November, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we approach the upcoming holiday season, our country and our transplant community continue to face unparalleled challenges as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the surface, it may seem difficult to find reasons to give thanks this year. However, in the light of day, what stands out is the amazing work of our healthcare workers, who battle everyday amidst a crisis of unbelievable proportions, to keep patients alive and return them to a healthy life. Also deserving of our thanks are the farmers, food processors, transportation companies, and grocery workers who work long hours to stock food and supplies for a hungry and desperate citizenry. And do not forget families and neighbors, who are smiling warmly at you in recognition of your friendship from behind their masks. Give thanks for all the things we have and look to a better tomorrow. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

-The Transplant Life Foundation

COVID-19 Transplant Community Webinar

Since the launch of our COVID-19 Transplant Resource website this summer, we have been working hard to find ways to continually support you through the pandemic.

We are excited to share that the COVID-19 Transplant Community Coalition will be hosting a webinar tomorrow, November 19, 2020 at 3 PM EDT/1 PM MDT. Our panel of experts will address some of the key concerns of the community, including outcomes for transplant recipients who contracted COVID-19, how to stay safe as an immunocompromised patient, and information concerning the COVID-19 vaccine.
TransplantNATION Photo Spread

Everybody could use a little inspiration during this COVID-19 pandemic. TransplantNATION magazine would like to stimulate positivity in their upcoming photospread. We hope you will help by sharing how an individual or group has inspired you at some point in your life. Use the link below to send us details and a high-resolution photo for consideration in the upcoming photospread.

Transplant Games News!
Transplant Games 30th Birthday Celebration

To ensure the future of the Transplant Life Foundation, we are launching our “Transplant Games 30th Birthday Celebration” year-end appeal on
Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020. This unique month-long fundraiser will highlight individuals like yourself, who exemplify the power of donation, and transplantation. The 30th Birthday Celebration will help educate the public on the importance of donation and solidify the advocacy that you and our Foundation work towards every day.

Your support and active participation in this fundraiser will be a key to its success. Look for additional communications on how to help, beginning Giving Tuesday, December 1st .
Merging Transplant Games Social Media Accounts

If you follow our social media accounts, you are aware that we are merging all Transplant Games of America social media accounts into Transplant Life Foundation social media accounts. This went into effect on November 16, 2020.

The Transplant Life Foundation produces and manages the Transplant Games of America along with other important initiatives that serve the donation and transplant community. Therefore, we will be merging the Transplant Games of America Facebook page into the Transplant Life Foundation Facebook page. No changes will be required by you, as a follower of the Transplant Games of America page. However, you will now see the Transplant Life Foundation Facebook page in your news feed instead of the Transplant Games of America Facebook page.

The Transplant Games of America Instagram account will be renamed Transplant Life Foundation. As a follower of the Transplant Games of America Instagram, you will automatically receive new posts, no changes are necessary on your part. It is simply a name change.
TGA Teams Transplant Games

Next month Team Florida and Team Arizona will be hosting their “Mini Games” at the state level. These mini Games are a great way to increase team participation numbers for the national 2020 Transplant Games in New Jersey in 2021 and build momentum for the event. Keep up the great work helping the Transplant Life Foundation increase awareness of the need for organ, eye, and tissue donation. For more information about the teams’ mini Games, please visit the links below:

Team Arizona (December 5, 2020)

Team Florida (December 11-13, 2020)
Competition Corner

We hope you have been enjoying our frequent Competition Corner posts on social media. The history and facts surrounding our Transplant Games competitions is interesting, and the athletes nominated for these competitions are truly inspiring! We still have lots of competitions and athletes left to profile as we move closer to the 2020 Transplant Games, but we need your help with nominations. If you know of a transplant recipient or living donor that competed at the Transplant Games that we should feature, nominate them now for our Competition Corner using the form below. We need athlete nominations for the following competitions:
5K Run/Walk
Texas hold ‘em
Virtual Triathlon

TransplantNATION magazine’s Passages page pays tribute to many milestones reached by individuals in our community. We intend to share news of births, marriages, anniversaries, transplant anniversaries, deaths, and any other significant announcements that celebrate the gift of life or acknowledge the support an individual(s) has given to the organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation world.

If you have a tribute you would like to share in an upcoming Passages page, please send your information (75 words or less) to Josh Sweedyk at

Transplant Life Foundation and Transplant Games of America would like to thank you for your support of our mission. The work that we do to educate the public and bring awareness about donation and transplantation would not be possible without your help and commitment.