Volume 001 | October 29, 2020
The Little School Alumni Newsletter
The Little School holds a special place in all of our hearts – amazing teachers, time in the woods and a community that feels like family. Staying connected to each other and to the school reminds us of good times shared and evokes memories of childhood, a time that is so valued at The Little School.

It is our pleasure to present the first edition of The Little School Alumni Newsletter. Thank you to all who participated in the alumni survey put out in the spring. We heard you and responded with a newsletter that connects us to the past and the present, our friends, our teachers and our school. If you have an update or idea to share for a future newsletter or would like to learn about the work of the AAB, please reach out to us at TLS-alums@thelittleschool.org. We are eager to make this a newsletter that you look forward to receiving.


The Little School Alumni Association Board (AAB)
Alum Highlight:
Lauren Geertsen
Lauren Geertsen attended TLS from 1999-2003. She reached out to share some recollections from her Little School days and how her time here helped lead her to big things:

I remember writing my first book in Sarah’s classroom, staying in during recess and writing a tale about a girl detective and magical boots. Sarah led us through daily journaling prompts, and I still have the journal where I wrote: “When I grow up, I want to be a book writer.”

Now a full-time writer, Lauren's next book, The Invisible Corset: Break Free of Beauty Culture and Embrace Your Radiant Self, comes out in January. The Invisible Corset gives parents the tools and information to end the cycle of female body insecurities, helping girls to be confident and comfortable in their own skin. The book has been endorsed by doctors, body image therapists and easting disorder specialists.

Use the TLS Amazon link and search for Lauren Geertsen to learn more about her book and pre-order a copy.
Lauren in Kathi Titus' second grade classroom with Roy (above) , and today (below).
In the Homestretch
The dream of a space for our Little School community to gather is almost a reality. We are in the Homestretch of the Campaign for a Big Future, with just $710,000 left to go.

We hope you will help carry on the legacy that was gifted to you and your family by participating in the Homestretch. One of our alumni families will generously match the next eight gifts of $5,000 or more* made to the Campaign for a Big Future. What a great opportunity to have a big impact on the future!

You can Put Down Your Roots to support the planting of trees and shrubs on our campus or pledge support toward the full campus renovation. Either way, you are helping ensure creativity, curiosity and community for countless current and future Little School students. We look forward to the day when we can invite you to join us in these beautiful spaces as well!

*Match is $5,000 for each gift.
Alum Faculty Highlight:
Nancy Palmer
Nancy Palmer, our TLS librarian from 1984 to 2017, graciously agreed to be part our The Little School Alumni Association’s first newsletter. While we wish we could say that Nancy sat down for an interview, but alas, social distancing. However, she graciously replied to our list of questions.

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane
Have you seen The Little School SmugMug page? We've compiled our archives in one convenient location so you can look back and smile at some wonderful memories from the past. There's even a place for you to upload pictures of your own to add to our collective photo album. Take a look!

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Even though you're not on the Little School campus every day, you're still part of the TLS family. We care about how you're doing and what you're up to, so let us know! Started a new school? Got married or had a baby? Do you have an upcoming performance? Did you get a new job? We'd love to share your joy and celebrate you. Send an update to TLS-alums@thelittleschool.org or use the update link below.