Triveni Mitra Mandal
Triveni Mitra Mandal

In these unprecedented times, it's important to care for ourselves, our families and those in our communities. Triveni Mitra Mandal will be conducting following initiatives to support fight against ongoing pandemic and requires your wholehearted support:

1. Helping Senior Citizens and Families in need to get groceries, medical supplies: 
Volunteers will be reaching out to the Seniors in our community and will continue to be in touch till the situation improves. Any family (seniors or otherwise) which is in need of assistance, is requested to connect with TMM Executive Committee (click here for the contact details).

2. Food and Monetary Donations towards Mason and Lakota Schools:
Many Ohio students depend on their local schools for free or reduced-cost school breakfast and lunches throughout the school year. Many low-income workers do not have benefits that pay them when their place of employment has closed temporarily. With schools being closed and people not being able to go to work, there is a tremendous jump in demand for food requests. TMM is teaming up with Joshua's Place (for Mason schools) and Reach Out Lakota (for Lakota schools).

3. Food and Monetary Donations towards University of Cincinnati (Bearcat Pantry):
The sudden and unexpected closures have impacted every student at UC. Situation is particularly grim for the International Students as they face tough challenge to meet their daily needs like housing, food and other vital resources. TMM is teaming up with Bearcat Pantry to support critical areas of need for UC students.

How can you help? Please read on.
  • Monetary Donation
Please generously donate funds at the Triveni Website (instructions below). Considering the need of the hour, Triveni will be doing $ to $ match for incoming donations and the money will be collectively distributed towards above causes.

(1) Go to Triveni website by clicking here ( )
(2) Click on the 'Donate ' button at the Right-top
(3) You will be taken to the Paypal page. Enter the donation amount and choose COVID-19 Community Service Fund option from the drop-down
(4) Complete your donation using Paypal or Debit/Credit card

Last day for monetary donations will be Sunday, 5th April.
  • Food Donation:
We will be collecting non-perishable food items on next two Sundays at Sai Mandir in Mason during time slots given below:
    • Sunday, 29th March between 10 am to 11 am 
    • Sunday, 5th April between 10 am to 11 am
Once in Sai Mandir parking lot, you will see Triveni counter and volunteers at the second entrance (just keep driving past the main entrance). You are requested to keep the donation food in a box inside your car trunk so our volunteers can fetch the contents. This will be a touch-less, curbside pickup while maintaining social distancing. Below is the list of food items needed.

Pop tarts
Nutrigrain Bars
Granola Bars Cereal Boxes Instant Oatmeal
Fruit Cups Applesauce Cups Canned Spaghetti Soup Mac n Cheese Cups
Peanut Butter Jelly Ramen Noodles Canned Meat Canned Tuna
Box Pastas Spaghetti Sauce Sloppy Joe's Canned Vegetables Cooking Oil

Finally,  Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America (BMM) has set up a Toll-Free helpline for anyone who needs assistance to get connected to the Marathi Mandal/ community organizations to find local help. BMM is also connecting with Government agencies, other social organizations that might be in the best place to resolve any specific issues related to this COVID-19 pandemic situation (exp - emergency visa/travel, help for International students and so on).

For any questions, you can always reach out to the TMM Executive Committee (click here for contact numbers) or email us at We are hopeful to receive your generous support in doing our bit to serve the local community. Thank you!

2020 Karyakarini
(Abhijit Patil, Amit Shastri, Bharati Lengade, Neeraj Ghule, Nitin Karande, Mahesh Mahaddalkar, Prashant Sukhe, Shantanu Shivdekar, Trupti Deshpande, Yogendra Vadnere)

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