SEPTEMBER 2019 Monthly Update
TMART 2019-2020 Registration is OPEN
It's time to Officially sign up for our 2020 season!
TMART Registration is now open for the upcoming year.

Registering early really helps the coaches to plan properly for the upcoming season.

PLEASE - Don't let this go until the last minute . We are one of the few clubs in PA that does not charge late fees, or cap enrollment, or have an actual "deadline." It would be nice to keep things that way but we need your help. Sign up now!!

If you have any questions please shoot us an email - we are here to help!
Coach Frank is Ready
TMART Registration is a two step process:

1 - Enroll or Renew your US Ski & Snowboard Membership.

2 - Register with TMART.

TMART Gear Swap Date is Set
Buy/Sell Race Gear - Boot Fittings - More!
Gear - Swap It!
Back by popular demand is our annual TMART Club Ski & Gear Swap.
Mark your Calendar now!!

Date: Sunday October 13th.
Time: Noon to 3:00pm
Location: TMART Shack

This is your chance to sell your undersized gear to a younger athlete coming up. Also a chance for you to pickup some great gear from an older athlete who has outgrown it. There will also be brand new gear available. There will be A LOT OF GEAR there.

Who is this for?
All TMART Devo and Comp athletes, all coaches, and all TMART families.

How does it work??
Easy - just bring your gear to the Shack. If you are selling gear, come a little early to price it and set it out for display (or even drop it off a day or two prior.) Coaches will be on hand to help suggest prices if you need help. Sellers mark your gear with masking tape with your name, phone number, and price. We will have tape and sharpies available.

Who handles the money?
This is a direct swap, meaning you set your selling price, and buyers pay sellers directly. Buyers - please bring some checks in case the seller is not present, coaches will have envelopes for checks and coordinate getting them to sellers if necessary. You might consider PayPal or Venmo also.

What can I buy or sell?
Anything related to ski racing. Race skis, team jackets, speed suits, race helmets, etc.

What kind of new gear will there be?
World Cup Ski & Cycle of Camp Hill will be on hand with a selection of race boots and race skis from their store. Boot fittings and expert advice on sizing will be available.

Is this the same thing as the Tussey Mountain Ski Swap?
NO - Tussey Mountain has a MASSIVE ski swap on November 8, 9, and 10. Our swap is just for our club and specifically for race gear. The Tussey Mountain swap is a great place to buy or sell your general equipment also. Info on the Tussey Mountain swap here.

Any food involved?
Yes - We usually break out the burgers and dogs and turn this into a nice little informal team social event. Bring an informal dish to share if you would like.

What if I don't find anything to buy?
Even if you don't end up buying anything this is a perfect opportunity to come out and talk about gear with coaches! Especially great for new and younger athletes!
ExpertVoice - Massive Gear Discounts
It is Time to Start Thinking Gear
You Have Massive Discounts Available
Through Your US Ski & Snowboard Membership
Time to start thinking about what you need for the upcoming winter season. No it's not too early, this takes time. Don't leave it go until the last minute.

Since you have already renewed your US Ski & Snowboard Membership (you did that already, right??) you have some massive discounts at your fingertips.

Saving is easy! Here is the process:

Step 1 - Log into your US Ski & Snowboard account here: (Renew your membership now if necessary.)
Step 2 - On your USSS dashboard page, locate this button and push it:
Step 3 - Pushing the red member discounts button will show a list of manufacturers that offer discounts, but that is just the start of it. Now in that list you need to find and push this button to enroll in Expert Voice:
What will Expert Voice do for you? It will ask you some questions about what areas and product types you are interested in. And then get ready for massive savings. We are talking upwards of 50% off major brand items. Hundreds of brands - Helly Hansen, Smith, Hestra, Spyder, Swix, just to name a few!

It is WELL WORTH the little bit of time that it takes to enroll. Enrollment is free - and you already have access to it!
Tuning Clinic Dates Set
Head Coach Eric Will Offer 3 Sessions
While we are talking gear - let's talk ski tuning also!

Coach Eric will offer three tuning clinics open to parents and/or parents & athletes that are ready to tune their own gear together. It really isn't that hard and there is nothing better than fresh tuned skis.

Tuning Clinic Dates: (at Race Shack)
  • Tuesday Oct 15, 6:00 - 7:30pm
  • Thursday Oct 24, 6:00 - 7:30pm
  • Sunday Nov 3, 3:00 - 4:30pm

Eric will demo how to sharpen & wax, answer your questions, and provide you with a list of tools and where to buy them.
Swix Evo - Game Changing Edge Tuner
As for the Swix Evo power edger in the photo - well you don't really need it, and it is certainly not cheap, but WOW does it ever change the game . As in - razor sharp skis in less than 5 minutes . Eric will demo it for you as well as a competing brand so you can see these new devices in action. Evo it IS AVAILABLE through Expert Voice at a significant discount .
Strength & Conditioning - In Progress
Group Training is Already in Progress
Not Too Late to Join In
TMART'ers After a Good Workout - Come Join Them!
TMART Strength and Conditioning Coach Christine has started holding regular training sessions for TMART athletes twice weekly. Some parents even joined in.

Even if you were not able to come out for the evaluation sessions, it is NOT TOO LATE for you to join in the training.

The next two sessions are:

Sunday September 8, 1:30 - 2:30pm
Thursday September 12, 5:30 - 6:30pm

Both session will be at the Boalsburg Military Museum parking area and surrounding ground.

Questions? - email Coach Christine.

If you will be coming out, please just shoot an email to Coach Christine ahead of time so she knows to expect you.

Even if you can't make the next 2 sessions, email Christine to put you on her email list for future sessions. This is free professional training. Don't pass this up! Last call!!
Coach Christine - Leading the Warmup
Zoe - Takeoff from Start Line
Reminder - your US Ski & Snowboard membership must be current to work out.
Tussey Mountain Season Pass
Don't miss the Fall Deadline to Buy Your Pass if You Didn't Already

Don't forget your Tussey Mountain Season Pass Either! They are still discounted up until November 10 .

Click on the form to download the application if you need one

You must have a Tussey Mountain lift pass to ski with TMART.
Season Pass Form
Blast From the Past
TMART 30 Years Ago - Seems Like Yesterday
Tussey Mt. skiers race downhill to get to top

For the Times
February 26, 1988

Who says a little mountain can't produce great skiers?

The Tussey Mountain racing team placed nine of its skiers on the Pennsylvania State team. Five of those skiers have qualified for the Junior Olympics while the remaining four still have a chance to qualify this weekend in Burke, Vt.

"There is no doubt we had more skiers on the all-Pennsylvania team than any other mountain in Pennsylvania," said Sandy Chivers, racing director for Tussey Mountain. "One advantage we have is that our kids can practice during the week, while most other skiers from-mountains like Elk Mountain can only ski on weekends. “

The five who have already quali- fied for the Junior Olympics include Andrea Bither, Drew Campbell, Todd Bigatel, Chip Kogelmann and Michelle Karas. The four trying to qualify this weekend include Brennan Glantz, Dain Olson, Dave Guss and Jan Dutton.

This-is where it gets confusing. There are four categories in qualifying for the Junior Olympics. Junior I's are the and 17 year olds, Junior II's are 14 and 15 year olds, Junior Ill's are 12 and13 year olds and Junior IV's are 10 and 11 year olds.

Bither, a 14-year-old from State College will be racing in the Junior Ill Olympics March 11-13 in Pico, Vt.

Bither crushed her competition at the Pennsylvania Derby winning all four of her races. Bither's parents, Nancy and Stewart, were instrumental in starting the program five years ago, but it really didn't get going until last year. And now 70 kids are in the program.

Bither started racing when she was 9 and in order to get the competition she needed. She raced some of the boys her age and older.

"She beat all the girls by seven seconds and all the boys by five seconds," Chivers said. 

Campbell is a 15-year old who lives in Centre Hail and his parents were instrumental in getting him started in the world of ski racing.

He will be traveling to Whiteface Mountain for the Junior II Olympics in take Placid.

"My goal this year is to make the top 20 (out Of about 80 skiers)" Campbell said. "'Last year, I finished 33rd at Mount Snow (in Vermont)."

Bigatel and Kogelmann will be competing in the Junior I Olympics in Killington. Bigatel, 16, from State College, has been skiing all his life.

This year Bigatel is aiming for the top 30 and his favorite skier is the United States' Felix McGrath.

"I had a disappointing season until this last race," Bigatel said. "I finally went out and did my best and hope to do that at Killington.”

Kogelmann, 16, is from Boalsburg and he started skiing at age 6. His idol is the immortal Swedish skier Ingemar Stenmark and last weekend, Kogelmann won four of six races.

Like most good skiers, Kogelmann thought he could improve on his performance.

"I skied solid, but I didn't go for it," Kogelmann said. 'I was just worrying about making the Pennsylvania State and Junior Olympic team. "

Karas is a Junior II skier, who will also be skiing at Lake Placid.

Karas won all four runs at the Pennsylvania Derby. "It was the best race of my life," the 15-year old from Boalsburg said.

And what does she expect at Lake Placid? “I want to do the best I can and come close to the times I posted in practice," Karas said.

Glantz, Olson, Guss and Dutton all have a formidable challenge this weekend as they will face the best of the Northeast in the qualifying meet. Last week, they were going against the best from Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland.

"It's like night and day (comparing New England skiing and Pennsylvania skiing)," said Chivers, who has been coaching the Tussey. Mountain skiers since last year.

Chivers is hoping younger kids will join the program.

"We need to feed younger kids into the program," Chivers said. "I'd love to see younger kids compete and it's the perfect thing for kids who want more than just coming out and skiing. They will get great racing experience."

Chivers, who is originally from Hanover, N.H., has six assistants. Four go to school at Penn State and the other two attend Lock Haven.
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