Greetings!The purpose of Trinity Memorial is to be the heart, hands and feet of God in the world ... work and play, word and action ... 
from the rector
I am not sure if you are enjoying the change of seasons this year in the same ways you are used to … maybe you always went to the hills or the shore for the last time during September and didn’t this year. Maybe you usually take long drives to see the leaves but have opted out due to these strange circumstances. Or maybe you are simply enjoying the cooler temps and are ignoring the dire warnings about winter flu season.

I am planning my long-postponed vacation without any of the above! Since we have established an online presence and rhythm to our Sunday prayer gatherings we will keep the disruption to minimum.

9:00 will continue with Rachel, David and Mia Castro-Diephouse.
10:30 will be a combination of new faces and 'normal' coffee hour with an education series at 11:30. We will take full advantage of what only an online format offers and meet some new faces as well as explore liturgy with new voices. I will talk more about this on Sunday 9/27 at 11:15.

Remembering the goodness and strength of God, let us not neglect our prayers:
Dear God, our world is hurting and broken. We pray for those who have lost loved ones this week, please comfort them in their grief and loss, cover them with your peace and presence, as only your Spirit can do. We know that in whatever we face, you are our peace and refuge, a very present help in times of trouble. Thank you that you remind us throughout your word, we do not face the storms alone, but you are always with us. Whispering calm. Speaking peace. Bringing rest to our souls. Amen

May peace prevail, Donna+
Voting information from Cori Daggett
HERE is a link to the City’s voting guide. There is a section that walks the voter through how to complete a mail in ballot with helpful visuals beginning on page 14. Worth a look and please share with your friends and networks.   

HERE is a link to Vote411, a site produced by the League of Women Voters with information about what is on the ballot and candidate comparisons.    
TMC financial concerns:
As we move forward into Fall in this strange time, the Vestry is thinking about stewardship and the next budget cycle. This is a good time to take stock and to make sure that pledges are up to date. In the next weeks, expect to receive a letter showing your donations to TMC and how much of your pledge remains to be fulfilled. Although Covid-19 has curtailed many activities that happen at 22nd and Spruce Streets during normal times, it’s important to keep pledge payments current because TMC’s financial obligations and expenses continue. Our buildings gradually resume operations as we prepare for WinterShelter's opening, live-streaming recording performances through TCUL.

As ever, if you cannot meet your commitment goals, please simply tell us so that we know how to plan use of resources.  
Sallie van Merkensteijn, Vestry Member
COVID recipe swap with friends

Remember to share your recipes … if you were to bring refreshments this Sunday, what would it be? Cupcakes, deviled eggs, salmon platter, cookies?

What if you actually had the time to make/bake/stir up something? Is there a reason you like to share those particular foods? Comfort, nostalgia, ease, friendship? 

It doesn’t involve any in person contact, but emailing feels much less draining than Zooming a potluck and we can share the stories/memories that bring us alive! Find some of those recipes, remember some of those stories, and send them to Chris at   She
will collect and collate and we’ll have a file for our computers (no paper to
deal with)!
Sheltering those without homes

WinterShelter will open at TMC for guests on November 1. Preparations are underway … bedding will be purchased, food will be cooked, soap and paper food supplies (we must take all precautions) and TP will be in place. There are some supplies that you can help to provide in order to make the whole experience deeper and more lasting. Last year we gave each guest a lunch kit in order to give each the means to take a meal and coffee with them at 7 a.m. It worked very well on many levels.
To the end of giving more control and responsibility back to each guest, can you help by clicking HERE to buy lunch kits – we will need one for each of 22 guests.
Have them sent toTrinity, 2212 Spruce St, Phila PA 19103
We have received 20 of 22 shower towels. More welcome.
If you would like to volunteer financial contributions for any other needed items, please speak to the Rector and she will point you in the right direction of contribute through below and mark them for WinterShelter.

"When did we see you naked, staving or lonely? ... whenever you do this for the least of (your sister or brothers), you do it for me" ~Jesus
Note from Steve Chawaga, Episcopal Legal Aid

As we reported earlier this month, the statewide moratorium on evictions ended at the beginning of this month. At about that time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an "order" halting evictions until the end of the year for certain tenants who could truthfully certify that their inability to pay rent was related to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 virus. It remains unclear what the legal force of this "order" is, but in Philadelphia it has the force of law because it has been adopted by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. 

Click HERE for a copy of the Order of the Philadelphia Court that includes more information and the necessary forms. I would certainly suggest to a tenant facing eviction that he or she take the position that the moratorium extends to them provided they can truthfully certify to the required information. Episcopal Legal Aid is, as always, available to provide more information and assistance.  

Steve Chawaga
Executive Director, Episcopal Legal Aid
Deacon's corner
   Next month is Mental Illness Awareness month and on October 10th there will be a virtual NAMI Walks Your Way event. Most of you know that my primary diaconal ministry is working for NAMI, an organization that is doing so much for individuals living with mental illness and their families. Despite COVID our Philadelphia affiliate has been offering support groups, educational programs and advocacy, all via zoom and all for FREE! Obviously then, we must raise funds and NAMI Walks Your Way is our primary fund raiser in this year of COVID 19. I have always had trouble asking for help, especially money, but where NAMI is concerned I am putting my pride aside and asking you to donate to my NAMI Walks effort, if you are able (I know things are hard for many right now). You can donate by going to this web page:
Just hit the Support button.

Whenever I think about mental illness and Jesus, I remember how he healed the Syrophoenecian woman’s daughter who probably suffered from a mental illness. That woman, first blown off by Jesus, persisted despite her low status as a woman and a gentile. She reminds me so much of the family members in our support groups and classes who are struggling everyday to find help for their family member and who don’t give up on them. Their pain is profound. I am so privileged to be able to be part of their lives. Please remember to pray for them and their loved ones.
The righteous cry out, the Lord hears
and he rescues them from all their afflictions.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted,
saves those whose spirit is crushed.
PSALM 34:18-20

Deacon Lynn
Worship leaders 9.27.20
leaders: Rachel, David, Mia, Donna
Readers: Phyllis, Rachel
Prayers: Andrea
Preacher: Rev. Lynn Czarniecki
1 Tim Rivinus
8 Margaret Tsukaguchi
16 Donna Maree
18 Caroline
19 Andrea Baldeck
23 Coren Apicella
Emily Kohlhas
24 Gabriel
27 Joan Hooke
Zoom LINK for prayer gatherings Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Sundays: 9:00 children ages 0-7 and their families
10:30 everyone welcome; hymns led by the TMC choir, prayers, sermon, coffee hour, all on Zoom
Wednesdays 9:00 Morning Coffee & Prayer
Thursdays 5:30 Evening Prayer
Prayer is the most powerful tool we have when we can't be there personally for friend or stranger ...

Please pray healing and support especially for: Mark, Sarah W, Sasha, Shirley, Bill, Travis, Luca, Sallie & Jim W., Jack, Lynn, Andrea, Susan W, Richard, Chris, Piswast, Ulpiano, Carmen O.
Grace for those who have died and all who mourn
Stamina and creativity for all essential workers, especially teachers, clerks, IT professionals, trash collectors, medical personnel, delivery, bankers, restaurant employees ...
As you prayerfully consider your financial support for the work and presence that Trinity provides, please use this link
Designate your gift for:
Special Fund
Rector's Discretionary Fund
General Fund for expenses
Our building is closed but the church is still open!
We continue to pray together and worship by moving our services online. We are also keeping our staff employed, repairing and readying for building rentals and and all activity to resume.
While our physical gathering is limited please do not neglect to provide for the work of the church with your financial contributions.
You may send a check in the mail, make a direct payment through your banking online platform or click on the button to go directly to our secure online service.
Trinity Memorial
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