As part of our work to Elevate Population Health, we have formed a cross-functional team that conducts patient outreach to those overdue for mammograms, with a goal of ensuring any female patient ages 50-74 has a mammogram to screen for breast cancer every two years.
A new automated outreach tool called Care Connection - the first of its kind working across Tufts Medicine Hospital locations - sends a text message to patients who have not had a mammogram this year and gives them an opportunity to schedule one at the location most convenient for them: Lowell General Hospital, MelroseWakefield Hospital or Tufts Medical Center.
As a direct result of this outreach, we have successfully scheduled mammograms for many of these patients, and look forward to extending similar outreach to an even larger patient population for other screenings in the future.
Thank you to all who have worked on this important project, and a special thanks to the Hospital Based Scheduling team, who have assisted our patients in securing their appointments. Feel free to contact Lisa Mann, Vice President of Performance Management at with any questions about Care Connection.