August 13, 2019 

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We're getting ready for bargaining in Local 15 (Nutrien) 
Planning is underway for a bargaining preparation meeting of GSU Local 15 delegates in Regina on Sept. 19.
The meeting will focus on assembling agreement renewal bargaining proposals from priorities identified by Local 15 members. Delegates will also elect a bargaining committee to meet with the employer's representatives as we negotiate a renewed collective agreement covering unionized facilities in Saskatchewan. 
"Members have already indicated that they want to address a decent wage increase payable to every employee and clear steps taking employees to the top of the salary range for their position in bargaining a new collective agreement," said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. "Achieving these objectives will require determination and unity within the membership."

GSU staff have analyzed the results of our recent Local 15 bargaining survey and broke it down into categories for discussion at this meeting.

If you are an elected Local 15 officer or a GSU member working for Nutrien, join us for the meeting. We need you to help decide what issues the bargaining committee should tackle this autumn and what might need to wait for next time.

Delegates attending the meeting in Regina are entitled to fully paid union leave, accommodation,  meal, and travel expenses.

The current collective agreement between Nutrien and GSU expires on December 31, 2019. 

Contact your GSU staff rep for more information and watch GSU's web page and upcoming Tuesday Members' Memos for updates as the meeting date draws closer. 

Hot off the press! Local 14 (Richardson) members receive their collective agreement booklets
Packages of the new collective agreement between GSU Local 14 and Richardson Pioneer have been delivered to each of the unionized locations in Saskatchewan. If copies haven't arrived at your location or if there were not enough to go around, contact your GSU staff rep and they will send you more.

GSU members from all Locals can also view their collective agreements online at

GSU JOB POSTING: Accounting Assistant  (part-time)

Grain and General Services Union is hiring a part-time Accounting Assistant in our Regina office.  Closing date for receipt of applications is this  Friday, Aug. 16.

Send your application in care of GSU Hiring Committee by email or mail.
  • Email:  Mail: 2334 McIntyre Street, Regina, SK S4P 2S2

The myth of Multitasking 

We have all patted ourselves on the back for accomplishing several tasks at once. We may think we are  able to maintain full focus while simultaneously replying to an email and attending a meeting, but is that really the case? 

Unless you are one of only 2.5% percent of people who are actually able to multitask effectively, you are far more likely to be simply multiswitching than multitasking. 

Increasing evidence suggests that attempting to multitask results in f ar less productivity, and trying to do a number of things at one time simply taxes your brain and hinders your ability to get things done.

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