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December 19-26, 2020
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  • Worship Reccomendations
  • TLC Constitution Changes
  • High School Students!!!!!
  • Christmas with Wartburg Concerts
  • Rocky Mountain Synod Advocacy
  • LuMin Newsletter
Worship Reccomendations
With support from the council, Trinity will be following the Rocky Mountain Synod’s recommendation and discontinue any in-person worship gatherings —particularly indoors—and rely extensively on digital worship platforms through at least the end of March. To read the entire article from Bishop Gonia click HERE.
TLC Constitution Changes
Trinity Lutheran has rewritten parts of its constitution and recently received approval from the Rocky Mountain Synod. The congregation will vote on these changes after the new year. To view the updated Constitution Draft please click HERE. The changes are shown in yellow with strike out and additions.
High School Students!!!!!
Christmas with Wartburg Concerts
2020 has been a year of many challenges and heartache, but we also have much to be thankful for, especially for the opportunity for our Wartburg ensembles to safely meet this fall and make music together. While the pandemic has limited our ability to go on tour, we look back with gratitude for the hospitality of our concert hosts all across the nation, and look forward to when we will be able to travel again to visit and perform in your communities once more. Until that day comes, we will share our music with you virtually! This holiday season, we have two very special programs:

  • Hope Awakens, Love’s New Dawn – This year’s Christmas with Wartburg video production will be released online on Friday, Dec. 18 at 7 p.m., and will be available to watch on demand at YouTube.
  • Behold the Mystery – Released online Friday, Dec. 4, this performance originally recorded in 2019 is available to watch now on demand at YouTube.

Both performances can be accessed, along with links to the PDF of each program, at

In addition to the full-length feature programs running just over an hour each, there will also be links available to individual pieces. We hope that these offerings will lift spirits this December and add to your enjoyment of the holiday season!
Rocky Mountain Synod Advocacy
Advocacy is a ministry of every congregation and ministry in the ELCA. The advocacy office of the Synod helps guide and inform churches on issues that are current at the state and national levels. Peter Severson, director of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry-Colorado will be with Trinity on Tuesday, January 5 at 6 pm. Last year he met with the Social & Eco Justice team, but this year with the miracle of zoom; the whole congregation and our 301 Faith Partners are invited to join in this meeting with him.

Questions that will be addressed:
  • Why does our church think it is important to have a advocacy office?
  • How are the issues picked to focus on in the Colorado legislature?
  • What did we help pass last year? 
  • What can we do as a congregation ? 
  • What partnership can we provide to help with hunger issues?

To join the meeting click HERE.
Meeting ID: 350 899 592 | Passcode: 028929
LuMin Newsletter
To read the latest LuMin Newsletter click HERE.
St. Nick's Gravy Sleigh
TLC's Gravy Train meal delivery was so successful, it is being replicated for Christmas. Volunteers will be working to bring a Christmas meal to those in the TLC community who are living alone or may not have the opportunity to spend the holiday with family. This meal will be delivered on Wednesday, December 23. If you would be interested in a meal, please email Amanda.

Sleigh Drivers needed!!!!
Have you always wanted to impersonate St. Nick, but never had the opportunity? Well here's your chance, we need volunteers to help with cooking and/or delivering the meals. Come help spread love, joy and cheer! For more details about how you can help, email Amanda.
Book Group
TLC Book Group will next meet via Zoom at 9:30 am on Monday, January 4, to discuss Dear Church – A Love Letter from a Black Preacher to the Whitest Denomination in the U.S. The author is ELCA pastor Lenny Duncan. The book is about 150 pages – a good length for the holiday season. Our public library does not own a copy, but can order it through inter-library loan (Prospector); it can also be purchased on Amazon – and we have a church copy for circulation. Questions? Call Nadine Hunt at 970-825-3730.
The 25 days leading up to Christmas will feature a traditional Christmas tune – with Advent lyrics, and prayers. Join Sky Ranch and congregations of Northern Colorado each day of Advent to worship and celebrate together. Click HERE to enjoy all the advent devotions.
The 301 Faith Partners presents the inaugural Live Nativity, which will run December 19-24 from 4-6 pm each night. Real live people! Real live animals! Covid–Safe, Meaningful, and Accessible! Viewers will stay in their cars, sing carols, and be able to drive past the portrayal of the First Christmas. Come and create a new Christmas Tradition for you and your family!
December 24 at 5 pm and 7 pm. We have two opportunities for worship together on Christmas Eve.

At 5 pm the Family Service with Children’s Pageant – This service will be led with the 301 Faith Partners, as our kids give us the message. We sing carols, and hear the good news of the little baby where all hope and fear is swaddled and laying in a manger. O, Come all Ye Faithful (and unfaithful and searching too!) To join the 5 pm Service click HERE.
Meeting ID: 896 7616 4246
Passcode: 419433

At 7 pm the traditional Candlelight and Communion! To join the 7 pm Service click HERE.
Meeting ID: 894 3735 9149
Passcode: 408538.
Year End Contributions
As usual, your year-end contributions NEED to be post marked no later than 12/31/20. What makes this year unusual is due to County and State COVID restrictions the office will not be open, so walking your offering in will not be an option. However, from the comfort of your home, many of you with computers and smart phones, can still make an electronic donation. Please visit our website at We are also listed with Venmo if you use that platform.
COVID Reminders
As COVID-19 is on the rise, we want to remind everyone of a few things. First, if you are in need (prayers, food, money, etc), please reach out; as a family of faith, we are here to help one another and we have a great network of people who have offered support. If you have tested positive, please let someone in the office know, we would like to hold you in extra prayer and support you through this. If you have tested positive, have been exposed, or are living with someone who has been exposed, please do not come into the church building (even if you are there alone). And anytime you are in the building, please wear a mask. This helps keep the staff and all those using the building as safe as possible.
Sunday School
Joint Sunday School, with St. Paul's, has started up. We are already practicing for the Christmas pageant, followed by a lesson from Jacki and then a craft or activity led by Tiffany. If you have any questions or cannot open the link, please let Tiffany or Katie know.
Sunday School
10-10:30 am
Virtually on zoom click HERE
Meeting ID: 869 2085 5078
Passcode: 926423
2020 Ministry Funds Plan Weekly Numbers
Weekly Prayer List
If you have a prayer request and want it to be on this list please contact Amanda, or Pastor Rick,

Heidi LoRash-Neuenschwander
Joy Murphy
Nancy Harrison
Larry & Sandy Dietz
Marilyn Hartig
Lyndsay Vecchio
Carol Hemken
Barb Klaman
John Wagner
Eileen Ackerson
Sonia & Howard Nornes
Lea Seim
Helen Berneking
Kay Armstrong
Oren Anderson
Mary Ann Armstrong
Madyson Hopkins

Friends & Family
Deborah Johnson, daughter of Esther Johnson
Don Armstrong, brother of Mary Ann Armstrong
Stephanie & John Lee, friend of Jim & Georgia Lee Laird
Mourning for Nancy Andrews, sister of Shelley Aust
Mourning for Ed Davis, son-in-law of Rosamary Weinmeister
Monet Manesh, granddaughter of Sharon Johnson
Faye and Guy Barbeau, sister and brother-in-law of Sharon Johnson
Janet & Dale Schairer, brother of Paul Schairer
Mourning for Troy Palmer, son of Donna Palmer
Abuela Rosa, grandmother of Jaxon Wagner
Leah Kapral, daughter of Nyla Anderson
Jaxon Wagner, grandson of Betty & John Wagner
Mourning for Tom Reed, uncle of Pastor Rick Reiten
Bill & Darlene Randall, friends of Trinity Lutheran
Katelyn Miller, friend of the congregation
Melanie Eber, family friend of Lois & Howard Smith
Lilah Newton, family of Cheryl Backsen
Melvah Uecker & family, relative of Patty Heyse
TLC's Offerings
  • Saturday 5 pm
  • Sunday 10:30 am
  • Wednesday 6:45 pm
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 894 3735 9149 | Passcode: 408538

  • Adult Forum (Sunday 9 am) 
  • Bible Study (Thursday 9:30 am)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 894 3735 9149 | Passcode: 408538

  • Sunday School (Sunday 10 am)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 869 2085 5078 | Passcode: 926423

  • Confirmation (Sunday 9 am)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID:  879 6597 3059 | Passcode: 674840

  • TLC Book Group (1st Monday 9:30 am)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 853 58221885 | Password: 662888

  • Young Adults (2nd & 4th Monday 7 pm)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 817 1273 8613 | Passcode: 025862

  • Men’s Breakfast (1st Tuesday 7:30 am)
To join click HERE!
Meeting ID: 873 3061 5104 | Passcode: 128841

  • Mid-Day Prayer (Wednesdays 12:00 pm)
To join GO TO THE CHURCH, this is an in person opportunity.

There are a few different ways to engage in Trinity's Worship.
  1. Zoom via video! The quality of the meeting will vary depending on your service (i.e. wifi or cell service).
  2. Zoom via Phone. Just a phone call away.
  3. Vimeo! Vimeo is pre-recorded and uploaded and is all most always great quality videos!
You can mix and match these options, for example you can join Zoom Video for the live interactions and then have the Vimeo Video on another device to watch.

Directions for Zoom via Video: Click the link and join the meeting. You do not need a ZOOM account to access the link. However, you may first be prompted to download the software. This is safe, and you only need to do it once. When you click on the Zoom links, you will need to enter a user name - you can add any name you want. If you do not hear any sound, you will need to click on the bottom left to "JOIN AUDIO".

Directions for Zoom via Phone: Don’t have a computer or internet? You can still participate fully in the zoom worship services and other meetings offered through Zoom. Follow these steps, and if you run into problems, just ask one of our staff or your phone tree calling person for assistance. We don’t want you to miss you. Remember, in order to be part of the zoom call, you need to call in at the designated time (for example, Sunday worship begins at 10:30 Sunday mornings).
  1. Call (346) 248-7799 (this is a long distance number, so you need to have ability to call long distance.
  2. Enter the Meeting ID number the press #.
  3. Enter your user ID followed by #. You can skip this step simply by pressing pound.
  4. "Enter the Passcode.

Directions for VIMEO: This is our Vimeo channel where you can access each Trinity worship service! Just click on the link and it will take you directly to the page so you can start binge watching!