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Did you miss the special invitation (sent Wednesday) to the 10th Anniversary celebration of St. James School?

The people of TMC have been active in the building up of St. James from their beginning in 2011, cleaning the chapel of St. James the Less which had been closed up for years so the the children would have a place to meet God in prayer. We participated in fundraisers and then Sallie organized our parish picnics on the grounds. At these, and other events, we sometimes met students and teachers and took tours of the classrooms as they grew from one 4th grade class to 5 grades. Please consider registering for the online event to hear Presiding Bp. Michael Curry and celebrating together one of the most amazing ministries in the Diocese of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia! Please RSVP: St. James celebration

News and Notes

At its February meeting, the TMC vestry appointed Linda Robinson to serve as church treasurer for one year beginning March 1st, 2021.

The Rector has been away from her regular schedule due to the death of her mother on February 14. She plans to return next week.

Lenten Study. As usual, we will continue our tradition of "taking something on" rather than "giving something up" for Lent. Deacon Lynn and others will lead us in our study of Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times by our Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry. Our first discussion session will be on Sunday Feb 21 at 11:30 (at the conclusion of coffee hour). Here is the schedule for the sessions:
Each week we will read two or three chapters and discuss them on Sunday.
It is OK to join the discussion if you have not been able to do the reading.
Bishop Curry provides questions for discussion at the beginning of each
chapter so we can start exploring answers to those.

Each week Lynn will provide one or two other discussion questions and maybe share an article or essay that pertains to the topic of love as
viewed from a religious perspective.
           Week 1         Feb. 21st           Introduction, Chapters 1 and 2
           Week 2           Feb. 28th         Chapters 3 and 4
           Week 3           March 7th        Chapters 5 and 6
           Week 4           March 14th  Chapters 7 and 8
           Week 5           March 21st       Chapters 9 and 10
           Week 6           March 28         Chapters 11 and 12 (Palm Sunday)
You may buy the book in electronic or physical form through your favorite store. (ISBN-13:9780525543039 Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group)

DIOPA LENTEN Bible Study With Ruby Sales, Wednesdays, 2/24-3/31 at 12:30pm (join any time)
Freedom Movement activist, public theologian, and teacher Ruby Sales leads us in a weekly Lenten Bible study with a focus on justice, history, legacy, and community. An early leader in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) from the time she was a teenager, Sales has a lifetime of groundbreaking work on civil and human rights, as well as nonviolent social change and community formation. Her TED Talk, public interviews, sermons, and articles are famous for advocating deep truth telling and deep love in rebuilding our nation and our communities. The Bible study will focus on the Sunday lectionary texts for each week of Lent, and is open to all in the diocese.
For more information and to register click HERE.
Deacon's corner

This week-end brings a close to Black History Month. We have read the words of famous black religious leaders and poets but we haven’t really heard from an ordinary, down to earth black person.
Introducing: Eunice Maddox Hunt, the Mom of my NAMI friend Vicki. Eunice passed away last month at the age of 95. Eunice led an ordinary extraordinary life. She had to leave school at 16 and go to work. She married, had 7 children, volunteered in the neighborhood, her church and became politically active. After her kids were grown she acquired her high school diploma, and went on to Temple where she received a degree in Pan-African Studies at the age of 64. She worked as a mentor to children and the elderly in crisis. She finished writing a book about her life in 2001, called Sharing God’s Blessings." Her main goal for writing her book was to share with future generations of black people the importance of knowing and celebrating their history. She believed in teaching black children about their family’s “passage” and the faith that kept them strong. She wrote:
“Whatever they (their ancestors) found along life’s way, they never lost
sight of their God, because their faith kept them always looking up.
That is why we are constantly reminding our children about the faith,
hope and strength of our ancestors. It enabled them to endure their
hardships throughout their life’s journey …."
She believed strongly that when black people know their history, they can develop pride and a sense of identity, most needed to face the challenges of racism in our country. Now Eunice dances with her ancestors in heaven and hopefully future generations will remember and tell her story. 
Eunice, into paradise may the angels lead you.
Deacon Lynn
Worship leaders 2.28.21
Rachel, David

Readers: Charles, Uli
Prayers: Tom
Tech: David
Birthdays: February

26 Caroline MacMoran
Joshua Brandstadter
28 Katie Claxton
Sundays: all on Zoom
9:00 a 25 - minute time of prayer, songs, story for 0-7 year old
10:30 everyone welcome; hymns led by the TMC choir, prayers, sermon
coffee hour after both
Wednesdays 9-10:00 Morning Coffee & Prayer both resume this week
Thursdays 5:30 Evening Prayer
Prayer is the most powerful tool we have when we can't be there personally for friend or stranger ...
Please pray healing and support especially for: Mark, Sarah W, Sasha, Shirley, Bill, Travis, Luca, Sallie & Jim W., Lynn, Andrea, Susan W, Richard, Peter D., Ulpiano, Carmen, Susan, Isaac, Donna, Sarah
Special prayers of gratitude, especially for vaccines against Covid-19
Grace for those who have died, especially Ruth, and all who mourn
Stamina and creativity for all essential workers, especially teachers, clerks, IT professionals, trash collectors, medical personnel, delivery, bankers, restaurant employees ...
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Our building is closed but the church is still open!
We continue to pray together and worship by moving our services online. We are also keeping our staff employed, repairing and readying for building rentals and and all activity to resume.
While our physical gathering is limited please do not neglect to provide for the work of the church with your financial contributions.
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