum
9 am
Virtually on Zoom click HERE
Meeting ID: 894 3735 9149 | Passcode: 408538
TLC's Offerings
  • Saturday 5 pm
  • Sunday 10:30 am
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 894 3735 9149 | Passcode: 408538

  • Adult Forum (Sunday 9 am)
  • Bible Study (Thursday 9:30 am)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 894 3735 9149 | Passcode: 408538

  • Sunday School (Sunday 10 am)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 869 2085 5078 | Passcode: 926423

  • Confirmation (Sunday 9 am)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID:  879 6597 3059 | Passcode: 674840

  • TLC Book Group (1st Monday 9:30 am)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 853 58221885 | Password: 662888

  • Young Adults (2nd & 4th Monday 7 pm)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 817 1273 8613 | Passcode: 025862

  • Men’s Breakfast (1st Tuesday 7:30 am)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 873 3061 5104 | Passcode: 128841

  • Mid-Day Prayer (Wednesdays 12:00 pm)
To join GO TO THE CHURCH, this is an in person opportunity.

VIMEO: This is our Vimeo channel where you can access each Trinity worship service! Just click on the link and it will take you directly to the page so you can start binge watching!

There are a few different ways to engage in Trinity's Worship.
  1. Zoom via video! The quality of the meeting will vary depending on your service (i.e. wifi or cell service).
  2. Zoom via Phone. Just a phone call away.
  3. Vimeo! Vimeo is pre-recorded and uploaded and is all most always great quality videos!
You can mix and match these options, for example you can join Zoom Video for the live interactions and then have the Vimeo Video on another device to watch.

Directions for Zoom via Video: Click the link and join the meeting. You do not need a ZOOM account to access the link. However, you may first be prompted to download the software. This is safe, and you only need to do it once. When you click on the Zoom links, you will need to enter a user name - you can add any name you want. If you do not hear any sound, you will need to click on the bottom left to "JOIN AUDIO".

Directions for Zoom via Phone: Don’t have a computer or internet? You can still participate fully in the zoom worship services and other meetings offered through Zoom. Follow these steps, and if you run into problems, just ask one of our staff or your phone tree calling person for assistance. We don’t want you to miss you. Remember, in order to be part of the zoom call, you need to call in at the designated time (for example, Sunday worship begins at 10:30 Sunday mornings).
  1. Call (346) 248-7799 (this is a long distance number, so you need to have ability to call long distance.
  2. Enter the Meeting ID number the press #.
  3. Enter your user ID followed by #. You can skip this step simply by pressing pound.
  4. "Enter the Passcode.